How to Start Learning Poi?

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Poi is the style of performing act and equipment to use in that performance; in performance art, Poi involves swinging tethered weights through varieties of different patterns. Many poi artists also sing and dance while performing the poi act. It is made from various materials, other handles, weights, and elements. Traditionally, Poi is performed in group choreography at many cultural events and vocal accompaniments. 

The individual generally performs modern Poi without singing and with few or less structured choreography. The tools and styles are also changing a lot now; people do Poi too as an exercise for health. It is beneficial and offers a curriculum link between sport and encouraging creativity through expressive movements. 

It stimulates both sides of the brain, like improving the bi-lateral motor skills of the person. A person can enhance their physical activities by practicing Poi spinning regularly; buy Poi balls here for the best quality and in different varieties to choose from. 

If you’re new and don’t have enough knowledge about the Poi, here are some techniques by which you can quickly learn Poi:


  • Holding the Poi

The best technique to learn Poi is to know the technique to hold Poi; it needs a grip strong and secure, and comfortable to release. Use the rope to have friction between your fingers; otherwise, you’ll get hurt with it. Another alternative is not holding the rope itself but with a strap or handle for perfect grip. In which handles can be simple as the wooden toggle or even metal balls. 


  • Spinning individually and together

Poi is the spinning of things; you can start spinning it with your dominant hand and swinging it forwards and backwards.

Techniques also need to be here to learn it properly, where the quality of balls in spinning matters the most; otherwise, it will break the thread by which are excellent in quality for better exercise. 


If you swing the ball forwards, then your palm should be facing down and pushing the air. Truck your thumbs in little from snagging the rope.


  • Infinity cross

Starting swinging Poi in the dominant hand, swinging it backward initially was easiest; when it is at the bottom of the swing, cross the rope to the top side and swing it. And when it is forwards, cross it to the back, reverse the top and bottom side. 


It helps you rotate your wrist correctly, and the Poi travel to the other and opposite side in a proper swing and make a pattern. 


  • Turns

In which your body turns 180 degrees and is still spinning in the same direction that it was. When you start getting more waves in it, that’s the easiest way to describe the turn-in: keep spinning Poi to form a pattern. 


To The Sum Up 

Improving the gameplay of POI is also significant as it has several benefits; it improves your focus and physical activeness effectively. However, you can learn this game from several sites and videos that help you be a pro of this game. You can learn the spinning basics of Poi from tutorials; many channels teach online spinning classes and poi coaching. We stated several steps in this article that help you to learn Poi effectively. 


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