How to Properly Heat and Cool Your Home

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The heating and cooling of your recreational vehicle is an aspect of owning one that you may not have thought about. Without the proper heating and cooling mechanics, your RV will be a scorching hot disaster in the summer and a freezing cold burden in the winter. You need to be able to find a comfortable temperature that suits your needs year-round. If you inherited or bought a used motorhome it may not have the proper appliances to do the job correctly. If the RV does have the appliances, they may be dated.

There are several appliances that you need to think about when trying to turn your RV into a comfortable place to spend long periods of time. In regards to heating, there are three appliances that play major roles. You’ll need an air conditioner to beat the heat in the summer. You’ll also need a furnace or heater to stay clear of the cold in the winter months. Lastly, you’ll need an item that often gets overlooked, but is extremely important in the process. That essential item is an analog or digital RV thermostat.

Important RV Appliances to Be Aware of

Heater or Furnace
When it starts to get colder you will not want to be on the road without a way to warm yourself up. Adding a furnace or heater is a great way to keep your RV cozy and you won’t have to worry about the dropping temperature when the winter months roll around. A nice heavy-duty furnace could make a great addition to your motorhome. If you are looking to buy a furnace you will need to make sure that it is the correct size. You can do this by measuring your existing cut-out and match that to the size of the furnace you are purchasing. There is also the option of buying a portable heater instead.

Air conditioner
Depending on where you are located or where you’re traveling, the scorching summer heat can be too much to deal with when you’re out on the road. Even if the heat is nothing more than a mild inconvenience it is work fixing by installing an air conditioner. It’s a very simple solution to a potentially long-lasting issue.

An air conditioner’s primary purpose is to cool you off, but that is not all that it is useful for. It also helps filter the air and reduce the humidity within your RV. There are many options to choose from when it comes to air conditioners. You’ll want to look for something that has exceptional cooling power and is from a trusted company. There are also air conditioner/heat pump hybrids that allow for both warming and cooling of the vehicle. The most common air conditioners are roof-mounted. If your RV doesn’t already come with it, it can easily be added.

Last but not least is the thermostat. There are analog RV thermostats as well as digital RV thermostats. If you want something a little more old school then you can go for an analog thermostat. There are many great options to choose from. One excellent choice is The Coleman Mach 7330G335. It allows you to control your RV air conditioner, gas or electric heat strips, and fans from one convenient location.

More than likely the best choice you can make is to get a digital RV thermostat. There are plenty of options available and each one will allow you to control the temperature of your RV and set it a number you are comfortable with. One good choice is the Advent Air ACTH12. It is a dependable wall-mounted thermostat that offers three-speed blower controls. If you are looking to buy a heater, air conditioner, thermostat, or any other appliance for your RV then you should visit They are known for their fast shipping and low prices. If you have any questions they are eager to help.

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