How to Install, Uninstall, Update, and Download QuickBooks Database Server Manager

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QuickBooks is a well-known and widely used accounting and bookkeeping software program. Users may simply carry out their day-to-day company activities at regular intervals with this program. If you’re a QuickBooks user, you’re probably familiar with QuickBooks database server manager or have heard of it at least once. Installing, updating, and setting up QuickBooks database server management is challenging for many QuickBooks customers. As a result, we’ve written this essay with all of those facts in mind. where we’ll learn how to set up the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to allow many users to view the data. In addition, this post will walk you through the process of installing, upgrading, and configuring the database server management. It is necessary and advised to install QuickBooks Desktop in order to meet the expectations of the software. The QuickBooks Desktop company files should be saved on the machine where this QBDSM program is installed.


A quick look at the QuickBooks database server management


Intuit’s QuickBooks Database Server Manager is a very useful tool. This tool allows the user to arrange numerous users’ apps. The installation of the database server manager is required since the user will be unable to utilize various versions of the QuickBooks desktop without it. Furthermore, the QuickBooks database server manager allows customers to get the most out of their QuickBooks desktop program by allowing them to create network data files (.ND) for every company file on the host machine.


Well, go through how to set up QuickBooks database server manager (QBDSM) in multi-user mode in this post.


Information about the QuickBooks database server management


There are certain facts about QuickBooks database server management, and we’ve mentioned a few of them below:


  • For nearly any provider files saved on the server machine, the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is responsible for producing Network Data documents (*.nd). If the user is using several versions of QuickBooks Desktop, the Database Server Manager must be installed for each version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Installing several versions of Database Server Manager can provide the user a variety of processes to choose from. Many users confuse it with numerous software versions, which is incorrect. This utility offers the user numerous process variants rather than several program versions.
  • If the user is using several versions of QuickBooks Desktop, the Database Server Manager must be set up for each version in chronological sequence (from oldest to newest).
  • Another benefit of using QuickBooks database server management is that it ensures that the year’s database service is currently operating in the background. These services are identified as QuickBooksDBXX in the Windows Services interface (available via the Windows Control Panel), where XX indicates the version number (ex. “29” for QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and “28” for QuickBooks 2018).
  • Finally, the QB Database Server Manager, which is included with each QuickBooks version, adds a user

With the aid of the following Infographic, learn how to install, update, and set up the QuickBooks database server manager:


How do I set up the database server management in QuickBooks?

Now that you’ve learned a few things about the QuickBooks database server manager, it’s time to start the installation procedure. There are a number of phases to this procedure, which we shall go over one by one. Take a look at this:


Step 1: To begin, the user must double-click the QuickBooks installer and then run the “Installation Setup Wizard.”


Step 2: Following that, If the machine is connected to the Internet and capable of downloading an upgrade, select the “Next” option. Otherwise, choose the “No” symbol and then the “Next” tab.


Step 3: Finally, close the active program before selecting the “Next” option.


Step 4: The user is then expected to read the terms of the “Software License Agreement.” Select “I accept the terms of the licensing agreement” after that, and then the “Next” option.


Step 5: Next, the user must select the “Custom or Network Options” icon.


Step 6: Next, select the type of setup:

  • If you plan to use QuickBooks on this computer and save, check the box that says, “I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer AND I’ll be saving.”


  • If you merely store QuickBooks information on my computer, I won’t be utilizing QuickBooks on this machine.

Notice: If the user selects “I won’t be using QuickBooks with this computer…”, they will not be required to input a license number.


Step 7: Next, choose the “Yes” icon and click “Allow Access.”


Step 8: Fill in the ‘License Number and Product Number’ fields (the text at the bottom of the window lets you know where to look for this).


Step 9: Finish the installation by following the on-screen directions.


Step 10: After the Database Server Manager has been installed, configure it.


Step 11: Configure the firewall permissions.


Step 12: Last but not least, make sure Database Server Manager is up to date.


Question: What does the database server manager in QuickBooks do?


Ans: Users can exchange corporate files with other computers using QuickBooks database server management. Not only that, but it also makes it easier for users to keep track of their multi-user networks. If you want additional users to be able to view your company file, you’ll need QuickBooks database server management.


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We hope that you were able to install, uninstall, update and download QuickBooks Database Server Manager. We are confident that this technical editorial will help you understand the subject better. However, it is possible that there are some obscure topics or difficulties in QuickBooks. You can contact the Wizxpert staff at any time in this situation.


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