How to increase impulsive purchases by using custom printed display boxes?

Custom printed display boxes
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Displaying products is the next big challenge for businesses desiring a full-fledged return on their production investment. An engrossing appeal can get the right customer footfalls within no time.

A constructive promotional tool

Psychologists have long studied the effects of visual art on our minds i.e., how it changes our perceptions about things and creates a powerful and long-lasting impact that is hard to erase? They concluded that it is the way our brains are structured that allures us towards every virtually-appealing object. Such findings have enabled investors to manifest a look for their products that take advantage of such human behavior in enticing customers to notice their brand while they shop.

Impulsive buying began when supermarkets were first introduced. Shoppers got all their required items under one roof and could conveniently choose between options. This was beneficial for sellers too. It gave them a platform to target their planned customer demographic more aptly by placing their products in captivating packaging. However, as customers increased their frequency of visits to these stores, manufacturers felt a gap that needed to be fulfilled to enable the shoppers to buy those items, not originally on their lists. They created a need for their items by making them easily accessible to customers and projecting an inviting image. Custom printed display boxes were formed and became an instant customer magnet.

Custom printed display boxes

Make your brand stand out

Polls reveal that almost 80% of purchases are made in stores while shopping. Customers probably buy a new product because they like its packaging and plan to add it to their shopping carts. Displaying products appropriately plays an important marketing role for retail brands. They attract more eyeballs and generate a higher level of curiosity than traditional boxes. Apart from providing the perfect displays, these show the value of the products and what they can deliver. These boxes culminate higher sales volumes and revenues for the business by positively influencing the purchase decisions of customers.

About 70% of customers prefer products that reveal their uses and features prominently in a readable format. Thus, it would pay-off to display the products in informative and personalized boxes that adhere to these customer demands. While designing your boxes, it is important to consider all elements of effective packaging to make the whole process worth the effort. Some styling tips can come in handy in elevating brand identity a few notches higher. These are:

  • Create a compulsive need to own your products. Customers do not spend much time glancing the store shelves and sellers have a small bracket of time to win them in. Elegantly designed boxes are sure to get attention instantly. Also, packaging has the power to communicate powerfully to customers. Creative content helps to tap into customers’ minds with relevant ease.
  • Ensure products are placed in the right spot. Custom printed display boxes are bound to be kept near checkout counters and capture more attention than the ones placed on store racks. This is the spot that customers pick products that spark interest. Innovatively styled boxes draw in more customers. Aesthetic boxes help the brand to shine through the competition.
  • Increase brand popularity. People prefer to buy from brands they can identify. Placing products in boxes that smartly project a strong brand image helps to attain this feat. Meeting customer expectations will win you their loyalty with little hassle.
  • Attach reliability with the products. Customers tend to trust brands whose look resonates with their sensibilities. The outer packaging is much more important than the product itself as consumers first see the boxes to affirm the quality of the items inside.
  • Make sure to go green. All packaging materials are under strict scrutiny over their bio-degradable value. These boxes fit the bill completely and let customers contribute to saving the environment by buying your products. It has proven to be the easiest way to increase sales too.

Embed the brand in customers’ memories

It is an undeniable fact that humans get inspired by appearances. Whether it’s a product or the overall brand look, favorable returns can be attained by fitting the packages to customer requirements. Use these boxes to not only win the competition but also to have a positive post-purchase effect on consumer behavior.

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Ken Wilson
Ken Wilson

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