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How to Increase Conversion Rates on your eCommerce Website




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Ecommerce website development is the process of developing the technical aspects of your ecommerce website. If you’ve made the investment on an eCommerce website or have products or services you’d like to offer online. Similar to creating a physical retail location, you’ll need many aspects that affect the conversion rate. It’s not enough to just provide excellent products and prices. The way in which your eCommerce shop is designed to enable shoppers to effortlessly navigate through your shop online and purchase is essential to guarantee an effective website sales conversion.

What is a conversion rate?

A conversion is a desired decision you wish potential customers to perform. It is usually the click to purchase and then becoming paying customers. Apps and websites typically contain multiple conversion goals when customers browse through an eCommerce store. Each will have their own conversion rate.

A conversion percentage is simply the number of conversions multiplied by the total number of people who visit. For instance that an eCommerce site receives 500 people during the month and 100 sales then the conversion rate is 1,000 divided by which is 20 percent.

Why tracking a conversion rate is important?

The tracking of conversion rates can help you to gauge the effectiveness of the websites and the apps that you use for the eCommerce business. Knowing what percentage of your users have achieved the set goals that will allow your business’s success can help you determine areas to improve your website.

An increase in conversion rates can lead to more sales when you use equal amounts of traffic. This eventually means that your marketing budget improves.

How to calculate your eCommerce conversion rate

Google Analytics is a must

Installing your Google Analytics can be your first step in assessing the conversion rate of your website. But be aware. It’s not as easy as Google would like you to believe. The conversion rate of Google Analytics is, at the top level, just an amount of objectives achieved multiplied by sessions.

Understand what you are measuring

What’s important for you to consider in order to determine the most precise and relevant eCommerce conversion rate is to make sure you concentrate your measurements on your intended customers, their interest in the audience and the type of device to begin with. Make sure your estimate does not include people aren’t your target audience (perhaps in specific regions) or that bounce off the landing page and don’t go on your products pages. Also, ensure that you monitor conversion rates on mobile and desktop devices so that you are aware of any changes that are required based on the device.

What is a good average conversion rate?

As per IRP Commerce, the average UK conversion rate for the month of January in 2022 stood at 1.69 percent. This is a staggeringly low number, isn’t it? Keep in mind that this number is based on all sectors, devices and traffic sources, and is an incredible amalgamation of various goals and online shopping skills. It’s also apparent that many eCommerce businesses require enhancing their customer experience and the overall strategy of digital. The COVID-19 epidemic has witnessed dramatic changes in consumer behaviors and expectations regarding online shopping.

If only there was only one truth. Based on how your conversion rates are calculated and the standard rate may be completely different. Also consider the country-wide average convert rates, but with a dash salt!

The importance of mobile

The tracking of Sale Cycle indicates that in the year the year 2019 51.39 percent of purchases made by fashion brands were made via mobile devices, with this amount likely to be greater since the pandemic that hit the world. It is evident that mobile devices must be a part of every eCommerce company’s strategy for online, whether B2C or B2B to ensure an effective conversion rate.

Conversion rate by industry

There are a variety of benchmarks that compare conversion rates by industry, however generally, we think that they’re not relevant. The most important thing is to comprehend the range of conversion rates that generate the most money for you and your particular company rather than thinking that the conversion rates of your industry are your goals.

Why shoppers on eCommerce stores don’t convert

Before we discuss strategies to boost efficiency of conversion, take a take a look at the reason why shoppers who shop on eCommerce sites do not convert. These reasons are similar from bricks and mortar outlets, however some brands don’t understand the fundamentals when they design the online shop.

Your shop window and layout

  • Your website makes an unprofessional initial impression: Be aware of how important the shop window is prior to you even step foot into a shop. This is the same for the eCommerce business.
  • You aren’t aware of your intended audience:Your language, pictures, prices, and even your products are all affected by your customers’ preferences and needs.
  • Your website isn’t designed: for users to move through your online store easily and efficiently. They don’t want to lose time, and will eventually doubt your company’s reputation.


Your shop’s look and feel

  • Mobile users aren’t getting the HTML0 experiences that are looking for a mobile-friendly experience in which shopping is done on a tiny display on the go.
  • The images of your products are sloppy and one-dimensional Think about how consumers want to touch and feel the products in stores, and how you can make them feel comfortable on the internet.
  • Your content isn’t convincing and comforting The days of personal experience when you step into a store have vanished (apart from boutiques or luxury retail outlets) and therefore your words play an important part in convincing people to purchase from you.
  • The web pages can be confusing or too overwhelming Visual design is essential for keeping customers engaged throughout the buying process. The way we read online pages differs from pages in magazines and books, and the layout should be aware of this. Consumers pick and choose what they read. Therefore, content must be presented in a order of importance.

Your sale’s technique

  • The call-to-action appears unclear or doesn’t seem to be persuasive. To get a high conversion rate your CTA button should fight for attention and entice customers to follow the next step. This can be accomplished by offering a limited-time offer.

Your brand trusts

  • Shoppers aren’t confident in the brand you represent. They are generally knowledgeable and untrustworthy, but when they are confident in your brand, they’re more likely to purchase from you rather than other’ eCommerce stores. Make sure your website’s ads and pages are clear, consistent and understandable. Do not have any cost that isn’t obvious. Be transparent and they’ll purchase again.

Your shop’s checkout

  • Customers must be responsible for the cost of shipping. Amazon Prime is successful because consumers believe that they’re receiving a better value in terms of delivery costs. Check to see if you aren’t competing with free shipping, by front loading the cost of the product. The average value of orders is likely to rise by offering deals.
  • Checkout is a challenge. Similar to waiting for hours in a store and then having an inefficient transaction at the cash register, online shoppers are looking to purchase fast and effortlessly once the purchase is taken. Therefore, ensure that you’re able to check out as a guest, and have a variety of payment options, as well as a trusted payment gateway.
  • The site is not using exit-intent to determine the moment a user moves their cursor over the window of their web browser. A pop-up window at the exact moment that a user is near to leaving your website will convince the visitor to stay and buy.

You’re re-marketing

  • There’s no remarketing or retargeting strategy currently implemented. When you understand the origin of your traffic it is possible to nudge potential customers to come back to your site to make a purchase.

How to increase your eCommerce conversion rates

Now let’s take a explore ways to improve your conversions without expanding your number of unique visitors on both mobile and desktop devices. These tips can be applied to all industries and regardless of whether you’re focusing on B2B or B2C. Businesses that sell online must make sure they are aware of these issues in order to reap the benefits of a higher conversion rate as well as a lower cost per sale.

Focus on mobile usability

Make sure you’re e Commerce platform is mobile flexible as most customers regardless of the product or service is, are searching and, if they are not purchasing, using a mobile device. The competition could win your customers if the eCommerce solution isn’t aware of the significance of mobile customers.

Create interactive product pages

Participating in an online purchase could mean the difference between making a purchase or abandoning the cart. While you aren’t able to physically touch the product consumers will want to view the 360° view or watch a video to look at the way the product appears on someone else (if it is clothing) or even test it out or even experience the product.

Design simple navigation

The conversion rate of your site will drastically rise if your eCommerce website provides a smooth, even enjoyable user experience. If there are any nagging areas on the way, users will likely leave the site and move on to another.

Use social proof to increase conversion rate

There are tested and tried eCommerce designs that customers enjoy and are familiar with. Use those designs instead of than re-inventing the wheel. Include reviews and testimonials from similar people to prove the validity of your products and brand.

Personalization is key

Unique visitors to your website are that Unique. There is an increasing demand among Internet users that their experience should be personalized. The Amazon strategy of saying that people who bought this item also purchased these are also buying these’ is a great start to increase your conversion rates.

Provide free shipping

The conversion rate of online shopping baskets will increase if you provide free shipping for a greater spending. People love deals and you’ll see the increase in conversion rates if you are able to save on shipping costs.

Add a clear return policy

Shoppers who visit online, regardless the source of their traffic is more likely to purchase when they be confident that you will provide the option of a return within a specific time in case they decide to change their mind. This shows that you are striving to ensure complete satisfaction with your customers and you aren’t an untruthful merchant.

Have a re-marketing strategy

Some customers may require some encouragement in order to decide to purchase from your company. There are many who visit your website and even have an entire basket however, they will look elsewhere for comparisons of prices, brands, and products. Be sure that your eCommerce platform is designed to recognize who your customers are, so that you can keep them informed of the advantages of purchasing from your site. Make sure you also have an own organic presence to remind the customer of your brand while they’re researching.

Reduce cart abandonment

Take a look at the various reasons the customer has been through your site to select products, added them to their cart, and then left your site. Are your payment methods adequate? Do you have the registration process prior to purchasing that’s putting customers off purchasing? The guest checkout option assists in increasing the number of purchases. These are warm leads, so concentrate on boosting your conversion rate right now on your journey.

Test and test again

Even the smallest changes in a single thing, like a button’s size or color, could alter the conversion rate. Being able to conduct A/B tests is the ideal method to ensure that your tests are reliable with reliable results. Try different messages, colors, offers, content, online advice etc. and your rate of return will eventually rise.

Key takeaways

Understanding how to accurately gauge the conversion rate of your customers at every stage of your buying journey is the most important strategy to establish. Google Analytics, a free tool that can help you accomplish this, is a must to be integrated in your online store.

Recognizing that the majority of people who visit your site won’t buy in a straight line, if they do and focusing on areas of your eCommerce store that can improve conversion rates. Additionally, keeping in mind the conversion rate that is average for your particular industry can be interesting however, it isn’t necessarily helpful. Concentrate on the conversion rate that is most beneficial for your company and ensures that your marketing efficiency is maximized.

On the surface increasing the rate of conversion seems like an impossible, interminable job. Each industry is unique. Visitors who are unique expect being treated with respect and as they should. There are many factors, both big and small that your conversion rate may be low. However, thankfully there are some basic design principles and UX tricks that will increase your conversion rate rapidly.

In short, here are nine fundamental principles to keep in mind to guarantee your conversion rate is the best of your competition:

  • Always make sure that you put your customers at their ease
  • Make sure they are reassured by the use of reviews and testimonials
  • Use content that they comprehend
  • Develop a strong sense urgency
  • Give them the necessary information to make a choice without overloading them.
  • Experiment with pop-ups that have exit intent
  • Social sharing can be leveraged to increase your reach
  • Check that your site is mobile-friendly
  • Change one-time shoppers into faithful customers.

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The Future is LED: Transformative Applications of LED Screens




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In an era dominated by technological innovation, LED screens have emerged as a beacon of visual brilliance, paving the way for a future defined by transformative applications. Among the pioneers in this dynamic landscape is Shams Al Sahil, a trailblazer harnessing the power of LED technology to redefine visual experiences.

1. Revolutionizing Advertising and Branding: Shams Al Sahil recognizes the potential of LED screens in revolutionizing advertising and branding strategies. By utilizing vibrant colors, high resolutions, and dynamic displays, businesses can capture audience attention like never before, creating immersive and memorable brand interactions.

2. Immersive Entertainment Experiences: The entertainment industry is undergoing a metamorphosis, with LED screens at the forefront. Shams Al Sahil’s commitment to immersive experiences is evident in the integration of LED technology in cinemas, concerts, and theme parks. The result is an unparalleled visual feast that transports audiences into new realms of entertainment.

3. Smart Cities and Public Spaces: Shams Al Sahil is driving the transformation of urban landscapes through the deployment of smart LED screens. From interactive public displays to intelligent signage systems, these applications enhance communication, facilitate wayfinding, and contribute to the creation of more connected and efficient smart cities.

4. Educational Innovation: The future of education is brightly illuminated by LED screens, as Shams Al Sahil invests in cutting-edge solutions for classrooms. Interactive displays foster dynamic learning environments, engaging students with visually rich content and fostering collaboration. The integration of LED technology is poised to redefine traditional teaching methods.

5. Sustainable Lighting Solutions: Shams Al Sahil is committed to sustainability, and LED screens play a crucial role in this endeavor. Energy-efficient and durable, LED technology aligns with the vision of a greener future. By reducing power consumption and minimizing environmental impact, LED screens contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world.

As Shams Al Sahil continues to lead the way in embracing the transformative potential of LED screens, the future undoubtedly promises a visually stunning and technologically advanced landscape. The convergence of innovation and imagination is creating a world where LED screens are not just displays but portals to new dimensions of communication, entertainment, education, and sustainability. The future is indeed LED, and Shams Al Sahil is at the forefront, shaping the way we see and experience the world.

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Get Credit Pass Now to Boost Your Credit Score




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A good credit score is now an essential requirement for obtaining loans in today’s globalised world. Banks and Financial institutions use credit scores as a way of evaluating borrowers’ creditworthiness, with higher scores increasing loan approval chances. But maintaining such a score can be a daunting task if you have any missed EMI payment or high credit utilisation ratio. That’s why it’s essential to monitor your credit health and do everything possible to improve it. 

Bajaj Finserv Credit Pass is an effective tool that can assist in monitoring your credit health with unlimited checks on credit scores, personalised insights, and exclusive loan and credit card offers. Credit Pass allows you to monitor your score, identify areas for improvement, and take steps towards improving it.

What Is Bajaj Finserv Credit Pass And How To Buy Credit Pass?

Credit Pass is a subscription service offered by Bajaj Finserv that grants you unlimited access to your credit score and credit health report. With Credit Pass, you can track credit health reports in real-time, identify areas for improvement, as well as receive customised offers on loans and credit cards.

Below Are the Steps to Buy Credit Pass Subscription

To buy Credit Pass subscription, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Visit official Bajaj Finserv website and search for the “Credit Pass” tab to buy Credit Pass.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Get It Now” option to buy a credit pass.
  • Step 3: Enter your mobile number to receive an OTP via text message.
  • Step 4: Confirm your mobile number by entering an OTP.
  • Step 5: Fill in personal information such as name, phone number, PAN card number, email address, date of birth etc.
  • Step 6: Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Step 7: Pay a one-time subscription fee of INR 99 to buy a credit pass.

Once you subscribe to Credit Pass, you can access your Credit Health Report and its other beneficial features.

How Does Credit Pass Help Improve Your Credit Score?

  • Unlimited Access to Your Credit Report: Credit Pass offers unlimited access to both your credit score and report, giving you full control over how your finances are being managed. By regularly monitoring your score, you can stay abreast of any changes to your profile and take necessary actions when necessary.
  • Credit Score Simulator: Credit Pass offers a Credit Score Simulator that allows you to simulate various financial scenarios and assess their effect on your credit score. With this knowledge, you can make more informed financial decisions and avoid actions which could negatively affect your score.
  • Real-time Credit Alerts: Credit Pass provides real-time alerts about any modifications to your credit report, such as new loan accounts, inquiries and missed payments. This feature helps you detect issues quickly so that you can take necessary actions to improve them.
  • Customised Loan and Credit Card Offers: Credit Pass offers customised loan and credit card offers based on your credit score and history. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can find the loan or card that best meets your financial needs while saving money on interest and fees.

Factors Affecting Credit Score

  • Payment History: Your payment history is the most influential factor that affects your credit score. It shows how consistently you pay back loans and credit card bills on time, regardless of what the situation may be. Late payments, missed payments or defaulting on a loan negatively affect your score – even one late payment can have an immense effect. It’s essential to stay abreast of payments in order to maintain good credit standing.
  • Credit Utilisation: Credit utilisation is the ratio of your credit card balance to its available limit. A high utilisation indicates that you may not have enough funds available to pay off debts, which could negatively affect your credit score. For best results, keep your utilisation below 30% in order to maintain a healthy credit score.
  • Length of Credit History: Your credit history plays an important role in determining your credit score. The longer it has been active, the better; this shows you have been responsibly managing debt for an extended period. Lenders prefer borrowers with a long credit history since it shows they’ve demonstrated their worthiness to lenders.
  • Credit Mix: Your credit mix refers to the different types of accounts you have, such as credit cards, personal loans, mortgages and auto loans. Having a variety of these accounts is beneficial for your credit score since it shows you can manage different kinds of debt responsibly. On the contrary, having too many accounts or opening multiple ones quickly could negatively affect your score.


If you’re looking to improve your credit score, then you should buy a credit pass subscription plan. With its comprehensive credit monitoring features, Credit Pass provides all the tools you need to understand and improve your credit score. By regularly checking your credit score and report, you can stay on top of any changes or discrepancies, and take the necessary steps to improve your credit health. With Credit Pass, you can access personalised insights, tips and recommendations to improve your credit score, and exclusive loan and credit card offers tailored to your credit profile.

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