How to Improve Eczema with Diet?

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Your diet can affect your skin’s condition. If you’re wondering how to improve eczema with diet, you are at the right place. Read along to find how adapting your diet could relieve your eczema symptoms and even treat them.

What is Eczema

Eczema is a condition that can make you miserable to live with. It’s a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes red, itchy, dry, and scaly skin. It can sometimes cause tiny blisters and often split the skin, causing pain. Though it is pretty common for children, it can persist into adulthood.

Eczema is often persistent. But you can improve its symptoms and change your diet accordingly. This can make a huge difference when it comes to eczema treatment. Here are a few common ways to improve your symptoms of eczema with diet.

Eliminate allergens

First, you need to take guidance from your Nutritional Therapist or GP to help eliminate allergens. In most cases, patients with eczema have higher antibodies in their system. This can cause an allergic reaction. These allergic reactions are often caused by foods like milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten, fish, wheat, chocolate, and citrus.

 Try opting for an elimination diet. In other words, cutting out these foods one by one can help you identify if they’re contributing to your eczema. But make sure you’re in touch with your nutritional therapist. They will make sure you’re not missing out on essential nutrients.

Trying a rotation diet can also be helpful. This diet involves eating some of these foods once every week, which is sometimes beneficial in improving symptoms.

Take probiotics for healthy immune

You can improve symptoms of eczema by supporting your immune system. You can do so by consuming foods that have a diverse range of healthy bacteria, known as probiotics. Foods that promote good gut health are yogurt, kefir, tempeh, and miso soup.

Follow an anti-inflammatory diet

Eczema is developed mainly because of inflammation. So following an anti-inflammatory diet is one of the most beneficial ways to improve its symptoms. Avoid having foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates as they can elevate insulin levels. This, in turn, promotes inflammation. Instead, you can try to eat protein, whole grain carbs, and plenty of vegetables to help keep insulin levels at bay. Moreover, you should add the right balance of fats to your diet since it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Replace skincare products with manuka honey

Certain chemicals present in skincare products can flare up eczema. Make sure you avoid a procedure that contains sodium lauryl sulfate, lanolin, propylene glycol, talc, or any other chemical that your skin reacts to. On the other hand, you can try manuka honey to alternate because it contains natural antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. This way, you can help support your immune system while improving the symptoms. You can either apply manuka honey topically or consume a small amount daily.

Balance your vitamin intake

A good diet of minerals, flavonoids, and vitamins can help improve your skin condition. Try adding zinc, vitamin C, E & D to your diet. There’s conclusive evidence that these nutrients and flavonoids help rebalance the immune system –thus, beneficial for people with eczema. 

Furthermore, nutritional supplements help improve eczema symptoms. But make sure you seek professional advice as medication and supplements can harmfully interact with each other –causing certain health conditions and symptoms.

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