How to Find Used Snowblowers?

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Used snowblowers can be particularly advantageous.

A lot of people groan about the cost of snow blowers, especially when they happen to have wide or large driveways or live in deep snow areas.

Buying used snow blowers can definitely help you save a lot. But to be safe, you also need to be extremely careful about the snowblower you choose to buy.

Snowblowers can sometimes be very meticulous machines that require careful maintenance, and in choosing used snow throwers, it is important to check the overall state of the snowblower to see whether the brand has been maintained well. You could also read our article on the best electric snowblower buyers guide for making better decisions.

The source of used snowblowers is also an important consideration. Do not buy a snowblower used in a commercial setting. Residential snow blowers are usually in much better shape because they are used less.

Another thing to consider is that used snowblowers may need parts replacements, so you should go for brands that offer easily accessible spare parts. These brands include Toro and Honda.

The Most Valued Top 3 Snowblowers

1. Toro Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric for Light Snow.

The ultra-lightweight Toro 38361 Power Shovel is an electric snow thrower that can throw snow 20 feet away. With a 4.4-star rating, you can expect the best performance from this 7.5 amp snow shovel. It can clear up to 12 inches of snow in width and 6 inches in depth then throw up to a distance of 20 feet.

Despite its lightweight, the machine is packaged in a highly durable plastic body and a metal handle. It’s electric motor eliminates the need for gas or oil. It also features a unique and adjustable telescoping handle that can match your height to prevent back strains as well as a cord-lock system for safety.

The Toro 38361 Power Shovel’s engine powers up its durable and streamlined auger system, equipped with a single rotor and two curved blades that clear snow efficiently, throwing up to 300 pounds of snow in a minute. Even when bought as a used snowblower, the Toro 38361 Power Shovel will still provide optimum performance.

2. Yard Machines 179cc With Electric Start for Moderate Snow.

If you are shopping for secondhand snowblowers, you should also pay special attention to the 31AM2N1B700 Single Stage Snow Thrower from Yard Machines. This durable model scores 4.5 out of a perfect 5, which is enough indication that it can take a snow beating rather well, especially with its 179cc OHV 4-cycle gas engine that offers long-lasting performance but eliminates gas and oil mixing.

Equipped with an electric start engine and an E-Z chute for snow throwing, even a used version of this snow thrower will still provide you with the snow clearing help you need. Its intake height makes it ideal for clearing snow from small driveways covered with up to 6 inches of snow.

3. Poulan Pro 414cc Gas Powered 2-Stage With E-Start for Heavy Snow.

This power-steering two-stage snow thrower from one of the best brands in terms of durability, Poulan Pro, is a tank-like machine built for heavy snow uses. It is designed to work for a long time and is also very easy to maintain.

This is why used versions of this snow blower still make quite a machine that can take the snow challenges with its high-performance auger and impeller supported by its EZ power steering system. The machine can handle 30-inch wide paths with its 414cc gas-powered engine with an electric start. It is then supported by a remote chute deflector control for easy snow throwing.

With a powerful OHV LCT engine and a loop-style standard speed drive system, the Poulan Pro PR1330ES is one durable machine that offers a solid option for those looking for secondhand single-stage snow blowers.

Toro: The Name You Can Trust

There is no need for convincing that Toro snow blowers are the most reliable used snowblowers you can find. Toro snow blowers are extremely powerful and durable. The machines also come with features that are easy to use and operate.

The smooth operation of the machines, in turn, means that the machines are less strained during usage. If you are to buy Toro snow blowers, look for models under their Power Curve, such as the 1800 model, and Power Shovel lines, such as the 38361 model, which offer excellent models of electric snow blowers.

These are great for light driveway, walkway, and patio snow clearing. The Power Curve models can throw snow up to 30 feet and cut up to ten inches deep and 18 inches wide in a single pass.

It is encased in a highly durable plastic body that you can rely on even with a used unit. The 38361 is extremely light and comes with a durable body and plastic handles.

Why Go for a Honda?

You can also choose a Honda. Honda snowblowers, even used ones, are extremely durable because of the powerful Honda engine that obviously needs no further introduction. Honda uses 4-stroke engines that are built to last, so you can rely on its durability even if you buy a used unit.

And since the Honda engine requires no oil, you don’t have to worry about oil deposits and spills on the machine. Aside from that, if you are particular about the costs of maintaining a snowblower, Honda engines are also known to be extremely economical.

But one of the best reasons why it is wise to go with Honda used snowblowers is that Honda offers a comprehensive warranty system and has the most extensive network of dealers that offer parts and services.

In addition to that, Honda snowblower parts, such as paddles, pins, and nuts, can even be bought online. Honda has ten models to choose from, ranging from compact single-stage, medium two-stage, and large two-stage models.

Pros: Highly durable, reliable machines from popular brands, very powerful, can do the work excellently, spare parts are readily available.

Cons: Brand new models from less popular brands can be bought at cheaper prices.

The Verdict

Toro and Honda are your best bets when buying used snowblowers, especially the electric models. This is because they offer the most durable models, which means their products don’t get worn out fast.

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