How to Create Engaging Motor Show Content
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How to Create Engaging Motor Show Content?




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It is essential to create and impress the audience with accurate content on your virtual motor show platform. You can create a better engagement with the help of better guidance and knowledge around content creation for such events. Hence, here are some of the beneficial and expert suggested ways that help you create more engaging content & showcase it on your virtual exhibition platform without hassle. So, let’s have a glance at all the shared pointers to create better content.

8 Ways to Create Engaging Content for a Virtual Motor Show!

8 Ways that can be beneficial to create engaging and impressive content to display at your virtual exhibition platform are as follows:

  1. Use Data of Various Clients to Gain Better Content Coverage

You can use the data of the existing clients to understand what they look for and what they find informative. It is essential to keep the audience’s perspective in mind, as you can create the content for them only.

Also, if you have conducted a virtual event before, you can use that data as well in order to know what audiences find more engaging and entertaining. Moreover, data that you collect from an authoritative figure gives you more credible information for your content. Hence, you can use such information to present at your virtual motor show platform.

  1. Create Stories from the Data Already Exist

You can use the various feedback and follow up in your content. Create innovative stories shared by your clients and attract more potential customers. Moreover, you can thank the audience who wrote beautiful feedback to you and display them on the banners in the lobby.

Also, you can use other data like roads where most of the accidents happen or areas from where your clients exist. Use a map view to display such information highlighting your stores in the city. It can be a suitable way to attract the maximum number of users and persuade them to convert into sales.

  1. Tie Up the Audience Using Current Events Update in Content

You can use various latest news or current events to make your content more humorous. It can be any famous personality or celebrity that can make your content work better. Moreover, you already know how Instagram memes can change even a complex situation into a funny incident with more educational information. That is what you need to do too.

Hence, you have to be both informative and entertaining at the same time for your content. It is the easiest way to share your information with fun as that attracts maximum attention without much effort. Such content can be beneficial to keep the users busy on the virtual motor show platform.

  1. Use a Different Perspective to Look at Things Around You

You can make it fun by changing your perspective a little bit. Moreover, you have to be a little creative and innovative with your thinking. You can add some quizzes to your virtual motor show platform. Hence, you can create some funny questions with options and rewards.

Such fun and entertaining quizzes will be beneficial to sharing all the information with all the attendees in the game. Also, you have the choice to add some AR/VR games to your virtual trade fair. It will be engaging and entertaining for the audience. Moreover, you can add car games for the attendees with some questions and refer to your motor vehicles.

  1. Focus on What Your Targeted Automotive Audience Like

You have to be clear about the age and what type of audiences like your vehicles and services. Moreover, you will get demographic data at the time of registration that you can use for a better understanding of the likes and dislikes of your audience.

Also, you can take a survey on various social media channels. It is the easiest way to know who is interested in your services and product and what they look for within your content. Moreover, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and various others can be beneficial for conducting surveys. Hence, you can focus on what your audience is more interested in to know more about your motor vehicles.

  1. Sometimes a Simple Q&A Session Can Be a Bliss

Sometimes, attendees can have a list of never-ending questions. They always have some weird and reasonable queries regarding your provided products and services. So, it is essential to answer every question and interact with them more in order to convert them to conversion.

Moreover, you need content with at least all the common questions every attendee may ask. It can save a lot of time to do other things. You can get such questions by searching online on Google. Also, you can conduct surveys. But make sure you provide all the information in this Q&A content from one product specification to another.

  1. Flip Old-School Thinking on Its Head

You may have heard a lot of rumours or perceptions of the users around the various types of cars in the market. One example that you can take is electric cars. Everyone thinks that they are not successful and even slow to accelerate. Moreover, the speed of these cars is unimpressive.

So, you can take such misconceptions to break the rumour in your content. Such articles can be beneficial for your website as well. Also, you can get better engagement with such content as you can get a lot of questions from the audience that can help you meet the potential customers efficiently.

  1. Think About the Sustainability as a Wider Implications

You can share essential information and messages via your virtual motor show platform. Moreover, you collect various data from the Air Quality Index (AQI) that can be helpful to share how your vehicles can make a difference. Also, you can get numerous elements with a virtual AGM platform that can be beneficial to display such information at your event.

So, these are the various ways that can be beneficial to create more engaging content to display on your virtual motor show platform. You can consider all these ways in order to get success and increase the sales.

Hope, you can find this article helpful to create more impressive and engaging virtual motor show content.


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Snowflake Offers Weak Product Revenue Guidance, Stock Reverses Up

Odyssey News



Snowflake Offers Weak Product Revenue Guidance, Stock Reverses Up
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Snowflake (SNOW) reported third-quarter earnings that met expectations while revenue topped Wall Street targets. The enterprise software maker’s product revenue guidance came in below expectations. SNOW stock initially tumbled, then reversed up.

The company reported third quarter earnings after the market close on Wednesday. For full-year fiscal 2024, which starts with the April 2023 quarter, Snowflake said it expects product revenue growth of 47%, below consensus estimates of 52%.

Because Snowflake’s business model is consumption-based rather than subscription-based, bearish investors have raised concerns over a possible U.S. recession curbing demand. Snowflake revenue is tied to how much data its customers crunch and store on cloud computing platforms.

For the quarter ending Oct. 31, Snowflake said it lost 63 cents per share versus a 51-cent loss a year earlier. Analysts polled by FactSet expected Snowflake to report a loss of 63 cents a share.

The company reports results using generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP. Snowflake does not break out adjusted earnings in its releases.

Third-quarter revenue climbed 67% to $557 million, the software maker said. Analysts had predicted revenue of $539.4 million.

SNOW Stock: Revenue Outlook Misses

The Snowflake earnings report also said product revenue rose 67% to $522.8 million vs. estimates of $505.2 million.

At UBS, analyst Karl Keirstead said in a report: ”  To be clear, 67% revenue growth in Q3 and the guide for 47% growth in fiscal 2024 is very impressive in this macro (economy) and certainly doesn’t speak to anything ‘broken’ with Snowflake. That said, investor expectations were running high into this print.”

For the current quarter ending in January, Snowflake expects product revenue of $537.5 million at the midpoint of its outlook. Analysts had expected $549.2 million.

SNOW stock initially fell on the earnings release. But Snowflake stock reversed up 2.1% to near 146 in morning trading on the stock market today.

Snowflake stock was down 57% for 2022 heading into the earnings report.

Snowflake sells data analytics and management tools that run on cloud-computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services, part of (AMZN).

Amid the bear market in software growth stocks, the software stock has a Relative Strength Rating of 17 out of a best-possible 99, according to IBD Stock Checkup.

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Specialists see innovation, digital tech as key to South-South cooperation

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Specialists see innovation, digital tech as key to South-South cooperation
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The advent of the digital era has established beyond any doubt the symbiotic relationship between science, technology and innovation on the one side and social and economic growth on the other — something that the key report delivered to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China highlighted while urging more efforts toward Chinese modernization. To imbibe the spirit of that philosophy enshrined in the report, China Daily, in association with the University of Oxford, organized an online forum on Friday. The following special report encapsulates key insights on the theme shared by experts during the forum.

Qu Yingpu, publisher and editor-in-chief of China Daily, addresses the forum themed “South-South Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation” held online on Friday. CHEN ZEBING/CHINA DAILY

Technological innovation and the application of emerging digital technologies are playing an increasingly important role in promoting South-South cooperation, boosting the governance capacities of developing countries and creating greater synergy in their development, speakers said at an online forum on Friday.

Qu Yingpu, publisher and editor-in-chief of China Daily, highlighted that scientific innovation and the application of new technologies serve as a structural solution to the problems confronting the Global South in its development.

A report delivered to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China stressed the need to “regard science and technology as our primary productive force, talent as our primary resource and innovation as our primary driver of growth”.

Noting that China attaches great importance to scientific and technological development and international cooperation, Qu said, “Over the past decade, the contribution of science and technology to China’s economic growth has increased remarkably, which has paved a solid foundation for the country to advance Chinese modernization.”


He also said the Chinese path to modernization provides an alternative way for countries to achieve rapid development while preserving their independence.

“China is committed to be a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of the international order. It is also a key participant of, and a contributor to, global development cooperation. From a global strategic perspective, stronger South-South cooperation will help promote democracy in international relations,” Qu said.

Hosted by the China Watch Institute of China Daily and the Technology and Management Center for Development, which is part of the University of Oxford, the forum themed “South-South Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation” was held online on Friday.

Qu said the purpose of holding this forum is to share the experience of sustainable development and build consensus for promoting South-South cooperation, thus contributing to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

He called for efforts to enhance South-North cooperation and deepen South-South cooperation, and align the Global Development Initiative with the existing development and cooperation strategies of participating countries to generate greater synergy in global development.

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US studying how to modify powerful armed drone as Ukrainian demand grows

Madison Franz



US studying how to modify powerful armed drone as Ukrainian demand grows
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As Russian forces have retreated in Ukraine’s south, the Biden administration has announced a slew of new military aid packages for Ukraine, but all were missing a piece of weaponry that Ukraine’s military has long sought: the multi-use Gray Eagle drone, armed with Hellfire missiles.

According to two officials, the US has been looking into modifications that can be made to the deadly drone. Changes that would make the potential of losing any – with their sensitive onboard technology – less of a danger and possibly increase the likelihood of Ukraine receiving them.

“There are specific and very technical tweaks and neutering that can be done to these that may make it possible in the nearer term,” a congressional official said. “But those things take time and are fairly complex.”

A US official confirmed that the Army is leading the efforts to study what changes are possible to the drone, which is made by General Atomics and referred to in the Army as the MQ-1C.

“When you’re talking drones, this is about as good as you can get,” says Seth Jones, the director of the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “These are really sophisticated drones.”

“There’s still real interest in providing this particular system, provided we can make the necessary modifications and they are still useful to Ukraine on the battlefield,” the US official said.

Discussions over the Gray Eagle are ongoing and it has not been ruled out or officially denied to Ukraine, the US official and a Ukrainian official said. The Wall Street Journal previously reported that the Pentagon had declined Ukraine’s request.

Ukraine is ‘pushing back’

“We are pushing back, we didn’t give up,” the Ukrainian official said. “This is about survivability [for Ukraine].”

Pentagon spokesman Colonel Roger Cabiness would not comment specifically on the Gray Eagle, saying only that the Department of Defense continues to consult with Ukraine on security assistance.

The White House declined to comment and General Atomics did not respond to a request for comment.

On top of the lethal capability of the missiles it carries, the Gray Eagle would allow Ukrainian forces greater ability to gather intelligence and carry out reconnaissance from farther away, expand the assistance of targeting by artillery on the ground and combat the drones flown by Russia.

Throughout the war, the US has been slow and reluctant to provide Ukraine with dramatically more advanced and longer-range capabilities, like missiles that would allow Ukraine to strike inside Russia and therefore potentially be seen by Moscow as a significant escalation in the conflict.

In the case of the Gray Eagle, a US official argued, the concern is less about escalation than technological security: the potential for the pricey drones to go down in Ukraine and be recovered by the Russians.

“These are very expensive systems and there are concerns that they could be shot down,” said the official, declining to say what parts of the drone would be most dangerous if they end up in Russian hands.

It’s a scenario that the US has recently been on the receiving end of. After Iranian drones were shot down in Ukraine, the US was able to examine the wreckage, the Washington Post reported.

The US official declined to elaborate on what technology on the Gray Eagle is the most sensitive but said they wouldn’t be considered escalatory since similar capabilities are being provided.

The technology in question likely centers on the imaging and intelligence-gathering capabilities and sensors, Jones from CSIS said, adding that he believes US fears are really rooted more in escalating the conflict with Russia.’

“You’re really going to fly those pretty far back from the frontlines,” he said. “I don’t think you’d risk them up close and you wouldn’t need them up close because they can fire from a distance and they can collect [intelligence] from a distance.”

US has modified weapon systems before

This wouldn’t be the first time modifications have been made to US systems to get them to Ukraine. The Wall Street Journal reported in March that classified components were removed from Stinger antiaircraft missiles by simply taking out several screws. That was enough for the US to be able to ship them out.

Like the Gray Eagle, the US has also so far pushed back on requests for the long-range ATAMCS missiles, with a range of around 200 miles (300 kilometers). Ukraine is so keen to get them that they have offered a remarkable level of transparency with the US, sharing their targets, sources told CNN.

“We need ATACMS,” the Ukrainian official reiterated when asked what else, along with the Gray Eagle, is at the top of their wish list.

A $400 million US package for Ukraine announced earlier this month included another commitment of more than 1,000 unmanned Phoenix Ghost drones. Unlike the Gray Eagle, those are smaller, single-use suicide drones.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in late March, the Biden administration has supported Ukraine with increasingly advanced weapons. Pushing, while trying not to cross, a line that they believe Russia would see as overly escalatory.

Last week, President Joe Biden reiterated his team’s concerns, telling reporters at a news conference: “I’m not looking for [Ukraine] to start bombing Russian territory.”

Biden highlighted the fact that while the US has given Ukraine the highly-effective HIMARS mobile rocket systems, they have not been offered the longer-range munitions that go with those systems, which includes ATACMS.

Nor have fighter jets been sent to Ukraine by any NATO country, perhaps the most hotly debated part of any discussion over what weapons should be given to Ukraine.

They are still being considered, three people familiar with the discussions say. Whether that means US warplanes or Soviet-origin fighters like the Mig-29 is a key part of the conversation. The US could ask a country like Poland to give Ukraine Mig-29s and backfill Poland with American jets.

Sending American warplanes directly to Ukraine makes little sense, the congressional official said, since there is little air-to-air combat, Ukrainian pilots aren’t trained on them and they require significant maintenance.

Then there’s the question of how that would affect Russian President Vladimir Putin’s calculus amid fears he could use a nuclear weapon.

“Are we pouring escalatory measures that might be tolerated by Putin into a bucket that at some point overflows?” another person familiar with the discussions asked. “What level is in that bucket right now? And how much volume are you proposing adding to it? Those are things US intelligence and defense officials are trying constantly to figure out.”

Ukrainian officials are increasingly frustrated with the administration’s general fears of escalation, pointing out that they could already have used the HIMARS – the most advanced US system in Ukraine to date – to hit Russian territory, but haven’t.

“This is bullshit frankly, what kind of escalation?” the Ukrainian official asked. “They drop a nuclear bomb, or what we are afraid of? This I don’t understand.”

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