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Find Out How To Choose The Best Accessories And The Best Weapon

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Find Out How To Choose The Best Accessories And The Best Weapon
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With the great success of the Battle Royale Call of Duty:  it is common for doubts to arise about how to assemble the ideal weaponry so as not to be at a disadvantage for players more in tune with the ‘metagames’.

Find out how to get the best accessories for your weapon.

And, as we know, the game has the unique feature of assembling your weapon with a wide variety of accessories that, if applied correctly, can make a total difference in your game. Here you will know everything, in a very didactic way, so that no doubts arise as to how to choose the best weapon.

What Are ‘Metagames’ And What Weapon To Choose?

First, you need to understand how the ‘metagame’ . The most powerful weapons used in Battle Royale are targeted by influencers and content creators. But the term also applies to other accessories that are considered ‘overbearing’, or above average in the game, such as perks (also known as an advantage), tactical and lethal accessories.

For a weapon to conform to this concept, several points are taken into account: the time to kill (also known as ‘TTK’ or time to kill, in Portuguese), the cadence, the damage, and the range. These are the main criteria for automatic weapons like most assault rifles, light machine guns, and submachine guns.

In the case of shotguns, the most important consideration is cadence and reload time. And when it comes to snipers and tactical rifles, the purpose of these weapons is often more difficult to define because their operation is very similar to each other.

The lens is always very open to variations. With each season, it is common that we have to face weapons considered “broken”, which are nothing more than weapons that are strong beyond normal and that urgently need a balance so as not to compromise the game experience.

How Do I Assemble The Best Weapon And Define Which One Is The Best For Me?

The secret is on the True Game Data website, created by Tony, a fan of the Call of Duty franchise. Tony is the guy responsible for bringing all the information about Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and weapons. He spends most of his time studying and testing every weapon in the game and brings everything in detail and with precision to his website.

True Game Data is the website used by top content creators, streamers, and professional gamers to find out what weapons and accessories they will use in tournaments or even in their casual matches. In addition to Tony, the American YouTuber Dios, also a great influencer, helps him in the tests to bring everything that is stirred so that the community stays inside.

Thanks to Tony from True Game Data and JGOD, you will learn here how to build the best war zone.

How To Know The Best Accessories?

  • Step 1: In the first step you will have to go to the True Game Data website and select the option as in the image below:

Find out how to choose the best accessories and the best weapon | 5624219a true game data 1 | married game tips/guides | Activision, call of duty, call of duty, cod black ops cold war, cod modern warfare, tips, fps, guides, infinity ward, multiplayer, pc, PlayStation, Treyarch, tutorial, Xbox | best war zone weapon first step to having the best weapon.

  • Step 2 : After completing the first step, you will have to choose which weapon you want to consult with your accessories. Weapons are divided into categories: AR: Assault Rifle, LMG: Light Machine Gun, SMG: Submachine Gun, MR: Sniper Rifle, and SR: Sniper Rifle. Select your weapon, in its category, click on it, and then on ” next step “.

Find out how to choose the best accessories and the best weapon | 318e6492 true game data 2 | married game tips/guides | Activision, call of duty, call of duty, cod black ops cold war, cod modern warfare, tips, fps, guides, infinity ward, multiplayer, pc, PlayStation, Treyarch, tutorial, Xbox | best war zone weapon Second step to have the best weapon.

How Do I Know If My Weapon Is The Best?

Now that you know how to mount your weapon, you are curious if you are in fact playing with the best available, right? On the True Game Data website, it is also possible to compare weapons, and you will learn here too!

  • Step 1: After assembling your weapon, as explained in the previous topic, you can compare this already assembled weapon to one or more weapons that you think maybe better than yours. In this case, as soon as you finish assembling all the accessories, you will click on ” Save and add another “, as in the image below:

The first step is to find out which weapon is best for you

  • Step 2: After clicking on the button indicated in the previous step, you will return to that page from the beginning, where you will have to select the category and your weapon. Repeat the process with another weapon, in case you want to compare the statuses with yours. But rest assured that you will not lose the weapon that you have previously assembled.
  • Step 3: You have already assembled the weapon that will rival yours, right? After placing all the accessories, you will return to the page containing the very detailed information for each selected accessory. However, this time ” Save and add another ” will not continue. You will click on ” Save and generate summary”

The third step is to find the best weapon for you

  • Step 4: After clicking, you will be taken to another graph, but this time you will be comparing your two weapons assembled by the TTK (“time to kill”). You just have to configure the comparison according to your needs. For example: In the image below, you will see that you can choose if you want to know which weapon kills faster with a shot to the head, chest, stomach or extremities of the body.

Step 4 to find the best weapon for you

  • Step 5: After setting the conditions, the damage profile, and how many armors you want, you will have to understand the graph.

The graph reading is based on the time to kill, the TTK of your weapon. The side numbers indicate the time and the bottom numbers indicate the distance. So with this information, we know that the lower the weapon, the less time it takes to kill, that is, the better it is in comparison.

You can also choose more than two weapons, from any category, to make comparisons. Remember that the True Game Data website will show you the weapons that kill the fastest, but always consider using the weapon you like to use and know how to use. The goal exists and it is true, but what matters is fun. Play with whatever you want!

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What Effect Does NFTs Have On The Gaming Industry?

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What Effect Does NFTs Have On The Gaming Industry
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The gaming industry is valued at more than $180 billion, and it’s growing at a breakneck pace with no indications of slowing down. As the gaming business matures, it becomes an early adopter of a variety of cutting-edge technology, from virtual reality and augmented reality to curved screens and the latest GPUs. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, were also early adopters in the gaming industry.

NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets that can represent anything from collectibles to metaverse assets to skins to art. All of these things are typical in games, which is why NFTs have become popular as “in-game assets” in recent years. These assets and the best NFTs to buy can have real worth, provide digital property rights, be utilized to create “play-and-earn” economies, and assist developers in making more money, all of which will lead to better and more equitable games.

A non-fungible token is a virtual deed that communicates ownership of a digital asset in its most basic form. NFTs, like bitcoin, use a blockchain platform to uniquely identify and prove a transaction’s existence and record keeping.

However, there is a significant distinction between NFTs and cryptocurrencies, as the Wall Street Journal notes. According to journalist Caitlin Ostroff, “although every bitcoin made can be swapped for one another, these cannot.” These tokens are non-fungible and are uploaded to a digital ledger in a unique way.

ChainTechSource, an adept NFT development company, explores the ways NFTs are influencing the gaming industry. Read along and grow your knowledge base about the best NFT project to invest in pertaining to the gaming industry.

NFTs – More than a Fad

While NFTs and NFT development may appear to be a passing trend, they have practical applications in today’s digital environment. Physical assets have been able to transfer to the digital world thanks to digital transformation, but there is often no confirmation of their authenticity, much like a “digital signature” on a scanned image.

For people who make digital art, some level of verification and confirmation of authorship is required. That’s why services like DocuSign have become indispensable; they enable improved verification, increased trust, and assurance that the individual who contributed their scanned signature is who they claim they are and thus produce the best NFTs to buy.

One aspect driving the price fluctuation of digital art tied to an NFT is demand from crypto-investors. People like Mike Winkelmann, sometimes known as Beeple, a digital artist, are undoubtedly profiting from the situation. Everyday: The First 5000 Days, his digital art collage, was auctioned as the best NFT project to invest in at Christie’s and sold for a record $69 million. As the first NFT sold by Christie’s and the auction house’s first acceptance of a digital currency, this was a historic transaction.

NFTs in Gaming

NFTs can be utilized in a variety of ways in the game industry to allow for the ownership and transferability of digital assets. As a result of companies like Riot Games and Epic Games disrupting the business by releasing games for free, first-person shooter and online battle-arena games have surged in popularity rapidly.

Along with those free games, “skins,” or visual upgrades, clothing, or weaponry that can be used to customize gaming avatars, have grown in popularity, and gamers frequently pay a premium for these types of changes. This is one of the reasons why Roblox has grown so popular; its platform allows users to create and style their avatars in-game in a variety of ways.

Impact of NFTs on the Gaming Industry

  • Better Pay for Creators:

The game industry is a fertile ground for new ideas, NFT development, and some of the best NFT projects to invest in. Game developers are early adopters of new technology and are always experimenting with new game mechanics, user interfaces, and revenue models. Developers are particularly eager to put NFT-based gameplay features to the test.

These in-game assets, such as skins in Fortnite, can be used as premium virtual goods or currencies. NFTs represent unique in-game goods that can be collected, exchanged, or auctioned off for real money, according to developers. These in-game NFTs, being the best NFT to buy, have sold for millions of dollars, with the Formula One track NFT fetching a staggering $3 million.

  • Play-and-Earn Games:

We’ve seen the advent of “play-and-earn” games in recent years. These games are built around a player economy, in which players earn tokens by fulfilling tasks. These NFTs can subsequently be utilized as currency or premium virtual products within the game’s ecosystem. Demand from gamers looking for rarer things and ways to profit from trading these in-game assets has driven up the value of these currencies.

Rare skins for your avatars, special items in an RPG game, tokens earned from completing missions in an MMO, or even complete plots of virtual land that you can purchase and control within our platform are examples of in-game assets. The opportunities for game monetization with the best NFT to buy are nearly endless.

  • More Power to the Players:

NFTs will also have an impact on gaming by allowing gamers to have more control over their digital assets. If a gamer has an NFT of a virtual item that they made, or even if they purchased a skin for a game, they can rest assured that this asset will remain theirs in perpetuity.

This is something the industry has seen with the rise of NFTs like CryptoKitties, where players have complete ownership over their virtual assets because they’re immutable and forever preserved on the blockchain. Users can purchase virtual land NFTs that match a map of the Earth in Next Earth. Digital property rights, unlike physical property, become immutable and decentralized.


NFTs are currently finding their biggest use in the playground of digital baseball card trading and NBA highlight collections, which are the best NFT projects to invest in, as cryptocurrency investors are increasingly becoming crypto-art collectors as NFTs gain more traction. However, we anticipate that they will become more useful in the future. NFT assets increased from $40.9 million in 2018 to more than $338 million in 2020, according to, which follows the market for NFT sales.

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