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How to Become a Voice-Over Artist from Home




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Becoming a voice-over artist for a professional project doesn’t have to be a distant dream. Want to become the captivating voice of a promising ad campaign? Do you suppose you’re a worthy speaker with a clear and distinctive voice? Then look to the Voquent platform for the best solution in finding voice-over experience within the creative industries.


The Voquent network makes it possible to become a voice-over artist from home without wasting time on interviews and having appointments with potential employers. It’s even free to sign up! You’ll cooperate with representatives from multiple areas who will offer you beneficial projects to participate in. If you’re a well-trained actor and have experience in broadcasting, impressions, and characters, you’ll have greater chances of being shortlisted for a role.


With Voquent, you can be hired to promote and sell products and services, educate and explain particular notions and processes in online content, or entertain listeners and audiences worldwide. Sign up and upload your voice demos to be discovered today.

Voice-Over Projects From Home

If you’re a talented narrator with a melodic, textured, and engaging voice pattern and believe that you can add value to the project and attract more users, Voquent is here to help. Being at home, you can record the demo audio of your voice and upload it on the Voquent platform for producers, marketers, and casting directors to notice your charisma.


If you have prior experience in voice-over, you can lend your voice to advertisement promos, audiobooks, or video games. You can also help businesses create B2B videos and presentations. The area of your professional voice-over involvement can be different, starting from marketing and economics direction to TV and character-driven projects.


Despite most voice-overs being recorded in studios, creating a remote voice-over career at home with the right recording equipment is possible. Thus, at-home recording is a comfortable option with many benefits for voice-over artists in this industry. It gives you the freedom to choose your schedule, which you can update on the platform.

How to Start Your Voice-Over Career

Whether you’re an experienced actor or just starting out, you can build your experience significantly with success on Voquent. Just follow these hints to promote your voice on the platform:


  • Create a variety of voice demos that show a range of what you can do with your voice. This will allow you to be cast for more types of projects.


  • Keep your sound quality high. Nothing is more detrimental to your casting than when your excellent performance is recorded with lousy audio quality.


  • Tag your voice demos with your specific pitch, tone, vocal characteristics, and mediums to be found in different types of searches.



Whatever your nationality, age, gender, and occupation – on Voquent, we supply voice-over services in every language with a range of talent. So, if you’ve got what it takes to become a voice-over artist, join the Voquent voice-over platform to get started today.


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Sweden Wins a Eurovision Song Contest That Showed Solidarity With Ukraine

Odyssey News



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After winning the competition last year, Ukraine should have been this year’s host, but Britain stepped in to help the war-torn nation.

The Eurovision Song Contest grand final, held in Liverpool, England, on Saturday, was meant to be Ukraine’s party.

After Ukraine won last year’s edition of the beloved, campy singing competition, the country won the right to host this year’s spectacle. But with Russia’s invasion showing no sign of ending, the event was relocated to Liverpool.

In the midst of a war, and with millions watching live, Ukraine’s entrant, Tvorchi, was among the favorites to win this year’s edition of the glamorous and, often, oddball event — a sign of the European public’s ongoing solidarity with Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

Instead, Sweden crashed the celebration. Around midnight in the M&S Bank Arena, Eurovision’s hosts announced that the pop singer Loreen had won with “Tattoo,” a dance track that grows in intensity with each verse.

A camera crew films Loreen, in a tan body suit, lying on a plinth onstage, surrounded by smoke and lights.
Loreen performing onstage at the M&S Bank Arena, in Liverpool, on Saturday.Credit…Mary Turner for The New York Times

Loreen was the bookmakers’ favorite for the competition, thanks to both her catchy track and Eurovision pedigree, having won once before, in 2012. Her victory means that Sweden, a Eurovision-obsessed nation, will host next year’s contest.

Ukraine’s entry, the pop duo Tvorchi, finished in sixth place.

Eurovision, which started in 1956 and is now onto its 67th edition, is the world’s most-watched cultural event. Each year, entrants representing countries across Europe and beyond face off, performing original songs in the hope of securing votes from watching viewers and juries.

Britain’s public broadcaster, the BBC, which organized this year’s contest, promised it would host a party for Ukraine, and in Liverpool on Saturday, the war-torn country’s presence was inescapable. Eurovision fans walked the city carrying Ukrainian flags, and dozens of Ukrainian art installations could be seen in prominent locations around the city.

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How to pick the perfect voice over

Odyssey News



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Picking the right voice over isn’t as simple as one may think. Despite the fact that the voice needs to suit your brand, you’re not only hiring a mere voice, but that voice may one day be the voice to represent you. 

For the layman, picking a voice over may seem as simple as looking through options available to you. This post will take you through how to approach the search from a professional perspective, to ensure you make the right decision. 


Know who you’re targeting

The first step to choosing a voice over is knowing your target audience. Identifying this early on will help you make an informed choice on what type of gender, tonality as well as the level of formality that you’d need for your brand. 

When it comes to picking between a male and female voice, you should have your target audience in mind in advance. Remember, you’re talking to your target audience, so you want to be relatable to them initially. 

Male voices tend to be hired for more authoritative campaigns, or for projects targeting a male-dominated audience. Whereas female voice overs tend to be perceived as more trustworthy, and are also hired for ad campaigns targeting women, or parents of young children. 

Are you advertising for a new men’s razor? In that case you’d want to hire a male voice over. Advertising for the new baby formula to wean toddlers off mother’s milk? You’d be better off hiring a female voice over. 

Bear in mind, the two aren’t mutually exclusive, some ad campaigns can benefit from the opposite sex targeting them, such as for a deodorant advert, and some ad campaigns targeting a broader audience, for which you’d just require a specific voice, whether male or female. 

The choice is yours, just know that the first step of the process is to identify your target audience


Formal or informal

The next step after identifying your target audience, is knowing whether you need a formal or informal voice. Though voice overs can turn a formal voice on and off, more often than not the voice over you select will naturally gravitate to one type or another. 

Formal voices will work great for corporate campaigns targeting a more serious audience, as well as for technical elearning courses and the such. Informal voices will work great for everyday consumer ad campaigns, as well as less technical elearning courses, dependent on niche of course. 

Usually when browsing voice overs you’d be able to play both examples and make your decision based on that, be sure to already have your decision in mind prior to listening through. This will help you ensure the right voice artist for you is chosen. 


Analyse their tone of voice

Tone of voice is very important in the voice over world. It’s the difference between an energetic advert, a sensual ad voice over, and a non memorable one. 

As voice overs can vary by age, this will also affect tone of voice. A younger, more youthful voice over will be more suitable for targeting a younger audience, and vice versa for the more seasoned of the voice overs

Tone of voice is not only important for conveying the tone that you wish to achieve, but also to add that extra bit of pizazz that can help convert your audience. If you carefully consider tone of voice properly when looking through your selection, you’ll be able to make a better informed decision. 


Check their past work

One last thing to consider when choosing a voice over, is to request a showreel of their past work. You never know what types of voices they’ve done in the past that may inspire your campaign. 

Sometimes you may initially have an idea of what type of voice you’d want to have for a project; For those who don’t, it’s good to get a bit of inspiration in this way. 

Choosing the perfect voice-over can be a tedious process indeed, but it doesn’t need to be. 

With a bit of careful attention and awareness of the key aspects of what to look for when searching for a voice, you can rest assured you’re making the right decision. 


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