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How much does it cost to get your teeth bonded?

Do you have a chipped or stained tooth? Cosmetic teeth bonding can be the top solution to fix several dental issues without hurting your pocket too much.

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How much does it cost to get your teeth bonded?
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Do you have a chipped or stained tooth? Cosmetic teeth bonding can be the top solution to fix several dental issues without hurting your pocket too much. Besides, any cosmetic treatment is an investment, not an expense!

At our Dentist in Spring, Tx, we use hi-tech techniques and high-quality materials to develop natural-looking, full smiles. You might be interested to know, “Does tooth bonding look natural?”

If you’re concern about teeth bonding cost, read our guide as we discussed how much it costs to get your teeth bonded.

Cosmetic Teeth Bonding Overview

Cosmetic teeth bonding is a procedure that involves tooth-colored resin material to your teeth. The material applied is then hardened using a special blue light, which bonds to your tooth to give you a complete smile.

The cosmetic teeth bonding procedure can be considered for the following conditions:

  • To repair chipped and cracked teeth
  • To adjust the shape of your teeth
  • To close up gaps between teeth
  • To improve stained or discolored teeth
  • To protect your tooth’s root that receding gums may have exposed
  • To repair teeth decay

Cost for Dental Teeth Bonding

Cosmetic teeth bonding is relatively cheaper than other dental treatments. Its cost ranges between $200 and $600 for each tooth, depending on your oral condition.

Why the costs of teeth bonding vary?

Many factors contribute to the varying price of teeth bonding, some of which include:

  • The number of teeth that need treatment – dental bonding cost for multiple teeth is more than for a single tooth. However, many dentists offer discounts for multiple teeth bonding.
  • The affected tooth size – large areas that need treatment can be more expensive than filling a smaller tooth area.
  • The dental clinic’s location – dental clinics in big cities will charge you more than other clinics, mainly due to the expense of rent and supplies they pay.
  • Dentist’s level of experience – experienced dentists likely charge higher for the cosmetic teeth bonding. However, they also ensure that the dentistry procedure undergoes without any complications and help you accomplish your desired result.
  • Additional dental treatments – small makeover added to your cosmetic teeth bonding treatment will add on extra charges. However, some dental offices give discounts for multiple dental treatments.


A bright, healthy smile helps to boost your confidence and improve your overall outlook. If you have any of the conditions mentioned above, an affordable solution for these dental problems is cosmetic teeth bonding. Consult your dentist to determine whether this quick dental treatment is best for you and restore your bright smile in little-to-no time.

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Online Therapy Review Ask The Experts

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Online Therapy Review Ask The Experts
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Most people are frustrated by online therapy because the sessions are impersonal and ineffective. That’s because a few hours of online chats and messaging isn’t enough to help you understand yourself and find ways to heal, cope, and hope.

Online Therapy is different. It doesn’t give you “someone to talk to”, but a comprehensive support system. This includes personalized counseling where you stay in touch with your therapist in between sessions, worksheets, resources, journals, and more.

Is Online Therapy for you?

This website is ideal for anyone who seeks emotional healing or greater emotional well-being. Consider it if you:

  • Are you dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, panic attacks, or other disorders that are affecting your work, relationships, and quality of life

  • Are you going through a significant change such as a divorce or change in career, and are seeking clarity, closure, or guidance as you rediscover yourself

  • Need family or relationship counseling to deal with conflict, communication problems, or negative patterns

  • Want to recognize and break self-destructive habits, thoughts or feelings, such as substance abuse, eating disorders, insecurity, etc.

  • Are you dealing with too much stress and are feeling its effects on your life—ex. Mood swings, insomnia, emotional eating, etc.

  • Need “life coaching” in an area, such as being more assertive, managing your anger, or developing healthier relationships

Since the counseling services and resources are online, they’re accessible and can be done at the most convenient time and a comfortable pace. So, if you’ve never had counseling, you can do things as you’re ready for them.

Even if you have tried other forms of therapy, or are already seeing a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist every few months, this website’s unique approach can provide additional support and resources.

What we like about Online Therapy

Many problems can’t be solved by taking a pill or seeing someone every few weeks. It takes time for people to become comfortable with a therapist. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to even know what you’re feeling or find words to describe it.

Also, being able to identify the problem or talk about it still leaves the question of, “How do I overcome it? What can I do right now to feel happier, stronger, and more in control of my life?”

However, Online Therapy is set up to overcome those “barriers.”

Personalized counseling

All the therapists are licensed, trained, and experienced in cognitive behavioral therapy. You can read their profiles and pick a counselor you feel most comfortable with.

Multiple ways of communicating with your counselor

Aside from live calls or chats, you can also message your counselor if you have any questions or thoughts. That’s very helpful when you have an AHA moment or a triggering experience that you need help processing—and certainly helps build the trust and rapport that can lead to a more fruitful counseling experience.

Fast feedback

 Unlike clinical settings, you don’t have to wait until your next session to speak to your counselor. If you send a message or submit a worksheet, your therapist will reply within 24 hours from Monday to Friday. In many cases, they respond within just a few hours.  You can also read previous feedback.

Practical tools

The worksheets contain questions that help you identify patterns of thought traps holding you back. You also have a journal, an activity plan, and yoga videos—all of which can help you release stress, express yourself, and add more joy into your life.

Concrete, trackable progress

Since you closely coordinate with your therapist and have a daily journal and activities, you can easily see where you are at your journey: how much you’ve grown, where you still need more support, and areas where you may have backslid and need to revisit.

Affordable rates

Online Therapy is less expensive than the cost of face-to-face sessions at a clinic. You also avoid other costs, such as transportation or taking the day off to see someone during clinic hours.


If you’re busy or live in an area that’s not near a clinic or hospital, finding a therapist or making time for the sessions can be challenging. With Online Therapy, help is just a click away.

What we don’t like about Online Therapy

While we think this is one of the best online counseling services we have tried, there are some limitations to the online medium.

Not suitable for some types of patients

Children or people with special needs may not be able to advantage of the website features fully. In addition, we wish some worksheets are age-appropriate or activities like art therapy or online play that may appeal more to some types of learners.

No evening or weekend clinic hours

The therapists are available eight hours from Monday to Friday. Ideally, there are slots available for people who are only free at night or on weekends because of school or their work, or even for stay-at-home parents who have their hands full with the kids until bedtime.

No community building

We would love if the website had support groups or forums so that members could meet other people who are going through similar situations.

Community support can be very healing and empowering. It can help people new to online counseling be inspired by others’ progress. It can also make people feel that they can help others—which can build confidence and trust in oneself and is in and of itself very emotionally healing.

No options for prescriptions

The counselors of Online Therapy will not prescribe drugs. However, while cognitive behavioral therapy is often effective on its own, there are some cases where patients may need medication to control anxiety, depression, or other conditions.

While you can still use Online Therapy for psychological support, you will need to see another psychiatrist who may provide you with prescription medication.

Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for an online counselor or are comparing online counseling with regular counseling, you can start with the list of pros and cons



  • Ability to contact counselor through various ways

  • Continuous support through messaging in between live sessions

  • Fast response

  • Diverse tools and resources

  • Affordable

  • Convenient

  • Not suitable for some ages or types of patients

  • No evening or weekend sessions

  • No community forums or support groups

What’s included in the Online Therapy subscription?

  • Sessions with a qualified therapist. Your therapist will be there for you at every stage of your journey. Once a week, you will have a 45-minute appointment. You can choose the method you’re comfortable with: video, voice only, or message only. In between, they will send activities and can reply to messages if you have questions, concerns, or feel stuck.

  • Worksheets. The worksheets are one of the best tools on the website. The questions can help you explore subconscious beliefs that drive behavior, identify patterns, or articulate feelings. You also get feedback on the worksheets, so you can process it to find greater insight or identify action points so you can break through barriers and take charge of your life.

  • Journal. Record your thoughts in the built-in online journal. Even if you write just a few lines each morning and evening, you’ll be able to see patterns or become more comfortable with expressing yourself.

  • Activity plan. This is like an agreement you make with yourself to add experiences that can help you feel more positive, calm and empowered, i.e., meeting up with friends or going for a walk every day.

  • Yoga videos. This new feature promotes the mind-body connection. Yoga can help reduce stress levels and make you more attuned to your body and your moods.


  • Weekly 45-minute live sessions

  • Unlimited messaging

  • Activities and resources for daily reflection and growth

  • Affordable monthly subscription fees

Final breakdown: 9.5/10

Considering its affordable rates, we’re pleasantly surprised at the quality of care and the comprehensive treatment approach you can find at Online Therapy.

The journal and the activities are well-designed to help you become more self-aware and self-empowered. I’ve read many self-help books or tried online journal triggers. However, there is a huge difference when a trained counselor guides the activities.

The combination of live chats and unlimited messaging also makes you feel that the counselor understands you and supports you every step. This trust is critical for any therapy to succeed and perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Online Therapy will succeed where other websites can’t.

We also liked the additional features, such as the journal and yoga. However, we hope they offer a forum or support group soon so that members can find support from the counselor and other people in the Online Therapy community.

All in all, this website is an excellent option for people who are looking for emotional healing and well-being. Even if it is online, it still seems very personalized and warm—and can bridge the digital distance to make every patient feel heard and supported.

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With therapists in short supply, group counseling offers alternative

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With therapists in short supply group counseling offers alternative
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If it seems like a good fit, try a few sessions. Pay attention to how the interactions between the clinician and the other group members feel.

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Cognitive therapy shows promise in treating PTSD and headaches

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Cognitive therapy shows promise in treating PTSD and headaches
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  • Researchers examined the efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for headaches in treating post-traumatic headaches.
  • They found that CBT effectively reduces disability associated with post-traumatic headaches and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in veterans.
  • They say the therapy may also reduce costs associated with treating these conditions.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a recognized risk of military service. Those who experience TBI are also at risk of developing post-traumatic headaches.

Research suggests that around 40% of individuals with post-traumatic headaches also have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Post-traumatic headache is notoriously difficult to treat. Unlike migraine headaches, which have more defined symptoms, it has no clear symptom pattern and is defined by the cause of the headache — trauma.

There are currently no confirmed frontline treatments for post-traumatic headaches from mild TBI. Both pharmaceutical and behavioral therapies are largely ineffective.

New treatment strategies for PTH from mild TBI could improve the quality of life for veterans and others living with the condition.

Recently, researchers examined two nonpharmacological interventions for post-traumatic headaches — cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and cognitive processing therapy (CPT).

They found that CBT for headaches was more effective than usual care at reducing disability associated with post-traumatic headaches and significantly impacted PTSD symptom severity in veterans. Meanwhile, CPT failed to improve headache disability, despite significant reductions in PTSD symptom severity.


For the study, the researchers recruited 193 post-9/11 combat veterans. Their average age was 39.7 years, and 87% were male.

The participants were split into three groups: one receiving CBT for headaches, another receiving CPT, and the last group — treatment per usual (TPU). The treatments lasted for six weeks.

The CBT focused on relieving disability and stress associated with the headaches via relaxation, setting goals for activities patients wanted to resume, and planning for situations.

Meanwhile, CPT focused on addressing PTSD via strategies to evaluate and change upsetting maladaptive thoughts related to traumas.

TPU varied and consisted of:

  • pharmacotherapies
  • pain management, including Botox injection
  • physical therapy
  • integrative health treatments, including massage and acupuncture

Headache-related disability was measured by the Headache Impact Test 6 (HIT-6). At baseline, participants in the CBT group scored an average of 66.1 points on the HIT-6 scale, while those in the CPT scored 66.1, and TPU participants scored 65.2.

A score of 60 or more is considered “severe,” and the maximum score on the scale is 78.

PTSD was assessed by the PTSD Checklist for DSM-5 (PCL-5). At baseline, the CBT group scored an average of 47.7 points on the scale, while the CPT group scored 48.6 and the TPU group scored 49. Scores of 31-33 or higher indicate PTSD, and the maximum score is 80.

After analyzing the data, the researchers found that HIT-6 scores for those in the CPT group were reduced by an average of 3.4 points compared to those given usual care. This improvement in headache-related disability was maintained six months post-treatment.

PTSD scores for the CPT group also decreased by an average of 6.5 points compared with the usual care group immediately post-treatment, with treatment effects lasting up to 6 months post-treatment.

Meanwhile, those in the CPT group experienced a more modest improvement in headache-related disability, with an average decrease of 1.4 points post-treatment compared with those in the TPU group.

PTSD scores in the CPT group decreased by 8.9 points on average post-treatment compared with those given usual care.

Analysis of the disaggregated scores showed that usual care resulted in a minimal change in headache-related disability — less than one unit change in the average HIT-6 score. However, there was a decrease in PTSD score of 6.8 points among those in the usual care group, which further decreased to 7.7 points 6 months later.


When asked what might explain the different effects of CBT and other treatment options, Don McGeary, Ph.D., ABPP, associate professor at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Texas Health San Antonio, and one of the study’s authors, told MNT:

“I believe [CBT for headaches] was effective in this study because we purposefully developed a treatment that would be very broad (i.e., address as many headache mechanisms as possible) and focus on function. When people with any kind of pain condition are able to overcome disability and accomplish more meaningful activities in their lives, then pain becomes easier to manage. This was certainly true in our study.”

Dr. McGeary added that veterans were more likely to complete CBT than CPT. He noted that this was perhaps because CBT is less intensive and doesn’t involve delving into traumas that patients may want to avoid.

The researchers concluded that CBT for headaches effectively treats post-traumatic headaches from mild TBI and PTSD in veterans.

When asked what these findings mean for treating PTSD and its symptoms, Dr. McGeary said CBT could lower treatment costs for PTSD and increase treatment access as psychologists require just two hours of training, and care lasts just 4-8 hours. By comparison, CPT requires rigorous training and over 12 hours of care.

“We are still working on identifying who is likely to benefit and suspect that veterans with less severe PTSD symptoms will benefit from the headache intervention while those with more severe symptoms need to be referred to the gold-standard treatment,” he noted.

He added that due to the simplicity of CBT, it might also be effective in children and adolescents; however, they need to test this first.

Shannon Wiltsey Stirman, Ph.D., associate professor at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, not involved in the study, told MNT that the therapy may work in other demographics, too.

Dr. Stirman noted that the therapy might benefit people who have experienced intimate partner violence or are reluctant or unable to engage in trauma-focused therapy due to medical issues by providing tools to manage aspects of daily life and PTSD symptoms.

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How Healthcare Supply Chain Shortages are Affecting Hospitals in Indiana

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How Healthcare Supply Chain Shortages are Affecting Hospitals in Indiana
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The Indiana Hospital Association recently surveyed its members, asking if they suffered from any of the recent supply chain shortages. Did these shortages and disruptions limit or affect their patient care?


The responses were that the shortages were intermittent but seemed to get resolved through changing to other suppliers or temporarily postponing elective or non-emergency surgeries. The impacts were not significant or insurmountable in a reasonable period. Non-traditional methods of acquiring supplies have been utilized, such as trading with other facilities, seeking alternative suppliers, and rescheduling appointments. 


Current shortages of concern are the bovie pads which are grounding pads used in surgery. Without these pads, electrosurgical procedures cannot happen. Indiana hospitals are searching for available bovie pads to avoid disrupting medical procedures. 


The newest shortage of diagnostic IV dyes for cat scans, MRIs, and X-rays is expected to impact hospital supplies this summer. This shortage is due to a significant production facility in Shanghai, China, closing temporarily for COVID-related reasons and reopening a little at a time. This shutdown will impact Indiana hospitals this summer. Since this facility produced most of the dye used worldwide, the impacts are widespread. 


Indiana hospitals plan to adapt and react as best they can to try and keep all services available to meet patient needs. It will be a while before this Shanghai facility is back up and running to full capacity. 


Another struggle is that when medical supplies are short, demand is high – resulting in increased prices. The problem becomes that hospitals need to absorb these price increases because insurance companies have already locked into negotiated rates. Then the issues become if you can get it, is the price too high to be able to get it. When returns diminish, a hospital can no longer afford to offer whatever service is being impacted. 


One of the most significant shortages is a blood shortage. Blood supplies have decreased over the last decade, but since 2019 it has been a challenge. There seems to be a generational decrease in blood donations. 


The pandemic, however, essentially closed any public donation opportunities, and the restrictions on large gatherings placed all donation events on hold or canceled. Additionally, just like every other industry, there now seems to be a shortage of healthcare workers with credentials to support blood drives. In January 2022, the Red Cross declared a national blood crisis. 


Indiana hospitals struggle with even if they could get the supplies, the national blood shortage situation needs to improve dramatically.


The result is that shortages are not over yet. Indiana hospitals and all hospitals nationwide need to continue to be adaptable to supply chain struggles. The most recent crisis will likely result from fuel costs and the inability to transport supplies and equipment to hospitals with critical needs. 


Indiana hospitals, let alone all hospitals are encouraged to seek out alternative supplier solutions to better help offset any supply shortages they may face. One consideration would be the Seattle-based health tech startup  – a next generation healthcare distributor who is bringing advanced web technologies, AI & big data insights to healthcare professionals. They are also offering far greater transparency into pricing & supply chain issues so they can better plan, prepare, and procure their most needed medical supplies online. In addition to this, they often save hospitals 20-40% off their medical supply bills and provide free shipping on all of their supply orders too. 

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10 Mistakes That Are Slowing Your Weight Loss Journey

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Mistakes That Are Slowing Your Weight Loss Journey
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Here are common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight.

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What Is The Volumetrics Diet & Does It Help Lose Weight?

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What Is The Volumetrics Diet & Does It Help Lose Weight
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Volumetrics diet focuses on consuming low-calorie nutrient-dense foods. Here’s what following a volumetrics diet entails.

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Can you lose weight by walking?

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Can you lose weight by walking
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Can you lose weight by walking? We find out if pounding the pavement is enough of a workout to help you shift those stubborn kilos

Man walking up mountainside

Walking is one of the best methods for losing weight, as it is low impact meaning there is less stress on the joints and therefore lower risk of injury,” says Lily Chapman nutritionist for P3RFORM(opens in new tab).

“The number of calories you burn will depend on your personal stats such as your height, body weight, body fat percentage, and how briskly you walk. As a general rule, you will burn more calories if your heart rate is higher, and someone who is less fit will generally have a higher heart rate and therefore burn more calories.

“Because walking is a more comfortable exercise than running or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), many individuals will be more likely to keep up the habit. In general, you do need to be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. If you are burning calories by walking, you won’t need to overly restrict your diet, which means you’re more likely to be successful in losing weight long term.”

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition(opens in new tab) found that ‘moderate walking enhances the effects of an energy-restricted diet on fat mass loss. Chapman says: “An energy-restricted diet means the same thing as being in a calorie deficit, so this shows that walking could speed up the weight loss process when in a calorie deficit.”


Woman out walking holding her phone

A study by the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders(opens in new tab) found that in two groups of women who walked 30 minutes a day or 60 minutes daily, both groups had ‘similar and significant beneficial changes in their health-related variables (i.e. weight loss).

“What this shows is that even a short walk each day is enough to make significant changes to your body fat, blood pressure, and even cholesterol level,” says Chapman, and Sacerdoti agrees. “Walking is an excellent starter activity, especially for anyone who has been inactive.”

“To see better results, walking for an extended period of time at a faster pace than your normal walking rate will help you achieve better weight loss. If a long walk scares you, start with three 15-minute walks a day,” Sacerdoti goes on to add. “Frequent short walks can provide benefits, too, and if you walk after you eat, it can help control your blood sugar levels.”


Woman walking on sand dunes

The key to losing weight from walking is to walk fast enough or with enough intensity to burn fat for energy. And the bigger walks you do, the more you burn stored fat, instead of the sugars your body uses for energy. One way to make walking more effective is to add hills, climbs, or intervals.

“Whatever you can do to increase the calorie expenditure is good,” says Sacerdoti. “Uphill walking is excellent for this, be it an incline on a treadmill, or a brisk walk up a hill – anything that gets your heart rate pumping a little faster will help you burn more calories. Also, walking at an incline reduces the impact on legs and joints.

“Adding in some power walking intervals, 5-10 mins at a time, will also provide a larger calorie burn. Weighted vests are good as they will make your body work harder, which means more calories spent, but be sure that weight is evenly supported so as not to interfere with your posture – posture is very important for getting the most out of your walk.”


Sacerdoti says: “Try getting off the train or bus a stop earlier, or walking the entire journey to work if the weather is good. Take the stairs at every opportunity you can – this is also excellent for your glutes. Meet up with friends for a stroll in the park and take lunchtime walks. Anything in nature will immediately boost your mood too, so it’s a win-win!”

As with any exercise, the key to being consistent is finding something that works for you. So mix things up with different types of walking workouts – intervals, hill climbs, short and fast walks, and long ones over different terrains.

Sacerdoti adds: “As with any exercise, form is important. To get the best out of your walk, activate your core with your back nice and straight, shoulders square, and head up.

“Engage your glutes with each stride, landing on your heels, rolling forward, and pushing off with your toes. It’s important to stay hydrated, and most definitely worth investing in a good pair of shoes to help improve posture and avoid injury. And don’t forget to stretch when you get back from your walk.”

And if walking isn’t really your thing, don’t worry! Our pieces on ‘is running well for weight loss? (opens in new tab)’ and ‘are exercise bikes good for weight loss? (opens in new tab)’ are brilliant if you’re looking for a suitable alternative to stay fit and healthy.

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The SRTF Agriculture Project Delivers 1000 Tons of Feed Supplements for Cattle in Northern Aleppo

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The SRTF Agriculture Project Delivers 1000 Tons of Feed Supplements
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The SRTF announced the delivery of 1,000 MT of feed supplements to its agriculture project; “Support for the Recovery of Livestock Production Within Northern Aleppo (Phase II)”, today.

The delivery is key to supporting livestock breeders to increase cows’ milk production by providing them with essentials such as feed supplements that are otherwise expensive in the market.

As part of this project’s plan, around 288,000 sheep & goats and 5,600 calves & cows will benefit from the vaccination campaigns which will support and benefit around 11,500 livestock breeders directly. Moreover, around 2,680 sheep and goat breeders will receive feed supplements to the benefit of 1,368 cow breeders.

The EUR 1.5 million budget project is expected to directly benefit 11,500 livestock breeders whose livestock will receive the vaccination. Of that number, 2,680 sheep and goat breeders with average ownership of 15 heads, and 1,368 cow breeders who own at least two cows, will receive feed supplements as well. Indirectly, the project will benefit 57,500 estimated family members of livestock breeders in the project area populated by an estimated 250,000 people.

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Best supplements for weight gain: Maintain optimum weight in a healthy way

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Best supplements for weight gain
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If you’re looking to gain weight, then supplementing your diet with weight gainer supplements make for a good option. Read on to see our best picks.

While we always hear more about people wanting to lose weight, there are indeed people who wish to gain weight the healthy way to look more attractive. Diet plays a major role in one’s life. However, our fast-paced lives don’t allow most of us to put enough thought on what comprises our meals and whether enough nutrition is being provided to our body. Hence, the need to supplement it with weight gainer supplement which comes in many delicious favours. It ensures your body gets enough calorie intake for the take to gain optimum weight over a period of time. It also helps one in building lean muscles, boosting digestion, energy levels and more.

We navigated through an array of products online to round up a bunch of them in our list below. So, scroll through the list below to take a closer look at our selections. Some of them are unisex formulations while some are designed for women alone.

Dr. Nutra Weight Gainer

This supplement supports in gaining weight. It comes in powder form, is a vegetarian formulation, and has a delicious chocolate flavor. Made from the goodness of 25 vital vitamins and minerals, Whey protein, Soy, and Milk protein, it ensures to provide adequate nutrition for one’s body. It also aids in toning the body, and boosts metabolism and the health of skin and hair.

Dr.NUTRA Women Weight Gainer for Increase Breast Muscle, Weight Gain and Mass Gain for Women – 500gm, Chocolate Flavor

61% OFF

 501 1,299

MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer

This weight gainer supplement is suitable for an adult who is looking to gain weight. It promotes faster muscle synthesis and prevents post-workout muscle loss. It will help you to achieve weight management goals and improves energy levels. Available in scrumptious flavors like chocolate, Kesar, pista badam, and banana, it will make the drink nutritious, delicious, and healthy. It helps in building lean muscle mass as well.

MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer with Added Digezyme (Chocolate, 1 kg / 2.2 lb, 10 Servings)

39% OFF

 899 1,469

Dr. Morepen Weight Gainer

This formulation is rich in carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. Available in Irish chocolate flavor, this is one that is ideal for those who are struggling to meet their daily calorie intake to gain weight. It helps in achieving lean muscles, managing a healthy weight, improving strength, and supporting the immune system. You will see the results manifest in the form of better efficiency and performance during workout sessions.

Dr. Morepen Weight Gainer / Mass Gainer / Gain Weight, Post Workout, 74 g Carbohydrate, 14.5g Protein, Healthy Fats (irish Chocolate, 500g)

20% OFF

 499 625

Pro360 Weight Gainer Powder

Available in the form of powder, this vegetarian formulation comes loaded with the right balance of protein, essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is formulated to help you gain weight in a healthy manner. Made with a specialized tri protein formula, it includes milk, Soy, and Whey. It supports muscle gain and adequate calorie intake. Boost your overall well-being with this protein-rich supplement.

Pro360 Weight Gainer Powder – High Protein & Carbohydrates – Calorie Rich Complete Nutritional Supplement – Triple Protein Formula with 25 Vital Nutrients – For Men & Women – Chocolate Flavour – 250g

19% OFF

 385 475

Nutrela Weight Gain

This vegetarian formulation will boost your calorie intake that is required for optimum weight gain. It contains proteins, complex carbohydrates, fats, and 52 essential nutrients, including 11 natural herbs, 12 minerals, 11 bio-fermented vitamins, and added glutamine. Ideal for those who are vying to attain a healthy and attractive physique, this one is free from gluten, banned substances, preservatives, etc.

Nutrela Weight Gain – 500gm – Banana Flavour

28% OFF

 394 550

Price of weight gainer supplements at a glance:

 Weight gainer supplements  Price
 Dr. NUTRA Weight Gainer   1,299.00
 MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer   1,469.00
 Dr. Morepen Weight Gainer   625.00
 Pro360 Weight Gainer Powder   475.00
 Nutrela Weight Gain   550.00

At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase.


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Vitamin D supplements show promise to counter the adverse effects of diabetes drug on bone health

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Vitamin D supplements show promise
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Vitamin D supplementation may help offset damaging bone loss that occurs in some people who take canagliflozin, a commonly prescribed diabetes drug. Researchers will present their work this week at the American Physiological Society (APS) and American Society for Nephrology Control of Renal Function in Health and Disease conference in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A class of diabetes drug called SGLT2 inhibitors has been shown to slow the progression of diabetes-related kidney disease and is increasingly being considered a first-line treatment option for people with diabetes who have a high risk of developing kidney and heart disease. However, some studies have found SGLT inhibitors to negatively affect bone health by accelerating the loss of bone mineral density and hampering the activation of vitamin D by the body. The combination of these events can increase the risk of bone fracture. Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine hypothesize that people who already have lower-than-normal levels of vitamin D have an even higher risk of bone loss and possible fracture when taking SGLT2 inhibitors.

The research team studied adults from an Old Order Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The researchers explained that they chose this population due to the availability of extensive genetic sequencing data, but also because, unlike commercially processed milk, the farm-fresh milk many people in the Amish community drink is not fortified with vitamin D. Therefore, it is more likely that Amish people consume less vitamin D from their diet than the general population in the U.S.

The volunteers-; some of whom were found to have preexisting low vitamin D levels-; took canagliflozin, an SGLT2 inhibitor, for five days before and after they were given vitamin D supplements. The researchers found that in people who were vitamin D-deficient, canagliflozin led to a significant decrease (31%) in the levels of a metabolite used to measure vitamin D levels, but a much smaller decrease (7%) in those with normal vitamin D status. The supplements then boosted levels of parathyroid hormone, which regulates calcium levels in the blood and vitamin D levels in the bones.

The research team explained that a short-term study of vitamin D supplements to counter the adverse effects of SGLT2 inhibitors on bone health shows promising results, but more research is needed.


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