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How is the new energy company developing an integrated energy business?

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How is the new energy company developing an integrated energy business?
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Its essence is driven by the market, using digital technology to facilitate multidimensional coordination and interaction, with multiple goals such as energy efficiency, energy security, service accuracy, ecological coordination, and economy. Achieve.

Therefore, the binding energy business is not only a modern energy-based service industry but also a new format is driven by cross-border innovation.

New energy companies starting integrated energy businesses can reduce social energy costs in terms of social benefits. For companies, they can expand their business scope and increase profitability.

Advantages and constraints

With the power system at its core, Integrated Energy Services strives to change the existing modes of independent planning, independent design, and independent operation of various energy supply systems such as power supply, gas supply, heating, and cooling.

Integrated energy uses the latest physical information technology, intelligent technology, and management modes to organically distribute, convert, store, and consume various energy sources in the process of planning, design, construction, and operation. Tune and optimize to get the most out of it. A new regional energy supply system for renewable energy.

1. Benefits of comprehensive energy business development

Regional Benefits: Due to its widespread business distribution, new energy companies are familiar with many parts of the country and have geographical advantages in obtaining project information and coordinating local government resources.

Investment Benefits: New energy companies have numerous project cases and investment experience in pre-project, project approval, and scientific R & D process management. The integrated energy services business is relatively complex but cheaper than investing in new energy projects such as wind and solar. There is no big difference.

In addition, some new energy companies have experience in industrial investment, M & A, and new business incubation, and have certain advantages in developing and diversifying integrated energy projects.
Cost Advantage:

New energy companies are primarily central or large private sector companies with outstanding advantages in financing costs and risk management.

Financing costs are significantly reduced compared to smaller private companies, and costs for later project development and operations management are increased.

Industrial Benefits: New energy companies are mainly investing in the development of renewable energies such as wind and solar power. This is usually consistent with integrated energy services based on clean energy.

2. Constraints on the development of the integrated energy business

The traditional energy industry is a vertical model that extends mainly from upstream to downstream of the industrial chain, while the integrated energy business is a horizontal model that provides one-stop services to meet customer needs. For new energy companies, the method of changing from the old model to the new model requires some adjustments.

One is the fit of the service model. In other words, from a product-centric model to a customer-centric service model. The traditional energy industry often provides services focused on merchandising products and the service model is focused on products.

Comprehensive energy services are primarily engaged in energy services, and we are developing services focused on the comprehensive needs of our customers. The service model is customer-centric.

Comprehensive energy service companies not only provide energy services to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also to customers in terms of cost, safety, comfort, convenience, and speed. Taking your requirements into account, you can provide your customers with maximum demand behind power consumption. Related services such as property management, waste treatment, carbon finance, and smart living.

The second is the setting of interactive relationships.

The approach of integrated energy services is to develop relationship-focused marketing, establish, maintain and stabilize close, long-term, and interactive relationships with customers, complete the interaction of energy flows, information flows, and business flows.

Frequent development and attraction. Customer visit. Gain a strong awareness and even customer preference towards the company.
New energy companies tend to interact with the electricity grid frequently but have relatively little contact with end customers.

Therefore, it is necessary that companies that are dedicated to the integral energy business urgently coordinate how to change the roles and ways of thinking that have been formed in the long term.

Suggestions related to development ideas

Currently, integrated energy services are still in relatively early stages of development and many companies do not have the capacity to provide integrated energy services to their customers.

For most new energy companies, the advantage lies in the development and operation of new energy projects. There are relatively few advantages in supplying heat, cold, and gas.

Microgrids and other areas are relatively uninvolved when it comes to new forms of energy, such as energy sales, energy storage, and energy distribution networks. In this context, it is difficult to enter directly into the field of integrated energy services.

Therefore, companies are encouraged to phase out measures such as cooperation-merger and acquisition-self-investment and construction.
As a development model, we recommend that you work together and start early.

For new energy companies, electricity is a critical asset and a key competitive advantage, and integrated energy services are also being developed around electricity, especially in the sale of electricity and related value-added services.

Therefore, the easiest way to get to market quickly in the short term is to adopt a collaborative model. Working with power grid companies or companies that are already developing an integrated energy services business will enable rapid fringe benefits and facilitate rapid market entry.

For example, Shenzhen International’s Low Carbon Urban Multiple Energy Complementary Integration and Optimization Demonstration Project was jointly conducted by Jingneng Group, Shenzhen Gas, and China Southern Power Grid Integrated Energy Company.

All three have their respective advantages in power generation, gas supply, and distribution network. And fringe benefits. This project is two sub-projects of the regional energy distribution network and the distributed energy stations. The total planned area is approximately 53 square kilometers. Takahashi Park and its surroundings are 5 square kilometers in the extension area, and the central area is about 1 square kilometer.

The construction area of ​​the starting area is about 1.8 million square meters and the construction period is 7 years. Among them, the Jingneng Group is in charge of the construction of distributed power stations, and the Shenneng Group is in charge of industrial projects such as energy-saving and environmental protection industrial parks. The total installed capacity of the project is approximately 60 MW. Gas/steam cogeneration distributed power plant.

In the process of collaboration with related companies, we will fully demonstrate the merits of “electricity”, actively acquire the right to operate the distribution network and pursue the merits of the industrial chain. In February 2018, it announced “Measures to divide the distribution area of ​​the incremental distribution business (trial implementation)” (preliminary comment) and stated that “only one company can have the right of operation in the distribution area.” Distribution network.

“As a power generation company, it is necessary to actively pursue the right to operate the distribution network and lead the comprehensive monitoring power services business.
Due to the business structure, we recommend establishing an integrated energy division.

Integrated energy services are relatively complex systems engineering, and the unique architecture of traditional energy startups with electricity at their core is not fully compatible with integrated energy.

Therefore, in the new form of business, it is necessary to implement energy planning, construction, supply, operation, and maintenance services with a more comprehensive approach.

This would require the establishment of a special department to coordinate the entire integrated energy business and change the department’s previous improvements to be solely responsible for the operational status of the department.
The integrated energy services business model has a significant impact on the traditional energy services business model.

Monitoring the health of new equipment, managing, maintaining, and storing assets, managing and operating energy storage networks, intelligent energy production, and transmission and comprehensive energy consumption will be key trends in the field of energy services. ..

The business of integrated energy requires not only the coordination and management of integrated departments but also the authority to allocate resources to the departments. Only in this way can you get the job done faster and more efficiently.

From a technical perspective, we will focus on building and researching smart energy platforms.
The smart energy platform is the brain of the integrated energy services business. The construction of this platform is related to the operational efficiency and financial benefits of the project.

The smart energy platform uses big data and cloud computing technology to intelligently analyze user needs, load forecasting, device management, information management, distribution operation, and maintenance, response to demand, etc., and effectively support decision-making. An optimal solution that provides services and is ultimately intelligent and optimized.
As an integrated energy services operator and investor, energy startups must choose the best provider for their smart energy platform selection.

Today, many software and service companies offer related services, including Alibaba’s cloud-integrated energy services platform, Shuangliang energy-saving intelligent operation, and maintenance platform, and intelligent energy Internet platform developed by Henghua Technology. We focus on recommending a multi-vendor Alibaba Cloud integrated energy services platform.

Alibaba Cloud’s Integrated Energy Services Platform creates a competitive integrated energy services business center with a “thick platform, micro-application” approach. This enables green applications such as energy-saving and energy-saving, energy demand side, energy, energy efficiency management, energy storage, and integrated energy and energy trading in microgrids.

The platform is based on the practices and theories of Alibaba’s intermediate station, and through the technological components of Alibaba’s intermediate station, rapid application innovation and rapid application innovation for the competitive challenges of the integrated energy industry, where the demand is very uncertain. Iterative, operational, and related data mining and analysis capabilities. You can ensure the reliability and stability of your platform while your business grows rapidly.

From a resource acquisition perspective, we encourage you to actively expand your circle of friends.
The integrated energy business involves many stakeholders, including local governments, park managers, park owners, and formerly affiliated service providers.

Relatively complex stakeholders often hinder the smooth execution of projects. In order to acquire the various necessary resources and improve their ability to provide end-to-end solutions to their customers, integrated energy service companies create partnerships, establish good network connectivity, and a mutually beneficial business ecosystem.

It needs to be built. Corporate development alliances generally include strategic alliances between non-competitors, strategic alliances between competitors, joint ventures to develop new businesses, and effective scale effectiveness, risk reduction, and resource acquisition. Includes buyer and supplier associations to develop stable suppliers to promote.

From the project experience, please pay attention to the operation of the comprehensive energy service (multi-energy supplement) demonstration project announced by the state.

In recent years, the National Energy Agency has announced a number of demonstration projects, including the Multi-Energy Supplemental Demonstration Project and the Energy Internet Demonstration Project. Most of these projects are integrated energy business projects. However, the progress and profitability of the project will be different. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the related projects announced or planned by the country.

At the beginning of 2017, the National Energy Authority issued the “Notice Concerning the Announcement of the First Batch of Demonstrative Projects of Complementary Integration and Multi-Energy Optimization”, finalizing the first batch of 23 projects with the first batch of multi-energy complementation. He decided to integrate and optimize the demo project.

Currently, the progress of previous projects is very different. Some of them are in operation and some projects face some difficulties due to approval, metric, and pricing issues.

For example, due to the lack of relevant policies, the country has not yet issued an energy pricing policy for natural gas micro gas turbines, energy storage, and complementary and integrated multi-energy projects, which has resulted in companies turn to micro gas turbines. I am investing. Power generation, power storage equipment, and power supplement technology cannot be profitable.

For example, in the decentralized power project in the Xi’an Civil Aerospace Industry National Base, the selling price of local natural gas is high and the price of electricity in the gas power generation network is not fitted, so the project itself is profitable. Its economic benefits are greatly reduced.

On the other hand, the profitability of current integrated energy services projects is not enough. For example, for a comprehensive energy services project led by State Power Investment Corporation and State Grid Comprehensive Energy Group, most of the projects currently in operation are difficult, except for some projects with start-up rights.

Short-term profit. The short-term strategy of the mentioned companies is “relief” and “light profit”, which is to lead the acquisition of market opportunities and optimize and improve after accumulating experience in project management.

In terms of the scope of our business, we are actively focusing on related industries such as new infrastructure.
As mentioned in the previous section, industrial estates are the first option for an integrated design of the energy business field.

However, with the adjustment of national policies, it is necessary to actively develop new infrastructure and other related emerging industries. A “new infrastructure” is being actively developed, such as 5G base stations, large data centers, industrial internet, and charging batteries for new energy vehicles, and all related fields are high power consumers. Increased local power will result in the large-scale development of distributed power plants.

As the construction of the 5G infrastructure accelerates, the demand for large data centers will grow rapidly. Large data centers have the uninterrupted operation, stable power and cooling loads, and high power consumption and cooling capacity.

There is a large market space for a stable integrated power supply service for cold, heat, and electricity.
Generally speaking, as a new form of the energy business, integrated energy services are relatively rudimentary in development and therefore face problems such as imperfect policies and a lack of talent.

However, integrated energy services are one of the key directions for the future development of the energy industry. As an energy start-up providing clean energy to society, we can develop an integrated energy services business and seize the opportunity to foster more business models.

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Advantages and Benefits of SEO for your Business

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Advantages and Benefits of SEO for your Business
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You have heard about SEO and how SEO helps businesses to grow much quicker. If you are running a business it doesn’t matter how small or big your company is but you surely want to attract more customers and increase more sales of your company. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you reach your goal easily. SEO is a great tool to get discovered easily in this digital world. Let’s say if you have a website and you want more people to notice it, how would your website get visible as there are already so many websites? Here is what SEO will come into play. It will help your website to reach the top of the search engine so people could easily discover your website.

But making it on the top of a search engine is not an easy job. It takes years to do so and there are some rules of SEO too that will do the work. Every web developer or designer needs to focus on SEO even the leading companies like AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd who are professional web designers have to focus on SEO to gain the lead in the market.

Let’s look into some of the advantages of SEO for your business and how it can help you grow your business much quicker.

Increase Web Traffic

If you want to increase web traffic on your website SEO can help you to gain a sufficient amount of traffic. It will not only bring traffic but will bring quality traffic that means you will witness more engagement on your website like never before. It will target your customers directly.

Build Trust 

Building trust is an important part of a business and with SEO you can build trust among your customers. Building trust could take years. Your customers will only trust you when they see your brand as a trustable company. Once you can build that trust with your customers you can see your business growth.

Increase Brand Awareness

Do you want to create your brand identity? SEO will help you create your brand identity by using your content and search engine algorithms that will help your brand to get easily noticed by everyone. Building a brand name could be easy but with SEO you can create your brand easily.

Generate More Sales

Wonder why some companies keep growing? IF you use SEO in the right way, it will help you to gain more sales. You can make your customers aware of your products and services and once your customers are aware eventually you can see your business growing. Target your customers using keywords and content.

Become A Competitor

There are many competitors in the business market and if you want to compete with your rivals you need to improve your marketing style and search engine ranking to reach more customers. With SEO you can improve your visibility in the market and become a competitor with other leading brands.

Target Your Audience

You must know your audience when it comes to growing a business. You need to target the right audience. It includes age, gender, interest, and income. You need to collect all the data before you can target your customers. Ask for feedback and collect the useful data you need to target the right customers.

Long Term Success

If you are running a business you are thinking about the future of your business and how to keep it running for a long time. SEO can help you for the long-term success of your business once you build your identity in the market you can run your business for quite a long time. It could be tough in the beginning but once you build the brand name you will keep going.

Increase Social Media Followers

You want to increase your followers and engagement on your social media? With SEO you can grow your social media too. Once people get to know about you and your company, they will automatically start to engage more on your social media. They will start following you will share your contents and products and will suggest to other people too that’s how you grow your business.

Make Your Website More Secure

Security is very important when you are running a website. Because the chances of data stealing could be a risk for your company. To stay safe SEO provides the security you need for you and your customers. You can provide your users with a secure browsing experience.

Improves Your Website Speed

Website speed is one of the most important parts of taking the lead. SEO depends on various factors and the most importantly on speed. SEO will help your website speed for a better user experience and will bring more users to your website. This will also improve your website ranking.

Better User Experience

You surely don’t want to disappoint your user by providing them with a slow and outdated website? Google won’t even show your website if users have a bad experience with your website. SEO helps to improve the user experience and gives them a better browsing experience.

Helps To Stand Out

Do you want to stand out from most of the other websites? SEO will help you to stand out from other companies and will grow your ranking on the search engine. A higher ranking means more users and you will become competitive.


SEO is affordable as compared to the rest of the marketing style. Advertising and promoting your business could take a lot of time and could take a lot of investment. On the other hand, SEO is a one-time investment where you can easily promote your business and improve sales.

More Opportunity 

With SEO you get more opportunities in the market. You can try a different way and explore how it works to gain more lead. The marketing world is huge and you don’t want to miss any kind of strategy for your business.

Mobile Friendly

In a world where smartphones are taking lead, you surely don’t want to miss any opportunity to make our website mobile friendly? SEO helps to improve the experience for your mobile users and gives them a better browsing experience.

Good For Small Business

SEO is beneficial for small companies if they are new in the market. It is hard for small companies to enter with all the leading brands. If you want to build your brand SEO could help you create your brand name even if you are a small company. If you are running a small plumbing business plumbing SEO services will help you to get easily discovered to grow your business.

Attract Customers from Everywhere

Whether you want to attract customers from your local area or international SEO can help you attract customers from around the world. But if you are a small business probably you want to get noticed locally before you can expand your reach. So, using SEO you can target your customers around anywhere.

Keeps You Updated

You need to keep your website updated to stay at the top of the search engine. If your website gets outdated then your ranking will fall. In this way, SEO helps you to stay updated with your business and your website.

Improves Content

Content is an important factor of SEO. If your contents are not useful for users then your website will slowly lose interest and will disappear. SEO will help you to get good content that will keep your audience engaged.

Constant Promotion

With SEO you can always keep promoting your brand. You don’t have to post ads to make people aware of your brand. The more people search about your brand the more promotions you get. So, you don’t have to rely on ads anymore SEO will do it for you.

Now you know how SEO can help your business to make it to another level If you haven’t already started with SEO practice you can still begin and take lead in the market. It might take some time in the beginning but once you can build the trust and brand name you will keep going.

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What does a call manager professional do?

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What does a call manager professional do?
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Cisco Call Manager Express (CME) is an enhanced IP telephony solution built into Cisco IOS. It is a great solution for small business customers to effectively use their IP data connection to integrate IP phone and voice delivery. Being able to support IP phone and IP data traffic through a single unified global solution is a huge benefit for customers both to get the best out of it and to limit their call manager professional.

In this article, I will introduce the Cisco Call Manager Express configuration process and setting up basic services. Cisco CME has evolved over the years, from Cisco IOS phone services to Cisco CME 3.0, 3.2, and so on.

For CME 3.2, the minimum required Cisco IOS Release 12.3 (11) T version is 12.3 (11) T.

Installing CME firmware files

CME requires specific files to be inserted in the flash memory of the router. These special files are accessed via a zip package file from the Cisco Software Center. Among other things, the firmware files in this zip file are for Cisco IP phones and must be extracted before being transferred to flash memory.


After accessing this storage file ( or cme-basic.3.2.tar) you should click on your tftp machine and use a copy of the TFTP flash command to transfer the files to the router flash. You should only transfer firmware files for the types of phones used in your network.


From there, these guidelines should be provided in order to provide the CME preparation firmware and the appropriate IP server required.


Allow router as TFTP server and specify the firmware file that will give CME access to IP phones:

Router (configuration) # tftp server flash: [firmware filename]

Example router (configuration) #tftp server flash: P0030702T023.sbn

Specify the type of Cisco phone firmware file to use when registering with the system for certain IP addresses (I believe that the Cisco 7940 IP Cable is used during this article):

Router (configuration) # telephony

Router (configuration telephony) #load [phone type] [firmware type]

For instance. Router (configuration-telephony) # load 7960-7940 P0030702T023

Specify the IP address and port number (standard port 2000) of the CME route used to register IP phones and provide their configuration documents (XML documents generated by the CME router):

Router (configuration-telephony) #ip source address [CME ip address] port [port number]

For instance. Router (configuration-telephony) #ip address address port 2000

Create XML configuration documents that need to be sent to IP phones when saved later:

Router (configuration-telephony) # Create cnf files

Connecting several Cisco CME Routers

To be able to direct VoIP calls to and from a second CME system, you need to specify dial patterns that allow both systems to establish a remote connection to the partner site.

You need to configure the dial-peer, associate it with a destination pattern, and specify the IP address of the remote CME. The assignment includes real dial numbers or wildcards, for example, “50 ..” means everything in which there are four numbers in total, and the first two are make up the number “50”.

Connecting to the ISDN network

All that’s missing now is the setting to make calls to the PSTN and divert calls from the PSTN to the appropriate IP phone. The commands are very correct.

Below I present the settings required to call 4417021000 and call the PSTN based on the ISDN card installed on port 0/2 on the CME route. Note that I use the “potty” marker for PSTN connections.

Manually install phones and extensions

Before setting up plugins on your phones, you need to understand the terms “ephone” and “ephone-dn”. “Ephone-dn” indicates the voice gateway displayed on the CME system. The more virtual ports defined, the more connections can be created at the same time.

Unlike dn phone-dn, “phone” stands for CME mobile device. So in order to set up the basic call setting you need to specify at least one ephone-dn, provide additional numbers and connect the IP and call-dn call buttons.

In general, the following things need to happen:

Arrange a dn phone number with one voice port and two voice radios:

Router # contract-dn [list number] two-line

Example router (contract) # ephone-dn 1 two-line

Combine the basic and advanced extension numbers of this phone-dn:

Router (config-ephone-dn) # number [extension 1] second [extension 2]

Example router (config-ephone-dn) # number 1000 high 4417021000

The last thought

Cisco’s CME plan provides all the mobile services necessary for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers the benefit of use of the data current drive traffic to get rid of this looga extra costs. In addition, the ability to organize early services is supported and can be very effective in meeting specific business needs.


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7 Important Tips for buying a PC from online

Ody Team



7 Important Tips for buying a PC from online
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When you buy a new or used computer for your home or office, It’s not a very easy thing. There may seem like an endless number of options to choose one, but you want to make the right purchase for your smart home or office, so you do not waste time or money. Every office and every user has different needs for both hardware and software – make sure you get a little bit of knowledge before you start shopping.

Here are seven tips to help you to buy a computer:

No 1. Decide if you buy from an e-commerce site or online store


Whether you buy a computer from an online shop depends upon your comfort level with the purchase of a product you have not seen, especially an expensive product. I feel very comfortable buying a Gaming PC from an online shop. You will find a wealth of information via reviews from your fellow consumers. Online reviews are valuable regardless of your location. Suppose you are purchasing a laptop or desktop computer that differs from the product you currently use (switching to a touchscreen or tablet computer). In that case, I recommend visiting a store in person to try it out. You may still decide to make your purchase online, but you will have the added benefit of trying the product out before you buy it.

No 2. Select the right operating system for your PC


What type of operating system is best: Mac, PC, or Chrome? When you are choosing a desktop or laptop computer for your home or office, I recommend selecting the option you are most accustomed to using. Also, you may wish to choose a perfect computer operating system that matches your smartphone’s operating system. There are various benefits to syncing files and information you use daily on your smartphone with your computer – Apple iCloud storage, for example. It is also essential to consider what types of software you need for day-to-day business to ensure that your chosen operating system supports it.

No 3. Decide one from a desktop or laptop computer

Most of the time, Laptop and Desktop computers have the same capabilities to do work, and you will find that most of the desktop computers are smaller than they were in the previous year. No longer will you need a large casing for a desktop pc. If you want to stay put with your working environment and do not wish to bring your computer out in the field with you, you may choose a desktop. The benefit to having a desktop is that it’s easier and more affordable to repair and upgrade than a laptop computer. However, if you need to go outside for a job or education purpose, a laptop is your best option.

No 4. Choose a perfect processor from various core systems

You can choose the right one from many different types of processors such as Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9. But if you don’t understand what the processor is and how it works? The processor is the computer’s logic unit of a central processing unit (CPU). It’s called the brain of a computer and carries out all the computational processes. The processor helps to run programs. The higher Gigahertz (GHz) and the number of cores, the faster the processor is.

No 5. Choose a perfect processor from various core systems

The Random Access Memory (RAM) can also impact your computer speed. Measured with gigabytes (GB), RAM is the most common type of computer temporary memory. It accesses your computer to allow the data it needs without using the (HDD) hard drive. Computer programs and internet browsers allow RAM to help running processes. The higher bus of RAM, the better your computer can manage these programs, but there are limitations to the bus of RAM you can have based on your computer’s specifications. It is important to know that you may not need a huge RAM bus. Look at the specifications of the software you use the most requirements. Good review and specifications can help serve as a guide for your personal needs.

No 6. (HDD) Hard disk drive storage

RAM is different from your hard disk drive storage. RAM serves more like your temporary or short-term memory, while your hard drive is your Permanent or long-term memory. How much hard drive storage you need depends on your existing computer use and how much you plan to store. You can now get computers with several terabytes (TB) of storage. A solid-state drive (SSD) tends to be faster than a traditional hard disk drive but has limitations on storage space. If you rely on cloud storage, the number of hard drive spaces you need may not be as important.


No 7. (HDD) Hard disk drive storage


When you used your CD/DVD drive last time? Maybe that was used for a long time ago. You may don’t need to use it next time, saving space and reducing wastage data when choosing a laptop. USB cables continue to be standard ports for PCs, but make sure you use the most recent high-density cables to avoid inconsistency and damage to your pc devices. One other consideration if you need a built-in SD card reader or comfortable using a USB attachment. A built-in reader is convenient when transferring data from your pc equipment to your management software. Some other regard is whether you need or want VGA and Ethernet. While HDMI is the new standard, you may find that older systems only have VGA access (although there are VGA to USB adapters). Though most devices have wireless connectivity, an Ethernet connection is more reliable.




On the way to the perfect PC, you always have to ask yourself whether you buy the hardware and assemble the Computer yourself or alternatively buy a complete system. Anyone who is up to date in terms of hardware will check their compilation for compatibility. However, if you are totally new or you don’t have enough technical knowledge then you can build your Computer by using an online PC Konfigurator.

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