Have a memorable birthday party! Recommended places for birthday parties

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Have a memorable birthday party

Have a memorable birthday party

When you want to celebrate the birthday of a friend or lover grandly. Thinking about the plans and surprises is one of the fun times.

It would be nice to hold a birthday party in a different place than usual.

Recently, fashionable rental space reservations, karaoke room plans, and parties on the outdoor terrace are also popular. Even if you get excited to the fullest, you can spend “special time” only with your friends without worrying about the eyes of the people around you.

Here are some recommendations for places where you can have such a birthday party.

If you rent a room, it will look great on Instagram!

When you think of rental space, many people may think of “inorganic conference rooms”, but recent room rentals are excellent! There is also a kitchen with cooking utensils.

It is also a big attraction that you can rent a stylish room that looks good on Instagram and have a birthday party full of handmade feeling while cooking together. You can enjoy tacopa, board games, and watching movies, so the usage is endless.

Prices vary depending on the region, time, and day of the week, but you can rent it for around 890-3,000 yen per hour. If you want to hold a surprise birthday party with homemade food and cakes, we definitely recommend it.

Let’s get excited with the karaoke charter room plan!

Most karaoke stores nationwide, including Shidax, Big Echo, and Cote d’Azur, offer “chartered party room plans.”

Not only can you use the karaoke facilities, but you can also use the dishes and sweets as a set, which is an advantage.

It’s soundproof, so no matter how much noise you make, you won’t have to worry about inconvenience to other customers.

Depending on the store, a room for about 40 people can be reserved, so it is recommended for a big birthday party with a large number of people. 

It would be nice to have a big chorus of Happy Birthday together!

5 points for birthday parties that elementary school boys will definitely love

When celebrating a child’s birthday, the family may have had a birthday alone when they were little. However, when children are in elementary school, they often want to hold a birthday party with friends.

This time, we will introduce ideas that should be prepared on the day from advance preparations in order to make the birthday party of elementary school boys successful.

1. 1. Preparation for birthday party

If your child wants to have a birthday party, get ready.

The age at which a birthday party is desired is often in the lower grades of elementary school.

Therefore, while respecting the opinions of the child, it is better to keep in mind that it is the mother who actually makes the arrangements.

1-1. How to attend

For birthday party invitations, it’s a good idea to create an invitation card with your child and give it to the friends you want to invite.

When confirming attendance, it is important for parents to keep in touch while confirming the responses of their children.

Since the other parent may not know the promises between the children, if you receive a reply from the invited child, check with the other parent by phone or email. At this time, if you would like to participate, please express your gratitude.

Also, even if you reply that you can not participate, if you give a word of thanks for replying, it will have a positive effect on future relationships.

1-2. Decorating the party room

Decorating the party room is also essential to liven up the mood of the birthday party.
For boys’ birthday parties, we recommend decorating with balloons.

Use rubber balloons to hang it on the wall in an arch shape or hang it from the ceiling, and it will turn into a pop party room.

Rather than decorating it on a high place, you can decorate the floor with a lot of balloons so that your child can pick it up and play.

2. Birthday party food

Since children are the main characters in the birthday party, it’s a good idea to prepare dishes that children will like for the basic menu.

Not only the organizer prepares, but also the table is brought in, it seems that the table will be rich in individuality and it will be exciting.

2-1. The organizer prepares 3-4 cakes and food

It’s a good idea for the organizer to prepare the main cake for the party. In addition, it is appropriate for the organizer to prepare about 3-4 dishes.

It’s a good idea to prepare fried chicken, potatoes, pizza, hand-rolled sushi, and other easy-to-eat party-friendly dishes that children especially like. One idea is to listen to your child’s request in advance.

2-2. It is also an ant to ask for bringing

It seems that the organizer does not prepare the food alone, but sometimes asks invited guests to bring it with them. By doing so, the variety of dishes and drinks will expand and the table top will be gorgeous.

It’s also a popular method for children’s birthday parties, as it will satisfy children with different tastes.

2-3. If you eat out, pay for meals

If the birthday party is held outside, the invited party should pay the organizer for what their child ate. Depending on the organizer, you may not receive the payment at that time.

In that case, it is important to hand over thank-you items and sweets at a later date. When choosing a thank-you item, it is reasonable to choose an item with an amount of about 1,000 yen so that the other party does not care.

3. 3. The perfect gift for a birthday party


This chapter is about the points of the party invited to the birthday party.

For children’s birthday parties, the gift will be provided by the invited child. Let’s keep track of the protagonists of the party and how to choose gifts that will please their parents.

3-1. Parents must accompany you when buying gifts

When choosing a gift, parents should accompany them to buy the gift if possible. Especially if you are choosing a gift for the first time, it is safe to see if the one you are trying to choose is inappropriate.

3-2. Amount of gift and how to choose

The amount of the present should be as small as 500 yen to 1000 yen so as not to be too careful, and 2000 yen is because you will be divided into meetings and have meals.

There are various voices such as “I think it’s better to call.”
If you have an acquaintance with the parents of other invited friends, you can consult with them. It’s a good idea to make a small gift and bring a separate gift that everyone can eat.

The main character of the party is an elementary school boy, so if you like the main character boy, such as a hero figure or a miniature car, you will be pleased.

Four. Birthday party entertainment



For birthday party events, it is recommended to prepare games that all children can enjoy.

For example, there is a “targeting game” where you hit a ball made of cardboard to get points, and a “fishing game” where you catch a fish with a clip with a fishing rod with a magnet. Also, if you prepare a prize for the game, it will surely be exciting on the day.

Easy-to-make games can be made with your child, so you can enjoy preparing for your birthday party and communicate with your child.

Five. Precautions common for boys’ birthday parties
It’s basically a fun birthday party, but there are some issues to keep in mind. Be aware of the problem before the party and use it as a precautionary measure.

5-1. Invite friends you haven’t called

This is a case where an invited child calls out to a child who has not been invited to the party.

The child may not have been called for some reason with the organizer or the invited child. Parents of invited children should talk about not inviting other children without consulting the organizer.

5-2. I’m jealous of envy


When everyone pays attention to the protagonist of a party, it can lead to envy and envy. Parents may be worried, especially for boys, as they can be very competitive.

It is important for parents to observe their children’s feelings so that these feelings do not develop into major problems. When someone is the protagonist, it may be a good opportunity to learn that it is important to respect the protagonist.