Getting your heart rate up via cardiovascular exercise
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Getting your heart rate up via cardiovascular exercise

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Women’s breasts and legs are also toned by an aerobic activity, which enhances cardiovascular health. Regardless of whether you’re jogging or cycling, your heart rate will increase during the workout.

It takes a lot of practise to becoming good at many sports and computer languages (excessive-intensity programming language learning). Symptoms of a heart attack or stroke are seldom seen in patients.

It doesn’t matter if we don’t understand the joke; the subject is still interesting to us. Is it important to join a gym to get in shape? No. Try something new if you’re becoming bored with your existing endeavours.

A heart-healthy lifestyle requires regular physical activity. This isn’t going to work out because of my incapacity to fit in. The fact that you’re interested in my goods and services means a whole lot to me. It is because of this that they are referred to as “cardio” exercises. If you use an elliptical trainer, go swimming, or play tennis, you may lose weight. If you want the best results, do five 30-minute aerobic activities per week.


The study of cardiology has long been a popular choice

There are a number of organs in the body that are affected by this illness. Even when the heart rate is increased, blood flow to the cardiovascular system may be maintained. Running, swimming, and even dancing are examples of aerobic exercises.

At the absolute least, you should do a heart-healthy workout once a week. Doing moderate exercise or intense activities at least five days a week is recommended.

Before starting a training programme, be sure your goals, timetable, and physical health are all in line. It won’t happen again because of what occurred previously.

Increasing one’s level of physical exercise has been linked to a lower death rate. Cardiovascular disease, cancer, and osteoporosis may all be prevented with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

A abrupt drop in blood pressure is referred to as hypotension in medicine. Regular physical activity may aid in weight loss and blood pressure reduction in those who are either overweight or already have high blood pressure.

The control group, which received no information on heart health, saw a decrease in blood pressure. A stiffness in both the forearms and legs. Because of medication, this condition persisted. If you have high blood pressure, Cenforce 100mg or fildena 100mg may assist.

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It’s never been a better moment for a diabetic to relax and unwind!

Regular aerobic exercise may increase your body’s ability to metabolise glucose. A balanced diet and regular exercise are required to keep blood sugar levels in line. When diabetics avoid strenuous exercise, their blood sugar levels remain more steady.

The amount of calories you consume each day must be strictly monitored.

Regular physical exercise is the only way to lose weight and keep it off in the long run.


You may be able to lose weight if you have a quicker metabolism.

Faster weight loss occurs when you engage in greater physical activity. When metabolic processes are delayed, the heart rate rises. You need a healthy metabolism if you want to shed pounds and keep them off.

From the inside out, we should work to improve the body’s general ability to fight against sickness

The presence of antibodies and immunoglobulins in humans is not known. Antibody production may rise if aerobic exercise and immune system stimulation are combine.


I am the one who has enhanced the health of my coronary arteries by my own efforts.

Our hearts and lungs are always working to keep us alive. A little more help may be needed if you’re in fantastic health. If you do nothing, you put your health at danger.

For a person to be considered healthy, they must have a consistent resting heart rate and body mass index. To maintain your heart muscles fully extended when stair climbing, it’s critical that you avoid becoming exhausted. Vidalista 20mg and kamagra jelly may enhance cardiovascular health when used together.

When it comes to our mental and physical health, regular aerobic exercise may be beneficial. If you’re feeling anxious, taking your pulse could be a helpful relaxation technique.

Increasing one’s heart rate and improving one’s self-esteem are two methods for improving emotional well-being. Arousal-inducing hormones have also grown in popularity in recent years.

Serotonin and dopamine deficiency has been linked to depression. You’ll get more done if you keep your calm and your head held high. Regular exercise may have a positive effect on both your physical and mental well-being.

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People with arthritis who engage in regular exercise and mobility may find that their thrombosis risk is reduced.


As the number of sleep problems decreases, we may all benefit.

Increasing the frequency of your workouts may help you get a better night’s sleep. Regular exercise, according to a new research, may aid those who have difficulty falling asleep. Make sure you’re not disrupting your sleep patterns by getting out of bed in the middle of the night. Begin your night by taking an hour off from your daily routine.


Emotional well-being has risen in recent years.

Physical exercise releases endorphins, a hormone that improves mood. Taking more of these medications increases your chances of feeling better.


It’s possible that meditation and stress reduction might benefit each other.

It may be difficult to enter the “concentration zone” when playing a video game. Anything you need, we can provide. Adopting a positive view on life might help reduce depression.


The benefits of a healthy lifestyle much outweigh the short-term costs.

Weight reduction is a direct effect of increased cardiovascular exercise. To top it all off, you’ll look and feel great! Success takes a lot of endurance and vigour.

This kind of exercise is referred to as “cardiovascular training.” Many different health benefits might be expected for those who use this medication. As a result, one’s overall health and happiness improve.

Cardiovascular exercise has been shown to provide long-term health benefits. As a consequence of this, you’ll be able to perform better. I hope you have a successful academic career. Regular exercise and weight loss are two of the many advantages to which one may look forward while engaging in this behaviour.

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Looking for a Relaxing Med Spa in Bradenton, FL?




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Not every spa offers the same services, nor does every spa provide the same level of relaxation. At Blossom Esthetics, we believe that visiting a med spa in Bradenton, FL can be an incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating experience, which can’t be said of your typical day spa. From our expertly trained staff to our advanced medical procedures, we aim to provide you with unparalleled service and results at our state-of-the-art med spa in Bradenton, FL. Learn more about us here.

3 Ways You Can Enjoy at Luxury Med Spa

Luxury Med Spa is the perfect place to enjoy your time. There are many different ways you can indulge and relax at luxury Med Spa.

Luxury Med Spa in Bradenton, FL has many different amenities that will help you enjoy your time and feel relaxed.


Med spas are designed to provide therapeutic massage and other treatments that are geared towards healing your body. You can also find exclusive amenities such as saunas, Jacuzzis and Turkish baths. If you’re looking for an experience that will help you relax and get rid of tension, then our med spa is the perfect place.

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Med Spa typically offer different types of massages like Swedish massage or deep tissue massage. They may also offer facials, manicures and pedicures.

Beauty Services

The main difference between a med spa and day spa is that at a med spa they offer services to help you relax and feel better such as massages, facials, body treatments and more. If you’re looking for someplace to go to get your mind off of the stress of everyday life then you should stop by one of these spas.

Fitness Programs

Med spas are designed to help improve your health and wellness by providing medical treatments. They offer different types of treatments such as laser hair removal and Botox injections. Med Spa focus more on pampering you with luxurious services. They provide services such as massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and waxing.


Nutrition Advice

Choosing the right type of spa can be difficult with so many options available. The best way to find the right one is to know what you’re looking for. For example, if you want a relaxing med spa in Bradenton that offers skin care treatments and has tranquil atmosphere, then consider booking an appointment at Blossom Esthetics.

Other Services

A med spa offers therapeutic treatments that help improve your health and wellness. These typically include massages and other body treatments. A day spa also offers services to improve your health and well-being, but they are more focused on beauty treatments such as facials, hair styling, and nail care.

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The Easiest Way To Become A Personal Trainer Online

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The Easiest Way To Become A Personal Trainer Online
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How much money do you need to make to become a personal trainer online? You might think it’s thousands of dollars, but that’s not true.

If you have some experience in the fitness field and know how to start your own business online, it can be effortless to become a personal trainer online and make some serious money within just a few months! Here’s a step-by-step guide that provides the easiest way to become a personal trainer online.

However, if you want to know exactly how to become a personal trainer online, learn more and make thousands of dollars every month with your new business.

Step 1: Choosing a Certification

Choosing the right certification can be difficult. There are so many options! But this doesn’t mean you’re limited in any way. You can always take your certification and get it later, so don’t feel too pressured to choose one yet.

But if you’ve done a little research, you might have found some criteria for determining which one is best for you. Some considerations include the number of hours or training required or the tuition cost – does the cost outweigh the benefits? Some other factors to consider are:

  • What types of clients will I work with?
  • How many classes am I taking each week? What kind of skills should I know before I begin?
  • Is this certification geared towards my personal training goal/preference?

Step 2: Enrolling in the Class

Go to any personal training enrolling websites and find their Training Certification program. Please fill out the form with your name, email address, and phone number, and tell them where you are.


After filling in your information, click continue. You will be taken to another page that has three main choices for how you want to complete the certification program: Classroom Instruction (self-paced), Individual Courses (self-paced), or Testing Only.

Choose the one that is best for you!

Step 3: Taking Your Exams

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to schedule your exam(s). Scheduling an exam should be done in advance of the due date. It is required for you to have your CPR certification and First Aid certification before scheduling your exam.

Fill out the info and choose when you want to take the exam. You will not be able to take this exam again, so it is important to take it at a time when there will be no distractions and when you feel ready enough to pass.

Step 4: Passing Your Exams

If you’re ready to become a personal trainer, the next step is to pass your exams. This can be done in two ways: through physical schools or by taking them online.

You’ll have to research these options and see which one best suits your schedule and learning style.

Another thing you’ll need to figure out is how much money you will need for training and certification costs because this can vary widely depending on the certifying body, as well as what kind of license exam you are planning on taking (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist? Physical Therapist Assistant? Athletic Coach?).

Step 5: Registering With An Organisation

Registering with an organization will allow you to work as a personal trainer and build your profile as an industry professional. This is also necessary to gain employment at most clubs and gyms.


Once you register with an organization, they will provide you with a registration number and issue certificates.

After registering with the organization of your choice, it is important to check whether or not any relevant laws in your province or state would affect your scope of practice.

The licensing process varies between states, provinces, and countries, so it’s best to do your research before getting started.

Step 6. Market Yourself as an Expert in your Field

Part of the value of being a personal trainer is having experience in helping others achieve their fitness goals. As such, showcase the knowledge and expertise you’ve gained through years of training with before and after pictures or success stories from your clients.

However, don’t just show your hard work – talk about how you can help clients with their fitness goals by providing tips and workout plans on your website or blog.


Becoming a personal trainer is simple if you have the right resources and time. You must go online, look for a reputable institution, and pay their course fees.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!



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Posisi badan yang benar saat akan melakukan gerakan meroda adalah

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Posisi badan yang benar saat akan melakukan gerakan meroda adalah
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1. Posisi badan yang benar saat akan melakukan gerakan meroda adalah ……

a. menghadap arah gerakan c. membelakangi arah gerakan
b. menyamping arah gerakan d. menyilang arah gerakan
2. Posisi awal kedua lengan yang benar saat akan melakukan gerakan meroda
a. lurus ke atas di samping telinga c. lurus ke bawah di samping badan
b. lurus ke depan sejajar dada d. lurus ke samping sejajar bahu
3. Bentuk gerakan meroda yang benar adalah ……
a. berputar menyamping arah gerakan c. berputar meliuk arah gerakan
b. berputar menyilang arah gerakan d. berputar menghadap arah gerakan
4. Prinsip dasar gerakan lengan yang benar mendarat pada matras saat melakukan
meroda adalah ……
a. mendarat satu persatu posisi lengan lururs
b. mendarat satu persatu posisi lengan disilang
c. mendarat satu persatu posisi lengan ditekuk
d. mendarat satu persatu posisi lengan diputar
5. Posisi kedua kaki yang benar saat kedua lengan bertumpu pada mataras adalah …
a. rapat dan lurus c. rapat ditekuk
b. terbuka dan lurus d. terbuka ditekuk
Tolong dijawab semua ya 50 poin lho



Gerakan meroda adalah gerakan menirukan roda. Gerakan meroda dilakukan dengan meletakkan kedua tangan di atas dan bergerak menyamping seperti roda.


1. Posisi badan yang benar saat akan melakukan gerakan meroda adalah menyamping arah gerakan (B).

2. Posisi awal kedua lengan yang benar saat akan melakukan gerakan meroda adalah lurus ke atas di samping telinga (A).

3. Bentuk gerakan meroda yang benar adalah berputar menyamping arah gerakan (A).

4. Prinsip dasar gerakan lengan yang benar mendarat pada matras saat melakukan meroda adalah mendarat satu per satu posisi lengan lurus (A).

5. Posisi kedua kaki yang benar saat kedua lengan bertumpu pada mataras adalah terbuka dan lurus (B).

Pelajari lebih lanjut


Detil jawaban

Kelas: VII


Mapel: Penjasorkes

Bab: Aktivitas Pembelajaran Senam Lantai

Kode: 7.22.6


Latest questions in B. Indonesia

Posisi badan saat akan melakukan guling belakang yang benar adalah


Posisi badan saat melakukan guling ke belakang yang benar adalah

Posisi badan saat akan melakukan mengguling kebelakang yang benar adalah


Posisi badan pada saat akan melakukan mengguling ke belakang yang benar adalah

Posisi badan yang benar saat melakukan jalan cepat adalah


Posisi badan yg benar saat melakukan jalan cepat adalah​

Posisi badan yang benar saat melakukan renang gaya punggung adalah


Posisi badan yang benar saat melakukan renang gaya punggung adalah…. A. Telentang lurus diatas permukaan air B. Telentang lurus di bawah permukaan air C. Telungkup di atas permukaan air D. …

Posisi badan yang benar dalam melakukan renang adalah


Bagaimana posisi badan yang benar saat berenang?

Gerakan yang benar saat melakukan teknik dasar sit up adalah


Gerakan yang benar saat melakukan teknik dasar sit up yaitu….

Gerakan yang benar saat melakukan teknik dasar push up adalah


1. gerakan yang benar saat melakukan teknik dasar push up adalah a menekuk dan meluruskan kedua sikut lenganb menekuk dan meluruskan kedua kakic menekuk dan meluruskan badand …

Posisi badan saat melakukan gerakan renang gaya dada adalah


Posisi badan pada saat melakukan renang gaya dada adalah

Gerakan yang benar saat melakukan passing bawah bola voli adalah


1. gerakan tangan yang benar saat melakukan passing atas bola voli adalah a. mendorong bola ke depan atas b. mendorong bola ke depan bawah c. memutar bola ke depan atas …

Posisi jari tangan yang benar saat melakukan passing atas adalah


Posisi jari tangan yang benar saat melakukan passing atas adalah

Posisi kepala saat melakukan renang gaya bebas yang benar adalah


Posisi kepala saat melakukan renang gaya bebas yang benar adalah …

Gerakan yang benar saat melakukan teknik dasar sit-up adalah adalah


Gerakan yang benar saat melakukan teknik dasar sit up yaitu….

Sumber gerakan yang benar saat melakukan gerak guling lenting adalah


Sumber gerakan yang benar saat melakukan gerak guling lenting adalah . . . . .

Bentuk gerakan meroda yang benar adalah


1.bentuk gerakan meroda yang benar adalah… a. berputar menyamping arah gerakanb. berputar menyilang arah gerakanc. berputar meliuk arah gerakand. berputar menghadap arah geralakan2. prinsip dasar gerakan …

Posisi kepala yang benar saat melakukan renang gaya punggung adalah


Bagaimana posisi kepala saat melakukan renang gaya punggung
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When you’re trying to lose weight, cutting the calories and upping your workouts can go a long way to helping you achieve your goal, but yoga goes one step further. Not only does it help you tone up all over, but yoga also brings your mind and body back into balance, which can improve your relationship with food.

Firstly, try to identify why you’ve gained weight. Sitting or lying on your mat, take a few deep breaths to quieten your mind and soften unnecessary tension in your body. Next, spend 10 minutes doing a yoga breathing technique, such as full yogic breath or alternate nostril breathing, then reflect on the reasons behind your weight gain. Do you eat when stressed, are you confusing thirst for hunger, or maybe you’ve been missing socializing and eating for comfort? Using these techniques calms and balances your system to help you become more aware of your triggers, enabling you to notice the difference between genuine hunger and emotional eating.

Mindful eating

Research in the journal Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that yoga practitioners in the study had ‘less stress eating, reduced appetite, fewer cravings and a shift toward healthier, more mindful eating. Try a few rounds of yogic breathing before eating, when preparing meals or planning the week’s menu – it can be a powerful way to retune established eating patterns and give you the mental space to care for your deeper needs, instead of finding temporary satisfaction with food.

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Yoga to suit you

Find a yoga style that meets your needs, personality, and weight-loss goals. Do you prefer a high-energy class that leaves you breathless and sweaty, or would you prefer a more relaxing yoga class? Whatever you prefer, yoga can help you tone up and lose weight. Here are three yoga styles to get you started…

Astanga – the muscle builder

A strong yoga practice such as Astanga actively contributes toward weight loss by building lean muscle mass. The good news for dieters is as muscle burns more calories than fat– both during and after your workout. Ashtanga is a challenging style of yoga based on vinyasas (where you flow from one posture to the next without a break) – the most familiar being the upper body and core strengthener plank, to low plank (chaturanga), to upward dog, to downward dog. There are six sets of sequences, known as ‘series’ and you learn them in sequential order.

Hot yoga – the calorie burner

The most famous hot yoga style, Bikram, can burn between 500 to 1000 calories in a 90-minute class, and studies show its higher temperatures (up to 40C) reduces body fat percentage more than yoga at normal temperatures. Bikram classes focus on 26 postures (no downward dog or headstand), but if you want to do more poses and still see the weight-loss benefits of practicing in higher temperatures, there are other styles to explore – you can try Hot Power Yoga or Baptiste Power Yoga.

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Restorative – the stress buster

Feeling under pressure? Your body shape will tell the tale. Unused cortisol, a by-product of long-term stress with no outlet, is stored as visceral or abdominal fat around your belly. Calming practices, such as restorative yoga – where you deeply relax your nervous system by resting in seated or lying postures supported by bolsters and blocks – can help reduce cortisol levels and weight around your middle. In one study, participants doing restorative yoga lost more than 2.5 times the amount of subcutaneous fat (fat visible just under the skin) compared to a control group.


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Bored with your running

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Bored with your running
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When you first started running, you might have found it a bit of a challenge. Then as the weeks and the months went on, you realized you were starting to feel fitter. Running felt easier and you become stronger. You started to enjoy it. Then you realized that there were other benefits that came with running. The chance to switch off and calm your mind. The chance to solve problems in your head. Time on your own, without anyone else making demands on you. The euphoric feeling at the end of a run. You woke up one day and realized you’d become a running convert. You may have even surprised yourself in the process.

If that all sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Running can be hugely addictive if you stick with it long enough to feel the mental and physical benefits. But it’s also easy to get to bored with it if you don’t mix things up. Running the same route at the same time and not introducing any variety into it can lead to boredom and a feeling that you’re not making any progress. So if you feel like you’ve lost your running mojo recently, here’s how to get it back.

Vary your running route

Don’t go out and plod the same pavement or path every time you go out for a run. That may have suited you in the beginning when you wanted to see how far you could go, but now that your fitness has improved, it’s time to mix things up. Run on different surfaces and take on different routes. If for instance, you run three times a week, one of your runs could be a hill route, another could be a street-based route, and another could be around a park.

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Change your pace and intensity

If you stick to the same pace you will not only fail to get fitter but you will get bored. It will become too easy. Have a session at least once a week where you push harder and challenge your fitness. Try one of the following sessions:

Intervals – run at a moderate intensity for a minute, then run at a faster pace that pushes you and repeat.

Hill sessions – run up a hill as hard as you can, jog back down and then repeat.

Fartlek sessions – meaning ‘speed play’, these sessions are unstructured and involve random bursts of speed. Run fast, run slower, fast again and keep varying the pace. Unlike intervals, you don’t have to structure the sessions – just do them in a random fashion.

Run with someone else

In these times of social distancing, this may not be the easier thing to do but if you were running with a friend or members of a running group before lockdown, chances are you may be missing the companionship. If you can, run with a member of your household for company once a week. If your partner or family member isn’t a keen runner, then see if they would be prepared to cycle alongside you and keep you company one of your runs.

Set yourself a target

Decide you’re going to run a 5K or 10K distance in a faster time. Even if you decide just to shave one or two minutes off your current time, it’ll be progress and something to aim for, so that when races are able to resume again, you can go on to achieve a personal best in an event.


Try an out and back run

Run to a certain point and run back again – the challenge being that you’ve got to run back in a faster time. So if you run to a certain point in 15 minutes, decide you have to run back to where you started in 14 minutes. This is a great way to motivate you.

Run with different music

You may be listening to the same tunes on your phone or your MP3 and will be surprised by how much more motivated you can be when you change the music.

Run without a gadget

If you normally run with an Apple watch or similar gadget, do one naked run once a week where you run without anything to monitor your speed or distance. Just run for fun. Don’t worry about pace or how many calories you might be burning – just run for the fun of it and you’ll find you’ll enjoy it so much more. When the pressure is off, you can just have fun.


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Here are some of the best foods to give you energy for your workout and ensure you get the most from your exercise routine.

Carbohydrates (glucose) are the quickest and easiest form of energy for your body. They are either broken down into glycogen (for instant energy) or glucagon (stored energy). Glycogen can only be stored for 24 hours so it is important that you load your body with complex/‘good’ carbs (like brown rice and wholegrains) at every meal, and in particular before endurance events like a long run or cycle. Try not to load your body with refined sugar (e.g. white rice and pasta), as your body has no need for sugar when it’s pushed to the limit. It will also burn off too quickly and leave you feeling more tired.

If you are going for a high-intensity gym session, make sure you have eaten an energy-filled snack (30-60 minutes) or meal (at least two hours) before your workout. This could be a low-GI option like wholegrain cereal with milk or, for a faster-releasing option, try three fig rolls or have a sports drink as they are specially formulated to provide the right balance.

Fat is also a necessary fuel, as it is the most energy-dense nutrient and provides many of the body’s tissues and organs, including the heart, with most of their energy. Good examples include oily fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds and some meat and dairy.

The importance of water during exercise

During your workout it is important to stay hydrated – not just to replace the loss through sweating, but also to maintain a healthy balance of electrolytes so that your body performs at its optimum. Good hydration reduces the risk of muscle damage, supports the immune system, aids recovery and ensures you get the most from your workout.


Foods for exercise recovery

It is just as important to refuel after a workout, as your glycogen stores are depleted, and workouts can actually break down your muscle tissue. So, after exercise, you need to rebuild your fuel stores and provide your body with the right nutrients to repair damaged muscle fibres. Eat the wrong foods and you’ll feel sluggish and tired for the rest of the day. Eat the right foods and you’ll have more energy, feel stronger and recover faster.

When it comes to post-workout refuelling there is some debate about whether you should eat immediately after exercise, but this is more from a weight-management perspective. From a training perspective you should make use of what is known as ‘the golden hour’ after exercise and get some carbs back into your body as soon as possible. The quicker you can get carbohydrates, protein and fluid into your body after your workout, the quicker your body will recover from the stresses and strains you’ve put it through.

The golden hour is the time when the muscles absorb the most nutrients and when the enzymes responsible for making them are most active, which leaves you just a few hours to reload your muscle glycogen. In fact, carbohydrate is converted into glycogen some one-and-a-half times faster than normal straight after exercise. If you work out daily, speedy recovery is crucial, so have a carbohydrate-rich drink or snack as soon as possible after your workout, ideally within 30 minutes. Bananas, cereal bars, rice cakes or brown bread are perfect foods to eat following a workout.

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Protein for exercise recovery

Protein is also important for recovery, particularly when it comes to weight-training, as it helps muscles to repair and grow. Milk has been shown to be effective after a workout, as well as lean white meats, fish, soya, beans and pulses. Whatever you decide to eat post-workout, these foods will provide you with sufficient levels of protein to help your muscles after a weight-bearing session.

Getting your nutritional balance right is essential for improving your stamina, speed, performance and recovery, so don’t underestimate its importance.

  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and is required for tissue repair and helps boost the immune system.
  • Potassium is needed for nerve and muscle function.
  • Calcium is good for bone health and muscle function.
  • B vitamins are important as they are required for the conversion of food into energy. B3, B6 and B12 are especially important in the storage of glycogen.
  • Magnesium is essential for energy production. It is easily lost through sweating and low levels can lead to muscle fatigue.
  • Omega-3 is especially important for runners. It’s anti-inflammatory and therefore aids muscle repair between workouts.


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Four of the Best Variations for the Incline Dumbbell Bench Press from Ilija Jahura

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Four of the Best Variations for the Incline Dumbbell Bench Press from Ilija Jahura
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Some exercises are more efficient than others. And if you want impressive chest muscle growth, there’s no exercise better than the incline dumbbell bench press. It’s proven to give results without being stressful on your joints, but have you tried any variations?

Ilija Jahura discusses four highly effective variations on the incline dumbbell bench press that you’ll want to add to your exercise routine today!

  1. Low Incline One-Arm Press

If you’re looking for a way to feel the burn in your lower pecs, you’ll want to try this exercise. Doing the press with one arm allows you to use each arm’s strengths to your advantage. Since most people have one arm that is stronger than the other, you can give each arm and pec the individual workout it needs.

If you’re trying the low incline one-arm press, put it at the beginning of your workout. You should also use heavier weights with lower rep counts. Ilija Jahura recommends a classic scheme of three sets of eight or four sets of six. You should be feeling it at a lower incline of about fifteen degrees.

  1. Alternating Press

An alternating dumbbell press gives you all of the advantages of having a stable shoulder while building strength through the chest and arms. To perform this press, keep your arms locked over your head. Press with the right arm, then with the left, and you’ve done one complete rep.


Your eyes should be set on the dumbbell over your chest to help the weight stable. And push through the floor with your feet to stabilize your core for safety and good form.

The alternating press is another exercise where you should go with a heavier weight and lower rep counts, similar to those in the low incline one-arm press.

  1. Twisting Press

The twisting press is the perfect training press that will still yield some great-looking pecs. This variation is for you if you want to build your chest but aren’t ready to tackle heavy weights. Start by rotating your palms. At the same time, press the weight upwards, focusing your energy on the contraction of your chest.

This press is also a good option for anyone looking for a cooldown workout and should even be started with a quick warm-up set of around eight reps. Then you’re good to do two to three sets of eight to ten reps with a lighter weight and a minute of rest between.

  1. Five-Second Pause Press

The five-second pause press is the perfect press to help improve your lifting technique — and technique is considerably more important than most people give it credit for. Not only will it help maximize your workout, but it can also help prevent future injuries.

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This press is straightforward: perform a press as you normally would, but add a five-second pause. You can add the pause anywhere you have some instability to help increase your strength in those spots.

Who Is Ilija Jahura?

Ilija Jahura is a Kelowna-based physical fitness expert focusing on a whole-body approach to health and well-being. Through a careful combination of cardio, strength training, hypertrophy, and diet, Ilija can help his clients unlock their true potential, reach their fitness goals, and live better lives.



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Odyssey News



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She tells us about how her background and how it can get you fit.

Firstly tell us a bit about your background in fitness.

I began dancing at the age of three years old and haven’t stopped since. After dancing professionally and graduating from college I found myself in uncharted waters as I sought to navigate how to marry my passion for movement with another passion of mine, entrepreneurship. I initially became a Comprehensive Classical Pilates instructor which opened a pivotal door for me to eventually develop Xtend Barre.

‘My first job as a professional dancer was working with Disney as a “Principal Dancer” on its cruise ship. I was 19 years old and traveling the world while working with some of the most talented performers; I was living a dream life doing what I absolutely loved to do. I continued to perform, working as a backup dancer for artists, touring, and loving every second of the journey. These opportunities afforded me a solid vision for my future and set the tone for my future career… I knew the perfect equation for my personal success would be to uncover the intersection of what fueled my creative side and also fed my soul while making a significant impact on people’s lives.

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Tell us about Xtend Barre. What gave you the idea for it and how would you describe it to our readers?

The movement has been my passion since I was a young girl, I feel a fullness of energy and completeness of life when I am in the studio dancing and creating. I created Xtend Barre to unite my passions of dance and Pilates, which resulted in the creation of one of the most effective workouts that are effective for bodies of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels.

So what is it exactly?

Xtend Barre combines classical Pilates movements with ballet and high-energy cardio to deliver a workout that tones, strengthens, and lengthens the body. It’s a workout that engages your whole body and helps you to develop long and lean muscles, increases your flexibility, encourages healthy emotional and mental health, and improves your posture and body alignment. In my opinion, the best part is you don’t need any dance experience – everyone, no matter your age or your fitness level, will benefit from an Xtend Barre workout! There is also something extremely special about working out alongside a community of people – being united in a group motivating and empowering each other each day to ‘press play.

Fitness crazes can come and go. Why will Xtend Barre be here to stay?

First and foremost, our programming stands out among the rest. There is no other barre program that combines the grace of Pilates/Ballet and the creative athleticism of dance. The power pairing results in full body cardio and a body-shaping event…and you will sweat! Furthermore, we are a true community united around supporting one another. We are not boutique fitness consumers at the barre studio doing basic ballet moves in repetition in order to check off our “fitness” event of the day… we are a strong community of women, athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness enthusiasts. We are a people group seeking a challenge, striving to reach a goal, while supporting and empowering one another every step of the way.

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What sort of people enjoy Xtend Barre?

You would be surprised at our clientele. You don’t have to be a dancer or flexible, or coordinated – this workout is for all fitness levels and ages.

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Discover the mental and physical health benefits of walking, according to experts. Plus, try our 13-mile walk training plan to build your endurance…

Do you struggle to head out for a run or fitness class, but love a walk? Or maybe you keep getting injured when trying to increase your running distance? Well, did you know, that walking has many mental and physical benefits? We know that, like other forms of regular moderate exercise, walking helps keep cardiac risk factors and mental stress at bay. But, interestingly, a study published by the American Heart Association found that walkers experienced greater health benefits for heart disease, cholesterol, and high blood pressure than runners for the same amount of energy used.

Should I walk or run?

A long walk can match a shorter run in many ways (including calorie burn). Plus, it comes without the high impact and injury risk that can put some people off running. Add in plenty of ups and downs and uneven terrain on your hiking route, and you’ll turbo charge those results. ‘Running does expend more energy and is higher intensity than walking,’ says Professor Greg Whyte, an OS Get Outside champion. ‘But you’re time limited as you’ll tire more quickly. In comparison, you can walk and hike for longer and build up your endurance.’

Alice Hector, ultrarunner, retired professional triathlete, and Sundried ambassador agrees that long walks can really benefit your body. This is true no matter your fitness level, which Alice found out the hard way due to long Covid. ‘Long Covid was a disaster in terms of my personal health for a few months. However, it led me to stumble across the missing link to my run training: walking,’ she says. ‘I’d upped my running training prior to getting Covid, but kept picking up injuries. With walking, once I’d built it up, I found I recovered much quicker than after an easy run of the same distance. Now I’m back running, but I’m still trying to fit in one three- to four-hour walk per week. This adds 10 to 12 stress-free miles to my weekly volume. Plus, it’s definitely helping my legs recover quicker after runs,’ she adds.

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Does walking improve mental health?

The benefits of walking also extend to the brain. It can boost blood flow and oxygen, as well as helping you de-stress and get some headspace. Walking can also increase your feelings of well-being and get the creative juices flowing. These benefits seem to be increased when you’re surrounded by nature. Indeed, a study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, found that people who walked for 90 minutes in a natural area, rather than a high-traffic urban setting, showed decreased activity in an area of the brain associated with a key factor in depression. So, for those worried about their mental wellbeing, talking therapy sessions in the great outdoors make perfect sense.

Go walking with friends

Carmen Rendell, a walking therapist and founder of Soulhub, finds that conducting sessions in the great outdoors helps people express their feelings. ‘When we’re out in nature, we have a sense that the world is bigger than our four walls. This helps us unconsciously connect with the bigger picture of life. As a result, we find it easier to express what’s going on in our mind and body,’ she says. ‘Walking alongside someone enables us to feel more “with” the other person, equalizing the dynamics and helping us to share with them. We feel our words won’t be scrutinized, judged, or used to punish, and that they almost float into the ether.’

Kathy Kingdon, a PT, and counselor who also runs walking mental-wellbeing sessions, agrees. ‘When I’m out and about with clients, it’s less formal and there isn’t the same therapy stigma or pressure for them to feel like they have to dig deeper. However, it’s surprising what comes up when you’re having a general chit-chat,’ she says. ‘You also feel mindful of what’s around you, which can bring about feelings of gratitude for what you have. This can really help when you’re going through a tough time.’

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Is improved cognitive function a benefit of walking?

The increased blood flow to the brain that was mentioned earlier is, in turn, also linked to better cognitive function, improved memory, and overall protection against mental decline. There’s even evidence from a study part-funded by John Hopkins Neurobehavioural Research Unit, which shows how the hippocampus (the brain area associated with memory and learning) increases in size when you walk a lot.

Shane O’Mara, professor of experimental brain research at Trinity College, Dublin, and author of In Praise Of Walking: The New Science Of How We Walk And Why It’s Good For Us (£8.99) believes it’s an absolute must to have regular long walks to help your body and mind function at their best. ‘We evolved to be able to walk longish distances (perhaps eight to 10 miles or so), more or less day-in, day-out, from early childhood until very late in adulthood. This walking acts as a self-repair mechanism for brain and body,’ he says. ‘One of the greatly overlooked superpowers we have is that, when we walk, our senses are sharpened. Rhythms that would previously be quiet suddenly come to life. Plus, the way our brain interacts with our body changes.’

Ready to get walking? Check out our 13-mile walk training plan to build your endurance and reap the benefits of walking…

13-mile walk training plan – reap the benefits of walking for yourself!

Try this plan from SMASH Mind and Body to go from routine shorter walks to a half marathon distance in eight weeks

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The Real Truth

Odyssey News



The Real Truth
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After each season of collegiate lacrosse, I fell into a form of depression.


Being the goalie is probably one of the most mentally challenging positions on the field. However, when I first started, I never felt that. From getting accolades from my 4th grade coach as he spotted me on the school bus on Monday mornings and parents telling me great job after each game, I never really experienced the bad side of being a goalie until later. Once I hit high school, I would say my self confidence spiraled. When we lost tight games in high school, I wouldn’t talk to my dad when I got off the field and halfway home; he always found a way for me to start talking. At the beginning of college I personally think I was saw as “replacing” the starting goalie. I expected to not start or even play my freshman year since there were three other goalies ahead of me. I never saw what others saw in me. I still don’t.


I became really statistic orientated when I was in high school, but I didn’t really understand most of them. My dad would keep track of them on a spreadsheet. It turned into a more prominent and detrimental thing when I played in college. My freshmen year I kept track of my save %, texting my high school coach whenever it was over 50%. My junior year it got really bad. With losing a year because of covid, I was determined to stay on track to the work I did for my first year and a half; that backfired. By senior year I had tabs open for the stats of me against the other goalies in the conference. I kept asking myself how do I stand among the other top two teams and what can I do to become better. Asking yourself these questions is a great from of self reflection and figuring out how to improve yourself. however, I didnt have much time to physically improve myself by then.

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I didn’t have time to really do much during my senior season. I was student teaching every day and going to practice or a game right after that. I’ve forgotten clothes, cleats, mouthguards, and brought the wrong color shirts on numerous occasions because 7/10 times I was going straight from teaching to lacrosse. The other times I sprinted home to change and inhale something small and go heat my knee. Ive taken class in the locker room or the athletic trainers office, doing what I could to get ready for practice while already being up to 45 minutes late once class ended. Ive had absolute days while teaching and had no time to properly process it and once it hit me, I was laying on the locker room floor sobbing while putting my socks on. The actual lacrosse side especially made this season less bearable than the others. New coach, new season. but I wish it wasnt that way.


Yes, making each other better is absolutely important, but I wanted to win.

After each season of collegiate lacrosse, I fell into a form of depression. I thing that I did with my friends every single day was suddenly done. This was at its worst when we lost my senior year, ending my career. Within 48 hours, I was done with lacrosse and student teaching, the two things that filled my life for 16 weeks straight. No matter how much my last year sucked, the sport that I played for 14 years was over in a way I wouldn’t dream of. I didnt know what to do, nothing interested me. The only thing that I was able to watch all the way through was D1 lacrosse.


During the pandemic, I would go on walks around my neighborhood and I went past my first coach’s house; he was throwing out old equipment from when I first started and lo and behold: my first stick was on the curb. I continued on my walk but I knew when I got home that I couldn’t let that stick go. So, we got in the car and went back to picked it up. Sometimes, I think that that stick is more valuable than my current stick; it’s the one that taught me the most.

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The only thing keeping me going in lacrosse during my last year was my students I student taught. At my first placement, my 5 students didnt know what lacrosse was, but they knew I had practice every single day. Most of the time they were absolutely shocked when I would practice outside in January and February “without a jacket on.” During my second placement, once they found out I found out I played lacrosse, thats what they all talked about. Every Thursday morning, the morning after a night game, they would walk in the door and ask “how was your game?” or “did you win?” and get so excited when we did. Ive had three of them come up to me saying that they wanted to start playing too or that they actually got a stick to play with. It wasnt the fact that they actually started playing the sport, it was more of the fact that I was able to influence these children do try something new. My only regret was not letting them come to a game.


I occasionally look at some games from throughout the years: MAC Champs, HS championships, my 300th save, our first ever NCAA win, and my last game ever. It shows me what I was able to achieve, even though I dont think I did enough.

This got very hard to write as I kept brainstorming. So many emotions, memories, and frustrations came crashing down all at once. To the thing I never wanted to end, I’m happy it did.

but ill always be a cougar.

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