Getting a Visa to take your Partner to Australia

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Australian Spouse Migration: Questions to Consider

A lot of Australians are now frequently travelling to different parts of the world now. Part of this process is meeting new people and experiencing life in a new country. Along the way you can also fall in love! Then, after some time together you and your partner may look at the options that you have for Australian Spouse Migration with your partner.

The process to get a partner visa for Australia can be very complex with a lot of different Visa types to choose from. One way that can make the process easier is to use an Immigration Agent who specialises in Australian Spouse Migration.

The Migration agent can take you through the various types of visas and recommend the best one for you. Also, they can also take you right through the whole process if you want them to.

So, what are the questions that you need to ask when looking to go back to Australia with your partner?

Your main considerations should be:

When do my partner and Myself need to be back in Australia?

This is an important question as it will decide the type of visa that you may wish to look at making.

If you need to be back relatively soon within the next few months then you may need to look at applying for a short-term visa or on shore in Australia. However, if you are looking at not needing to be back in Australia so soon then it may make more sense to apply for the Visa while in the UK.

What type of visa can we get?

The type of visa that you can get is an important factor as you may be limited by the Visa that you can get to take your partner back to Australia. This may be because of the time that you have spent together, the evidence that you can show for your relationship, the stage that your relationship is at, these are all factors that effect the type of visa that you can possibly get. An Immigration Agent can help you through these decisions.

Are we able to get the visa that we want?

Depending on the answers to some of the points made above, you may not be able to get the exact Visa you were looking for. In this case you may need to look at the different Visa types that can help you to Migrate to Australia

How long is it going to take to get the visa?

Depending on where the Visa is processed can have a big effect on the application timing as applications that are processed outside Australia are generally processed faster than applications that are processed inside Australia. If you are in an area that is a relatively low risk area such as the UK, then applications will be faster than high risk areas.

What sort of evidence do we need?

This is an important question as it will make up a lot of the case that you will put forward to the Australian Department of Home Affairs. To ensure you have the correct evidence, presented in the correct way, you may look to employ an Australian Spouse Migration agent.

What restrictions will we have?

Different Visas come with different restrictions, most spousal or Defacto Visas generally will not have a restriction on working. However, there may be restrictions on Health care, house purchases and other things that you will want to look at once in Australia.

Will it be permanent?

Depending on the Visa that you are issued with, Australian Spouse Migration candidates can enjoy a temporary or permanent class of Visa.

Generally, this will be dependent on the time you were living together with your Australian Spouse or permanent resident/eligible New Zealand Citizen. As well as if you have children with them, so If you have been living together for at least 3 years you can perhaps gain a permanent Visa.

This is reduced to 2 years if there is a child of the relationship.

Do we need to do Medical and Police checks up front?

This is a tricky question as the Medical and Police checks only last 12 months from the time that they are issued. So, it is probably best to talk to an Agent regarding this. Because it depends on recent Processing Times and incoming requests, the decisions on when to do the Medicals and Police complianceneeds some thought.

You would generally not do these prior to lodging an application though.


So, as you can see Australian Spouse Migration comes with many factors to consider. There are quite a few questions and things that you need to look at when you are going to be getting a partner Visa for Australia. To be sure that you get your visa you may look to employ the services of an Australian Immigration Agent. One of the best of these is Taylor Hampton Solicitors (Emigrate to Australia).

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