German company creates the best application to learn a language

German company creates the best application to learn a language
German company creates the best application to learn a language
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German company creates the best application

Why is Babbel such a great app for teaching new languages? BelénCaeiro directs Babbel’s product marketing and explains the secrets to the success of this application.

The idea of ​​learning a new language online may seem odd at first glance. Because the concept of school lessons forms a way to understand learning with a pencil in hand with a notepad open.

However, when you graduate from school, you do not have to fit into a regular study schedule in a large group, and you stumble into your daily life.

When I recently flew to Poland over the weekend, I realized how uncomfortable it was to not know Polish. It was so embarrassing that I couldn’t say thank you. Fortunately, my reaction was clear. This is my phone with the Babbel application.

Why Babel is very good at teaching a new language. To answer this question, I spoke with the multilingual Belem Cairo. Belén is responsible for marketing at Babbel, and he truly knows the app. She explains why online language learning with Babbel is so effective.

Babel’s secret material is based on three pillars
Belem thinks she was a lucky girl. Her parents helped her get her international education in her childhood.

Before coming to Berlin, he lived in Spain, Singapore, the Philippines, the United States, and the Netherlands.
First Pillar: All Babbel revolve around painting

“We are learning a new language associated with it. To make this possible, our products have some special characteristics,” explains Belem.

He opens the Babbel application on his computer and displays all available courses and classes. “Babel is building language learning based on related topics.

Depending on the language you are learning, Babel can find cultural characteristics and the most frequent topics of conversation from scratch. Use of public transport, order food, wish list At the top of.

Belén points out that the orientation is easy because all the learning content is relevant. However, if you only want to check one topic, you can start with what you like. Belén clicks the microphone icon by clicking the next section.

“We are always optimizing our products using user feedback. Thanks to our customer service, and thanks to the meetings we host, we have found that users want to train their pronunciation. Our products support speech recognition.”

Online language learning using Babbel is also based on trial and error learning exercises that display examples such as white text in a suitable way. Bethlehem explains the principle.

“Babel simulates the process of a real conversation by a so-called conversation coach. It’s like swimming in a swimming pool in the sky. In this way, new vocabulary is incorporated and practiced in naturally used idioms.
Belem concludes that even the way we teach grammar is ultimately based on the focus of the conversation.

Therefore, the products Babbel offers are designed to allow users to communicate as quickly as possible in real life. Compared to other applications, Babbel isn’t too focused on entertainment. Babbel doesn’t offer any aspect of the game that makes other apps more enjoyable.

“But this is our definite decision,” explains Belem.
“We want our students to leave their cell phones and experience their language success in real life.”
Mr. Belem emphasizes: “I think this person and experience is a much bigger motivator than a more engaging screen. This is why users continue to learn again.”

Second pillar: our experts are people, not machines
Babel is known for 150 language learning experts who are dedicated to teaching new languages ​​and cultures. All professionals are multilingual and most are already taught in schools, colleges and evening classes.

They are facing new challenges, such as teaching French to a colleague for three weeks and learning sign language for a month.
These strange thoughts should not be mocked under any circumstances. Even our experts are happy to be able to overcome new obstacles well.

Thus, this is the main purpose of these acrobats of the language: they themselves can return to the student’s position. Only when we learn, we understand what’s really useful to learn.

“Our trained professionals are the driving force behind our products. We trust this quality assurance to prepare each course according to our native language and learning language.”

The linguistic knowledge that distinguishes Babbel products is based on linguistic similarities between languages. For example, French are more closely related to Italian, so there are more similarities than between French and German. Belem sees this similarity as a “shortcut” to learning.

“With Babbel, we can learn effectively because language experts can accurately understand these shortcuts and integrate them into our products.”
Belén also points out that the shortcut keys u

sed in the product are showing their effectiveness in learning.
Third pillar:

learning methods are popular thanks to user-centric design
Learning a language online using Babbel has the advantage that learning is based on you.

Whether you’re a traveler who would stay overnight, Babbel can be accessed anytime from any device of your choice offline, even if you’ve previously downloaded lessons.

“The Babbel subscription system always provides a learning experience,” says Belén.
“You don’t have to unlock exclusive content later because you have the freedom to use the learning materials you need when accessing the product.”

Products are regularly expanded with new learning content from experts, so you can take baked courses.
Belén prides itself on being completely student-centered, not just the product itself, but also its functionality.

“The motivation to learn is the driving force behind the success of the following. So we have developed the ability to personalize the learning content per user.”

Traveling motivates you to learn a new language? Thanks to the Voilà synchronous selector, we already have the right content suggested. “Of course not that alone,” says Belem laugh. With Babbel, you will feel we understand you.

“We know exactly what current (trigger) is required to succeed in learning.”
In this case, the regeneration system plays a central role.

You have to learn new vocabulary, and run it over and over again using longer time intervals. The playback system does it automatically! You can add your own vocabulary as a user.

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