Galilea Montijo talks about the impact of Covid-19

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Galilea Montijo talks about the impact of Covid-19

Galilea Montijo talks about the impact of Covid-19

Galilea Montijo talks about the impact of Covid-19

A few days ago, Galilea Montijo reported through his official Instagram profile that his final Covid-19 test was negative. This is because I stayed home for two weeks and did not participate in the Today Program Forum to avoid further infection with the corona virus.

And although she made a full recovery, the driver said the disease left her with some sequelae that she had to fight. In interviews with various outlets, Galilea was asked about his current health after the infection. He also had the opportunity to express his gratitude for returning to the Hoy program.

Come back and thank God it’s a bit suffocating like this weird malaise, but it’s normal. It was going to happen for a while, so I had a bad time for three days, but it went well, “said the driver.

The presenter said that she did not show very strong symptoms and considers Covid-19 to be a psychological illness. “My husband appreciates God, not the symptoms. If I had not taken the exam or had not found it, the last few days they have given me. Psychologically, it has something to do with it. I think, “he explained.

Galilea said the doctor had already discharged her, but had to run some tests to rule out the injury. “They have already discharged me, they have done tests, and they have all hurt me because my veins are very thin, but they have already done a blood test, and everything works, it is not swollen,” he added.

In addition, she said in front of the cameras of several programs that they were waiting for her outside the TVsa facilities, she was suffering pain during her illness and only thought about recovering her health.

“They hurt you at night, you understand how important it is for your family to be healthy, and unfortunately it is a bug that we associate with death and those anguish. It gives you something terrifying at night,” he added.

On the other hand, the presenter shared how he was in charge of the program because Magda Rodríguez was not there. She also said that all the drivers support Andrea Escalona, the daughter of the producer who passed away on November 1.

“It is very difficult and very sad, but for her we are going to run the program. Her sister Andrea is in charge. Currently we support as friends and teams and there will be a very difficult day like Christmas, and there Escalona is trying to free her from the day to day and distract her, ”he commented.