Founder of Color Q & A: BFF’s Tasia Sli and Anna Yang by empowering women’s underwear

Founders Of Color Q&A: BFFs Tasia Sli And Anna Yang
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From the beginning, they were a community.

Tasia Sri and Anna Yang met in typical New York fashion at a chic rooftop event. Anna, a curious ale graduate, fascinated model / entrepreneur Tasia. (Tasia).

The two come together like a magnet and haven’t been separated since. Since the birth of the community, we have been working to bring women from all disciplines into a comprehensive underwear brand through wine and to establish “something about wine” as a common best friend and female entrepreneur.

The brand has always worked on the goal of promoting each other with women and empowering them.

Their underwear brand Flawed Fabulously is not to ignore or ignore what we call defects, but to accept them and love themselves and each other.

The manifestation of Tasia and Anna’s long-standing community building is a great flaw. This is their story.

What kind of story do you want to tell through Flawed Fabulous?

Tasia: I came up with it because I often encounter weight problems.

My weight is constantly changing. If you want to grow up, it’s hard to find a cute bra to support your bra. You are either cute with support but cute, or cute with no support.

That was when I started changing bras to make it more comfortable.

It’s very flawed. This idea started in 2013. The purpose is to help friends sew and change clothes. I do it for them. Whether you’re A or DD, I’ve always wanted a woman. I hope you can overcome your shortcomings.

Being overweight can be frustrating, and being overweight can make you happy. At the time, large models were no longer an issue and weren’t attractive either.

I just want to find a piece that reassures women and encourages them not to judge their value based on scale numbers.

I want you to accept the shortcomings that society is thinking about.

As an entrepreneur, what are your biggest challenges and highlights?

Tasia: That’s probably my health problem. Every time Anna advised me to resume work, I had a health problem and was hospitalized. It’s very unpredictable.

Anna: The highlight is arguably the change we’ve seen in the women we worked with.

They get nervous when someone takes a photo with us, but they are shining when they leave. I see someone get compliments from Tasia, and they transform completely.

Before I met Tasia, I wasn’t very confident. That’s why I loved the idea of ​​feeling beautiful with women. All about Flawed Fabulously is to devote yourself to making you different.

From the beginning, it was about people of color and women of various sizes.

Tasia: And all the projects we participated in are very focused on building a strong women’s society in which we all build each other.

Gelling us together means that Anna and I have the same mission of wanting to see other women grow up.

How do you think social media and community building have changed your business?

Tasia: For me, the modeling work I’ve done in South Africa since I started using Instagram has fascinated many people. These days I think this is really great for marketing.

I don’t think there’s a negative experience, as Instagram helps target a specific audience. I call a lot and use Instagram a lot, so it’s also useful for monitoring competition.

Anna: I have a skin care company so I enjoy the partnership.

I’ll get it back this fall, but one of the hardest things for me is to comment every day. It was too difficult to meet Tasia and it was nice to be able to interact with people on social media while sleeping.

What advice would you give to a new generation of entrepreneurs in a community pushed to the limits?

Tasia:  please do not worry.

I think this idea has been around for a long time when I first started. I thought I could invest some money and everything would be settled.

I know what I want and I’m always looking for fast sales and fast growing sales.

If you don’t get what you want, you’ll be frustrated because you have high expectations.

Not only do you have goals, but understand that good things take time. Do not set your own standards in comparison to others. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Work hard and let the universe take over.

In the last few months I have become very spiritual, I am a true believer, if you work hard, the universe will make things happen.

Anna: That’s why I understand that entrepreneurship is a difficult way to run a marathon.

It all depends on your ability to endure the journey and encounter obstacles. I encountered an obstacle and thought, I don’t know what to do. I was thinking now, I’m very excited, I can’t wait to see the next step.

Now that you have the idea, you know that it will take time and you will accept the entire journey.

What are our expectations for the future of “mythical flaws”?

Tasia: Initially it started with underwear and swimwear, but nowadays we are launching bottoms and sports bras, so we will soon be offering fitness and fashion parts. Therefore, we will set up a new branch.

Anna: We also provide content from ambassadors of family and friends to truly expand community building around the world.
We want the content to be truly female. We want to see how you feel sexy at home.

Raging fire

Which account do you want to follow most on social media?

Tasia:@tashoakley and @devinbrugman are my favorites because they are not only focused on swimwear, they are also like-minded women, they are very interested in improving their physical fitness and they are very successful. I’m a girl.

Which charity do you support?

Tasia: We donate to the “Black Life Problem” and various cancer prevention funds.

I once joined an organization called “Behind the Book”. We donate time to public schools in Manhattan to help students better understand what they read. Many students are left behind.

We donate all buyers to one of these charities for children’s education, Black Lives Matter, and cancer organizations.

What is the most common thing you wear in your closet?

Tasia: I own all these lace camouflage uniforms and have all the different colors. I think this is the one I wear the most. If you like sports, you can wear it to make it look sexy or dress up. Match with hats and high heels.

What’s on the bedside table?

Tasha: There are two bedside tables. Don’t overuse. Above that is a bell that says “Ring for Sex”. Beside me are pictures of me, my mother and some flowers. If I do crazy things in bed, sometimes I have to put a photo.

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