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Shopify’s research found five lasting shopping trends with bad corona

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Shopify's research found five lasting shopping trends with bad corona
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How long will the “new normal / new daily life” last after the spread of a new coronavirus infection? In addition to common habits, people’s shopping habits are changing, according to a Shopify survey. And I think this change may last forever.

In the past few months, I first bought plant-derived cheese from an online store, shipped the medicine to my home, attended an online yoga class, and then went to the store to buy beer. Don’t you think this is what you heard? It seems that I am not the only one who changed this behavior.

Fifty-three percent of North American shoppers say the pandemic has changed the way they buy in the future.

In June of this year, we asked Canadian and US shoppers the question, “How will buying trends change with the spread of the new coronavirus infection?” Participants in this study will compare the three in early 2020 and after the North American epidemic. We compared that month (March-June 2020) to understand how purchasing behavior changed. He shared.

As the turmoil finally subsided and normal life resumed, some behavioral patterns became more prominent. According to our research, the growth of online shopping, the demand for virtual experiences, the shift to sending and receiving services, and the expansion of support for small self-employed people are remarkable.

Consumer trends and long-term impact in 2020

More surprising than all behavioral changes are the signs that this trend will continue. In fact, 53% of North American shoppers say the pandemic has changed the way they buy in the future.

So what does this mean for business owners? Here, in addition to the five trends in consumer behavior due to pandemics, we will further investigate survey data, why they continue to exist, and how to achieve business success this year and beyond. I want to think if it can be done.

👟 Shortcut
1. Increase online shopping
2. Support local sole proprietorship
3. Demand for off-site pickup services
4. Request a local delivery service
5. Transform into a virtual experience

1. Increase online shopping

North American self-regulatory requirements have forced many retailers to close temporarily or permanently. Meanwhile, some retailers have rushed to switch to an online-only strategy. Spillover also requires shoppers to adjust their purchasing habits.

52% of shoppers say they bought more items online than they did at the beginning of the year. Some people say that online shopping is a safer and preferred option, even after the store is reopened. Fifty-one percent of survey participants said they were worried about shopping in stores during a pandemic.

As a result of the investigation, we found the following.

• In the three months following the pandemic, a total of 83% of shoppers said they shopped online at least once.

• Among them, 60% shop more often than at the beginning of the year and 6% shop online for the first time.

• The 18-34 year old group shows the largest population growth. 68% said they bought more products online during the pandemic, and 9% said they were new to e-commerce.

Why the trend continues

Eighty-one percent of shoppers say they plan to shop online by the end of 2020. This value is about the same as the percentage of people who shop online during a pandemic.

Although many municipalities and businesses have reopened, they still consider online shopping to be their first choice. In fact, as delivery and receipt methods improve, more convenient options are increasing.

Very important point

Even if you open an online store as a short-term measure at the beginning of self-discipline, why not consider incorporating it into your business strategy as a permanent solution?

Fortunately, this crisis has given us the opportunity to try out new sales channels and shipping methods. How is the result? What can we learn from customer feedback to improve our online experience?

40% of shoppers say online shopping is positive because the site is easy to navigate. Businesses and retailers unfamiliar with e-commerce need to ensure that their online shopping experience adapts to their current buying habits. It’s also important to share stories, make a professional and friendly first impression, and win the trust of shoppers.

On the product page, we’ll provide you with neat images, accurate product descriptions, size / assembly guides, and provide exquisite suggestions, quizzes, and other customized shopping experiences. By doing so, the customer can decide that they cannot actually enter the store.

Advice on busy seasons like Black Friday and Christmas: No one knows how this busy season will develop. But you can take decisive steps based on your business.

Once your sales have been transferred to your online store, then it’s best to prepare immediately to serve more orders. We also encourage you to start setting your actual shipping date and delivery date.

2. Support local sole proprietorship

If this global epidemic has any positive impact, it may create a sense of unity among people. Communities everywhere are emerging to support disadvantaged groups.

Another phenomenon is that more and more people are supporting local small businesses that have been hit by self-regulatory requirements.

79% of those who said they were shopping in the area said they were shopping to support the local community or protect their local work. “64% of parents who take their children to school said they were ready to find and help local self-employed people.”


As a result of the investigation, we found the following.

• 46% of US and Canadian shoppers say they purchased products from a local self-employed company after the pandemic.

• 34% say they buy products from local self-employed companies more often than before the pandemic.
• 57% said they were deliberately looking for a local self-employed company.

• Among them, parents with children who go to school are easy to reach. 64% of the group say they are actively looking for and supporting local self-employed companies (54% in non-parent groups).

Why the trend continues

In fact, 61% of shoppers say they plan to buy products from local private companies within the next six months. This number is much higher than the number three months after the pandemic. This shows that this trend is not only continuing, but growing.

Very important point

Shoppers tend to prefer small self-employed people who offer their own sales quotes and personalized customer service.

Make the most of it as an advantage of communicating with your customers and skillfully explain how special your product or shopping experience is. “66% of survey participants say they learned about local businesses through comments from friends and family.”

But first, try helping local shoppers find your store. Sixty-six percent of survey participants say they learned about local businesses through comments from friends and family.

On the other hand, 37% of the respondents answered that SNS is a source of information. Attracting passers-by is also very important for retailers. In fact, 42% of shoppers explain that they found a nearby store while walking.

📍 How to attract local shoppers:

• Start a customer recommendation program to increase word of mouth.
• Use Facebook ads for local shoppers.
• Use Google My Business.
• List them in your local shopping guide.

Advice for retailers:

• Prepare clear and eye-catching signs on the road (including new coronavirus safety measures).
• Participate in the local Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and work with local businesses around you to jointly fund community-wide promotions and activities.

• Optimize your local SEO for online map publishing and update your Google Maps list to reflect your current business hours and information.
• Encourage comments and comments.

Busy season recommendations such as Black Friday and Christmas: If you have promotions during the busy season and need more customers, check out the new coronavirus safeguards. For example, do you need to limit the number of customers in your store and assign security personnel to ensure your safety? Consider what measures need to be added or enhanced to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for shoppers and clerk.

3. Demand for off-site pickup services

After the pandemic, the off-site shuttle service from grocery stores to pet clinics has become a recipe for many companies. Shoppers also have many advantages because they can receive the goods on the same day without having to enter the store or pay for express delivery.

This is a very useful service, especially for single parents and people with disabilities. Three months after the pandemic, 40% of shoppers chose to buy items purchased online in stores as one of the reasons.

Among shoppers using the off-site pickup service:

• 31% said they were new to the service from March to June

• 72% said they used the service more often during the pandemic than at the beginning of the year.

Why the trend continues

Our findings show that demand for off-site pickup services will continue until the end of 2020. In addition, the percentage of shoppers who use off-site pickup (38%) is almost the same, indicating that they intend to continue using the service in the event of a pandemic. What is the safety aspect? Another reason seems to be that it is a convenient service for many shoppers.

Very important point

If you have a large customer base in your area, or if you want to attract customers in your area in the future, we recommend that you provide an over-the-counter receipt online.

This is the answer when asking shoppers what they need to do to improve their in-store service experience.
• Contact us when you are ready to pick up: 29%
• Increase available time: 29%
• Reduced order-to-receipt time: 28%
• It would be nice if there were easy-to-understand signs on the pick-up location and website so that you could see the details of the pick-up location and pick-up method. twenty three%

In short, shoppers need simple, efficient and convenient services. The key is to smooth the receiving experience through easy-to-understand signs and all touchpoints (order confirmation emails, text messages, etc.).

Advice on busy seasons such as Black Friday and Christmas: Consider your ability to handle busy weekends. If sales volume is expected to increase, can we fully support the over-the-counter pick-up service? Set realistic limits and avoid making too many promises.

4. Request a local delivery service

Like off-site pickup services, local delivery (local delivery services) is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to home delivery and in-store shopping.

Pandemics and political interference (especially in the United States) are affecting the credibility and delivery times of courier companies, and many companies take their own steps to deliver goods to their customers. This is especially important for companies that handle products that are not normally delivered at home, such as fresh food.

The survey revealed the following:

• 31% of shoppers say they bought online from a local store during Corona’s three months.

• 19% said it was their first delivery. In addition, 59% said they used delivery services more often than at the beginning of the year.

Why the trend continues

Delivery delays and service interruptions by major carriers (especially the United States) have not stopped the popularity of delivery services in the region.

In addition, delivery services are becoming more popular due to the remaining risks of shopping in stores in many regions. According to our survey, 33% of shoppers will choose local delivery services by the end of this year.

This is the same percentage of respondents who have already used the delivery service.

Very important point

As mentioned earlier, the tendency to support local businesses does not seem to slow down. We also encourage you to take advantage of this momentum by adapting to the buyer’s new shopping methods.

Introducing local delivery methods to your restaurant or other online store is very easy. However, before you start the service, you need to check if there are any physical restrictions. Have you set the delivery range? Need to hire another courier? Do you charge a delivery fee?

Please be sure to provide these details to the customer before payment. When I asked shoppers how to improve (and get them to use) delivery services, they found that:

• 62% said they would choose a store with free shipping.
• 36% said they would like to offer a free return service.
• 32% want faster delivery.

Recommendations for busy seasons (such as Black Friday and Christmas):

Consider a delivery schedule that can handle emergency flights. Same-day or next-day delivery may not be a viable option, but if the delivery schedule changes, it is important to communicate clearly with the customer at some step in the purchasing process.

5. Look at the virtual experience

Measures to avoid going out and social distance can be said to have the greatest impact on the service industry. Companies such as gyms, hair salons and art studios are forced to improve their digital strategies in addition to rebuilding their businesses.

Some companies need to recreate new products from scratch. For example, yoga studios and cooking classes have embarked on their own video production to offer virtual courses on demand. An Italian grandmother begins broadcasting an online cooking class in an Italian village where the number of tourists has dropped sharply due to a pandemic.

Companies that communicate face-to-face with their customers have found ways to connect digitally with their customers through online consulting, AMA (questions), and events. When the event was canceled earlier this year, cosmetics brand I Meet You sought to connect with customers around the world through a virtual event hosted by the organization’s founder, Charlotte Cho. ..

The survey revealed the following:

• 14% of shoppers say they have purchased a digital version of the service, which is usually face-to-face.
• For the 18-35 year old group, this number rises to 27%.
• This trend is expected to continue to grow. Sixty-three percent of people who buy a digital experience say they use the service more often during a pandemic than at the beginning of the year.

Why the trend continues

Local stores are slowly reopening, but consumers still seem reluctant to return to “normal business.” Therefore, the trend of virtual experiences is expected to continue throughout the year. In fact, 14% of shoppers say they will continue to buy virtual experiences. This is the same percentage of people currently using it.

Very important point

Digital products and services are not limited by geographic location and scheduled time, which can double the potential for expanding your customer base. In addition, product digitization helps attract repeaters until the store can be safely reopened.

Even if you don’t run a business that sells virtual experiences, you can create digital content, sell products, inform your customers, and help your business community grow. In fact, 37% of shoppers say they are interested in free online courses and educational content derived from their business. In the 18-34 year old group, this percentage rises to 57%.

Recommended for busy seasons such as Black Friday and Christmas: Maximize your sales awareness and offer a virtual experience through discounts and free trials.

Lead the future

No one can predict that 2020 will be this year. Unexpectedly, this pandemic has accelerated the changes in buying trends that have already begun and strengthened the prediction that this consumer trend will continue. Overcoming a global pandemic is a business that can flexibly respond to ever-changing times and connect with shoppers around the world.

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Minionettes: The Yellow Marvels of Pop Culture





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To sum up, Al Fakher Diamond Dust is a sensory experience that combines flavor and visual appeal, going beyond the bounds of traditional shisha. Enhance your smoking routine with this innovative gem.

Origin and Evolution

Historical Background

The growth of Minionettes over time can be observed by following their journey from their inception. Knowing their past deepens one’s admiration of these endearing animals.

Evolution of Minionettes

See how the Minionettes evolved from a simple notion to the recognizable characters they are today. Examine the process of creation that went into creating these characters.

Characteristics of Minionettes



Examine the physical characteristics that set Minionettes apart. They stand out among other animated characters due to their unique size and appearance, which add to their irresistible attractiveness.

Behavior Traits

Find out what peculiar behaviors make Minionettes so popular with people all over the world. Their enduring appeal is largely due to these qualities, which range from their mischievous pranks to their loyalty.

Minionettes in Popular Culture

Influence on Entertainment

Discover the lasting impact that Minionettes have had on the entertainment industry. Their impact is seen well beyond the screen, from animated programs to successful motion pictures.

Merchandising Success

Examine how merchandising contributed to Minionettes’ commercial success. Minionette-themed products have become cultural icons due to their appeal.

Creating Your Own Minionettes

DIY Projects

This section offers instructions on how to make your own Minionettes for the crafty types. Take part in practical activities to make these characters come to life.

Materials and Steps

Find out the supplies you’ll need and how to make Minionettes step-by-step. For those who are keen to try making their own unique Minionette figurines, this area has everything they need.

Minionettes in Social Media

Viral Trends

Look at the viral patterns that have gone viral on social media. The Minionette fandom is kept active by the abundance of Minionette-related content available online, including memes and challenges.

Memes and Challenges

Explore the realm of Minionette challenges and memes. The ongoing excitement surrounding these endearing characters is fueled in part by these internet phenomenon.

The Impact on Fashion

Minionettes in Fashion Trends

Examine the strange relationship that exists between Minionettes and fashion. Minionettes have established themselves as a distinct fashion statement because to their accessory and apparel ranges.

Collaborations with Designers

Find out about the partnerships that Minionettes has with well-known designers. The fashion industry’s adoption of these traits has led to the creation of distinctive and fashionable collections.

Minionettes in Marketing

Brand Endorsements

Explore the world of Minionettes appearing in brand promotions. Businesses understand how these characters can be used to promote their goods and services.

Advertising Strategies

Analyze the creative marketing techniques that capitalize on Minionettes’ appeal. From advertisements to promotional activities, these strategies have been effective in drawing in customers.

Minionettes’ Fan Community

Online Communities

Take a look at the lively Minionettes internet communities. Fans interact, express their affection, and help the Minionette fandom, which is always expanding.

Fan Art and Fan Fiction

Honor the imaginations of your audience with literature and art. The fan base of The Minionettes uses a wide range of artistic mediums to show their appreciation.

Challenges and Controversies

Criticisms and Concerns

Recognize the objections and worries expressed about Minionettes. This section discusses the disagreements and offers a fair-minded viewpoint.

Addressing Controversies

Learn how the Minionettes’ creators and admirers respond to the concerns surrounding them. Comprehending the discourse surrounding these matters contributes subtlety to the overall story.

Future Trends of Minionettes

Predictions and Speculations

Examine the future and speculate about what Minionettes might bring. What further developments can we anticipate, and how will these characters develop further?

Innovations in Minionette Culture

Draw attention to the continuous inventions that influence Minionette culture. Exciting advances are anticipated in the future, ranging from creative adaptations to technology advancements.

Why People Love Minionettes

Emotional Connection

Discover the feelings that people have for Minionettes. Sincere love for these characters extends beyond their animated lives.

Nostalgia and Sentiment

Analyze how sentimentality and nostalgia contribute to the development of a Minionette’s love. These elements play a part in these characters’ ongoing appeal.

Minionettes in the Global Market




Examine Minionettes’ appeal on a global scale. They are an international phenomenon due to their enduring appeal across cultural divides.

Cultural Adaptations

Find out how Minionettes adjust to various cultures across the globe. Their adaptability enables them to fit in with a variety of social settings with ease.

The Minionette Lifestyle

Collectibles and Memorabilia

Explore the world of Minionette artifacts and collectibles. Enthusiasts like assembling big collections and crafting distinctive lifestyles centered around these figures.

Events and Conventions

Examine the Minionette-related events and conventions. These events provide fans a chance to meet with like-minded people and celebrate their common passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Minionettes Suitable for Children?
Minionettes are generally suitable for children, but it’s crucial to choose age-appropriate models. Always check product labels for safety guidelines and parental recommendations.

Q2: How Do I Care for My Minionette?
Caring for your minionette is easy. Keep it clean, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, and follow any specific care instructions provided with your minionette.

Q3: Can Minionettes Be Customized?
Yes, many minionettes come with customizable features. From outfits to accessories, you can personalize your minionette to make it uniquely yours.

Q4: Where Can I Purchase Authentic Minionettes?
For authentic minionettes, consider purchasing directly from authorized retailers or the official minionette website. Beware of counterfeit products to ensure a genuine and satisfying experience.

Q5: What’s the Lifespan of a Minionette?
The lifespan of a minionette varies depending on factors such as usage and maintenance. With proper care, your minionette can provide joy and companionship for years.

Q6: Are Minionettes Collectibles?
Absolutely! Many enthusiasts enjoy collecting various minionette models, creating a vibrant community of collectors who share their passion for these charming companions.


In summary, Minionettes have evolved into more than merely animated figures—they are now a part of popular culture. The influence of Minionettes is indisputable and continues to mold many facets of our life, from the beginning to the future.

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Wordle Hint: Unleash Your Inner Word Wizard!





Wordle Hint: Unleash Your Inner Word Wizard!
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Do you ever find yourself staring at that daunting blank Wordle grid, struggling to find the perfect word that’ll unlock its secrets? You’re not alone! Wordle, the popular word-guessing game, can be a bit of a brain teaser. But fear not, fellow word nerds, because we’ve got some Wordle hints that will help you decode the puzzle, sans the nerdy jargon.

The Quest for the Right Word: It’s Like a Literary Treasure Hunt

What is Wordle?

For the uninitiated, Wordle is a fun and addicting word puzzle game where you try to guess a secret five-letter word in six attempts or fewer. With each guess, you receive feedback in the form of colored tiles – yellow for correct letters in the wrong position and green for the right letter in the right place. The thrill of unveiling the hidden word is like finding the lost city of Atlantis, just with more vowels.

The Wordle Hints for Word Wizards

Wordle Hint: Unleash Your Inner Word Wizard!

Wordle Hint: Unleash Your Inner Word Wizard!


Start with Common Letters: Begin your word quest with common letters. E, A, I, O, and T are the MVPs of Wordle. Throw them in your initial guesses to sniff out the frequent culprits.

Use the Feedback Wisely: The colored tiles are your best buddies. If you get a green tile, treasure it! It’s your key to unlocking the mystery. Adjust your guesses accordingly.

Swap It Out: If a letter you thought was right doesn’t lead to a green tile, swap it out. Wordle is like a stubborn lock – you need to keep trying different keys until it clicks.

Mind Your Vowels: Concentrate on the vowels. They’re like the spice in a good curry. Sprinkle them carefully, and you might just stumble upon the secret sauce.

Short vs. Long Words: If a word you guessed doesn’t work, don’t go longer; go shorter. This ain’t a novel; it’s Wordle. Sometimes, brevity is the soul of guessing.

Word Patterns: Pay attention to the word patterns. If you get a yellow tile, think about words that share that common letter placement. It’s like being a detective in a wordy mystery novel.

Bonus Tips for Aspiring Wordle Wizards

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment: Wordle is a canvas for your linguistic experimentation. Throw in unconventional combinations, invent words, and twist your tongue with alliteration. Who knows, you might stumble upon a hidden gem.

Prioritize the Uncommon Letters: While common letters are your bread and butter, don’t forget about the less-visited letters like Q, Z, J, and X. Sometimes, it’s the uncommon ones that can crack the code and lead you to victory.

Keep an Eye on Repeated Letters: If you see a repeated letter in the feedback, it’s like a flashing neon sign. Zero in on it! It’s an invaluable clue that can guide you towards your elusive word.

Stay Calm and Wordle On: Wordle can get your pulse racing, but remember, it’s all in good fun. No one’s grading your vocabulary here. Take a deep breath, sip your tea or coffee, and keep those guesses coming.

Unlocking the Wordy Riddles

Wordle Hint: Unleash Your Inner Word Wizard!

Wordle Hint: Unleash Your Inner Word Wizard!


The beauty of Wordle lies in its simplicity, yet it can challenge your word-wielding skills like no other. Each game is like a journey through a forest of letters, with the hidden word as the ultimate treasure chest at the end. With practice and our hints in your pocket, you’ll sharpen your word-guessing prowess in no time.

Wordle isn’t just a game; it’s a mental workout disguised as fun. It tickles your grey matter and makes you appreciate the intricate dance of letters and words. As you continue your Wordle journey, remember to embrace the laughter and frustration that come with it. You’ll find yourself smiling at your failures, celebrating your victories, and occasionally mumbling, “Why isn’t ‘flibber’ a word?”

So, dear aspiring Wordle wizard, go forth, summon your inner lexicon sorcerer, and conquer Wordle with the power of your words. The grid is your battlefield, and the five-letter word is your holy grail. With wit, whimsy, and a dash of linguistic magic, you’re well on your way to becoming a Wordle legend. Happy word-guessing!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Funny Questions)

Q1: Can I just guess random words and hope for the best?

A1: Sure, you can! But that’s like trying to ride a unicycle while juggling flaming swords. It’s entertaining but not recommended.

Q2: Why is Wordle so addicting?

A2: It’s the thrill of the hunt, my friend! Trying to crack the code is like trying to open a locked treasure chest filled with dictionaries and thesauruses.

Q3: Can I use emojis?

A3: Sadly, Wordle doesn’t speak emoji. Keep your 🙁 and 🙂 in check.

In Conclusion

Wordle is like a friendly word-based game of hide and seek. You’re the seeker, and the hidden word is the sneaky hider. With a little patience and our not-so-secret hints, you’ll be on your way to Wordle glory in no time. Remember, Wordle isn’t just a game; it’s an expedition into the world of words, a quest that will leave you feeling like a true word wizard!

So go forth, oh brave wordsmith, and may your letters align in green harmony as you conquer Wordle, one hilarious guess at a time.

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