Experience the manufacturing site in the near future

Experience the manufacturing site in the near future
Experience the manufacturing site in the near future
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Experience the manufacturing

“Man-machine harmony” embodied by Omron robots

Omron has implemented several automated methods to innovate the manufacturing site.

At CES 2019 in January this year, there will be a “recent manufacturing site” corner next to the “Forfeus” table tennis robot, where visitors will be able to experience these automated methods, which have attracted much attention.

We allowed them to experience a simulated production line in which the process of printing and packaging novel products was automated, and they also experienced the recent video scene of the “human and machine integration” that OMRON aims to achieve. (Visitors can get a box of magnets in their favorite color as a souvenir and their name printed.)

If Forfeus, the crystallization of Omron’s core technology “sensing and control + Think”, is taken as the [concept], it can be said that in the near future the manufacturing site will be [the application].

At the corner of the manufacturing site in the near future of CES2019, many cutting-edge technologies included in Forfeus have been put to practical use as specific applications.

Experience an automated production line for printing, shipping and packaging

In just a few steps, you can choose your favorite magnet and print your name on the laser marked box.
First, you need to know the colors and names that visitors like.

People will ask and verbally confirm, but the automated production line scans the visitor badge code and gets the badge owner information from the identifying information it contains. You can choose your favorite color on the touch panel.

This information is quickly transmitted to the laser marker unit, which selects the magnet required by the visitor from inventory based on the information and prints the name on the packing box.

If humans perform these series of tasks, they may be able to convey the necessary information in just a few minutes. However, due to the interlocking of the scanner and laser marker unit, printing can be completed in just 30 seconds.
Then put the magnet in the box, but not all.

According to the visitor information printed on the packing box, the visitor’s favorite color should be selected from the magnet on the conveyor belt, and then transported to the packing box.
Also, there is a groove in the box with the same shape as the magnet. If not positioned correctly, the magnet may overflow and the lid of the box may not close, thus requiring high precision control.

This new automated product production line is realized not only through the use of laser markers, but also through the use of mobile automatic transfer robots, pick and place robots and collaborative robots.

Each has its own advantages and characteristics, and by combining all this, it embodies the “fusion of man and machine”.

Product line that realizes the “man-machine integration”

Mobile robot for automatic transport

Omron’s mobile robot is equipped with artificial intelligence technology and can perform automatic transport. The cabin pallet can hold up to 135 kg.

In the near future, in a corner of the manufacturing site, magnets and boxes are brought onto the production line and moved from there to the next location. Autopilot software allows you to drive safely while avoiding obstacles and people.

laser marking machine

Laser marking machines are an integral part of product quality control and grading in all industries. In addition to high speed and high precision, OMRON laser markers can also print on various surfaces such as metal and plastic.

Furthermore, even objects with few planes can be correctly identified and processed. You can also manage the tools you use independently, such as performing maintenance after a specified time.

Robot Pick and Place

The pick and place robot can recognize objects, pick them up and place them anywhere.

At the “near future manufacturing site” corner, visitors are responsible for selecting magnets of their chosen color and transporting them in sets of three.

In addition to high speed and high precision, AI is also built in, so precision can be further improved by instructing personnel to make improvements.

Visitors who want to cooperate with robots

The collaborative robot can be programmed to pack magnets into boxes. The easy to understand interface and intuitive operation guide the movement of the robot.

After understanding the movement, you can select a suitable magnet among several magnets, adjust the direction of the magnet to fit the groove inside the case, and then insert it.

Finally, close the lid and gently hand it to the visitors. Furthermore, collaborative robots can respond to various situations and production scenarios. For example, various tools can be installed on the arm, not only for picking and packing, but also for drilling.

By further promoting the “fusion of man and machine”, Omron not only seeks user safety, high speed, high precision and high efficiency, but also establishes a connection in a manufacturing base where man and machine can learn from each other, cooperate and promote each other. I will continue to challenge.

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