Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Nuclear scientist passes away at 85 in Islamabad
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Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Nuclear scientist passes away at 85 in Islamabad

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Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Nuclear scientist passes away at 85 in Islamabad
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Abdul Qadeer Khan: ‘Father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb’ dies

The man regarded as the “father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb”, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, has died aged 85 after being hospitalized with Covid-19.

Dr. Khan was hailed as a national hero for transforming his country into the world’s first Islamic nuclear power.

But he was also notorious for having smuggled nuclear secrets to states including North Korea and Iran.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan had lost a “national icon”.

“He was loved by our nation be(a use) of his critical contribution in making us a nuclear weapon state,” the prime minister tweeted.

Known as AQ Khan, the scientist was instrumental in setting up Pakistan’s first nuclear enrichment plant at Kahuta near Islamabad. By 1998, the country had conducted its first nuclear tests.

Coming shortly after similar tests by India, Dr Khan’s work helped seal Pakistan’s place as the world’s seventh nuclear power and sparked national jubilation.

But he was arrested in 2004 for illegally sharing nuclear technology with Iran, Libya and North Korea.

The revelations that he passed on nuclear secrets to other countries shocked Pakistan.

In a televised address, Dr. Khan offered his “deepest regrets and unqualified apologies”.

Dr. Khan was pardoned by Pakistan’s then-president, Pervez Musharraf, but he was held under house arrest until 2009.

The leniency of his treatment angered many in the West, where he has been dubbed “the greatest nuclear proliferator of all time”.

But in Pakistan, he remained a symbol of pride for his role in boosting its national security.

“He helped us develop nation-saving nuclear deterrence and a grateful nation will never forget his services,” President Arif Alvi said.

President Dr. Arif Alvi said that he had personally known Dr Khan since 1982. “He helped us develop nation-saving nuclear deterrence, and a grateful nation will never forget his services in this regard,” he said.


Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan born 1 April 1936-10 October 2021) NI, HI, FPAS, Deng, known as A. Q. Khan, was a Pakistani nuclear physicist and metallurgical engineer who is colloquially known as the “father of Pakistan’s atomic weapons program”. Though, Khan is celebrated in Pakistan for bringing balance to the South Asian region after India’s nuclear tests; he is also noted for both his scientific ability and his difficult interpersonal relations.

Dr. AQ Khan’s life in a snapshot

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, born on April 1, 1936, in Bhopal, India, was a renowned Pakistani metallurgist and nuclear scientist.

He was among those who migrated to Pakistan in 1947 with their families.

Khan is widely regarded as the “Father of Islamic Nuclear Bomb” or founder of gas-centrifuge enrichment technology for Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent program as he developed the Muslim world’s first atomic bomb.

He acquired his engineering degree from a university in the Netherlands in 1967  and later went on to secure a doctorate in metallurgical engineering from Belgium.

Dr. Khan was the first Pakistani to be awarded three presidential awards. He has been awarded the Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Order of Excellence) twice and the Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Crescent of Excellence) once.

Pakistan’s renowned nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, 85, passed away Sunday after his health deteriorated.

Dr AQ Khan is considered the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program and is revered at home as a hero for building the Muslim world’s first atomic bomb.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s health started deteriorating Saturday night, after which he was brought to the KRL hospital Sunday morning in an ambulance, at 6:00 am.

Sources said the nuclear scientist experienced discomfort in breathing after which he was brought to the hospital. However, his health took a turn for the worse when his lungs started bleeding.

Doctors tried their best to save the renowned scientist’s life but were unable to do so, resulting in his death at 7:04 am. Doctors have said Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan passed away as his lungs collapsed.

The hospital administration is trying to make arrangements to shift Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s body to his E-7 residence. His funeral prayers will be offered at the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad at 3:30 pm, said his family.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Nuclear scientist

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Nuclear scientist

Speaking to Geo News, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed showered praise on the scientist, adding that all necessary arrangements were made to save Dr. Qadeer’s life.

Rasheed confirmed that the government will accord a state funeral to the scientist in recognition of his services for Pakistan.

The interior minister said Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan had helped him a lot in educational activities, adding that he had remained a visionary leader in times when Pakistan was going through a sensitive time.

“He is indeed the Mohsin-e-Pakistan,” said Rasheed.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan became a national hero overnight, not only in Pakistan but in the Islamic world as well, when in May 1998 Pakistan gave a befitting response to India by conducting its nuclear tests.

Following the tests, Pakistan became the sole nuclear power in the Muslim world and the seventh country to possess nuclear weapons. Pakistan’s nuclear weapons have kept Indian aggression in check.

Reactions pour in over Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s demise

Prime Minister @Imran Khan praised Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan by saying that he was, for the people of Pakistan, “a national icon”.

“Deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. A Q Khan. He was loved by our nation bec of his critical contribution in making us a nuclear weapon state.

This has provided us security against an aggressive much larger nuclear neighbor. For the people of Pakistan he was a national icon,” he tweeted.

‘A huge loss for Pakistan’

According to a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Nadeem Raza and all services chiefs expressed sorrow over Dr Khan’s passing.

The ISPR statement also quoted Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa as saying that he had rendered invaluable services to strengthen Pakistan’s defense capabilities.

Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif said that the nation had lost “a true benefactor who served the motherland with heart and soul.”

“The passing of Dr. Khan is a huge loss for the country. His role in making Pakistan an atomic power remains central,” he said.

Defence Minister Pervez Khattak said he was “deeply grieved” over his passing and called it a “great loss”.

“Pakistan will forever honor his services to the nation! The nation is heavily indebted to him for his contributions in enhancing our defense capabilities,” he said.

Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar said that Dr. Khan had played an important role in making the country “invincible”. He also offered prayers for the deceased.

Born in 1936 in Bhopal, India, Dr. Khan had immigrated along with his family to Pakistan in 1947 after the partition of the subcontinent.

He did a science degree at Karachi University in 1960, then went on to study metallurgical engineering in Berlin before completing advanced studies in the Netherlands and Belgium.

After learning of India’s nuclear test in 1974, he had joined the nation’s clandestine efforts to develop nuclear power. He had founded the Khan Research Laboratories in 1976 and was its chief scientist and director for many years, according to Radio Pakistan.

He was awarded the Nishan-i-Imtiaz for his services to the country.

In 2004, Dr. Khan was at the center of a massive global nuclear proliferation scandal. In a series of dramatic developments, he was accused by then army chief and president Pervez Musharraf of running a rogue proliferation network for nuclear material.

Shortly after Musharraf’s announcement, a recorded confession by Khan was aired in which he took sole responsibility for all the nuclear proliferation that had been revealed. He was subsequently placed under house arrest.

A court ended his house arrest in February 2009, but his movements were strictly guarded, and he was accompanied by authorities every time he left his home in Islamabad.

Later, he had filed a plea in the Lahore High Court seeking enforcement of his fundamental rights, including free movement. The LHC had rejected the plea in 2019 on the grounds that it lacked jurisdiction in view of special security measures adopted by the state.

He had then moved the Supreme Court against the LHC’s decision, which had asked the attorney general to meet the nuclear scientist and allay his concerns.

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The true story of Barbora Skrlová, “The Orphan”

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The true story of Barbora Skrlová, “The Orphan”
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In 2009 the film has released The orphan whose plot revolved around Esther, who is adopted by a couple who just lost their baby. However, when strange things begin to happen, the couple begins to suspect that the girl is to blame for everything. spoiler alert: at the end of the film we learn that the little girl is an adult who pretends to be 13 years old when in reality she is 33.

The plot of the film impacted many, but not as much as when it came to light that it was based on real events, only instead of Esther, the woman is called Barbora Skrlová. Her story became very popular in 2007 when the Czech Republic media revealed one of the most lurid cases recorded in that country. Although there are no official records of her childhood, it is known that from a very young age she was subjected to studies to find out why she could not develop like any other girl.


Barbora was born with a serious condition of hypopituitarism, a disease that causes the pituitary gland to not produce sufficient levels of hormones for growth. For this reason, the 33-year-old had the appearance of a 13-year-old girl.

From an early age, her parents discovered that she suffered from some mental problems with psychopathic tendencies, so they decided to put her in a hospital from which it is still unknown how she managed to escape.

Barbora Skrlova

After her escape, the young woman posed as a 13-year-old girl under the name Anika and was able to gain the trust of Klara and Katherina Mauerová, sisters and single mothers who lived in Kuřim, Czech Republic, with their children. Soon after, the woman convinced them to join the sect called “The Grail movement”, where they carried out heinous activities such as incest and cannibalism.

In that place, the minors were caged, beaten, burned, poorly fed and victims of more abuse, which ended when one of their neighbors bought a device to monitor babies, through which he captured the signal of the monitors that they had in their basement. Realizing this, the man reported them to the authorities, who arrested the sisters and later took the minors, including Anika, to a specialized center.

Anika and Klara

Katherina and Klara explained that they had allowed themselves to be manipulated by Barbora, who had already fled to Norway in search of starting a new life. In this country there is a record that she cut her hair, put on a little weight and called herself Adam.

“Adam” was adopted by a family. However, raising suspicions, she escaped again, although she was able to be arrested by the authorities and sentenced to five years in prison.


Thirteen years ago, in 2009, Barbora Skrlová was extradited to the Czech Republic and after two years in prison, she was released for good behavior. So far the whereabouts of the woman who inspired the story of The orphan.

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Woman, 33, Was Disguised As Teen Boy

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Woman, 33, Was Disguised As Teen Boy
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A nationwide search for a missing 13-year-old Czech boy exposed a bizarre case of identity theft in which a 33-year-old woman spent four months posing as a schoolboy in Norway, police said Thursday.

Barbora Skrlova had been hiding from Czech authorities to avoid giving testimony in a 2007 child abuse case, Czech police said.

She was deported back to the Czech Republic and detained Wednesday after months of fooling teachers, childcare workers and police in Norway by passing herself off as a boy named “Adam,” Czech police spokeswoman Andrea Prochazkova said.

A woman who supplied a Czech passport enrolled her son “Adam” at the Marienlyst school near Oslo last September, authorities said.

Adam was actually the 5-foot-2 Skrlova, her breasts bound and head shaved, authorities said.

School authorities said they did noticed Adam’s strange behavior.

“We did react to Adam’s behavior. But it’s not easy to know. Children at that age can be so different,” school principal Ingjerd Eriksen told the Oslo newspaper Dagbladet.

In mid-December, however, Adam disappeared from an Oslo children’s home, prompting police to launch a nationwide search and publish photographs Jan. 4 of the missing “child.”

Tips led them to Skrlova in the Arctic city on Tromsoe.

“It turned out that the so-called missing teenager was a 33-year-old woman,” Norwegian police said in a statement.

“Not even we have been able to figure out what is up and down in this case,” Norwegian police attorney Sven T. Roer said.

Oslo police said the Czech parents of the real Adam are believed to have helped Skrlova deceive Norwegian child care authorities by claiming she was their son.

It apparently is not the first time Skrlova fooled authorities by posing as a child.

In the Czech city of Brno, Skrlova posed as a 13-year-old girl adopted by Klara Mauerova, Czech police said. Mauerova is suspected of abusing her two younger biological sons, and Skrlova is a key witness in the case.

Facing an investigation, Skrlova went with friends to Denmark and ended up in Norway.

Czech authorities now are looking into whether Skrlova should be charged with identity theft and misleading authorities, police said.

Skrlova also was undergoing psychiatric evaluation, police said. She is being held in Brno, 125 miles east of Prague.

Associated Press writer Ondrej Hejma contributed to this report from Prague, Czech Republic.
By Doug Mellgren

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The True Story Of Barbora Škrlová

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The True Story Of Barbora Škrlová
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Pay attention that today I am going to tell you the true story of Barbora Skrlová.

The film “Orphan” tells the chilling story of a woman posing as a girl.

What few know is that it is based on a true story, and it is much more chilling.

Our story begins with Klara Mauerová, a woman born in 1975, in the Czech Republic and who since childhood showed mental problems.

She said that she was the reincarnation of Joan of Arc and that she spoke with God, with everything and her fantasies she came to the university and there she met …

The person who would be the father of their children.

He left her because of his delusions and attacks of violence and for a short time Klara was …

An exemplary mother.

After separation, she began to feel lonely and invited her sister to live with her and her two children.

And at that time they know Barbora Skrlová, a 33-year-old woman with a glandular disease that made her look like a 12-year-old girl.

Barbora also had mental problems and after being admitted to an adult psychiatric hospital, she decided to take advantage of her condition.

And she pretended to be a girl before different families.

Barbora influenced the sisters and introduced them to a cult that fostered promiscuity and child abuse.

Skrlová was sick and had 2 personalities, sometimes she was a dominant woman and sometimes she was a little girl jealous of Klara’s children.

He went to live with the sisters, and when he pretended to be a “girl”, he started a campaign against the little ones, whom he accused of breaking things.

And then Klara and her sister, so as not to lose Barbora’s love, began to punish the two children in increasingly cruel ways.

Barbora totally dominated the two miners and then suggested to Klara to build a cage and lock up her 2 children.

she accepted

The cage was installed in the basement and the 2 children were locked there in 2007.
Klara was willing to do anything to keep from losing Barbora.

For a whole year and on orders from Barbora, Klara and her sister tortured, beat, burned and left the children without food.

The situation reached its climax when Barbora ordered to fatten the children and then cut a piece of meat and eat it in front of them.

He controlled the two women and the children decided to watch them in the cage through a baby monitor.

That idea was his downfall, since a real miracle happened for the children.
It turns out that a neighbor had a baby.

And the husband bought exactly the same monitor model that Barbora had bought and the signal he got was the one from the basement of the 3 women.

He discovered that the signal came from the house next door and warned the police who were horrified to see the images.

The women saw that the police were outside their house and tried to escape but it was useless, Klara and her sister were arrested.

The police entered the basement and what they saw left them breathless, there was a beaten girl hugging a bear and 2 children locked in the cage.

The police rescued the children and comforted the girl who did not stop crying.
They went to take the declaration of the two women and …

And they confessed everything they did to the two little ones.

Two? Asked a policeman.
And when looking at the girl who was crying, she was no longer there.

Barbora had fled.

Far from there, a Norwegian couple adopted a 12-year-old boy named Adam (photo)

They gave him a home and a family, and one day while leaving school, a car pulled up in front of the school and took Adam away.

He was a policeman who wanted to interrogate the child, the policeman suspected that Adam knew something.

Adam’s adoptive parents arrived.

The parents asked for their son the officer told them they were going to put him under arrest because Adam …

It was Barbora.

After fleeing from Klara’s house, he fled through several countries to Norway, there he got fat, cut his hair and pretended to be a boy.

Barbora was much more dangerous than everyone thought, not only was she a psychopath, she could also adopt any identity.

Barbora and the two women were brought to trial and sentenced.

But after psychiatric examinations, she was released at 5 years old.

The other two women were sentenced to 12 years, the children ended up in the hospital (where one died) and the other lives with their father, but ..

Barbora was released from prison in 2011 and since then the trail has been lost …

She is missing, she can cross any border, she is chameleon, intelligent, and she is a diagnosed psychopath.

So be careful the next time a girl or boy approaches you.

It could be Barbora

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US to expand internet access to help Iranians evade state surveillance

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US to expand internet access to help Iranians evade state surveillance
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Changes in internet access aims to ‘support for the free flow of information to the Iranian people’ after death of Mahsa Amini

The US Treasury Department on Friday issued guidance expanding the range of internet services available to Iranians despite US sanctions on the country, amid protests around Iran after the death of a 22-year-old woman in custody.

Officials said the move would help Iranians access tools that can be used to circumvent state surveillance and censorship, but would not entirely prevent Tehran from using communications tools to stifle dissent, as it did by cutting off internet access for most citizens on Wednesday.

“As courageous Iranians take to the streets to protest the death of Mahsa Amini, the United States is redoubling its support for the free flow of information to the Iranian people,” Deputy US Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said.

“With these changes, we are helping the Iranian people be better equipped to counter the government’s efforts to surveil and censor them.”

Adeyemo added that Washington in coming weeks would continue to issue guidance.

Public outrage in Iran over Mahsa Amini’s death last week showed no sign of abating after days of protests in Tehran and other cities, with protesters torching police stations and vehicles earlier on Thursday and reports of security forces coming under attack.

Amini, a Kurdish woman, was arrested by the morality police in Tehran for wearing “unsuitable attire” and fell into a coma while in detention. The authorities have said they would investigate the cause of her death.

Internet monitoring group NetBlocks on Thursday said a new mobile internet disruption has been registered in Iran, where access to social media and some content is tightly restricted. NetBlocks reported “near-total” disruption to internet connectivity in the capital of the Kurdish region on Monday, linking it to the protests.

Washington has long provided some internet-related exceptions to its sanctions on Iran, but Friday’s update to the general license seeks to modernize them, the Treasury said.

The new license includes social media platforms and video conferencing and expands access to cloud-based services used to deliver virtual private networks (VPNs), which provide users with anonymity online, and other anti-surveillance tools, according to a Treasury official who briefed reporters on the license on condition of anonymity.

The license also continues to authorize anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-tracking software, the Treasury said, and removes a previous condition that communications be “personal” to ease compliance for companies.

Asked how the expanded license would help Iranians if their government again shuts down internet access, a State Department official also briefing reporters said Iran’s government would still have “repressive tools for communication.“

The new license makes it “easier for the Iranian people to confront some of those oppressive tools,” the official said. “It doesn’t mean that they don’t exist anymore.“

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk responded to a tweet from Secretary of StateStarlink  Antony Blinken about the new license on Friday with the comment “Activating Starlink,” a reference to the firm’s satellite broadband service – already provided to Ukraine for its fight against Russia’s invasion.

Musk said on Monday his company would provide to Iranians, and would ask for a sanctions exception to do so.

The Treasury official briefing reporters said Starlink’s commercial-grade system, which would involve sending hardware into Iran, would not be covered by the general license.

“That would be something that they would need to write into Treasury for,” the official said.

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British FM Liz Truss expected to be named as next prime minister

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British FM Liz Truss expected to be named as next prime minister
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LONDON: Liz Truss is expected to be named leader of the governing Conservative Party and Britain’s next prime minister on Monday, poised to take power at a time when the country faces a cost of living crisis, industrial unrest and a recession.

After weeks of an often bad-tempered and divisive party leadership contest that pitted Truss against Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister, Monday’s announcement at 1130 GMT will trigger the beginning of a handover from Boris Johnson. He was forced to announce his resignation in July after months of scandal.

On Tuesday, the winner will travel to Scotland to meet Queen Elizabeth, who will ask the new leader to form a government.

Long the front runner in the race to replace Johnson, Truss, if appointed, will become the Conservatives’ fourth prime minister since a 2015 election. Over that period the country has been buffeted from crisis to crisis, and now faces what is forecast to be a long recession triggered by sky-rocketing inflation which hit 10.1 percent in July.

Foreign minister under Boris Johnson, Truss, 47, has promised to act quickly to tackle Britain’s cost of living crisis, saying that within a week she will come up with a plan to tackle rising energy bills and securing future fuel supplies.

Speaking in a TV interview on Sunday she declined to give details of the measures she says will reassure millions of people who fear they will be unable to pay their fuel bills as winter approaches.

She has signalled during her leadership campaign she would challenge convention by scrapping tax increases and cutting other levies that some economists say would fuel inflation.

That, plus a pledge to review the remit of the Bank of England while protecting its independence, has prompted some investors to dump the pound and government bonds.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies cast doubt last month on Britain’s next prime minister having room to make large, permanent tax cuts.

‘Second most difficult post-war brief’

Truss faces a long, costly and difficult to-do list, which opposition lawmakers say is the result of 12 years of a poor Conservative government. Several have called for an early election — something Truss has said she will not allow.

Veteran Conservative lawmaker David Davis described the challenges she would take on as prime minister as “probably the second most difficult brief of post-war prime ministers” after Conservative Margaret Thatcher in 1979.

“I actually don’t think any of the candidates, not one of them going through it, really knows quite how big this is going to be,” he said, adding that costs could run into tens of billions of pounds.

Truss has said she will appoint a strong cabinet, dispensing with what one source close to her called a “presidential-style” of governing.

First, she will turn to the urgent issue of surging energy prices. Average annual household utility bills are set to jump by 80 percent in October to 3,549 pounds ($4,084), before an expected rise to 6,000 pounds in 2023, decimating personal finances.

Britain has lagged other major European countries in its offer of support for consumer energy bills, which opposition lawmakers blame on a “zombie” government unable to act while the Conservatives ran their leadership contest.

In May, the government set out a 15-billion-pound support package to help households with energy bills as part of its 37-billion-pound cost-of-living support scheme.

Italy has budgeted over 52 billion euros ($51.75 billion) so far this year to help its people. In France, increases in electricity bills are capped at 4 percent and Germany said on Sunday it would spend at least 65 billion euros shielding consumers and businesses from rising inflation.

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Authorities directed to utilise all resources to control dengue

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Authorities directed to utilise all resources to control dengue
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The authorities concerned of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) have been directed to utilize all available resources to control dengue and accelerate the ongoing anti-dengue campaign besides strictly monitoring anti-dengue activities in all Cantonment areas as September and October are very important regarding control of dengue.


According to Cantonment Executive Officer, Imran Gulzar, the authorities concerned had been directed that strict action in accordance with the law would be taken against negligent officials. He also informed that 17 FIRs were registered against the rules violators while several shopkeepers were also issued warnings during last week. Over Rs50,000 fines were also imposed for violating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the government to control dengue, he added.

He said September and October were very important for the control of dengue as most of the cases were reported during this period so the teams must focus on activities to ensure the elimination of dengue larvae.

The CEO said that anti-dengue surveillance activities, elimination of larvae, IRS Spray, and fogging was being carried out in Cantt areas while special teams on an emergency basis had also been constituted. He informed that anti-dengue teams visited Chamanabad, Masrial Road, Allahabad, Westridge Bazar, Afshan Colony, Gawalmandi, Koh-e-Noor, Mukaram Town, Qasimabad, Milatabad, Shahbaz Town, Naseerabad and other areas during last week and issued several notices.

He said that so far 54 FIRs had been registered while fines amounting to Rs315,000 were also imposed on the violators during this season. Anti-dengue spray was also conducted in over 430 houses, he added.

The CEO urged the residents to play their due role and remove stagnant water from rooftops and other places besides cooperating with the anti-dengue teams.

He said the citizens were also being educated and informed about the importance of sanitation, cleanliness, and preventive measures against dengue.

Lady health workers during the door-to-door campaign were visiting houses to educate the community, particularly females about preventive measures against the disease, he added. The main focus of the campaign was on public health education, he said and informed that the sanitary staff had been directed to ensure timely cleanliness and proper solid waste disposal in all areas.

The RCB teams were also visiting hotels, restaurants, workshops, tire shops, and junkyard godowns and apprising the citizens about dengue and adoption of maximum precautionary measures against dengue, he said adding, that the teams were also removing stagnant water and dengue larvae from several breeding sites. The vulnerable points were regularly being checked and special inspection was being conducted to check dengue mosquito larvae, he said.

The CEO urged the citizens to adopt precautionary measures and remove stagnant water from their homes and rooftops as most of the dengue larvae and the adult mosquito is found in air coolers water drums and scrap items.

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The Main Reasons For Bitcoin Drop

Abbax khan



The Main Reasons For Bitcoin Drop
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In spring-summer 2022, we became witnesses of the crypto market collapse. The first asset that crashed was Bitcoin. Its rate drop started in May 2022, falling below $40,000. Important to note that 6 months before the crash, the BTC rate reached its all-time high of $68,000. Today (as of August 2022), the BTC crypto prices live to show the level of $23,18. Such a significant BTC drop pulled the whole market down, so all other crypto asset rates followed this trend.

Let’s find out what was the reason for such a collapse in Bitcoin price.

Why Has Bitcoin Dropped?

There are several reasons why the BTC rate crashed:

  1. FED increased interest rates
  2. News background 
  3. Binance’s temporal block for BTC withdrawals

The US Federal Reserve increased the interest rates by 0,50%. That was the most significant increase since 2000. Once the interest rate increase was announced, the BTC price grew to $40 000, but inflation caused a panic market mood, and crypto markets dropped. 

News background has a significant impact on crypto prices. Since inflation has increased, many investors fear this is only the beginning and doubt the FED’s ability to manage inflation.  

Binance technical problems. Amid overall market sentiments and increased inflation, there was another cause for the BTC drop: in June, the Binance exchange went through technical issues, and since the system was unstable, the platform blocked BTC withdrawals for a while. It also impacted the asset’s rate.

That were just a few main reasons for the Bitcoin price drop. However, we all know that the crypto market is cyclical – a bullish market trend replaces every bearish trend, and sooner or later, it will happen again. 

In the meantime, we can take advantage of a total market drop, for it is an excellent time to buy crypto assets at lower rates and hold them long-term. You can use the WhiteBIT crypto platform for buying digital assets, trading or a long-term investment. The exchange offers a reliable crypto wallet and users’ accounts protection of several layers.

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Explainer: Why the Unification Church has become a headache for Japan’s Kishida

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Why the Unification Church has become a headache for Japan's Kishida
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TOKYO, Aug 10 (Reuters) – Japan’s Fumio Kishida is expected to reshuffle his cabinet on Wednesday, as his party’s ties to the Unification Church have dented public support following the assassination of former premier Shinzo Abe last month.

Abe’s suspected killer bore a grudge against the church, alleging it bankrupted his mother, and blamed Abe for promoting it, according to his social media posts and news reports.

Around a dozen other lawmakers from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) have since disclosed connections to the church, which critics call a cult.

The church has confirmed the suspected gunman’s mother was a member. It says it has been vilified and members have faced death threats since Abe’s shooting.

Here’s why the church is an issue.


The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, known as the Unification Church, was founded in South Korea in 1954 by Sun Myung Moon, an anti-communist and self-declared messiah.

Japan was one of the first destinations in its international expansion, where Moon’s conservatism aligned with the Cold War views of the ruling elite.

He launched the International Federation for Victory Over Communism group in the 1960s, building relations with Japanese politicians, according to church publications.


The church and the LDP share some views, opposing same-sex marriage and supporting revision of Japan’s pacifist constitution, said Eito Suzuki, a journalist who studies lawmakers’ relationships with religious groups.

The church built ties with politicians to attract followers and gain legitimacy, said Hiro Yamaguchi, a lawyer who has worked on cases against it. Politicians gained access to church members for help with campaigns, he said.

The LDP had no “systematic relations” with the church, Secretary General Toshimitsu Motegi has said. It would cut off ties with the church, he said on Monday.


The church has said Abe was neither a member nor an adviser. He delivered a speech at an event hosted by a church affiliate last September, according to its website.

Nobuo Kishi, Abe’s younger brother and the incumbent defence minister, told reporters he received support from church members as campaign volunteers.

Former prime minister Nobusuke Kishi, Abe’s grandfather, was an honorary executive chair at a banquet hosted by Moon in 1974, the International Federation for Victory Over Communism said on its website.


Support for Kishida’s cabinet has fallen to the lowest since he took office in October at 46%, public broadcaster NHK said on Monday, with many poll respondents saying they wanted an explanation about ties to the church.

Kishida, who has said he has “no links” to it, said new cabinet members and new ruling party officials must “thoroughly review” ties with the church.


The church has some 600,000 adherents in Japan out of 10 million globally, and Japan is the church’s fourth-largest congregation, according to Ahn Ho-yeul, a Seoul-based spokesperson, although monitoring groups in Japan question the number.

Recruitment tactics include knocking on doors, targeting members’ relatives and approaching people outside train stations, former followers say.

Japan has been its biggest source of income for decades, the spokesperson said, partly due to the practice of trading religious items for donations.

These so-called spiritual sales by the Unification Church and other groups have cost followers nearly $1 billion and resulted in some 35,000 compensation claims since 1987, according to a lawyers group.

The church previously pledged not to solicit excessive donations after some members were convicted of illegal sales tactics following an investigation.

The suspect in Abe’s murder said the church persuaded his mother to part with around 100 million yen ($736,000), according to his social media posts and news reports.

After the incident, the church said it had returned around $400,000 to the mother. It denied coercing her or declined to comment on the total sum.

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Love and Relationship Horoscope for July 28/2022

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Love and Relationship Horoscope for July 28/ 2022
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Your love life will open up with new opportunities for today. Find out the love astrological prediction for Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and other zodiac signs for July 28.

Aries: Today is a great opportunity to try out some new ways of being with the person you like. Try new things, go somewhere you’ve never been before, and find a way to make the unusual a permanent part of your lives. Habit may quickly sour any relationship, but if you and your partner are open to the possibility of new experiences, you’ll both benefit greatly.

Taurus: Look at opportunities instead of problems. Today, you may be concerned about an upcoming situation that can potentially cause some disturbance in your love life. Instead of focusing on the potential for disruption that is ahead, try to see how you can make it better. Have a serious conversation with your partner and be confident that things will work out in the end.

Gemini: A decision to continue forward with a relationship that holds a lot of potential for the future is being hampered by feelings associated with a previous relationship. Even while this might be a passing phase, it is forcing you to give serious consideration to the question of what it is that you truly seek. Instead of being frustrated, be ready to let go of the past and embrace the life that lies ahead.

Cancer: Today, communication is more important than ever, particularly if you want to convey your thoughts to the person you care about the most. In order to get seen, you might need to take a chance, and you might also need to be a little bit different and express yourself in ways that will make you stand out and grab attention. Be prepared to think beyond the given and you will find success.

Leo: There is a good chance that today will be a day full with passion. You might expect your potential romantic partner to be in a good mood and eager to embark on an outing. You and that one particular person will feel reconnected after participating in this new activity together. The choice of the location is not important, but how you spend the time together will make a difference.

Virgo: It’s possible that you’re feeling down today because you haven’t heard from a love partner in a while. Because your phone hasn’t been ringing, you might think that your loved one no longer cares about you. Don’t get caught in this mindset. Being objective will show you that this is not the case. Most likely, your companion is stuck up with some personal issue and will contact you soon.

Libra: Being romantic is in your demeanour. It’s difficult to focus on your work when your mind keeps drifting back to past love affairs and wondering about what went wrong. It would be better for you if you used all of this energy to create something new in the present. Let your creative juices flow by writing or creating a piece of art. A jovial mood will lead to spectacular success.

Scorpio: You’ve been going through a lot of transitions as of late. Some of your previous goals are no longer essential to you, but in their place are some new ambitions that you have been working for. Your romantic partner and you need to have the same spirit of exploration and curiosity. You know you’ve found the proper person to be with when they get thrilled when you talk about your plans.

Sagittarius: Your connection gets deeper and more meaningful today. You have been keeping a close tab on the person you have you like while doing so stealthily. You might have believed that this relationship required a little bit more time to develop. You can see how the merging of two persons into a single entity is a natural path now. Have fun with this stage of your love life.

Capricorn: Get a grip on yourself and inject some element of the unexpected into your romantic relationships. You are aware of how wonderful it is when someone does something romantic for you that is completely out of the blue. Put yourself out there. Don’t hold back any longer; the time has come. Create a romantic atmosphere by focusing on your strengths.

Aquarius: Today, it would appear that the present is predominately influenced by the past. There is an idea that is starting to take shape, and you might want the assistance of your partner in order to formulate it into some kind of actionable strategy. By cooperating in this endeavour, you will provide yourselves a wonderful opportunity to take pleasure in the events that will inevitably take place.

Pisces: A few aspects about the way a relationship ended recently can make you question whether or not you’re being seen favourably by the people involved. Despite the fact that you have no control over how the other person will feel after a breakup, your desire to end things on good terms might be difficult to shrug off. Try to see whether an ex is still interested in rekindling their connection with you.

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NEPRA reserves decision on Rs7.91/unit hike in power price

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NEPRA reserves decision on Rs7.91/unit hike in power price
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Power Division assures lifeline, protected consumers will not be affected

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