Does an MBA in Sports Management can boost my career?

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The obvious answer should be, ‘Yes.’ But there are a few riders.

There was a time when a student pursuing a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) means a bright future in India and elsewhere. It is an identifier of the merit and brilliance of the student.

A career in Sports Management was unthinkable and a spoiler. But things are changing slowly in India. In the engineering and technology stream, the job market is suffering from the problem of plenty; the other two streams do not ensure a brilliant career path except in academics. Moreover, pursuing a postgraduate course in science/mathematics is not an easy job.

Naturally, there is room for less demanding options. But here is a caveat, a course of MBA in Sports Management by no means easy or less intensive. Maybe, in India Sports Management is not a very oft-discussed topic, but in Europe/USA, the course is well known.

Does it necessary to learn science subjects to pursue Sports Management?

It is not an essential condition. But the subjects covered by Sports Management have a deep link with science. To pursue MBA in Sports Management, you have to learn subjects like sports medicine, nutrition, business statistics, managerial economics, management control systems, cost management/accounting, etc. And you need to have basic training in science subjects like mathematics, physics, and biology. After all, your ranking in the final exam will propel you to an excellent opening.

Yes, Sports Management is a science and needs an analytic mind. Statistics and Analytics are essentially mathematical, so you can’t ignore mathematics.

How is the job prospect in the Sports Industry?

The Sports World is a mini cosmos. Suppose you are watching a ninety minutes football match, on-field or on your television. Do you think that twenty-two players and the supervising officials complete the scenario? No. There are more than what you see like-support staff, coaches, media-people, commentators, sports journalists. Moreover, the clubs, sponsors, and a plethora of specialists complete the playing arena. It starts from the job of the spotter, who first identifies the player as a potential match-winner.

Now consider the above example. If you are a sports enthusiast, you will see at every single point on the above example is a potential opportunity for you according to your caliber and training. Therefore, there is an immense job prospect. And the field is expanding. The reason is simple.

In the ancient days, war games were the favorite mode to thump the authority of a kingdom over others. But in the present-day world order, war games are prohibitively deadly and a costly affair, besides it creates a bad name. It is far easier to vent the ire or stamp the authority through international sports. Besides, sport brings an opportunity to creates employment and a means to churn money by the corporates. Sports is also a money-spinner for the government through taxes. It makes everyone happy naturally state governments are also encouraging sports.

Therefore, the prospect of getting a job is not a factor; the factor is how you will prepare yourself with your training and skill to take the plunge.

Which country is the best for Sports Education?

There are three factors while selecting an academy. Remember, for every overseas institute- you must go through a grinding selection process.

If you are ready to go through the process, the next factor is funding. If you think the fund is no problem, you have a mini-defense budget at your disposal-then your next obstacle is language.

In most countries, the medium of instruction is English; therefore, you must have a good command of the language. And it means a good score in TOEFL or IELTS. None of the exams is easy to crack, let alone a good score.

If you are an Indian, why don’t you try an Indian institute? In India, there quite a few institutes that offer quality courses in Sports Education. The syllabi are at par with overseas institutes.

However, if your ambition is to go overseas, then Europe is an excellent choice. Apart from Europe, you can select the US or Australian institutes also.

Summing up

Look! An excellent career path is synonymous with your passion. If you want to excel, be it in Sports Market or any other profession, you must do your work passionately. It means hard work, tirelessly. So, choose Sports, if and only if you are sports-freak. It means lots of travel, and in no way it’s work from home. You must be a keen observer and a great listener. You must possess an analytical mind.

Suppose your strength is sports writing. There are great sportswriters like Sir Neville Cardus (cricket); they are legends. There is little chance of reaching that height. Because you belong to a different eon, represent a different culture, but you can trace his path, at least think like him and that will be no mean achievement.

Remember, we live because of the joy of living; do not spoil it chasing an asymptote. If you feel sports enthrall you and are your passion, go for a sports-career, the boost will follow.

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