Do you rip off your stepfather? Be careful, he may be exposed to this infection.

Do you rip off your stepfather? Be careful, he may be exposed to this infection.
Do you rip off your stepfather? Be careful, he may be exposed to this infection.
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Do you rip off your stepfather? Be careful, he may be exposed to this infection.

The skin with the nails very small from the nails is not only beautiful in appearance, but also annoying, so you need to remove it, right? Please note that pulling on the strap will make you vulnerable to this virus.

Many of us were horribly hanged. This is a very painful piece of skin, close to the nails, but you need to be careful not to use your teeth, not just biting your nails. An infectious disease called mumps.

What is Paronikia?

This is an infection around the nails, which may be caused by bacteria, yeasts (such as Candida) and other types of fungi, and even fungal and bacterial infections may occur at the same time. ..

According to the National Library of Medicine, this is not a rare infection, but the area around the nail is damaged by biting the nail, pulling or biting on hanging objects, trimming or retracting the epidermis. .. ..

It is often found on the fingers of the hand and it is not uncommon to chew or put it in the mouth, but it can also occur on the feet, even though it is caused by the soles of the feet.

In most cases, paronychia is acute. In the “Merck Handbook”, experts point out that it develops along the entire edge of the nail.

However, in some cases, mainly in people with diabetes or poor blood circulation, the infection can penetrate deep into the fingers and even in extreme cases into the arms and legs.

Chronic mumps occurs in cases of persistent inflammation. It is common in people with clumsy hands. The most common cause is fungi.

What are the symptoms of Palonika?
Your finger “jumps” and turns red

I feel the skin around my nails is swollen.

There may be pus under the skin near the nail on the affected area.
Claw changes may occur, such as looseness, deformation, and abnormal colors

The National Library of Medicine explains that one of the differences between mumps caused by bacteria and fungi is that the former tends to appear suddenly, while the latter tends to appear slowly.

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to fever, erythema on the skin, common diseases, muscle or joint pain, as this may indicate that the infection has spread to other parts of the body. Yes.

Can peritonitis be cured?

Fortunately, it depends on the cause, but it may be necessary for the doctor to drain fluid from the wound and culture it to identify the type of bacteria or fungus that caused the wound.

Experts at the Cleveland Clinic explained that bacteria (the most common cause of acute peritonitis) can be resolved by immersing the sick finger in warm water for 15 minutes a day.

If the infection does not resolve, or if pus is present, the lesion should be removed and drained. You may also need to take antibiotics.

Conversely, if you have fungal peritonitis, you need to use antifungal drugs, which may take several months.

This infection is usually mild and uncomplicated, but sometimes it can cause abscesses, permanent damage to the shape of the nail, or even spread to the tendons, bones or blood. It is important to ignore and treat.

5 points to prevent nail swelling

Take care of nails and surrounding skin

Do not bite or pinch nails or shavings. When removing shavings, be careful not to damage your skin. You can use nail clippers to pre-soak your hands, but if you have any questions, please consult an expert.

When manicure or pedicure, please bring tools or make sure it has been properly disinfected, and do not cut the cuticle.

Wear gloves and avoid contact with detergents and chemicals.

Cut your toes about once a month. They should not be too short and should always be straight.

There is no doubt that in addition to aesthetic issues, biting or piercing nails can lead to a very bad experience and infection.

Before taking care of your nails, checking or changing symptoms or appearance, talk to your doctor to determine the cause.

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