Dance Marathon at FSU Held Their Annual Florida
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Dance Marathon at FSU Held Their Annual Florida Statement Day Virtually, And This Is How It Went

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Dance Marathon at FSU Held Their Annual Florida Statement Day Virtually
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Dance Marathon at FSU held their annual Statement day virtually for the first time amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In the 26 years that Dance Marathon (DM) has been on Florida State University’s campus, there has been a lot of great accomplishments, triumphs, and most importantly change. The biggest change as of yet is courtesy of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and lead to DM’s biggest fundraising push of the year, outside of the marathon itself, going virtual.

Florida Statement day takes place towards the middle of the fall semester annually and this year, took place on October 27th and 28th, 2020. The internal team always has its sights set on hitting a new, record-breaking goal. Executive Director, Madison Faller, said “Creating a virtual Florida Statement was one of the coolest experiences because we had the space to be creative and make an experience that’s never been seen before. We knew that this year would look different, but that did not change the way that we knew our organization has always rallied behind a goal. When setting our goal for Statement, we wanted it to be meaningful and impactful to our community. So when seeing that 424 children in Leon and surrounding counties had been admitted to UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital in the past year, we knew that was it.”

Normally, these intense 26.2 consecutive hours of fundraising have lots of programming, the gong, multiple share-it events, DM after dark, and so much hype. Therefore, when going about tackling this amazing event online for the first time, many things had to be altered, changed, or even nixed altogether.

Because of the virtual platform, participants were given the option of whether or not they wanted to participate completely virtual or not. Of course, it is a bit harder to get donations completely from home, with no opportunity to ask people in person or do things that you can post for traction, but considering people are completely remote and out of Tallahassee and the fact that COVID-19 is still a very legitimate concern and people cannot risk going out, it is a reality that some people had to deal with. For other participants, there was very limited programming on campus including a Tally Mac Shack share-it, the Tour De Gong (where we took the gong to all the external organizations so we could socially distance,) and a scavenger hunt during DM after Dark. Luckily, DM was able to keep most of their usual events and programming by just switching it up a little bit to make it a virtual version. All-team meetings, Circle of Hope, and Jail (renamed operation breakout) were some of the staple Statement programming opportunities that were salvaged via a virtual platform.

After taking the time to process this huge event, members of each team (Exec, Core Captains, and External Dancers) that participated completely virtually answered some questions to summarize their experience:

Name, year in school, team/position

Katherine Gibson (KG): Junior, Community Marathons Chair

Alyssa Suarez (AS): Junior, Finance Core

Sarah Rick (SR): Junior, Morale Captain

Lizzie Eaton (LE): Sophomore, Alpha Kappa Psi Dancer, and Assistant Delegate

How were you feeling when you found out about Statement Day?

KG: Since I am on the executive board, I was one of the first people to find out about the Statement. I think it is such an exciting annual event that we put on each year, so I was very excited that we were upholding the tradition. However, I was also a little nervous at how our dancers and community would respond to us putting on a Statement since we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of the day, I know how amazing of a cause that Statement is, and I knew that our community would continue to get involved no matter what the circumstances were.

AS: When I found out the Statement was virtual, I was nervous. It would be our first big event held online, and I honestly had no idea what to expect in terms of participation and fundraising goals.

SR: I was nervous at first since, I was going to be remote, and I had high expectations since I set my goal at $3,000 for the year and last year raised $1,000 during Statement.

LE: I was so excited to find out about the Statement! I didn’t really get involved with DM until right before the marathon so I was looking forward to seeing each step of the dm process leading up to the dance.

One word check-in, how did you feel going into it?

KG: Determined

AS: Stressed

SR: Anxious

LE: Excited

Where did you participate virtually from and why?

KG: I participated in my apartment in Tallahassee. I set up a workstation at my desk and carried out all of my tasks from my own space. I’ve been extremely careful with taking precautions against COVID-19, and I felt a lot more comfortable participating without having to worry about virus exposure.

AS: I participated virtually from my hometown of North Palm Beach, FL. I chose to stay home this semester because my sister is immunocompromised. Going up to school partway through the semester and then returning home is extremely risky.

SR: I participated virtually in Pittsburgh, PA because I was visiting extended family before I went to Ohio to spend my nephew’s first Halloween with my family!

LE: I participated mostly virtually from my apartment in Tallahassee!

What were your responsibilities during the day, if any?

KG: As a member of the executive board, I attended multiple exec meetings throughout the day and night. I also attended All Team Meetings, ran meetings with my Community Marathons team, updated Community Marathons social media accounts, and maintained frequent contact with the local high school programs. In addition, I managed my own personal fundraising throughout the day!

AS: My main job was to update fundraising documents every hour, on the hour. We take donor and fundraising information from Donor Drive and translate it into different Excel spreadsheets. I also helped to input matching into fundraisers’ accounts. Throughout the day, I answered any questions Internal and External had via the donor drive help email.

SR: My responsibilities included going to Morale and Internal meetings via Zoom, and raising money while trying to be as present as I could while being remote. I hyped up my friends, who were there in person while reaching out to several people at a time to try to get donations.

LE: I helped communicate with our team about the different fundraising pushes throughout the Statement and encouraged people to stay involved. I also created graphics for our social media page so we constantly produced content throughout the event.

During the day, did you feel that the on-campus programming was helpful or hurtful to our fundraising efforts?

KG: I think it was very helpful because it gave students the opportunity to safely have fun on Statement and increase morale amongst dancers. If participants are excited and engaged with our cause, they will end up raising more money for our movement.

AS: I think on-campus programming is always going to help our fundraising efforts. It attracts those who do not know about the organization or want to learn more about it. Since I was not up there to know how on-campus programming exactly went, I honestly am not sure if it helped or hindered our fundraising efforts this year.

SR: Campus programming is ALWAYS helpful during Dance Marathon events. Although it is not as busy on campus, the Tour De Gong is something that definitely probably helped and made it as close to “normal” as possible.

LE: I think the on-campus involvement was a great way to spread more awareness, especially to freshmen who are mostly the only people on campus.

Did you feel like it was easier or harder to fundraise completely virtually?

KG: I had no issues fundraising virtually! Because of the pandemic, so many of our fundraising strategies have pivoted to being virtual over the past year anyway, so it was not hard to carry out my fundraising through virtual methods.

AS: I personally did not find it challenging to fundraise virtually. I usually email, text, or use social media to get in contact with potential donors. I was not able to get my headshot though, so I was not able to update profile pictures or post with my updated name tag and polo. Sometimes, donors enjoy seeing pictures of what you are actively doing during fundraising pushes.

SR: It was a lot harder, just because I could not use live, on-campus methods to influence my friends to donate. A lot of my DM donations were from people that I emailed, texted, or talked to in person to tell them about DM. Usually, on campus, you can ask random students for donations or do incentives, so that was the harder part, but it was not impossible.

LE: It was a bit harder to fundraise because people aren’t as willing to donate these days, but most years I know that we do a lot of virtual fundraising through Facebook and Venmo so that was still a very helpful technique.

Did you feel connected to campus and the programming that was happening there from home?

KG: Yes! I attended all Zoom calls, Power Hour, Operation Breakout, and team meetings, and I was still able to connect and bond with my team and other members of our organization. If anything, I feel like I was able to connect more with everyone because I had constant access to my devices.

AS: I did not feel as connected as I would have liked since I am seven hours away from school. However, our team had periodic check-ins and meetings, so I was able to look forward to talking with my team. I definitely felt more connected than I was excepting to feel, though.

SR: Although it was hard, I did feel connected with DM while I was away, but it’s because I tried hard to stay engaged so my experience was better. Since it’s all online, you had to stay motivated just like with your classes.

LE: The connection to campus felt a bit distant for me because I haven’t been there much since school started since all of my classes are online. I’m trying my best to stay safe and be careful but I’m glad there were some opportunities on campus. The Livestream reveal was also a great way to keep everyone connected and come together at the end of the event.

Are you content with the total amount of money the organization raised?

KG: I am extremely proud of the work that we all put into making the Statement a success. Even though we didn’t hit our goal, we still raised over $400,000 for the kids in the middle of a pandemic, which I believe is quite an accomplishment. Any amount of money we raise is going towards such an important cause, and $400,000 is going to make such a difference in the lives of our miracle children and families.

AS: I am BEYOND proud of our final fundraising total!!! It exceeded my expectations. I honestly was unsure of how much we were going to raise since this was all conducted virtually. But we all showed up, physically and virtually, and raised so much money FTK!

SR: I am extremely proud of the total we raised. 2020 has been the craziest year all of us have experienced. We raised over $400,000 in 26.2 hours during a pandemic. That is absolutely amazing. It is hard for people to see that due to the goal we set but being almost fully online, during a pandemic and other obstacles of 2020, we still did that, and I will forever be proud of Dance Marathon at FSU.

LE: I am so proud of how much we raised! Considering the time we are in right now, over $400,00 is something to be so proud of! It exceeded all of my expectations and I know every penny will be put to great use and impact so many lives.

What would you say is the best tip for people choosing to participate virtually in DM for the remainder of the semester/year/potentially the future?

KG: Make the most out of your experience! Even though you aren’t able to physically be on campus, this does not mean you don’t have to be engaged throughout the day. Take advantage of all of the online opportunities there are to fundraise, bond with your team, and attend events via Zoom and Livestream. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!

AS: The best tip I have for raising money virtually is to utilize ALL the people you know! Email your family, friends, parents’ co-workers, etc. Make a Facebook fundraiser (it has been a huge success for many fundraisers so far). One fundraising idea that many people now utilize is making “starter packs” or “what song you remind me of.” It is a personal favorite of mine!

SR: A tip I would give to people is to remember their “why” and to think about the miracles made. As said before, this year has been hard for everyone. So, think of how hard it is for the families of DM. People who participate in DM have a “why” and if not, they will find one by the end of their first year. Remembering that will push you to have a great year. A huge motto I live by is, “You get out what you put in,” so you might as well give it your all, virtual or not.

LE: I think finding creative ways to get your friends and family engagement is key. For example, I sent Snapchat’s to a bunch of my friends and if they donated $1 I would send them a TikTok! Getting personal to those who donate to you is so important so they feel like their donation is meaningful and fun at the same time!

What was your favorite part of the statement?

KG: Participating in the final reveal at the stadium! There is no greater feeling than holding up such meaningful numbers. I am so proud of the collective effort we made as an FSU community, and representing our school by holding up our final number was so emotional and a feeling I will never forget.

AS: My favorite part of Statement was (as cheesy as it sounds) seeing everyone come together despite the conditions we are faced with. We all know the importance of raising money FTK, but it is even more important now! Kids are still going to see their doctors for check-ups, surgeries, treatments, and more. They need funds more than ever!

SR: My favorite part of Statement is seeing people who beat goals that they never thought were possible. The statement is a day that blows people away with their goals, they might want to raise $500 and end up raising way more, which is incredible, and all in the great magic of Statement.

LE: My favorite part of Statement was being able to work with my Alpha Kappa Psi team and have our hard work translated into so many amazing outcomes! I also loved seeing how hard everyone on the Dance Marathon Team worked and how passionate everyone is about this truly special cause.

Did you hit your goal and are you happy with the amount of money you raised?

KG: I did hit my goal and I am so humbled and grateful that I received so many donations throughout the day. I was able to raise $1,000 and join Comma Club which is such an incredible accomplishment. I am so thankful to everyone who donated throughout the day.

AS: CORE had individual goals of $700. While I originally wanted to raise more than last year ($1,200), I decided to keep $700 as my goal due to the current circumstances. I was able to raise over $1,000, which exceeded my goal. I am very proud of getting to Comma Club and surpassing my goal!

SR: My goal for Statement this year was $1,000. I raised $1,800 and I am extremely thankful for how much I beat my goal by. I woke up the morning of the Statement with $200 in my Donor Drive and I ended up with $2,037. It is an amazing day and I am thankful to all my donors.

LE: I did hit my goal and I’m so grateful to everyone who donated! It means so much to me that all my friends and family support and love the same causes I’m so passionate about.

What tactic helped you raise the most money?

KG: Instead of asking for large donations, I asked for small donations of $4.24 to represent the 424 kids from Leon and surrounding counties admitted to Shands over the past year. Even though I asked for less money than usual, I ended up having more people donate, which led to a collectively larger total amount raised.

AS: Emailing family friends and my parents’ co-workers was the best tactic I had to raise the amount I did.

SR: A tactic that helped me a lot during the Statement was emailing people personally. People love it when you personally email them and thank them for all they have done! Then you ask how they are and tell them about the Statement! Most people if you directly email or text them will donate!

LE: The tactic that helped me raise the most money was reaching out to people individually and providing fun incentives for supporting me! For example, I messaged a ton of people on Snapchat and if they donated $1, I would make them a TikTok! This was so much fun and a great way for people to feel like they are making an impact, big or small.

Would you say you made YOUR statement? Why or why not?

KG: What made my Statement was seeing how engaged our high school programs were with the day and our movement. In just 26.2 hours, our 7 local high schools were able to raise over $85,000. I am so proud to know them and to watch them achieve such incredible accomplishments.

AS: I 100% made my statement. Whenever there is a fundraising push, I remind myself of why I raise money FTK. I personally was treated at a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital almost ten years ago. I was reminded of my time there when I had the amazing opportunity to tour Shands. It was incredible to see firsthand the equipment we have raised money towards. The equipment used by the doctors and nurses is an essential part of treating our miracle kids. I was reminded that the equipment doctors and nurses used during my surgery was funded by CMN and programs like Dance Marathon. Therefore, I dance and raise money to help fund the equipment used by Shands in order to help our miracle kids one day dance alongside us in celebration.

SR: Yes, I think I made my statement! My goal was $1,000 and I raised $1,800 in 26.2 hours! I am super proud of not just myself, but of Dance Marathon as a whole. It was extremely hard this year due to COVID and it all being online! We did such a great job for all the circumstances we have been through in 2020 and it just makes me so excited for the rest of the year!

LE: I think I made my statement for many reasons. One of course is that I was able to raise a ton of money for Dance Marathon! But also, I renewed my appreciation and compassion for this organization, only making me want to learn and spread more awareness for it.

At the end of the 26.2 long hours, Executive Director, Madison Faller, in talking about raising $400,595 for the kids, said “Florida Statement 2020 was such an incredible experience that I know brought a much-needed sense of normalcy to our community and participants. The level of engagement that we saw throughout those 26.2 hours was so inspiring and is such a testament to the resiliency and dedication of our participants in this 26th year. Thank you to every donor, participant, and supporter – this truly would not have been possible without you.”

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Student Life

A growing number of Americans are questioning the value of going to college

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A growing number of Americans are questioning the value of going to college
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The share of Americans who believe colleges and universities have a positive impact on the country has dropped by 14 percentage points since 2020.

That’s according to the latest results of an annual survey conducted by New America, a nonpartisan think tank. Since 2017, the organization has been collecting data on Americans’ attitudes about the value of education after high school and how that education should be funded.

Many of the report’s findings have remained stable over time – for example, the general consensus that post-secondary education offers a good return on investment for students remains. But there’s been a steep decline in the overall perception of higher education’s impact on the country.


The nationally representative survey included about 1,500 adults and was conducted in the spring of 2022, “when people started to feel the effects of gas price increases,” Nguyen says. “People started to feel that an economic recession is actually coming.”

In line with previous years, the survey finds that Democrats and Republicans disagree about multiple aspects of higher education. While 73% of Democrats believe colleges and universities have a positive impact on the country, only 37% of Republicans feel that way.

Americans also remain divided on who should pay for higher education. Most Democrats (77%) say the government should fund higher education because it’s good for society, while the majority of Republicans (63%) say students should pay for post high school education because they benefit from it.

A new question on this year’s survey asked respondents about the minimum level of education they believe their immediate or close family members should receive in order to be financially secure. While nearly three-quarters of respondents agree some sort of postsecondary education is required for their child or close family member to achieve financial security, there are partisan divides. Only a quarter of Democrats say that a high school diploma or GED is sufficient to achieve economic security, compared to 39% of Republicans who say so.

Despite the overall agreement on the value of higher education, many Americans are concerned about affordability. Only about half of respondents think Americans can get an affordable, high-quality education after high school.

Across the political spectrum, says Nguyen, people “are pretty aligned on the affordability questions.” But, she says, they don’t agree on how to solve these affordability issues. “I think that’s translated to the current policy environment we’re living in right now.”

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Student Life

Extension in summer vacations proposed

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Extension in summer vacations proposed
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An extension in summer vacations has been proposed for educational institutions including schools across Punjab including in the Rawalpindi district as monsoon rains have caused wide-spread damage to infrastructure including school buildings in the province.

Officials said that the damaged buildings and boundary walls may pose a risk to the students and teachers when the schools reopen across Punjab on August 1 after summer vacations. They said that it has been proposed not to open schools prior to the completion of repair work.

The officials said that it has been proposed to extend the summer vacations for two weeks due to the torrential rains and urban flooding in all 36 districts of Punjab including the Rawalpindi district. They said that it has been proposed to resume new session from August 15 instead of August 1. The officials said that the proposal has been deferred by the provincial education ministry until the new education minister takes the oath.

The officials said that a final decision regarding the proposal will be taken by July 29 once the new education assumes charge of the office.

Sources said that the bureaucracy was also in favour of the proposal as per the forecast, the heavy rainfall would continue over the next few days.

Meanwhile, District Education Authority Chief Executive Officer Raja Amjad Iqbal has ordered a week-long cleaning campaign in educational institutions throughout the district prior to the start of the new session.

He said that it was a collective responsibility to carry out a robust campaign for the eradication of the dengue virus and larvae. The official said that heads of all educational institutions should ensure the cutting of grass and deep cleaning of classrooms, bathrooms, roofs, water tanks, water coolers, and dispensers prior to the start of the new session. He said that dengue awareness posters and banners must be hoisted on school gates.

The Rawalpindi district administration and health teams will also inspect all educational institutions to ensure thorough cleanliness arrangements for the students.

Officials said that health teams were actively working in various tehsils of the Rawalpindi district for the eradication of the dengue virus.

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Student Life

Summer Vacations and Students with Special Needs

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Summer Vacations and Students with Special Needs
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A notification was issued by the school education dept. Punjab on 26th May 2022 that schools will remain closed for summer vacations from 1st June to 31st July. Education authority Lahore imposed a ban on holding summer camps during the vacations. It was said that warnings will be issued and fines will be imposed if any school does not follow the instructions.

I do not want to make any personal comments on whether the summer camps should be allowed or not in mainstream schools. I want to highlight another segment of children and students who is definitely getting negatively affected by this decision. Let me share few real life stories with you before unfolding my argument.

Few day ago I was sitting in my office when she came to me in quite a disturbed mood. Her expressions were so confusing that initially I thought she was angry but in matter of moments her frustration started flooding out of her eyes. It was so heart breaking to learn that she had shifted from Islamabad and for last one month was desperately looking for professional support for her 4 years old boy with autism. Our government has ordered that no school can have classes in summer vacations so no special school was open to help this anxious mother of a son with autism and ADHD. With a non-cooperative spouse and limited financial resources govt. or ngo run centers were the only choices she had. She was so anxious and depressed because without professional support behavioral and sensory problems of her son were getting worse.

This is not the only example, I get to meet many parents who are so distressed because their children with special needs are unable to receive physical, speech or behavior therapy just because our provincial govt. does not allow special schools to function during summer vacations. We need to understand that children with special needs not only require specialized academic services, they also need regular therapeutic support. Children with cerebral palsy need physical and occupational therapy not only to make better use of their motor abilities but also to prevent contractures or deterioration of their muscles and bones. They also might need constant help from speech therapist to improve swallowing, so they can eat better. It is uncomprehend able that we are depriving these children of therapeutic, professional and emotional support without considering the negative consequences. It is crucial that decision makers look at the different scenarios and objectives of summer programs before imposing uniform rules or laws.

I consider it my responsibility to raise voice for those hundreds and thousands of parents of special children who cannot afford expensive private therapy sessions. They have enrolled their children in special education schools where they get all possible support. If they are forced to deprive their children of essential professional support, it cannot be justified by any mean. Let me share another scenario with you. There is a 15 years old boy who has intellectual disability and hyperactivity. With the help of school, parents are able to maintain a routine of activities which helps in managing his behavior quite reasonably. The child has become so hyper during the summer break that he is literally unmanageable for the mother. Parents are so desperately waiting for reopening of school.

Some institutes for special persons also provide vocational training and sheltered employment services. In most cases, these vocational training facilities are located within the institute or school. It is really not comprehendible that all services are put to a halt without any logical explanation. Cherry on the cake it that any anonymous complaint about summer program in a special education setup can activate the administrative machinery of the area to make sure that this facility is not functional.

I work for a nonprofit organization where many parents from other cities of Punjab and other provinces visit solely for assessment and professional support. They do not require admission in school. Imagine if a family comes to you from Azad Kashmir with their special needs child. They have no place to live so they are spending nights at Data Darbar. How can you say no to a family in such desperate need of support? In fact you might even have to arrange for their breakfast and lunch along with all the care and professional support.

I request the relevant authorities to look into this matter empathetically. We need to understand that nonprofit or govt. run special schools do not make summer classes a source of earning. Institutes for special education are not providing only academic services, it also involves medical, therapeutic, vocational and employment readiness programs. A long discontinuation of services can have serious repercussions for physical health and mental wellbeing of students with special needs and their families. Parents should be given the right to consult with relevant professionals and make informed decision about sending or not sending their child for summer program in his special education school. Relevant authorities and decision makers should consider the seriousness of the matter. I request them to take stakeholders on board and develop a realistic strategy. They need to make sure that students with special needs get access to essential therapeutic and training services during summer..

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Edu negotiation tactic has saved Arsenal £20m for Lucas Paqueta transfer pursuit

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Edu negotiation tactic has saved Arsenal £20m for Lucas Paqueta transfer pursuit
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Arsenal technical director Edu has been extremely busy during the summer transfer window

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Student Life

What is UPSC EPFO?

Odyssey News



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The Employee Provident Fund Organization is a wide-ranging social organisation that secures pension accounts and manages the provident fund of the retired people of the sector. Candidates are aspiring to know more about UPSC EPFO. It was inaugurated by the Employee’s Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act,1952 under the Ministry of Labor and Employment in reference to the Union Public Service Commission.

UPSC EPFO is applicable all over India except Jammu and Kashmir. UPSC EPFO deals with three schemes-

  • 1952 EPFO Scheme
  • 1995 Pension Scheme (EPS)
  • 1976 Insurance Scheme (EDLI)

The opportunity for candidates to get appointed in UPSC EPFO conducts examination annually. Aspirants who sought to work at UPSC EPFO must know about the syllabus, exam pattern, vacancies, etc for better preparation. Candidates can easily follow the official website of UPSC EPFO for information on exam dates, syllabus, and exam patterns which will be released by the Union Public Service Commission for various posts. UPSC EPFO basically recruits mostly eligible candidates for each post like Enforcement officer (EO), and Accounts Officer (AO) through examinations, and the dates will be provided very soon.

What is an RBI Office Attendant?

RBI office attendant is yet another high positional job for which lakhs of aspirants are appearing in the examination. Once a candidate cracks the examination for RBI Office Attendant gets promoted to the post of RBI manager with a lucrative salary.  RBI office attendant work is to arrange the files, transferring of documents from office to office, check the needs of the officer, etc. Reserve Bank of India organised the examinations every year for the candidates on a national level to recruit them in offices of different banks. Candidates are got selected on the basis of their examinations with proper proficiency in the language.

RBI office attendant also has its syllabus, exam pattern, and eligibility criteria to hire the candidates by a biased process which is available on their official website. Aspirants must remember the subjects and exam dates while preparing.

Syllabus of UPSC EPFO

Like many other top-level exams, UPSC EPFO includes a vast syllabus consisting of topics such as General English, Indian Freedom Struggle, Current Events, and Developmental Issues, Indian Polity and Economy, General Accounting Principles, Industrial Relations, and Labour Laws, General Science and knowledge of Computer Applications, General Mental Ability and Quantitative Aptitude and Social Security in India. Every aspirant needs to be well versed in all these topics to crack the examination of UPSC EPFO.

Exam Pattern of UPSC EPFO

UPSC EPFO possesses only two levels of examinations to recruit the eligible candidate. The two levels of examination are Recruitment Test(RT) and Interview.

Recruitment Test is conducted by written exam or paper-based examination with a set of objective paper of 120 multiple-choice questions through offline mode. Aspirants are not only required to prepare themselves theoretically but also have to prepare themselves practically to face the interview if they aspirants are able to crack the first level and thus get selected for the second level.

Students can also take assistance from Byju’s Exam Prep to prepare for UPSC EPFO.

Educational Qualifications Eligibility for UPSC EPFO

Any candidates having a Master’s degree in a specialised discipline like law, accounts, and Company secretariat will be given preference and any Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised institute/ University can apply for the UPSC EPFO examination.

Some Highlights for UPSC EPFO 2022

Here are some important highlights for the UPSC EPFO 2022 exam selection procedure which are given below:

  • Name of the Examination: Union Public Service Commission Employee Provident Fund Organization Exam 2022
  • Exam level: Nationally
  • Language proficiency: Hindi and English
  • Posting: All over India
  • Fees for the exam: INR 25/-
  •     Exam medium: Hindi and English

Vacancy and Exam Date for UPSC EPFO Exam Date 2022

The total number of vacancies for UPSC EPFO is 421 having a category of OBC, and EWS, and the exam dates have not been confirmed yet but will be conducted in the month of August or September 2022.

Students who are willing to appear in the UPSC EPFO exams 2022 or RBI office attendant exams can study this article for the details. You must keep visiting the official website for any information regarding the exams. This was the information provided in this article to help out the students mould themselves.


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Does Title IX Protect Transgender Students?

Abbax khan



Does Title IX Protect Transgender Students?
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Title IX is a federal civil rights law that says schools cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. And this includes accommodations for transgender students in things like bathrooms and locker rooms. It means that transgender students are entitled to use the restroom or locker room that matches their gender identity, not their assigned sex. 

If a trans student requests accommodation, schools need to work out what’s best in a “reasonable accommodation” way. That could include providing private facilities for those who are uncomfortable sharing with the opposite sex or designating certain restrooms as unisex for any student who wants to use them. If the institution fails to do so, it can be sued by the student. You might then need a good lawyer for Title IX defense in California.

Why Should You Hire a Lawyer for Title IX Defense?

It’s a serious issue that can have serious consequences. And it could get expensive and time-consuming. No matter how you look at it, you need a good lawyer by your side for Title IX defense.  

Title IX violations can result in a school being sued by a parent or student, or in a loss of federal funding. They can also lead to low morale among other students and an overall negative school atmosphere. In short, Title IX is not one to be taken lightly! Title IX covers many areas including bathrooms and locker rooms (which we’ve just talked about), athletics, ability groupings, and even sex education. 

Therefore, if you are accused of Title IX violations, it’s best to appoint an attorney who specializes in Title IX law right away. If your organization is going to need good lawyers for Title IX defense, you can look online for a good candidate. It doesn’t have to be the lawyer who handled your divorce five years ago, but you should go for someone who specializes in Title IX defense. You want someone with lots of experience who will be able to deal with any legal issue that may arise, including those embarrassing moments when things go wrong.

A good Title IX defense lawyer will be able to help you evaluate your options, fight for your rights, and protect yourself against potentially costly consequences. These lawyers can also help you settle out of court if that’s what’s best for you.


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Student Life

Why High School in Bangalore should be the best choice




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Academic performance is emphasized and is of primary concern as students reach high school. Good high schools ensure that students are provided with every necessary equipment and resource, encouraging them to achieve excellence. Parents have a wish list of considerations and expectations while selecting a school for their kids. High Schools do serve the educational needs of students, but there is something beyond education to look for. A school committed to enhancing every student’s potential becomes an ideal choice for a parent. Furthermore, if the school is affiliated with the CBSE board, the board with the largest number of affiliated schools in India, it makes the choice that much easier.

Quality education is a must since today the world focuses on qualified professionals with enhanced skill sets. Every high school in Bangalore ensures that they play significant roles in the life and growth of every student. Since the CBSE syllabus is much more flexible, it becomes a preferred board where a student can reach his professional goal easily. There are various reasons why parents choose the best CBSE schools in India and especially in Bangalore. Below are some reasons why high schools in Bangalore are ideal for students.

School Infrastructure

School infrastructure and the facilities provided to maintain the students’ comfort level make it a preferred choice. Schools today stay aligned with the parameters globally set for the schools in terms of school structures and technologies. The school campus and premises should be upgraded as per the expectation and educational requirements of students. It is essential to have well-equipped laboratories, advanced classrooms, attractive assembly areas, and better libraries to facilitate students’ needs. Schools with visually appealing premises with good amenities would be a parent’s preferred choice.

Social Involvement

A classroom with students from diverse backgrounds is essential for the social growth of a child. Students collaborate with co-students from various communities and are exposed to different cultures. It enhances and strengthens the global belongingness of the student. They can widen their perspective of several cultures and can explore unique experiences.

Unlike traditional learning methods, students think more affirmatively and are ready to be socially involved.

Academic Reputation

A high school in Bangalore that has consistently achieved academic excellence is most sought-after. Expenses or admission fees are not that much of a concern when it comes to giving the best education to your child. What parents look for in an ideal school is that it helps their children achieve their life goals. Various award-winning CBSE schools in Bangalore have won laurels for their academic excellence. Besides quality education, these schools pay equal attention to extra-curricular activities that assist in sharpening the mind of your child. A school that provides an in-depth evaluation of your child’s improvement is likely to top your list.

Promises long-term growth

When quality time is devoted to the overall development of students, it means the school is on the right track towards excellence. A high school with the right vision, faculty, and infrastructure lays a structured foundation for a child’s educational journey. The nationally recognized board with stream-based academic flexibility paves the path for a dynamic professional future. Hence, a high school in Bangalore that crafts a perfect life for your child is a good choice.

A student-oriented and comprehensive learning that enhances every possible skill of a child are the essential characteristic of an excellent high school. It takes every initiative in improvising the teaching techniques of the educators, making them pay personal attention to the child. They get the children future-ready for competitive examinations making them self-reliant. It is essential to consider all aspects before choosing the best high school for a child. Good high schools are student-friendly and inculcate universal values in them.

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Student Life

When to Send Graduation Invitations




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Graduation can change your life with making post graduation plans, organizing a graduation party and making sure you pass all your final exams. At the time of your graduation planning experience, you can find yourself with graduation announcements. If you make plan for announcements, you should leave your recipients with little or no time to prepare for the celebration. After graduation, people start to think about their future job and prepare themselves for a perfect job. Graduation invitations will save you from the stress and last minute rush of preparing your custom graduation announcements. There are many features of inspirational graduation quotes, academic achievements, and all the details of the big day. Read the lines below to get more information.

The Time To Send Graduation Invitations

Sending graduation invitations is very important matter for graduates. It should be sent out at least two weeks before the event. On the other hand, you can send them up to six weeks after the event, if you want. For high school and university graduation ceremonies, it allots students a certain number of tickets. You can reserve these for immediate family and grandparents by including their graduation ticket and invitation to the ceremony with your personalized announcement. If you know that everyone may be able to attend the ceremony, there is nothing stopping guests from attending your graduation party. For hosting a post graduation ceremony party, you have to consider inserting your party invitation in with your announcement.

By including a reply card with postage, you will get a great way to get quick RSVP’s. Consider the long distance far your announcements have to travel, when you fix the time. If you can set more time for those out of town friends and family, they may have to travel for the ceremony. So, avoid the busy schedule for everyone. June is a busy month for everyone. So, you should see on a daily basis and fix a perfect date.

To make a perfect thank you cards graduation, you have to order your graduation announcements well in advance and order your graduation announcements at least a month in advance in order to get them in time. If you want a graduation photoshoot for fresh photos to feature on the announcements, you need to make a plan even farther ahead. Then you should make a mailing list to make sure that all your loved ones know about your achievement. Then check for correct titles and make sure the using the correct titles for each recipient.

If you want to ensure the correct address, double checking is the best solution for you. Check the spelling properly. To use square envelopes and weighs of your letter, you need to check for correct postage. Then you can send in plenty of time for each recipient and invite your close friends and family. Without them, you cannot arrange your graduation ceremony properly. You can invite acquaintances, tutors, teachers, and classmates as well.


At the last step, we can say that graduation thank-you card or invitation is a great way to make your educational experience properly. So, make your graduation invitations properly to get this wonderful experience.

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Student Life

The well known kindergarten schools and high schools of Japan




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Japan is one of the most important countries in the world on account of its economic power. This is apparent in every corner of the world, what with its iconic products and brands being considered the last word in quality everywhere. Japan is also a major soft  power with its ancient traditions as well as modern popular culture being appreciated and admired the world over. Japan is also a very popular destination for expats to come and live in. Many of these come there with their families and children as is evidenced by the large number of international Japan schools in the country that cater to the educational requirements of the latter. 


On any given morning one can see a large number of kindergartners and other schoolchildren head towards their schools in the different towns and cities of the world. Let’s take a look at some examples below-


The best Japan Schools for Kindergartners, Primary and Secondary School Children.


  1. Global Indian International School, Tokyo

Global Indian International School Tokyo is one of the best known private Japan school. It is extremely popular with the expat community living in the country, especially the Indians. Part of the globally renowned GIIS network of schools, it boasts a world class campus replete with the latest cutting edge facilities and amenities. It offers classes from the pre primary to the highschool levels and exposes the students to the best pedagogical practices in the world. This is evident in the sheer range of curricula that it offers to its students. These include Global Montessori Plus for Kindergartners, CBSE, Cambridge (CLSP), Cambridge (IGCSE), IB Primary Years, IB Diploma and IBDP Bridge Course.


The success of this school is brought out by the fact that its students have a stellar track record of obtaining admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world.


  1. New International School of Japan


New International School of Japan is a world class dual language school in Tokyo that follows the Japanese and an international curriculum. It provides a holistic education to students in the age group of 3 to 18 years. The school happens to be accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) as well as the Council of International Schools (JCIS). That apart, it is a member of the Japan Council of International Schools (JCIS), the Progressive Education Network (PEN) and the Tokyo Association of International Preschool (TAIP).


The cornerstone of the school’s educational policy is derived from a dual language implementation of Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence. It is not surprising that the school is extremely popular both with the locals and expats as the right place to send their children for a holistic education.


  1. Axis International School

This is an international school par excellence providing education to students from the pre primary to the higher secondary level. The fact that they have native english speaking teachers in the school makes all the difference to the way that the school is perceived by the expat communities in Tokyo. The school is affiliated to Griggs International Academy and that fact allows it to offer its students a fantastic academic program, especially the high school one. The students studying at this school stand a very good chance of making it to the top fifty universities in the world on account of that association. There is also a lot of emphasis on physical education and spiritual development making the school as good as any top ranked educational institution in any corner of the world.


  1. Kohana International School

Kohana International School offers an education to children between the ages of 3 and 18. The school boasts students hailing from 8 different nationalities, with the most predominant presence being that of the Indian community. The school follows the British curriculum(IGCSE) and is known both for its academic rigor as well as the focus on extracurricular activities. The school empowers individuals to grow into the best version of themselves. It helps that the school has a multicultural character allowing the students to assimilate the best traits of diverse cultures and grow into global citizens.




There isn’t a better place than Japan for a child to receive his or her schooling. The national exposes young impressionable minds to the best pedagogy in the world as as the benign influence of a Japanese culture steeped in traditions and cultures. The fact that Japan is a major first world country means that the country offers the best possible infrastructure for children to receive an outstanding schooling.


The 21st century, it is often said, is the Asian century and what better place for the children of today than to receive their schooling in the number one Asian country in the world. Students receiving their schooling in Japan will receive one that is future ready and just right for the 21st century.

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Student Life

Fascinating Facts That You May Not Know About London




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London is one of the most fascinating and multifarious municipalities in the world. There’s so much to see and do in London, from its iconic attractions to its trendy neighbourhoods.

While most people are familiar with some of the more well-known aspects of London, there are still plenty of interesting facts about this city that many people don’t know. Here are just a few of those facts!

50% Population of London Born Outside USA

Did you know that London is one of the most miscellaneous metropolitan in the world? With over 300 languages spoken and more than 50% of the population born outside of the UK, it’s no wonder that London is such a cultural melting pot.

Immigration has always been an important part of London’s history, and these days it continues to be one of the city’s defining features. Still, a lot of people are coming from outside the United Kingdom and they are making their contribution to the makeup of London.

If you’re thinking about immigrating to London, Immigration Lawyers London may be a good place to start. They can help you with the operation and make sure that everything moves as smoothly as probable.

1 in 5 Londoners are Muslim

London is also home to gigantic Muslim residents. In fact, about 1 in 5 Londoners identify as Muslim (around 14% of the total population). This is in part due to the fact that many immigrants who have come to London over the years have been Muslim.

The city’s Muslim population is also diverse, with people from all different backgrounds and cultures represented. They arrived from all over the globe, including countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Morocco.

If you’re interested in learning more about London’s Muslim community, there are a number of museums and attractions that you can visit. The British Museum, for example, has an entire section devoted to Islamic art and culture.

More Than 300 Languages is Spoken Here

London is residence to more than 300 foreign languages. This is due to the city’s diverse population, as well as its history of immigration.

In fact, London is often referred to as a “linguistic melting pot.” There are so many diverse tongues voiced in London that it’s practically impossible to learn them all.

Some of the most common languages spoken in London include English, Bengali, Polish, Urdu, and Tamil. However, there are also many rare and exotic languages that can be heard on the streets of London.

If you’re interested in learning more about London’s linguistic diversity, there are many lingo academies in the metropolis that can assist you. They deliver lessons in a variety of foreign languages, so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

London’s Underground is One of the Most extensive in the World

The London Underground is one of the enormous subway systems on earth. It’s made up of 11 different lines with 272 stations which cover over 400km of track.

The Underground is also one of the oldest subway systems in the world. It was first opened in 1863, and it’s been expanding and evolving ever since.

If you’re planning on visiting London, the Underground is a great way to get around. Just be sure to plan your route in advance, as it can be a little confusing to navigate at first.

The Tower of London is Over 900 Years Old

The Tower of London is one of the most aged and iconic structures in the city. It was first built more than 900 years ago, in the 1070s.

The Tower has been used as a fortress and a palace over the years, and it’s seen plenty of action. It’s also been the home of some of England’s most famous monarchs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Tower of London, there are a number of museums and exhibitions that you can visit. The Tower itself also offers guided tours, so you can learn more about its history and the people who have lived there.


London is a fascinating city with a rich history and culture. These are just some of the interesting facts that you may not comprehend about it. If you’re inquisitive in retaining more, be sure to dwell in some of London’s many museums and attractions.

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