Cybershinu has released one of the Best NFT Collectibles of 2022

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Cybershinu is recognized as having one of the top upcoming dog meme NFT collectibles for coin investors.

Cybershinu is an ERC-20 token based on the well-known notion of a dog that aspires to bring all of its users together to form a unified community. The company currently has a pre-sale that is ongoing until March 7th.

How it benefits token investors:

Cybershinu offers a slew of new features designed to benefit its community.

  • A presale with a defined price – Members will be able to acquire $CYSHI at a fixed cost of one $CYSHI per USD 0.005 during the presale. Seed/early round sales, as well as whitelisting, will be disallowed. Because the entrance is merely 0.005, everyone is treated equally. Following the conclusion of the presale period, holders will have access to the company’s website to collect their $CYSHI. According to one of the creators, “We think that by applying this distribution strategy, we will produce a far more active and vibrant community site than the overwhelming majority of already existing community sites.”
  • No taxes or fees – Because Cybershinu believes that coin holders should have total ownership over their NFT collectibles, they are tax-free. Additionally, the founders of Cybershinu have opted to exclude any kind of taxation on tokens. Numerous other meme creators levy a fee of between 5% and 15%, benefiting mainly the whales at the expense of everyone else.
  • Cybershinu Pad – Members may use the upcoming easy contract wizard to generate their tokens. Cybershi members will be able to organize their presales, similar to those conducted by CYSHI, without meeting any issues.
  • Completely Decentralized – Due to its strong partnerships with other companies, Cybershinu is a truly decentralized network that provides users with total control over their tokens. The corporation has grandiose aspirations for $CYSHI and intends to utilize it as collateral on a few properties. Its long-term objectives, which include the launch of a planned DAO, are to empower people with creative methods to generate some additional revenue.
  • Cybershinu NFTSCybershinu also introduces the series’ first-pixel graphical style. They will be incredibly valuable in the future, particularly for staking, passive income, and usage in CyberShinu’s planned GameFi initiatives, to mention a few.

How it Benefits Animals:

The small charity fund established by Cybershinu will support animal rescue groups (such as pet foster homes) and no-kill humane organizations. The crowdfunding effort for Cybershinu is reliant on the generosity of its community members. Cybershi’s intends to develop a non-profit humanitarian organization that will aid persons in financial need after sufficient monies are obtained via financing.

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