Consciousness and abdominal pain? 6 signs of abdominal adhesions

Consciousness and abdominal pain? 6 signs of abdominal adhesions
Consciousness and abdominal pain? 6 signs of abdominal adhesions
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Did you notice that when you have stomach surgery, the doctor always asks you to get up and walk? What do you think is the cause?

It is not about watching you suffer, on the contrary, walking helps prevent abdominal adhesions that can cause complications, but if you already have constipation and abdominal pain, it reveals adhesions.

I will teach you 6 signs.

What is abdominal adherence?

Adhesion is a type of scar tissue that forms in the abdomen, and our internal tissues and organs often have a slippery surface to facilitate containment when moving.

However, adhesions can cause tissues and organs to stick together and even tear parts of the intestine, preventing the passage of food, explains the National Medical Library.

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Adhesions can appear anywhere on the body, but in reality, after undergoing abdominal surgery, adhesions can form more often, but some cause no problems and others in the abdomen.

Complications such as rotating, twisting, or compressing a intestine or other organs that cause symptoms or intestinal obstruction.

Symptoms of abdominal adhesions.
Pay close attention if the following symptoms always appear:


Abdominal pain or cramps
Can’t remove gas


throwing up
Abdominal distension

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As already mentioned, abdominal adhesions should not be underestimated due to complications such as intestinal obstruction.

Bowel obstruction can lead to peritonitis if not treated in time. Another complication is infertility in women. These adhesions can compress or block parts of the genital system and prevent fertilized eggs from reaching the uterus.

Who is most likely to have abdominal adhesions?

There is no doubt that someone who has undergone abdominal surgery, especially if it is an emergency surgery, or if the surgery affects the interior of the digestive system, including the colon and rectum.

Adhesions can reveal some warning signs, but in practice they are often detected when a patient undergoes surgery to stop other types of problems.

However, imaging tests, which are not as sticky as they are, can be used when it is possible to diagnose or determine the severity of a causative problem, such as CT scan, which is helpful in diagnosing intestinal obstruction. I will.

If abdominal adhesions do not cause complications, no treatment is required. On the contrary, it causes discomfort and, in severe cases, the doctor can release the adhesion through laparoscopic or open surgery.

Now that we know what abdominal adhesions are and how dangerous they are, remember to follow your doctor’s recommendations to prevent them from forming.


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