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The Federation of Professional Trade Unions of Foot Massage of the Republic of China accepted the “Education and Training of Establishing Foot Massage Practice Standards” entrusted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

The training will be conducted in the northern, central and southern regions from the beginning of September, and will be completed in Taipei on September 4 and September The training courses for practitioners at Taoyuan Field on the 7th and Taichung Field on September 8 attracted more than one hundred reflexology practitioners.

Que Zhian, chairman of the Federation of Foot Massage Occupational Trade Unions, expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Health and Welfare for organizing training on operating norms under the premise of ensuring the hygiene and safety of foot massage consumers, so that practitioners can learn about equipment selection, disinfection, precautions before and after operation, and contraindications.

The purpose of operating skills guidelines is to allow conditioners to achieve the same level of service quality through the same procedures. When the operating standards are established, provide the operating standards and operating specifications that practitioners can follow.

Que Zhian expressed his gratitude to the conference staff and local trade union cadres for their full support and assistance. With the joint efforts of the industry and the government, they have shown concrete results for industrial development and the vision of practitioners’ practice.

The federation is originally a communication bridge between the industry and the government. The federation will proceed from the objective requirements of productivity development, measure and review according to industrial planning and industrial organization, and play the coordinating role of intermediary organizations to promote and strengthen enterprises in industrial economic activities The horizontal connection and unity in China focuses on the coordination of macroeconomics and microeconomics, so as to establish a unique system for the reflexology industry with valuable business partners and enterprises.

Que Zhian pointed out that two further training courses will be held in Kaohsiung and Tainan, and the industry will welcome a new era of technical qualifications.

The federation will also do its best to implement the work plan drawn up by the union to keep the union moving towards the established The goal is to move forward and become a platform for education, training, learning and communication, so that everyone who is interested and wants to learn to invest in the foot reflexology industry can learn the most professional knowledge and skills, so as to assist the people in establishing self-care concepts and practicing The purpose of personnel-assisted health conditioning.

Health Care Series-“Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Health Care

Self-massage is the body’s natural response to soreness, and it is also the easiest way to improve physical discomfort. Whether it is for yourself or your family members, if there is physical pain, correct massage and massage can alleviate the patient’s pain in time before going to the doctor.

Unwell. It is hoped that through the health care and teaching of the meridian, the public can understand the essence of TCM massage, so that TCM health massage can be life-like and universal.

The Twelve Meridians of TCM include the “Three Yin of the Hand”, which refer to the Lung Meridian, Pericardial Meridian, and Heart Meridian. Air pollution is becoming more and more serious.

Taking good care of the Lung Meridian and timely detoxification can not only strengthen the respiratory system, but also reduce the incidence of lung adenocarcinoma.

The pericardium meridian, which runs in the middle of the upper limbs, is a commonly used acupuncture point for relieving cardiovascular disease, chest tightness, or gastroesophageal reflux.

The heart meridian located on the side of the little finger, frequent tapping also helps to restore the body and mind, relieve stress, and become a happy family. The course also plans DIY massage oil teaching to make your massage more effective.

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