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They’re Changing The New Normal-Rafi Nova Is Making Clear Masks For The Deaf Community

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Changing New Normal-Rafi Nova Is Making Clear Masks
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Rafi Nova is changing the “new normal” for the better by creating masks with a transparent mouth covering for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Rafi Nova is a company started by two people who had the vision to sell accessories for traveling. Unfortunately, the company was launched just weeks before the Coronavirus pandemic hit and the sudden decrease in travel negatively impacted their business.

After coming together to decide what they should do moving forward, they decided to make the best of a bad situation when one of the founder’s children said to make masks.

They decided to take making masks one step further and accommodate a community in need during this new normal of mask-wearing. Now, Rafi Nova makes masks with a clear panel in the front so that people who are deaf and hard of hearing can see people’s mouths underneath their masks.

Along with the making of clear masks, Rafi Nova has a work environment that is unmatched by any other.

Their company is like a family and the work community present at Rafi Nova made the transition from their normal products to masks that much easier.

Founders Adam and Marissa Goldstein had some great ideas thus far in their career as business owners and in addition to sharing information on the smiling mask, shared some information and tips on how to become a successful business owner.

I had the absolute privilege of interviewing the founders about their new masks and their business practices and here is what they said:

1. How was the company name decided upon and created?

Rafi Nova was inspired by our travels with our two sets of children – Raya, Efi, Noa, and Eva. We want to build a company that reflects our values and there is nothing that reflects that more clearly than your children.

2. How was the shift from regular products to masks?

We launched Rafi Nova as an accessories brand with the mission to inspire parents to get out and go in February 2020 — which was probably the worst time in history to launch a brand encouraging travel.

Just a few weeks after the launch, the coronavirus pandemic struck, and we needed to reevaluate our plan for the brand. We spent some time brainstorming solutions, until one day our daughter Eva said “make masks.”

3. How are the masks constructed to benefit the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities?

We make the Smile Masks with a wide clear panel that allows the mask wearer’s mouth to be visible.

We also made sure that the masks had adjustable straps to accommodate hearing aids or cochlear implants.

While the Smile Mask was designed with the hard of hearing and the deaf community in mind, we have seen that the masks are beneficial to a wide variety of communities and professions. Facial expressions are essential in establishing trust.

4. What is your greatest takeaway from shifting your company’s focus to benefit the consumer need amidst a pandemic?

Create well-made, thoughtful products that people need!

5. What is your favorite part about running a business?

Being able to build an amazing team and getting to work with them every day!

6. What kind of work environment do you have at your company? Is everyone friends outside the office?

Yes! We have a super fun, very open, and collaborative atmosphere. At the same time, everyone is extremely hard working and gets their work done.

7. What is the best piece of advice to give to anyone who wants to start their own company?

Just do it! The timing will never be perfect. If you wait until everything is “perfect” you will miss out on the opportunity. Start small — but just start!

With business advice like this, Rafi Nova is clearly an up and coming company with founders that have a sense of community.

The ability for them to flip the switch from travel accessories to masks is a pretty admirable feat and one that should definitely be recognized.

Their products are, in a way, one of a kind as there isn’t anything on the market right now quite like the smiling mask.

The smiling mask comes in a two-pack that retails for $30, accommodates cochlear implants and hearing aids, and enables people to continue using non-verbal communication.

There are also sales and deals for certain products as they make regular masks, kids masks, and anti-fog masks in addition to the smiling mask with the clear panel.

Rafi Nova is doing a great thing for all sorts of people that will benefit from being able to regain the use of non-verbal communication like teachers, speech pathologists, and those that are deaf and hard of hearing.

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Blue-Collar Style: A Cutting edge Man’s Manual for Denim Shirts




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The denim shirt: one of menswear’s actual uncelebrated yet truly great individuals. This closet workhorse lives in the shadow of purported basic premium mens clothing like the OCBD and the wool shirt, yet it’s just as adaptable, simple to wear, and utilitarian. We’d contend, considerably more so some.


What we have here is a veritable workwear staple; a piece of clothing that has been there from the earliest starting point and stayed ardent all through. From the studios of nineteenth-century America to the runway, the denim shirt has ascended through the positions, resolute en route. Today, its status as an absolute necessity to have an article of clothing for the cutting edge man is solidified and on the off chance that you don’t as of now consider one as a part of your shirt choice, indeed, what are you sitting tight for?


Here we investigate some critical contemplations to make when looking for your new denim shirt, alongside some secure styling tips and our hand-picked rundown of the brands that do it best.


Denim Shirt Purchasing Contemplations 


There are a couple of things to ponder to discover the denim shirt that is best for you. From how it fits to where it’s made, these are the key purchasing contemplations each customer should make prior to leaving behind their money.




Fit issue. Indeed, it’s presumably the absolute most significant thing about some random piece of clothing. It doesn’t make any difference how costly or very much made an article of clothing is, on the off chance that it doesn’t fit, you’ll in any case look severely dressed.


It tends to be something emotional, however. For instance, you might be purposely searching for a slouchy, larger-than-average fit, which is fine. Notwithstanding, to avoid any and all risks and keep things exemplary, you ought to consistently be focusing on creases that sit flawlessly on the shoulders, a trim that falls a couple of inches south of your beltline, and a body that is thin without being in any capacity tight or prohibitive.




There are various denim shirts out there, yet a large portion of them can be lumped into one of two particular classifications: western and exemplary catch down. Western shirts will in general element emphasized, pointed burdens and double chest pockets with snap openings. They at times (albeit less generally) highlight embellishments, for example, weaving or edges as well.


The exemplary conservative style of a denim shirt, then again, is similar to a straightforward OCBD, the key distinction is that it’s made of denim rather than Oxford material.




Denim shirts arrive in a genuinely restricted range. Outside of dark and different shades of dim and blue, there’s truly not a great deal of decision. Which shading you at last end up with will clearly be generally down to individual inclination, however, we’d recommend adhering to a mid-to light-wash blue for a mix of exemplary looks and flexibility. A hazier, unwashed indigo can function admirably as well – especially for shrewd relaxed looks.


Instructions to Wear A Denim Shirt 


An incredible aspect of a denim shirt is that it’s not difficult to get right. In any case, there are a couple of key styling hacks that can assist with guaranteeing you nail it without fail.




The denim shirt regularly gets lumped into the ‘relaxed’ class, yet it very well may be utilized for brilliant looks as well. Wearing a denim shirt with formal pieces is an extraordinary method to carry a tough edge to your custom-made looks.


To take care of business, ensure there’s a decent differentiation between the shirt and the coat/pants. Light-hued fitting functions admirably here – consider conceals cream and beige, or even a stone dark. Another choice is to utilize apparent tints, however, you choose to go, ensure you pick the right shading shoes to coordinate with your suit.


Savvy Easygoing 


The OCBD has syndication on savvy easygoing, yet the denim shirt gives an incredible method to shake things up a little. Group one up with chinos, relaxed shoes, and an overcoat or overshirt for a shrewd easygoing look that is basic yet viable.

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Shonda Rimes’ ‘Bridgerton’ Fashion Is Making A Comeback In 2021

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Shonda Rimes Bridgerton Fashion Comeback 2021
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Do it. Be bold.

“Bridgerton’ is a period drama created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes based on a series of novels written by Julia Quinn. The show follows the eight siblings of the Bridgerton family as they attempt to find love and happiness in London high society.

Since its release, Bridgerton has taken the world by storm and has left every viewer talking about it. While fans of the show have been left with a lot to discuss, one of the conversations I hear most frequently is about fashion. Fans can’t get enough of the show’s regal and vintage fashion. So much so that this new interest in fashion from this era has been dubbed as “Regencycore.” As the popularity of this show and similar shows only continues to grow, I suspect to see this trend only continue to grow throughout the next year. So here is how I think Bridgerton and Regencycore style will affect fashion trends in 2021.

1. Corset tops

Over the years, corset tops have started to make a comeback. It started slow but began gaining popularity in 2019 when women viewed them as a way to accentuate their figure. Now it is one of the best ways to achieve a vintage look with a modern twist. Personally, I think vibrant corset tops will be all the rage as we get into the spring months.

2. Puff sleeves

Throughout 2020, puff sleeves were a major trend and I think it will remain pretty popular throughout the next year. I’ve already seen a lot of women rock a puff sleeve corset detail top this year. Honestly, this trend is a hit with me and I really hope it sticks around.

3. Floral

Floral is a trend that is constantly coming and going. You really can’t ever get rid of it. For the spring, I think floral is going to be a staple in fashion in order to help achieve the vintage aesthetic that many want to achieve.

4. Midi Dresses

This spring, I think midi dresses are going to be another great way for individuals to achieve a vintage aesthetic. The reason I think that midi dresses will be so popular is that is it is a great way you can combine some of the other trends as well. There are so many cute midi dresses that also combine florals or a puff sleeve. There’s also something very elegant and whimsical about this style of dress that I think a lot of people will like.

5. All of the accessories

In Bridgerton, the women are known to over-accessorize. In order to achieve this look, I see a move less towards dainty jewelry and back towards statement pieces. I also see headpieces such as headbands, ribbons, and maybe even flower crowns coming back. That will really depend on how people decide to style it. Finally, in accessories, I’ve read a lot about gloves. Personally, I am not really interested in gloves but I know a lot of people are feeling inspired to bring gloves back in fashion.

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