Car Repair at Home: A step forward

Car service at home in Bangalore
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With the easy availability of car loans and an increased focus by companies on affordable hatchbacks owning a car in India is no more a luxury than before, it is a basic need. With the increasing value of time, everyone prefers having one’s vehicle so one can travel wherever, whenever.

But owning a car is not all butterflies and rainbows one need to maintain it is a separate headache. If one doesn’t take care of it can be an expensive affair, just like the gigantic hospital bills if one neglects one’s body.

Washing one’s car regularly will make your car glitter from outside but servicing the engine regularly is as important. It is not necessary but prolongs neglect and an unnecessary delay in this area can be fatal. One can easily get their car service at home in Bangalore. 

There are numerous benefits to get the car, serviced like:

  • It reduces the cost of maintenance, regular servicing will save you from a big hefty bill in future
  • Safety, changing brake pads and clutch plates after a specific time not only enriches your drive but also increases the safety of the passengers
  • Long-distance drives are made even more joyous
  • Boosts fuel efficiency
  • Increases car’s life, purchasing a new car every two years is not everyone’s cup of tea
  • Resale value also increases
  • Smooth run throughout the car’s life

Now if one is convinced to get the car serviced the first that crosses one’s mind is the hefty amount charged by service centres for minor services. But if that’s the reason one shouldn’t worry anymore as you can now get an affordable doorstep car repair service.

Now getting your car serviced is 4 simple steps away, all one need is to

  • Selecting your city
  • Selecting the car brand
  • Selecting your car model
  • Selecting the engine variant

And finally choosing the type of service you want for the car. The services range from exterior to interior, from the roof to tires. Some of the preferred services among car owners are:

  • Regular inspection of the car both internal and external
  • Body repair
  • Ac gas top-up
  • Jumpstart
  • Battery replacement
  • Wiper blades replacement
  • Batter health check-up
  • General service
  • Repairs
  • Car detailing

The above-mentioned services are available for all car models. Car service at home in Bangalore makes it very easy for the car owner to get their car serviced.

Other benefits for choosing these services are

  • Qualified experienced technicians
  • Car service just a click away
  • Free home pick up and drop off facilities
  • Minor repairs at the doorstep
  • 30-minute car service
  • Cost break-up of the service
  • Quality assurance

Apart from this, you can also get your car insured without any headache, within 3 days your car will be ensured with free pick up and drop off and that too at minimal charges.

With an increasing market of pre-owned cars one can opt for, preowned car inspection service for assurance that you get the best car and there is no hidden defect in the car that can be disastrous in the future.

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