Can you lose weight by walking
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Can you lose weight by walking?

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Can you lose weight by walking
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Can you lose weight by walking? We find out if pounding the pavement is enough of a workout to help you shift those stubborn kilos

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Walking is one of the best methods for losing weight, as it is low impact meaning there is less stress on the joints and therefore lower risk of injury,” says Lily Chapman nutritionist for P3RFORM(opens in new tab).

“The number of calories you burn will depend on your personal stats such as your height, body weight, body fat percentage, and how briskly you walk. As a general rule, you will burn more calories if your heart rate is higher, and someone who is less fit will generally have a higher heart rate and therefore burn more calories.

“Because walking is a more comfortable exercise than running or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), many individuals will be more likely to keep up the habit. In general, you do need to be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. If you are burning calories by walking, you won’t need to overly restrict your diet, which means you’re more likely to be successful in losing weight long term.”

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition(opens in new tab) found that ‘moderate walking enhances the effects of an energy-restricted diet on fat mass loss. Chapman says: “An energy-restricted diet means the same thing as being in a calorie deficit, so this shows that walking could speed up the weight loss process when in a calorie deficit.”


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A study by the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders(opens in new tab) found that in two groups of women who walked 30 minutes a day or 60 minutes daily, both groups had ‘similar and significant beneficial changes in their health-related variables (i.e. weight loss).

“What this shows is that even a short walk each day is enough to make significant changes to your body fat, blood pressure, and even cholesterol level,” says Chapman, and Sacerdoti agrees. “Walking is an excellent starter activity, especially for anyone who has been inactive.”

“To see better results, walking for an extended period of time at a faster pace than your normal walking rate will help you achieve better weight loss. If a long walk scares you, start with three 15-minute walks a day,” Sacerdoti goes on to add. “Frequent short walks can provide benefits, too, and if you walk after you eat, it can help control your blood sugar levels.”


Woman walking on sand dunes

The key to losing weight from walking is to walk fast enough or with enough intensity to burn fat for energy. And the bigger walks you do, the more you burn stored fat, instead of the sugars your body uses for energy. One way to make walking more effective is to add hills, climbs, or intervals.

“Whatever you can do to increase the calorie expenditure is good,” says Sacerdoti. “Uphill walking is excellent for this, be it an incline on a treadmill, or a brisk walk up a hill – anything that gets your heart rate pumping a little faster will help you burn more calories. Also, walking at an incline reduces the impact on legs and joints.

“Adding in some power walking intervals, 5-10 mins at a time, will also provide a larger calorie burn. Weighted vests are good as they will make your body work harder, which means more calories spent, but be sure that weight is evenly supported so as not to interfere with your posture – posture is very important for getting the most out of your walk.”


Sacerdoti says: “Try getting off the train or bus a stop earlier, or walking the entire journey to work if the weather is good. Take the stairs at every opportunity you can – this is also excellent for your glutes. Meet up with friends for a stroll in the park and take lunchtime walks. Anything in nature will immediately boost your mood too, so it’s a win-win!”

As with any exercise, the key to being consistent is finding something that works for you. So mix things up with different types of walking workouts – intervals, hill climbs, short and fast walks, and long ones over different terrains.

Sacerdoti adds: “As with any exercise, form is important. To get the best out of your walk, activate your core with your back nice and straight, shoulders square, and head up.

“Engage your glutes with each stride, landing on your heels, rolling forward, and pushing off with your toes. It’s important to stay hydrated, and most definitely worth investing in a good pair of shoes to help improve posture and avoid injury. And don’t forget to stretch when you get back from your walk.”

And if walking isn’t really your thing, don’t worry! Our pieces on ‘is running well for weight loss? (opens in new tab)’ and ‘are exercise bikes good for weight loss? (opens in new tab)’ are brilliant if you’re looking for a suitable alternative to stay fit and healthy.

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4 Common Types of Construction Accidents in Albany

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Although construction errors and accidents happen all the time, there are some that stand out. These accidents can sometimes be fatal and cause costly damages. Therefore, it is essential to seek the legal assistance of Albany construction accident lawyers if you are injured in a construction accident in Albany.

A construction accident lawyer will be able to provide help in understanding your legal rights and can provide the best advice on how to move forward with the accident claim. They will also assist in taking care of your needs, whether it is medical, financial, or other matters. When you retain a construction accident lawyer, they will look out for your best interests during the process and ensure that you are taken care of.

Construction accidents can occur at any place, workplace, or vehicle during which you or another person might suffer injury. The following are some of the common types of construction accidents in Albany.

  • Vehicle accidents while at work

Anyone in the construction industry is faced with the risk of being injured. Even if you are a crane operator at a construction site, you are still at risk for a vehicle accident. These may be caused by numerous reasons such as:

  • Distracted driving
  • Weather conditions, such as fog, rain, and snow
  • Space congestion
  • Vehicle malfunctioning
  • Mechanical failure of the vehicle
  • Explosions

Explosions are a common occurrence in buildings, mines, and industrial areas. These accidents can cause injuries to whoever is around the explosion site and even fatalities. You should consult a construction accident lawyer if you are injured in any such accidents. A lawyer can help you with your claim and the necessary paperwork to ensure that you receive deserving compensation.

  • Falls from heights

As part of your work, there is a possibility that you might fall from a height and suffer injuries or even be killed. This can be prevented by using fall protection equipment, such as harnesses, lanyards, and safety lines to secure workers to the job site. However, if this does not work out due to laxity on the contractor’s part, then you are entitled to compensation for the injury caused.

  • Welding accidents and machinery defect accidents

People fall ill with an occupational disease from the misuse of welding equipment and other machinery. In cases where the injuries are severe, you might be able to obtain compensation for your medical bills if you were injured in a welding accident at the workplace.

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Forms of Injuries Often Suffered in Slip-and-Fall Accidents

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Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents frequently happen in Oilfield. Land proprietors who are responsible for upkeep fail to fulfill their obligation. A wet or improperly cleansed floor surface, a broken or hazardous staircase, or a cracked or uneven parking area or pathway to a building or house are all examples of owner neglect.

Slip-and-fall mishap victims may experience a variety of injuries and severe health issues that necessitate costly, time-consuming, and uncomfortable treatments. Managers and insurance companies frequently attempt to escape responsibility or place the onus on the sufferer. An Oilfield accident lawyer New Mexico can assist you in seeking financial compensation for your injuries and damages and ensure you get the deserving compensation. 


Typical Accidents From Falling

Even though every mishap case is unique and needs to be handled differently, some injuries are more frequent after a victim slides and falls than others. The following are some of the most frequent accidents caused by falls:

  • Elbow and Hip Problems

Complex body parts like the hip and shoulder joints are readily hurt in any kind of abrupt mishap, like a fall. Seniors are particularly susceptible to this, which leaves them open to hip and shoulder problems.

For older individuals, broken bones can be more severe and even fatal. Falls can result in fractures and other types of hip and elbow dislocations.

  • Other fractures and dislocations of the bone

While hip and shoulder injuries are the most frequent, other bones, including the wrists, ankles, palms, and toe bones, are frequently fractured in slip-and-fall mishaps.

Ribs are readily cracked, and arm and limb bones are especially prone to fracturing. The muscles that encircle the rib cage frequently hold the rib bones in position, causing a painful injury that is challenging to heal.

  • Cervical and Back Pain

Due to their fragility, the back and spine are particularly vulnerable to injury from any sudden force or impact. Whiplash is a common type of back and neck injury in other mishaps, like car collisions.

  • Injury to the spinal cord

In the most difficult situations, the spinal nerve within the back and neck’s spinal column may be harmed. Vertebral fractures or injury to the spinal cord’s nerves are two examples of this harm. In the worst scenarios, the spinal cord may be severed, which will make the sufferer paralyzed from the injury site downward.

  • Other traumatic brain injuries besides concussions

Frequently, a fall or slip can cause a severe impact on the cranium. A concussion or inflammation and swelling of the head’s surrounding regions may result from this direct-force trauma. Both transient and lasting brain damage is possible.


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The perks of having a good physician for patients

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You must be brilliant and driven to be admitted into medical school. As students progress toward becoming licensed physicians, they continue to acquire traits that will help them succeed. Deciding on your future profession is essential. You must conduct an extensive study before deciding what to do. So, take a look at the benefits good physicians offer patients.


  1. Having firsthand care

The American Academy of Family Physicians states that a primary care physician is “responsible for providing a patient’s comprehensive treatment.” Regular appointments with the same physician foster a relationship that benefits the patient. The primary care physician gradually builds up a thorough picture of the patient’s health, which aids in making more precise diagnoses of disorders. A primary care physician also works with other medical practitioners and healthcare specialists to track any special care a patient receives.


  1. Medication Management

Approximately 35% of Americans use at least one prescription medication. According to Consumer Reports research, persons who use prescription medication typically take four. There are potential adverse effects when the pharmaceuticals interact because different doctors frequently administer other medications. A primary care physician can act as a gatekeeper by keeping track of all the medications a patient takes and noting any changes in dosage or frequency that could have unfavorable side effects.


  1. Preventions

The more informed a doctor is about your overall health, the more probable they will be able to spot health issues before they arise. Your primary care doctor can propose testing to find out whether you’re at risk for getting diabetes, heart disease, or cancer by having access to your overall health profile. If you have a high risk of developing a disease, your primary care physician can suggest lifestyle adjustments you might need to adopt to help lower your risk.


  1. Behavioral Health

Throughout the patient’s therapy, psychologists, psychiatrists, or other behavioral health specialists will have the chance to consult with their primary care provider and the social worker assigned to them. Medication for depression, anxiety, or another ailment may be prescribed, along with counseling for behavioral health.

The scope of a primary care physician’s comprehensive treatment includes keeping an eye on a patient’s psychological well-being. At direct care office visits, it is advised to check for depression in adults and children older than 12. Every time a patient at Baptist Health sees their primary care physician, they will be questioned about their mental health.


Having a physician is essential as they can help you significantly. A prime example of this is Doctor Dave Nayak. He is a doctor with a good heart and allows each individual according to merit. Dave runs free asthma and allergy clinic that offers the uninsured supplementary specialty medical care. He believes in the growth of a community and is progressively working to achieve it.

He wants to be a good neighbor to suffering people, including the ill, the hungry, and those going through trauma. He appreciates the chance to develop scalable programs that benefit his fellow Midwesterners in Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding states.


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