Buy hemp flowers in UK 2021 | 100% legal CBD

Buy hemp flowers in UK 2021 | 100% legal CBD
Buy hemp flowers in UK 2021 | 100% legal CBD
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At the hemp farm store, you can buy CBD hemp flowers EU  in the UK, ​​we will send them to you within 24 hours after placing the order. Shipping is done discreetly and quickly. Also in purchases over € 50, you do not pay shipping costs.

What are CBD flowers?

Also known as CBD aromatic buds, CBD ornamental flower, or legal cannabis, they are the buds of the hemp plant that are distinguished by their high content of Cannabidiol and their low percentage of THC, which makes them totally inactive in psychoactivity and 100% legal.

This type of hemp buds are produced in certified crops in the European Union, totally organic, free of pesticides, additives, or heavy metals, and their cultivation and sale are legally approved.

Hemp flowers, the new fashion in Europe

The production and sale of hemp without psychoactivity for human use is skyrocketing due to its potential as a food supplement, but its use as medicine continues to be illegal without the permission of the health authorities. We visit one of the first industrial hemp plantations in our country, whose crops are successfully exported to Europe.

The Italian Government approved, at the beginning of last year, a law to regulate the cultivation of hemp and the treatment of its products for the creation of fibers and preparations for food or energy use, with established guidelines on the tolerated level of THC and the allowed products. Surprisingly, the new Italian legislation does not even name the flowers. In French law the issue is more confusing; there is no clear reading on the matter, and not even the judges make the same interpretation. Products with less than 0.2% THC are authorized, provided that they comply with the condition of not being sold to be consumed as a drug or as a medicine.

This has been taken as an opportunity for hemp friends like Seve and Asun, Spanish farmers who dared to investigate the growth of industrial hemp a few years ago. They chose three varieties out of the more than twenty that are certified for use: Carmagnola, Kompolti, and Tiborszallasi. They planted them after obtaining approval from the agricultural exploitation and agri-food development service.

Planting them as if they were marijuana allowed them to get more developed flowers. The greater distance between plants and the selection of the best females, separating them from the males and hermaphrodites, has allowed them to obtain good flowers with a high terpene content, which opens possibilities for these plants in the field of aromatherapy. With a gas chromatograph to be able to control the THC content at all times, they eliminate all the plants that do not meet the requirements of having a content lower than 0.2%.
From one year to the next, they kept samples of the best plants for replanting, and they got uniform crops. They are crops that are far from the normal passage of foreigners, in discreet places where the neighbors know what is being done, with the Civil Guard up to date. Some signs at the entrance of the orchards warn the curious that what has been planted there is industrial hemp.

When they realized that their product was successful in Italy and Switzerland, they began to export it successfully. As an anecdote, they recall that on two occasions their flowers have been detained at the border for not having arrived accompanied by a certification of the analyzes made at the National Agrifood Technological Center and on the origin of the seeds. Now they do not forget that these papers accompany their flowers.

How to buy quality CBD flowers?

More and more people are interested in consuming CBD cannabis flowersand that is why it is possible to find them on many web pages. But the problem with buying CBD flowers online is that there is a lot of competition and not all sites offer you products of the same quality.

When you buy cannabis with CBD online you must take into account the following requirements so that your purchase is everything you want:

– The highest quality CBD flowers online have a strong fragrance. Its aroma is captivating and stands out from any other scent. Also, the hotness of CBD cannabis flowers is related to the potency they have. Therefore, if when you receive your CBD flower online it does not have an aroma with different nuances, but rather reminiscent of hay or it has no smell, it is not of quality.

– Another aspect that you should pay attention to is color. The bud should be dense and the CBD cannabis flowers should be green in various shades and intense. Avoid those with yellow, reddish, and brown tones. Among the best flowers with CBD, those that combine purple or violet colors with green stand out.

– When buying cannabis flowers with CBD you must make sure that they are coated with trichomes. This ensures that you are consuming the highest quality cannabis possible.

– Another feature that you will see when you receive your order for CBD flowers online thanks to the hemp farm store is that the pistils are golden. These hairs represent that the flower is ripe and that the product has a very high quality.

– CBD cannabis flowers must be crisp and sticky. If they were too dry, it would be a sign that they are not of quality and will break easily. On the other hand, if they are too damp, mold can appear.

At hemp farm store we know that the best quality CBD cannabis flowers are grown indoors. When you place an order for CBD flowers online with us, you will have the guarantee that you will consume a product of the highest quality.

At hemp farm store we know that the best quality CBD cannabis flowers are grown indoors. When you place an order for CBD flowers online with us, you will have the guarantee that you will consume a product of the highest quality.


Can I use CBD flowers or Light Marijuana for consumption?

Normally, marijuana flowers are consumed through infusions, cigarettes, or vaporizers, they are also used in ointments, candles, creams, aromatic flowers, etc. However, currently in Spain, the use of products containing CBD for direct consumption or ingestion is prohibited, only those used in cosmetics in general or as an industrial product are allowed since they are not administered orally, even so, consumption Through cigarettes or vaporizers it is common and one of the most widespread.

Is it legal to buy CBD buds or Light Marijuana?

It can be purchased as long as the label explains that it is an industrial product and thus complies with regulatory standards, among which is that it does not contain more than 0.2% THC.

Can CBD be detected in a drug test?

Most drug tests that are carried out are focused on detecting levels of THC, not CBD. However, from the hemp store, we care to help you understand that, regarding this type of controls, you cannot have absolute certainty, and although we can offer the best quality products, no one can give you a full guarantee on the final result of a drug test.

Which is the best Light Marijuana or the best CBD buds?

The choice depends on your preferences. That is why we have for you our Online page, a wide variety of CBD flowers from the brands:

Good Herb

The Wave

Hemp For Life

Dr. Wellbeing 

Plant Of Life

Buy CBD flowers or Light Marijuana in Spain

You can find the whole variety of CBD flowers on our WEB page, where we have for you the catalog with the different products and the CBD percentages.


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