Boxer Briefs Or Trunks: Which Is Better?

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Even though both trunks and boxer briefs for men look similar at the first look, the boxer briefs have a longer fit and are suitable for complementing the taller and more muscular body structures. These are one of the favorite styles for men’s underwear as it provides full coverage and high comfort levels.


Why Choose Boxer Briefs


  • The boxer briefs for men stay put. These don’t ride up or cause chafing. The underwear’s tighter fit allows it to remain in place and is a perfect alternative for boxers.
  • The boxer briefs are an excellent fit for men with thick thighs. They provide full coverage and protection and are breathable and comfortable. The boxer briefs ensure that the underwear stays secure and in place all day long for the muscular thighs.
  • These are super versatile, which makes them a perfect choice to wear under different types of outfits. Whether it is athletic shorts, track pants or even skinny jeans, these won’t bunch, wedge, or shift throughout the day. One of the main reasons why most people prefer boxer briefs is that it is soft and breathable, highly durable and also the perfect antibacterial underwear option available in the market.


The trunks are similar to the boxer briefs, but they have a shorter fit. These are some of the most popular types of underwear for men. these are best suited for men with a shorter and skinnier structure. 


Why Choose Trunks?


  • The trunks cover fewer legs as compared to the boxer briefs for men. The hem of the underwear falls just above the most comprehensive portion of the leg. If you have a shorter build, then these are the best options for adding the required amount of comfort and accentuating the muscles simultaneously.
  • These are perfect for lean men. These are mainly structured for men with a short build and avoids bunching and riding up throughout the day. You can move along the entire day with comfort and ease with this comfortable underwear.
  • These are high-cut shorts and fit perfectly under different types of pants and shorts. A trunk is perfect for people looking to exercise or play sports in shorts that hit a higher level of the thigh. These are perfectly form-fitting, breathable, and soft and one of the best choices for relaxing activities.



 Whether you choose boxer briefs for men or trunks solely depends on your structure. If you have a taller build, then select the briefs and if you have a shorter format, then go for the trunks.


The boxer briefs are best for people who have thicker thighs and want to eliminate the potential of rising and chafing. Simultaneously, the trunks are the best options if you have a leaner body structure and thinner thighs. These are also the best option for people who prefer to wear shorts with massive cuts.

According to the different personal preferences, the boxer briefs are ideal for people who like a snug fit and a longer length, and the trunks are suitable for people who require a shorter cut so that it fits with their pair of shorts or trousers.

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