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Bixbcoin revealed its Metaverse called “Metabix”




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Last week Bixbcoin’s metaverse website was published officially.

Bixbcoin( ticker BIXB), a p2p cryptocurrency, enters Metaverse by “ Metabix, ” which seems to be a comprehensive experience of real life within a fantastic islet.

 What’s metabix offering us?

Metaverse is a web of networked immersive gests and social in patient multiuser platforms.

Currently, numerous cryptocurrencies and nonfungible commemoratives (NFTs) are conceivable because of technologies like blockchain, which enables virtual particulars and real estate power in metaverses like Decentraland. But still, we need commodity that offers us a more different Metaverse that really every one of us is staying for. Metaverse cannot be enough for us with VR game alone or to give the same effects that social media has given us as a platform to fraternize; we clearly have to be offered a new product and new installations. In this case, it seems Metabix has commodity to say.

According to the Metabix functionary website, Metabix is a high- quality 3- dimensional terrain that gives us an immersive experience near to real life.

The story behind Metabix

Grounded on the Light Paper published on Metabix’s functionary website, a fantastic Meta- islet is staying for us out there! Supposedly, they’re creating an islet that gives us an immersive experience of a ultramodern megacity while there are literal places, mysterious grottoes, and dark timbers around. This sounds like they’re preparing amazing games with awards and earning openings like live contests. We must still stay to see what they’re furnishing us and how they will show further surprises to their community.


The Technology that powers Metabix

According to its lightpaper, Metabix uses the leading 3D machine, Unity that builds 3D games that enable druggies to interact with each other within a 3- dimensional virtual macrocosm. Unity gives us an immersive experience in the metaverse thanks to its full eventuality capacities.

Virtual Reality gives you a fantastic experience operated with a digital headset, a 360º view in Metabix that millions of people can contemporaneously play and interact in its participated spaces. It also gives you a 3D sound with the help of Spatial audio, a compass sound effect that lets you descry where sound is coming from in the terrain of the Metabix. Since the sound is distance- grounded, it’ll come louder once you get near and lower once you go further.

 Do we need BIXBCoin there?

In the transcendental world, can the essential part of plutocrat be ignored with these installations and features? And which plutocrat will have the most suitable structure to serve Metaverse? The answer is clear. Cryptocurrencies and all digital means, including NFTs, are the stylish druthers

for cash. still, this order is as critical as the other corridor of enforcing the Metaverse idea. Thus, it’s no surprise that numerous worldwide are promoting NFTs( anon-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital tally, that can be vended and traded.). In Metabix, we anticipate a comprehensive fiscal system furnishing us with Staking, Lending, Trading, and all necessary services.

Why should we pay further attention to Metabix?

Any crypto currencies that stepped into the metaverse are worth paying attention to, especially when they reveal a high- quality exercise of what they will offer. As we anticipated, Metabix unveiled a unexpectedly high- quality Metaverse, including a fascinating beautiful islet, eye- catching civic space, and fantastic incorporations. Metabix claims numerous amusing games, real- life events, lands for steal/ sell and development, and marketing/ business openings will be available.

Numerous instigative systems will be joining soon in the Metaverse Marathon. In conclusion, we must have an eye on the Metabix design that has proven it has numerous solid ideas and a strongteam behind it. To find further information about Metabix, you can visit their website at


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Complete Guide to Agent Commission for Houses for Sale in Rosebud





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Rosebud is the ideal mix of shopper’s and nature’s paradise. Nothing beats a two-kilometre stretch of retail shops facing a tranquil ocean, while Mature Banksia trees offer a canopy to families frolicking on the sandy beach during summer. But while the beach is the focal point of this coastal town, there’s plenty to do in the neighbourhood, which is why houses for sale in Rosebud don’t stay on the market for too long. 

However, when you have houses for sale in Rosebud and looking to hire a realtor, the issue of agent commission will always be the elephant in the room. 

For instance, some homeowners are wary about contacting an agent because they do not want to pay the commission. But they end up settling for much less, especially if their property has been on the market for quite some time. 

To clear some misconceptions about agent commission, here are some of the things you must know: 

  1. How Much Should You Pay? 

Agent commission across Australia varies depending on several factors. For instance, the price of the property and the location of your home matter a lot in determining the percentage that goes to your realtor. However, expect to pay between 1.6% and 4% of the total sales price of the real estate in Rosebud

The seller will shoulder the commission fee, including the buyer’s agent and the listing agent. In a seller’s market such as the real estate in Rosebud, agents do not have to charge a lot for their commission since the houses are already selling high and fast. 

  1. Fees Different from Commission 

You might wonder when the agent will ask you for fees when you have already agreed to the commission. Fees typical cover advertising or marketing should you choose to do so. The amount will depend on how sophisticated your campaign is. For instance, you want to distribute flyers, boost a social media post, or take high-res, professional photos. However, the math is not that complicated since agents usually incorporate the ad fees into their total commission.

Investing in fees usually yields benefits since you can increase your reach exponentially. However, as to the cost of your marketing fees, it’s recommended that you stay within the range of between 0.5% and 1% of the total value of the property. 

  1. Should You Pay Upfront? 

You do not have to pay the agent commission immediately since you will settle the amount at closing. Until then, let the agent do their magic as they search for buyers that will meet your asking price for your real property in Rosebud.  

  1. Isn’t the commission percentage too high? 

You should know that the listing agents will not keep all the money they earn from the commission for houses for sale in Rosebud. They also have to invest some of the costs on the property listing, hiring a professional photographer, staging your home for the open house, and offline marketing. So again, you will be billed for additional fees to ensure a comprehensive advertising campaign. 

Finally, the listing agent will also share the commission with the buyer’s agent, who introduces the prospective client who will purchase the property. 

  1. Tiered vs Fixed Agent Commission 

A fixed commission entails asking for a base rate for the total sale price for houses for sale in Rosebud. For instance, if the commission in Victoria is 2% and your property sold for $1 million, the agent will get $20,000 from the sale. 

The agent will ask for a base amount within a specific bracket for the tiered model. For example, if the agent closes the sale at $700,000, they will only get 2%. But if they close the deal at $1 million, they will get 5%. 

As a result, the agent will be more motivated to get the best price for houses for sale in Rosebud to maximise their earnings. 

Should You Be Worried About Agent Commission? 

As to the question of whether or not you can negotiate the agent commission, there’s no harm in bargaining. However, the commission is computed according to the prevailing market forces, so don’t be surprised if they say no. 

Consider this: if the agent commission is too low, they might not be motivated to get you the higher price for your real estate in Rosebud. 

Ultimately, if you can find an equation that satisfies everyone, you do not have to worry about the agent commission. If you have a piece of real estate in Rosebud, it does not matter how much the realtor earns from the sale. 

What’s more important is how much you net from the home purchase. If you set the price at $1 million, does it matter if the agent gets their commission when you still hit your financial goals anyway? Finally, an experienced realtor will find a happy compromise so that everyone will walk away with smiles on their faces.

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Your Pre-Appointment Guide for Henna Brows




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Recently, a various eyebrow treatments have come to the limelight, from feature touch eyebrows to brow lamination. However, among these dramatic treatments, one specific eyebrow service has been trending in beauty salons across the nation – a unique form of brow tinting known as henna eyebrows.

Henna is an all-natural plant-based dye primarily used for drawing temporary tattoos of decorative floral patterns on the body, primarily in Eastern European and Southeast Asian cultures. Gradually, henna became popular in the West as a hair dye alternative to some of the harsh synthetic hair dyes available in the market. Soon, henna’s skin-staining and hair-dying properties started being implemented to dye eyebrows, and that was how henna brows became a huge deal in the beauty industry.

What Do We Mean By Henna Brows?

Henna brows are a semi-permanent tinting procedure that changes the colour of the existing brow hair to leave a soft stain for added definition. Compared to other services, such as microblading, henna can add definition and volume to sparse eyebrows without using needles.

The treatment usually lasts for about five weeks on hair and stays for about three to nine days on the skin, making it a fantastic option for people who want to try a different brow shape without having to commit to it permanently.

Because henna is a natural powder derived from the Hina tree, the dye is gentler and doesn’t contain lead or ammonia. In addition, unlike other brow colouring dyes and tints, henna doesn’t need hydrogen peroxide for activation, which makes it safe for use on sensitive skin.

What are the Differences Between Henna Brows and Brow Tinting?

While both the treatments offer fuller-looking eyebrows with more definition, there are a few differences that you must note before making an appointment. Henna brows last longer than brow tint, which usually stays for about two to four weeks. It is because brow tint dyes the brow hairs, while henna also stains the skin for more structure.

As a result, the results of both the treatments also look different. If you want a more natural look or only want to enhance your features subtly, you may want to go with brow tint. However, if you don’t mind an extra level of depth and definition that involves some skin staining, you should go with henna brows.

Henna brows are an ideal treatment option for people with sparse eyebrows because the stained skin can create a filled-in look in the areas where you don’t have enough natural hair.

What are the Side Effects of Henna Brows?

Because the henna dye is derived naturally, it has fewer chemicals than other brow dyes used in similar treatments. Because of this reason, the risk of having an allergic reaction is much lower. However, performing a patch test before the treatment is essential to ensure you don’t have a reaction. People with dry skin may experience some flakiness. In addition, because henna is a natural exfoliant, it can make your skin even drier.

What are the Steps Involved in Getting Henna Brows?

Just like any other normal brow tint procedure, there are five steps in the process. Let’s take a quick look at them:

1. Shaping – Your eyebrows need to be shaped before the treatment. Hence, your aesthetician will perform tweezing, waxing, or threading to get the desired shape.
2. Exfoliating – The skin near your eyebrows must not have any dirt, oil, or makeup residue. To achieve that, your aesthetician will exfoliate the area gently and wipe it with a cleanser.
3. Outlining – You can communicate your requirements to your aesthetician, which they will take into account to create the outline of your brow shape that will be filled using the henna dye.
4. Applying – Your aesthetician will mix water and henna powder to activate the product before application. With the help of an angled brush, henna dye will be applied to your brows. The pressure used for drawing your brows will be light, but it will penetrate your skin through the brows. Once the application is made, the excess product will be removed from the edges. The dye is expected to sit for about 10 to 20 minutes.
5. Removing – After the time is up, your aesthetician will remove the henna using a damp cotton pad to show the final result.

Wrapping Up

Because henna brows use natural ingredients with no ammonia or lead, it has become a popular choice among people who want to enhance their facial features without committing to a permanent procedure. In addition, unlike microblading and eyebrow tattooing, henna brows don’t involve needles, making it a painless alternative.

If you have sparse or think brows and wouldn’t mind filling them up, booking an appointment for henna eyebrows could be the ideal solution to add some shape and definition.

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Invisalign Providers: How To Find The Best One For You




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Preparing to get Invisalign can be quite the undertaking, but it’s worth it if you know what you’re doing and where to look. You want to find the best invisalign doctor login site, after all, because finding a great one will help you get clear and confident teeth in no time! Follow these tips and tricks to locate the best Invisalign providers near you and get started on the road to gorgeous smiles today!


What Should I Look For When Choosing An Invisalign Provider?

If you’re considering Invisalign, you may be wondering how to choose the best provider. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

– Check if the provider is Invisalign certified. This means they have experience and training with the system.

– Consider how convenient the location is. You’ll be going back for check-ups every few weeks, so it’s important to choose a provider that’s close by.

– Make sure they offer a free consultation. This is a great way to get to know the staff and see if you’re comfortable with them.

– Ask about payment options. Some providers offer financing, which can make treatment more affordable.

– Ask about their experience treating patients like you.


What Makes A Good Invisalign Provider?

When you’re looking for Invisalign providers, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you’ll want to find a provider who is experienced and has a good track record. Second, you’ll want to find a provider who is convenient for you – preferably one who is located near you. Third, you’ll want to make sure that the provider offers a competitive price. Fourth, you’ll want to find a provider who offers a payment plan that works for you. Fifth, you’ll want to make sure that the provider offers good customer service. Sixth, you’ll want to make sure that the provider has a good reputation.

Finally, seventh, and most importantly, you’ll want to make sure that the provider is board certified. Board certification means that the provider has undergone years of additional training and have passed a rigorous exam. If they are not board certified, they may not be as qualified or experienced as they say they are. You can look at their website to see if they mention their certification or you can contact them by phone or email to ask about it. If they don’t mention it or if their credentials don’t seem legit, move on! There’s no sense in taking any risks when it comes to your teeth – this decision will impact your oral health for years!


What Are Different Types Of Invisalign?

Traditional Invisalign clear aligners are worn for 20-22 hours per day and are replaced every two weeks. They need to be removed when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. Aligners are also available in a staggered wear schedule where you alternate between two sets of aligners, each worn for one week. With this option, you still need to remove the aligners when eating and drinking but can leave them in when brushing and flossing.


How Much Does It Cost To Get Braces?

The cost of Invisalign varies depending on your treatment plan and the length of time you need to wear them. However, on average, you can expect to pay around $3,500 – $8,000. You may be able to find a more affordable option by searching for invisalign near me. Be sure to ask about payment plans and financing options when you meet with a provider.


Can I Use My Health Insurance?

If you’re looking for Invisalign near you, there are a few things you can do to find the best provider. First, check with your insurance company to see if they cover Invisalign. If they do, ask for a list of providers in your area. Next, take some time to research each provider. Look at online reviews and contact each office to ask questions. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, schedule a consultation with each provider. This will give you a chance to meet the staff and learn more about their services. Finally, choose the provider that you feel most comfortable with and that offers the best treatment plan for your needs.


Where Do I Start In My Search For An Invisalign Provider?

When you begin your search for an Invisalign provider, a good place to start is by asking your friends and family if they know of anyone. Another great resource is your dentist- they may be able to point you in the right direction. Once you have a few names, it’s time to do some research! Check out each provider’s website and read reviews from past patients. Make sure to look at before and after photos so you can get an idea of their work. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few providers, schedule consultations with each one. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for their office and staff. After meeting with all of the providers, it’s time to make your decision!


Where Can I Go For More Information On Choosing An Invisalign Provider?

The best way to start your search is by googling invisalign near me. This will give you a list of providers in your area. Once you have a list, you can start reading reviews. Make sure to read both positive and negative reviews, as they can give you a well-rounded idea of what to expect.

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Send Online Diwali Gifts for your Family in India at a Lowest Price




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On this 21st Century with developments and revolutions all over the world has brought up a new facet of life which is the world of digitalization and so nowadays celebrating different occasions with your loved ones have now became easier with just a few clicks. You need to have to do anything or go anywhere, you can sit and relax and get the perfect gift for the occasion without much effort. So if you want to send presents for occasion like Diwali then instead of wasting your time in visiting local shops, you can go through our website and select the items as per your requirement. We are sure that you will definitely get something that will make your dear ones happy on this Diwali. Well, you can Send Diwali Sweets to India like Motichoor Ladoo, Kaju Katli, Rasgolla, Kaju Pista Roll, Gulab Jamun and so on. Other than this you can arrange for Sending Diwali Gifts for Family in India that includes Fire Crackers, Diya, Sweets Box and Flowers Bouquet. Even you can gift Eco Friendly presents too like Lucky Bamboo Plant with Ferrero Rocher chocolate and Diyas or Lucky Bamboo Plant with Cadbury Celebrations Pack and Diyas. Others are also available like Dry Fruits with Fire Crackers placed in Basket etc. Moreover, all these items are available at a very cheap price. Now the question comes that how will you order online. It’s very simple, just go to our site, choose the product and then fill up the requisite details which include senders name, contact number, email address, recipient’s name, delivery location and recipient’s contact number. After that you will have to select the delivery options like Online Diwali Gifts to India Same Day Delivery. At last comes the payment option which you can either do through net banking, debit or credit card or Paypal whichever you want and do not worry, since we provide you the safest and secure payment gateways. But apart from these, there are various facilities that we offer you as well like free shipping, 24×7 customer support, online order tracking, on time delivery, easy refund policy and others while sending Diwali Hampers to India at your dear ones doorstep which can be in any city like Amritsar, Rajkot, Bhubaneswar, Varanasi or any other city of your choice. So even if you stay in any corner of the world like USA, UK, Canada, Australia your chosen present will surely reach your loved ones location in India without any hassle.

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How is AI Changing the Entertainment world !




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Whether you’re a fan of AI or not, there’s no doubt that it’s changing the way we experience entertainment. So are you ready for the future?

We all know that AI is changing the world as we know it, but what about the entertainment industry? How is AI changing how we watch movies, listen to music, and play games? In this blog post, let’s explore how AI is changing the entertainment industry and some of the ways it is benefiting consumers.

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it’s starting to impact the entertainment industry significantly. AI is being used to create more realistic and lifelike characters and to design new and innovative ways.

Some experts believe that AI will eventually supersede human creativity and that all aspects of the entertainment industry will be transformed by it. For example, some films are already being made entirely with the help of AI.

Some of the benefits of AI in the entertainment industry include:

  • More lifelike and realistic characters
  • New and innovative ways to experience entertainment
  • Increased accuracy in predicting consumer trends
  • The ability to create entire films by AI

What do you think about these benefits? Are you ready for a future where AI plays a significant role in the entertainment industry?

Some experts believe that AI will eventually supersede human creativity and that all aspects of the entertainment industry will be transformed by it. For example, some films are already being made entirely with the help of AI.

What do you think about this possibility? The entertainment world has seen a lot of changes in recent times. With technological advancements, the media and film industry has automated many processes too! The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within this domain is what drives businesses to find innovative new ways how they can market or distribute content. From music composition to movie production with Virtual Reality/AR capabilities offered by some AI programs nowadays. In our next post, we’ll look at those using these technologies most effectively.

It has become quite difficult to function without AI’s help. The same goes for the entertainment industry as well. AI is changing how we watch movies, listen to music, and play games. Let’s explore how AI is changing the entertainment industry and some ways it benefits consumers.

AI’s benefits in the entertainment industry include more lifelike and realistic characters, new and innovative ways to experience entertainment, increased accuracy in predicting consumer trends, and the ability to create entire films by AI.

1) Personalized User Experience

AI is not just for robots anymore! The entertainment industry uses it to create personalized user experiences that keep people engaged. So, for example, if you’re a big fan of action movies, Netflix will show more recommendations based on your preferences and interests – giving them everything they need in one place without having too many options overwhelming anyone at any time, which improves both engagement rates as well as satisfaction with services/products provided because there are fewer worries about what may be coming up next or how long it’ll take until something happens again!

Surely, advanced analytics and AI capabilities help entertainment and media houses grow their customer base and deliver exceptional content to users. Maybe, that’s a good reason to implement an AI-based solution in your media business!

Here are some present and future examples of personalized user experience:

  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Dialog interfaces
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare, Personalized Medicine, and Precision Medicine

2) AI in Marketing and Advertising

The use of Artificial Intelligence in entertainment is to enhance marketing and advertising campaigns. For example, the promotion of events, movies, or music can be one way that AI will help us within this industry; all such campaigns require many human resources but also consume plenty of time which means they’re difficult for companies who lack sufficient staff on hand at any given moment, fortunately, though we have applications like these! With artificial intelligence, they can monitor user engagement with content across social media platforms (which could then allow them to make changes) and sentiment about what’s being promoted – as well as suggestions made instantly during planning stages. Suppose the necessary-this process becomes much more straightforward than ever before.

For example, AI can be applied for real-time monitoring of user engagement with content across social media platforms or suggest changes or improvements to a campaign strategy on the fly!

3) Use of AR and VR

With the use of AI in virtual reality, developers can create environments that are more believable and responsive. In addition, they can make AR apps that give users an interactive experience with 3D models or characters while they’re experiencing their real-world surroundings.

AI in virtual reality opens up new possibilities for creating more believable and lifelike VR experiences. Whereas AR superimposes computer-generated images on top of our real-world surroundings, which can be helpful when trying to view something from different angles or get accurate measurements about what’s happening around you without taking off your glasses

The use of artificial intelligence in the fashion industry has grown dramatically over recent years. Ai is being incorporated into many aspects, including modeling environments. Hence, they behave according to how humans would act based on their movements and generate 3D models that complement certain areas needing enhancement, such as clothing detail, for example, when designing new clothes which will have better quality than ever before due to this technology’s assistance.

4) Ongoing Streaming

Ongoing streaming is an innovation that utilizes AI to process and dissect information progressively. This considers close prompt choices and activities and gives continuous experiences into what’s going on. Various enterprises use continuous streaming, from online retail to monetary administrations.

In web-based retail, for instance, AI can follow purchaser conduct and recognize patterns. This data can change costs and stock levels progressively, guaranteeing that purchasers generally have the necessary, thin things in the monetary administration industry; AI can be utilized to recognize misrepresentation and illegal tax avoidance. By breaking down huge informational indexes continuously, AI can distinguish designs that might demonstrate crime. This data can be used to forestall extortion and safeguard clients’ funds. Constant streaming is likewise utilized in various enterprises, including medical care, transportation, and assembling. As AI continues developing, almost certainly, continuous streaming will turn out to be progressively typical, altering how organizations work.

To wrap things up is ongoing streaming. Artificial consciousness today helps amusement organizations in the customization and transmission of content continuously. Thus, AI in amusement further develops client experience and improves promotion deals through the designated methodology. Furthermore, artificial reasoning vows to assume an essential part of the streaming business by giving effective methods for encoding, disseminating, and sorting out information.

5) Search Optimization

Before, inquiry improvement was a manual cycle. Website admins would cautiously choose watchwords and add them to their site’s code with an end goal to further develop their webpage’s positioning on indexed lists pages. Be that as it may, this cycle is presently not viable. With artificial reasoning, web indexes are currently ready to decipher a client’s expectations and convey more essential outcomes. Thus, AI is assuming an undeniably significant part in inquiry improvement. Artificial intelligence-controlled apparatuses can assist website admins with recognizing the most pertinent catchphrases for their locales and guarantee that their substance is appropriately advanced for search.

Likewise, AI can help naturally create meta labels and depictions bound to bring about clicks. As AI keeps advancing, it will become much more significant for website admins to use AI-controlled apparatuses to remain in front of the opposition.

The present computerized reality isn’t so natural to comprehend! Take the query items, for example. Today, there are excellent materials online on a specific theme, and finding solid ones is hard. You can surf for quite a long time on the net and might, in any case, not find the specific snippet of data you need. That is where Artificial knowledge comes to play!

With AI-based calculations, many main stages have upgraded their query item capacities. That implies you can find the specific thing you need in short order. You want to apply a few channels, and you are all set. Search by picture and recordings are a portion of the utilization of such a pattern.

Simulated intelligence is changing media outlets amazingly. It’s not just about motion pictures and TV shows any longer. The fate of AI-driven diversion is brilliant, and we at Futurism are eager to be a piece of it. Watch out for our site for additional updates like this on how AI is molding the universe of amusement; Clearly, AI in the diversion has opened the entryways for the vast majority of new open doors!

6) Custom Chatbot Development

Chatbots in the media and entertainment industry provide various benefits to improve your experience, including a grander scale when communicating with audiences and hassle-free browsing. For example, advanced chatbot technology can even understand user behavior based on previous interactions so that they offer recommendations tailored just for them! All you have to do is hire an Artificial Intelligence developer – who’s always ready for Custom bot development.

Chatbots are the future of media and entertainment. The new, advanced bots can even understand user behavior to offer them recommendations! So all you need is a perfect AI developer for your chatbot development-all, ready with Custom bot creation.

Chatbots have driven the Media and media outlet by having the option to convey customized content, new media amazing open doors and increment the adequacy of correspondence on any stage in this age of the twenty to thirty-year-olds viewership across computerized channels have expanded, there are various classifications, time allotments, and these are additionally accessible on the web through associated gadgets. Chatbots assist crowds with getting appropriate information on the data that they are looking for. A climate bot, the gaming bot, bots like Alexa and Google Home, and the leeway bots are instances of chatbots in the media and media outlet

Online Gaming – AI has revolutionized online gaming by playing a significant role in making characters and enemies react quick to actions. As a result, developers can now create solid frameworks for incredible games with immersive experiences at low costs, which was previously not possible without manually programming!

When games become more immersive, developers have turned to AI for help with coding. This costs them less and helps create robust frameworks that give gamers an excellent experience at affordable prices.

Games are becoming more realistic and immersive with the help of artificial intelligence. Players can now enjoy Live casino Games sitting at any part of the world with the help of AI only. AI helps by allowing quick, natural reactions to characters in game worlds and learning processes for enemies that gamers will face off against on their journeys through these virtual realms. This means developers do not need to spend money or time coding everything traditionally because they can build robust frameworks using AIs instead!

The future of entertainment is AI. The technology has made it possible to recommend personalized content in real-time and with a click or tap away from any device user’s hand! Of course, this means that companies who want their business on the cutting edge will need an engine like our Movie Recommendation Engine-powered platforms if they wish for success; what good does being first do you when everyone else can be second?

Give your customers a one-on-one experience with personalized recommendations that will keep them coming back for more. The future of marketing is now possible thanks to AI and machine learning technologies like deep neural networks (DNNs) and genetic algorithms (GAGL). These can pick out what you need based on past purchases or other preferences without compromising quality to get maximum value from every customer!

There are no limits to human resourcefulness.

Soon, the implementation of artificial intelligence will have no boundaries. It makes our lives not just more comfortable, but also more exciting and engaging. With artificial intelligence technology, we will get a more captivating and fascinating future in all spheres.

Remain tuned – being energizing, times ahead are going!

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What Are The Necessary Tips To Find A Genuine Online Casino




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In recent years, online casino games have been popping up everywhere. Nowhere is this more evident than on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where games are extremely popular. Because digital casinos are accessible 24/7, players can immediately access their favorite games whenever possible. This has led to a new gambling trend called “social gaming.”

The problem arises when players make the mistake of playing okbet gaming online without first learning about ethical guidelines in online casinos. This can lead to problems such as identity theft, card fraud, and money laundering—not exactly what you want when looking for an online casino with high-quality customer service. So, how can you find a safe and reliable online site to play at? Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you find the perfect website.

Tip #1: Always verify the identity of the website

Most websites will provide a phone number or contact us information, so be sure to call them out on it if they don’t respond quickly enough. It’s also important to confirm that they are paying out with some form of payment so players know that their winnings are legitimate and safe from any problems with banking or credit card statements. If you don’t see any of this information, then it may be safer to find another site.

Tip #2: Check if the site is safe for all ages or if there are age restrictions

It’s important to verify that what you find on the website is appropriate for your child or any player younger than 18. Some sites have an adult-only option and may list their age requirements in the terms and conditions. Make sure that they do not contain any adult content or language. Also, check in with your kids before they play as well—if they are under 18 and playing at a website that allows gambling, they could potentially be breaking the law.

Tip #3: Compare the site to others

If you’re unsure about a certain site, look for similar websites and compare them to each other. This isn’t foolproof, but it will help you narrow your choices and see which sites have better reviews or ratings.

Tip #4: Read through the website’s terms and conditions

If you click on the “terms and conditions” link, it should redirect you to another page containing the information you can read through before agreeing to play at their casino. This will allow you to be aware of any restrictions, so there won’t be any confusion later.

Tip #5: Watch out for sites that may be a scam

One way to identify potentially scam sites is to look for the “About Us” page and read through it. If any of the information seems odd or misleading, you should proceed with caution and be sure to read the customer service reviews if you have doubts about whether your money is being spent wisely.

Tip #6: Watch out for sites that take too long

When looking through websites, ensure there aren’t any major slowdowns in their customer service. It’s best to find a site where you can put in a complaint or get help immediately and hopefully receive a fast response. You should also look for a page that clearly states the site’s contact information in case you have any concerns. For better assurance, it would be best to double-check on your own by searching the website’s name on Google and see what kind of reviews you can find.

Tip #7: Be aware of the use of software

If you are playing at a site that uses software, make sure to read through the terms and conditions for that specific game, as there may be certain rules and regulations that apply to it. It’s best to play at a site that uses instant play games so you won’t lose money waiting for the download. Also, check with your computer or mobile device if they are compatible with their software.

Finally, it would be best to get as much feedback from as many people as possible before choosing a reputable site to play at. If you need more info about online casino games, just head to our website, where we provide free casino games reviews, the latest online casino news, and a guide on playing slots.

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Importance of Email Lists: 3 Ways to Build one from Scratch




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The increasing dependence towards Digital Technology has made evident that the use of digital tools are the future of industries across the globe. It is in this context that it is important to highlight the concept of email marketing which is not considered to be one of the most important strategies to help attract more consumers towards a particular product.

Email marketing to the is considered to be the most effective and efficient static that can help in the retention of customers and allow organizations to increase their customer base. However, one of the most dreaded jobs that is associated with this concept is building an email list that will comprise the list of customers who have the potential to purchase more from the company.

In the last few years there has been a rapid development observed in the field of online education with more professionals learning the art of email marketing and other associated Technologies to the help of online course selling websites. The advantage that has been provided to them besides learning about this concept has been having experience in this field of marketing.

However, with the advent of modern technology such as that of Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality along with Big Data Analytics and Robotics, it is now important for professionals to be undertaking mandatory courses to learn how to make use of these technologies and implement it in the development of email lists.

It was important for professionals to understand how to make use of embedded signup forms and develop pop ups and overlays so that it becomes easier to develop these email lists.

In the given section, a list of strategies has been highlighted that can be undertaken by professionals when developing email lists. Most of these methods are developed by online course builder(read how to create an online course here) organizations and taught in online paid courses to professionals.

Methods to implement to develop Email Lists

  1. Gathering In-Person Emails

The major objective of email marketing is about leveraging the entire online marketing segment by using both the offline surroundings as well as the online facilities. This is considered to be one of the most effective methods as the information of the potential customers can easily be derived from an offline database and accordingly All the emails of the attendees that are the target audience can be gathered.

Based on the information found it will be possible to effectively build an email list for this target set of audience by ensuring that they are provided with suggestions on the different new products. This will become easier for the company to attract the consumers into providing them with the email addresses along with other associated information thereby helping curate products that will suit that taste and preferences.

  1. Develop Paid Campaigns

Educating the consumers is one of the most unique and effective ways through which it will be possible to develop a successful mailing list. When consumers are made aware about the existing benefits of how through the help of these mailing lists it will be possible to be provided with knowledge on the new products it would make it easier for them to make purchases based on their tastes and preferences.

Therefore, making use of these campaigns will ensure that sufficient and complete information is provided to the consumers regarding how the use of these mailing lists will make it easier for them to be provided with all the necessary information regarding new products.

  1. Development of Personalized Call-To-Action (CTA) for landing pages

Research has shown that through the use of the personalized call to action there is an increase in at least 20% to 30% better coverage.

This is considered to be the most effective method in developing email lists because every time a consumer visits a new page in any company website it is easier for them to find the links necessary that will help them gain the necessary information that is required for any new product.

In this way it will make them increase their purchases as they will be specifically curated to their tastes.


It is concluded that with the use of these three methods it will be possible for developing email lists easily without any hindrances.

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Startupo – What You Need to Know





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If you are an entrepreneur, you have probably heard of Startupo. This website aims to make the startup-making process easy. There are a few things to keep in mind:

Courses offered by Startupo

There are many ways to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, including attending a course from There are courses in the world of angel investing, venture capital, and other financing options. This course will help you understand the fundamentals of these forms of financing, from securing a loan to preparing for investor pitches. There are also courses focused on how to pitch an investor and build a business model. In addition, there are courses for those interested in working in the technology industry, as well.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, a business plan is an essential tool for a startup company. It will serve as a road map for the business, laying out its objectives, goals, and strategies. StartupO courses will walk you through the process of creating a business plan, providing valuable insights and guidance along the way. They also offer resources, including checklists, worksheets, and templates. These resources can make the process go more smoothly for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Founders’ community

Founders’ community on is a great place to network with fellow founders and ask for feedback. The community is made up of first-time entrepreneurs and solo founders, and discussions tend to revolve around A/B tests, landing pages, product testing, and onboarding. Founders can also ask for feedback on their own challenges. The community also helps founders stay productive and connected to one another.

Founders’ community is a great place to connect with other entrepreneurs and investors. It also offers a range of resources including articles, networking events, and professional resources. Founders can meet co-founders, find jobs in a startup, and connect with angel investors. FoundersBeta’s community of entrepreneurs is made up of over 10,000 members and boasts a monthly magazine and an online learning platform. FoundersBeta is completely free, but membership does require an application.

Fundraising opportunities

There are many ways to raise funds for your startup. You can raise funds for personal reasons, nonprofit organizations, or platforms. Some of your fundraising ideas may be better than others, depending on their potential and suitability for your organization. Start by analyzing which ones fit your needs. If you have several ideas, rank them in order of potential and suitability. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you’ll be ready to find the right partner for your next fundraising event.

Online training program

If you’re curious about how to start a business, you should check out the new online training program by StartupO. This training program covers the basics of starting a business, as well as more advanced content. The course is designed for students, recent graduates, and anyone who wants to start a business but doesn’t know where to begin. It’s a great choice for those looking to make a difference in their lives.

The main benefit of self-employment is its simplicity and ease of installation. However, its biggest disadvantage is its limited liability protection. You could personally go bankrupt if your business fails. You’ll have to pay taxes on all of the income you make through the business. So, while self-employment may be a good choice for some, it’s important to consider the risks and benefits before deciding to become a sole proprietor.

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6 Ways to Keep Running Your Business with Cheap Pizza Boxes

GraceShivika BhatiaHennyjohn



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We offer pizza boxes and pizza packaging in a unique and fascinating presentation. The manufacturing of boxes is highly considered and focused on by us. The pizza will remain hot, fresh, safe and sound till you reach your destination. We provide white pizza boxes for wholesale, corrugated pizza boxes for wholesale and custom pizza boxes in the UK at cheap and affordable rates. We offer special discounts and sale incentives to our customers while keeping high-quality standards at lower prices. Our essential objective is to satisfy our customers according to their needs and required orders. 

As Pizza is demanding for all age groups, the pizza boxes and packaging are also getting significantly important. There is a chain of custom pizza boxes for wholesale in the UK. The pizza box suppliers are experiencing a tremendous challenge in the pizza boxes in wholesale UK markets. The custom pizza boxes UK business is flourishing vibrantly due to technological advancements, advertising and marketing. You can run and enhance your cheap pizza boxes business by adopting some substantial ways and attributes.

1. Versatile and Distinct Pizza Boxes

Mostly, people like to deliver the pizza to their destinations rather than dining outside. Your pizza box packaging will impress the consumer at a first glimpse of the pizza. The packaging should be captivating and unique in the market. The boxes’ shape, size, style and design all matter extensively. Using a stunning colour scheme will give identity to your pizza boxes. When you prefer custom-printed pizza boxes at wholesale, it will be cost-effective. You will experience minimum cost to manufacture a large number of packages. Your brand’s artistic and innovative modifications will be worth and notice the people. 

2. Standard of Quality

Your custom pizza boxes will be demanded more if pizzas are safely delivered inside the boxes. The material used in the manufacturing of the pizza packaging should be of high quality. The people will not compromise on the quality of box materials. You must offer cheap pizza boxes with high standard quality at economical prices. The manufacturing of the boxing and packaging should be suitable to keep pizza hot, safe, delicious and fresh till reaching its desired customer. In case of inappropriate manufacturing of boxes, the air will spoil the freshness and cheese of the pizza. It is a very delicate issue to manufacture the boxes by considering these essential features that can highly affect the demand for your cheap pizza boxes among the competitors. 

3. Marketing & Online Advertising

The essential factor of this modern and advanced era is advertising your product in the market. Online e-business has made marketing easiest and widely acceptable to customers. You can promote your boxes and packaging at very cheap rates online worldwide. Social media can play a role of value added to advertise your product free of cost. It will attract a bulk of customers towards you. You can promote your products by displaying and mentioning them separately as white pizza boxes, small pizza boxes and corrugated pizza boxes. Try to build confidence and satisfaction level at the maximum on your products. This will lead rapid increase in your demand that will keep your business smooth in the market. You can raise your business wholesale in the UK by adopting this way. 

4. Special Offers

Your business will lead among competitors by offering some special discounts and economical packages for wholesale. Consider special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year and other parties to provide discounts on your custom printed pizza boxes for wholesale, custom pizza boxes at wholesale and small pizza boxes for wholesale, and white pizza boxes for sale to the pizza boxes suppliers. The people will attract more towards your brand during specific events. This will increase the demand for your product surprisingly. More you will manufacture the products will reduce your cost. It will be beneficial to run your business by providing boxes and packages at cheap rates. You can generate more revenues by focusing on the pizza boxes wholesale business in the market.

5. Customer Satisfaction

The essential element for a compelling business is to attain the satisfaction of its customers. You can achieve satisfaction by ensuring the quality, standard, size, and style per the buyers’ choice. There are a lot of manufacturing competitors of custom pizza boxes wholesale in the UK. You will highlight your brand among your rivals by focusing and supplying as per the customers’ desires. The customers will prefer your boxes having high quality at cheap rates, eco-friendly, hygienic, and attractive printing and design. Once you ensure boxes and packaging are according to the customer’s need, that will lead to a long-lasting impression on your customers. Your rivals will not compete with you quickly. 

6. Ease in Delivery

Another incentive you can make possible to expand your product sales is to deliver free orders to your customers. You can get more benefits by providing pizza boxes wholesale in the UK at cheap rates. Availability and delivery of different sizes and shapes of boxes in bulk will enhance the demand for your products. 

These are some ways to flourish and run your business smoothly among pizza box suppliers in the UK. The pizza boxes and packaging presentation captivate the customers and their satisfaction. Online business and orders are playing a substantial role in generating profits. The competition for pizza packaging and boxes is getting escalation. It is necessary to grab the customers by analyzing the variations in their demands concerning time. 

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Foodpanda Business Model: How Foodpanda Works & Makes Money




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Online food delivery platform, Foodpanda connects users to thousands of local meal ordering and delivery points. The hyperlocal delivery-based business model helps the delivery giant to cater to the growing demand in the market. Looking at the business giant’s success, many delivery brands are interested in a Foodpanda business model; they are trying to know how the delivery platform works and makes money.


The food delivery giant has covered a long journey. We are serving the communities in more than 400 cities and more than 12 markets in Asia, and the company hopes to play a positive part in customers’ lives.


Foodpanda is Asia’s largest delivery platform that helps 3000 new retailers and stores. The SMEs’ digitization made them experience 430% of growth. It is the most used platform for ordering meals from restaurants.


Users can explore multiple options before placing the order; they can even choose between pick-up or home delivery at their convenience. It takes only a few minutes for customers to place an order; Foodpanda offers customer ratings, menus, and other details for over 12 countries and over 115000+ restaurants.


What is Foodpanda?

Owned by Delivery Hero, Foodpanda is an on-demand food and grocery delivery platform. The company operates as a lead brand that is headquartered in Singapore and works for Delivery Hero in Asia.


Recently Foodpanda invited panda pro members to a get-together event; guests had a great chance to build magical connections, go around the venue, and bond over their mutual love for meals while dining in style.


History and Successtime of Foodpanda to Look into!

Foodpanda is a leading food delivery operator that has completed millions of orders till today and raised more than 8.7 million. The meal delivery sector in the Philippines has been dominated by two companies, Foodpanda and Grab. These companies will cover around 52% and 48% of the market share, respectively, in 2021. Meal delivery is a growing sector worldwide, mainly since the pandemic spread.


Online food ordering and delivery platforms serve in many areas like Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Hungary, Germany, Japan, Laos, and many more. Foodpanda processes and delivers orders directly to local restaurants, the delivery agent then delivers the food to the customers’ location. Customers can book the meal through a website and mobile app on iOS and android platforms. Have a look at the success timeline before exploring the Foodpanda business model right here.


Foodpanda enables customers to browse the menu, select items, enter a delivery location, and make payments online/offline. They can even use the review section on restaurant sites to leave comments on delivery, taste, and sales and rate the local store based on an overall impression of the restaurant.


Foodpanda gobbled up $20 million in initial funding from Phenomen Ventures, Rocket Internet, and Investment AB Kinnevik in April 2013. Later, iMENA Holdings invested around $8 million in September 2013. There was another funding round of $20 million in February 2014 from a group of investors and Phenomen Ventures.


In August 2014, Foodpanda announced that it collected $60 million in financing from a group of investors. The food delivery giant raised another $110 million from Rocket Internet and other investors in March 2015. Two months later, Goldman Sachs, along with other investors, invested about $100 million.


Delivery Hero acquired Foodpanda in December 2016. You might have a clear idea about Foodpanda funding, investment, acquisition, and success time. Now let’s explore how Foodpanda works, and it’s business and revenue model right here.


Foodpanda Business Model: How Delivery Giant Satisfy Growing Demand?

Foodpanda workflow is based on the hyperlocal business model, which provides numerous benefits to the company. The top benefits of the Foodpanda business model are as follows:


  1. Helps to meet the growing demand for hyperlocal online meal delivery services
  2. User engagement
  3. Improved business control
  4. Supporting local restaurants


Foodpanda maintains a website and app that food lovers can use to order food from their favorite restaurants and eateries. In 2018, Foodpanda started providing special deals, offers, and discounts to increase platform traffic. The company has clocked around 30,000 to 35,000 orders per day before the approach. This number is expected to reach 5,000 daily orders in the future.


The delivery company continues in-house brands known as “cloud kitchens.” This concept was adopted by the delivery giant when it acquired Holachef. However, the company has three private-label brands in 2019 under its cloud kitchen business, including the FLRT and Great Khichdi experiment.


Customer Segments

Multi-sided Foodpanda business model has two interdependent customer segments possessing its essential; this segment includes:


  • Restaurant;
  • Customers;
  • Delivery agents.


Value Proposition

The platform provides value propositions including cost reduction, brand status, accessibilities, convenience, and customization. Foodpanda develops accessibilities by permitting meal stores to promote their business to customers who want to visit a physical location and search for tribulation by searching the website online.


It allows customers to place orders from an online food ordering app or website, providing great convenience. They can get round-the-clock service from the delivery providers without any hassle. Customers can choose to pick up or get meals delivered right to their doorsteps.


The platform allows customers to filter restaurants as per their type. It also provides lots of engaging deals to customers, such as meal discounts, free deliveries, and more. Amazing offers boost customer engagement and encourage them to try something new and save their cost.


Cost Structure

Foodpanda has built a strong brand with its effective business model. The delivery giant serves more than 500 cities in around 24 countries. An online ordering and meal delivery platform won the European Tech Startup Award in 2014 for “Best E-commerce Startup.”


The amazing cost-driven structure aims to minimize expense, boost significant automation, and surge store sales. However, the biggest cost drivers for the food delivery platform are advertising costs, employees’ salaries, etc. Few other drivers are like administration, customer support, etc.


How Does Foodpanda Work?

Effective Foodpanda business model provides great convenience to all the users. Customers can follow the easy registration and login process to use the platform. They can browse the nearby restaurant and their menu to place an order from them. Once they finalize the order, they can move to the check-out process and pay using multiple payment options like credit/debit cards or other payment options.


Once the customer places the order, the restaurant gets notified about the same. Then, the Foodpanda partner restaurant confirms the order and prepares the meal. As soon as the order is prepared, the restaurant requests a delivery provider to deliver the meal to the customer’s place.


The delivery agent then collects the order and delivers it to the customer’s place. The customer is allowed to track the process right from the moment the restaurant accepts their request through the delivery website and app. They can review and rate the restaurant and delivery provider as per their experience.


Many food ordering and delivery business entrepreneurs are getting inspired by a Foodpanda business model and the way it works to satisfy customers’ growing requirements and investing in an app similar to Foodpanda. If you are also looking for a meal ordering and delivery app development service, White Label Fox can help you with it. Contact our experts to get a free quote right away.


Foodpanda Revenue Model: How it Makes money?

Most revenue of Foodpanda comes from restaurant commissions with which the delivery giant has partnered. Besides, it also generates revenue from other sources helping the company to generate great profits. The food ordering and delivery market generated around US$7.4 billion in 2021; this profit increased by 40% year-on-year.


Foodpanda segment revenue increased by 60% due to the COVID-19 pandemic; the revenue increased by US$616.2 million in the same quarter a year ago. Foodpanda has seen a great increase in revenue in recent years. The company generates revenue through various means like commission, advertisement, etc.


Restaurant Registration Fees

Restaurants have to pay registration fees to register themselves with the Foodpanda website and app. Customers looking to satisfy their cravings can find eateries on the Foodpanda platform. The registration charges are between $100 to $150. It is a one-time payment for restaurants helping them to generate great profits.



Restaurants have to pay a commission to Foodpanda for each order they get through the platform. They have to pay between 15 to 25% to Foodpanda with all taxes. The commission is determined based on the restaurant’s location and also on the volume and kind of orders the restaurant receives on the platform.


Delivery Fees

Every order customers place through the Foodpanda platform is subject to delivery fees. This delivery charge depends on the distance that needs to travel between customers and the restaurant’s location.



Many business entrepreneurs use Foodpanda as an advertising platform as it helps them boost their visibility. Businesses have to pay a steady fee to advertise their brand on this food ordering and delivery platform.


Affiliate Earnings

The delivery giant makes money by making recommendations on different credit cards. It stimulates transactions; banks provide special deals and discounts on their cards. You can also use affiliate marketing to earn money like Foodpanda.


A food delivery app like Foodpanda has competed with many delivery giants and made its name in today’s competitive market. If you want to grab similar success, then you need to choose the right tech partner. Capitalizing on the dynamic method can help you provide your customers with what they are looking for.


Ending Note

Foodpanda has faced lots of ups and downs and has survived due to its effective business model. If you want to achieve similar success, then following the Foodpanda business model is the best option. We hope this blog might help you to know how Foodpanda works and makes money.


If you want to capture a vast base, then developing a delivery anything app is a smart choice to make. White Label Fox can help you give an online touch to your delivery business, get in touch to know how we help give a digital touch to your business and contact us at: [email protected]


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