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Big reasons that stop you to pay off education loan faster




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Student life is not only full of enjoyment, in fact, it is full of responsibilities. Those who think that education-seekers have no serious concerns are wrong. There are many things that they need to do, if you are a student, you are sure to agree with this. One big responsibility is student loans. The young borrowers try hard to pay them off but they do not succeed and there are some precise reasons for that.

The carefree attitude

It is good to be carefree for things that cause unnecessary mental stress but it is dangerous to be carefree if you have a loan to pay off. School and college life are perhaps destined to offer the best experience to humans of their life. But it can be best only with a sensible and rational approach towards life. It is better to improve the habit on time otherwise as a student, you also need to face bad financial conditions like a poor grade in your exam.

  • Weekend parties, eating out during weekdays, movies, amusement parks, relationships that make you spend extravagantly etc. suck all your money. In such circumstances do not even think about the paying of funds on time. In fact, you lose paying instalments.
  • What if in future any new need arises, with a poor payment record, rejection is the only destiny. Your financial circumstances become more complicated when you act careless.
  • The credit score drops and that condition make the financial future even more difficult. It may even affect your scholarship chances. Because suppose you miss instalments, you invite the late payment penalty and the interest rates also keep adding. Do you really wish to turn the sweet help from loans into a financial nightmare?

Not having a repayment strategy

To do something before the decided time, you need to make special plans because that is something which was not in your routine before. You should always have a repayment strategy to pay off the education loan faster. It is not possible to reach to a goal without planning for it. You look for the multiple qualities in student loans, whether they have instant decision or not, whether they are guaranteed loans or not. You need some qualities to pay off the funds faster and it is important to work on them in the right direction.

  • A doer is different from a dreamer and when it comes to paying off funds before the time, one needs to be a doer.
  • Make efforts, start doing things that are under your control, write down the goals for the clarity or do whatever is possible.
  • Are you ready to be that? Well, there is no choice because to pay off the money faster, one cannot just planning things.
  • A repayment strategy helps to clarify on the future efforts. You get to know how to play the finances, what are the challenges and how to remove them.
  • Make a practical plan; implement it without any fear of success and failure because they are evident.
  • At least do something. It is very important to have some plans for your personal finance.
  • Paying off debts should have a respectable place in your goals for personal finances.

Not making a use of payment holiday

We need to talk about current circumstances if we really want to pay off funds faster. You should agree that the pandemic has spoiled all our current and future financial plans. Students have to bear a big loss because they have incomplete debt plans due to multiple complications. All over the world the ‘no payment’ duration promotes the negative vibes because people take it due to money crisis. It is true but if some efforts can help make the smart use of the time, why not do it. After all, as a student, one needs to have a futuristic vision about life. The finances categorised in short-term and long-term goals can help make the difference.

  • Many students have taken payment holidays but that is not a negative thing if one has smart planning for the future. Why not save some more and plan a big part payment.
  • Why not use this period to gather more and more funds (if possible practically) and make big part payments. With a part payment in plan, it is also possible to improve credit score if you have a low rating.
  • When the holiday period gets over, you can keep paying the instalments and can use the saved money to make part payments. Do not delay if you have an idea in mind, start implementation and things will be better.
  • Most of the people think of only the negative aspect of the payment holiday period because they take it due to financial crisis.
  • But one can use this time to gather money, even if you can sell something useless then do it. For sure, we all have a huge stuff of things that can be sold to make the finances better.
  • Success is always around you just break some stereotypes and it will become visible. Make sure the holiday period is used for some constructive reasons.

Never take things for granted in student life because that is going to decide the future. The habits attained at this time carry on in life and one has to decide whether they develop wrong habits or the right habits. Shape the financial future with less or no debts because taking a loan is not bad but not taking it seriously is a bad habit.

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8 unique tips for choosing the best carpet for your home in 2021




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You cannot ignore the floors if you want to make your room look perfect. The beauty of the floors is enhanced by proper carpets or rugs. The carpets embrace the floors with the utmost care. As a result, the floors can be saved from damage too, all thanks to the carpets.

But, there are various kinds of carpets and rugs available in the market. So, if you plan to buy the best carpet for your home but are unsure about which one to buy, then here is the post that will act as a practical carpet buying guide for you. 

This post will talk about several tips to select the best carpets and rugs for your home. It is not always easy to choose the best carpet because it has to look good, and the color and style should fit well with the rest of the decoration. 

The carpet is a crucial accessory that transforms the look of the space, makes the room comfortable, and additionally provides insulation in winter. The carpet is similar to jewelry that will deck up space in the most beautiful ways possible. 

The main thing you have to know is the ways to choose the right kind of carpet. So, below are the tips to choose the best carpet for your home. 

Tips for selecting the best carpet 

The kind of carpet will be determined by the shape and size of your house, the family members, your budget, and the ambiance you want to reflect. Different carpets serve multiple purposes, and after knowing your primary motivation to buy the carpet, the carpet selection will become much easier.

We list down some of the factors which will act as crucial tips that may help you choose the best carpet or rugs for your home.

  • Size of the room

The size of the room is essential. If the room is small, then you must go for a smaller carpet. If your room is large, then a larger carpet will be required. 

In small rooms, you can use rugs, which will cover a few selected portions of the floor and not the whole floor. If the floor is a little bit visible in the small room, then the room looks bigger than the actual size.

  • Colour

There are roughly thousands of color variations and designs of carpets available in the global market. However, if the color of the wall is in some darker shades, then it is advisable to buy some light or white carpet. 

If the walls are of some light neutral colors, you can either select an equally light color or a darker shade. Of course, a monochromatic look in a lighter room is much better than in a darker room. But we know that the contrast looks better.

  • Texture

If you have kids and pets in your home, then you must choose low-maintenance carpets. In case when there is a food stain on the carpet, you can remove it quickly. There are cotton, synthetic, and polymer carpets. You can choose Persian rugs as per your choice, and also as per the climate. You can select thinner carpets if the weather is too hot. You should go for Iranian traditional Persian rugs.

  • Use

Carpets and rugs can be placed in the bedroom, living area, and stairs, and at other places. Depending on the usage and position you want to put the rug, and then you should choose a carpet. 

The one type of carpet you keep in the living area may not go well in the bedroom and vice versa. So, the carpet for the bedroom should be soft and subtle, but the same carpet may not work for the dining area. The carpet for dining or living space has to be a bit dense and harder, so it can last longer.

While selecting the Persian rugs, you can consider how and where you are going to place them.

  • Budget

The budget is essential because, without funds, you cannot get the carpet you want. Suppose, if your budget is five thousand and the carpet you selected is worth fifteen thousand, then it will be problematic.

We know that interior decoration is important, but that does not mean that you have to dig a hole in your wallet. So, you can plan the budget first and then start planning to purchase a carpet. We prefer not to buy any carpet that you find random. Before purchasing a carpet, there are certain factors that you need to consider. 

  • Take a look at loop piles.

Loop piles are precisely in which the yarn is formed into loops. There are many variations of the loop piles, such as formal, linear look, and ribbed pattern.

Random loop piles give the carpet a textured and casual look.

  • Consider your preferred fiber type.

Carpets are available in one hundred percent wool, wool-nylon mixes, and myriad synthetic fibres. Wool gives a cooler feeling in summer, and it is warmer in winter, while it is not necessarily more expensive. 

While talking of synthetic fibers, solution-dyed nylon is the perfect selection. 

  • Think about plush piles

Cut piles in the carpet include plush piles, which give a super soft feeling and look like velvet. If you want that squishy, luxurious feeling, you must choose dense, plush-pile carpets that are lovely but keep in mind they show footprints.


You can get to know the essential tips to consider while selecting the best carpets for your home. Our short carpet buying guide will help you to choose the best carpet for your home. Then, you can choose the rug based on your preferences and considering the essential factors.

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12 Crazy Ways to Change the Colour of Your Home




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Dyeing your home’s items is the perfect way to change up a room and give it a new look. Did you know that many home items can be dyed? Whether to even out a color or just for the sake of change, it’s easier than you think! We’ve collected some of my favorite DIY dye projects from around the web and gathered links so that readers can try them too. The idea of dying home items isn’t new, but it is a great way to change your space and make it feel fresh. Many online tutorials give you ideas to get started with this project. We have some ideas if you want to know how to dye fabric for a pillow cover, area rugs for a new look, or a tablecloth! Ready to get crafty?


1) Paint Your Furniture

Yes, this is an oldie but a goody. There are so many tutorials for painting furniture on the internet that it’s hard to know where to start! Choosing colors or patterns can be fun and a great way to makeover your room with just some paint and brushes in hand. Painting an old furniture item will give it a new life, and you’ll also get to experience the satisfaction of completing your DIY project. You can refresh your home or create a whole new look with just some paint and patience!


2) Dye the Old Wooden Vase

If you’re looking for a new, inexpensive way to bring color into your home without having to buy anything, try this. You can take any old vase or large jar that’s made of wood and dye it with some water-based acrylic paint tinted the color of your choice! This is an easy project as all you need are two coats of paint and a couple of hours to let it dry. This project is perfect for those looking for an easy way to create color in their home with something they already own, without having to buy anything new! You can take any old vase or large jar that’s made of wood and dye it with some water-based paint for a fresh and new look.


3) Paint Your Old Candle Stand

Painting an old or worn-out candle stand is a great way to add some color to your home while also making the candle holder look sleek. Apply two coats of paint with drying time in between, and you’re all set!

TIP: Add layers of clear coat for extra protection on acrylic-painted furniture (or even painted walls) so that it doesn’t scratch easily or fade.


4) Dye Old Rugs

Renew the old rug in your house by dyeing it. You can do it in many ways. A few quick and easy options include using food coloring or dyeing material with an old rug hanging over the bathtub so that you can soak it longer than just about anywhere else! If you have old or worn-out oriental rugs, you can take them to a store like Carpet One that offers rug dyeing, and they’ll help make your old rugs look new again.

TIP: To make sure the color looks great on any rug, it’s a good idea to test the dye on an old rag before doing anything else.


5) Paint Rattan or Wicker Accessories

Rattan or wicker accessories can be painted to match your new room color. It is a great option for old items that need updating and doesn’t want to spend tons of money on new ones. There are plenty of other ways to change the look and feel of your home without spending any extra time or cash. Painting wicker and rattan furniture are also one of them.


6) Paint Hanging Planters and Pots

Paint hanging planters and pots bring color and life to your home. Give them a new and fresh look by painting them in colorful hues. It also makes your house look more alive and colorful. You can also add a different plant to your garden or add flowers in the pots and planters.


7) Tapestries

Another option to think about is a tapestry to change the color of your home. These typically come in two pieces, and you can hang them as curtains or use one piece on the wall near an entranceway, for example. It also adds a nice pop of color to the room without too much time or money invested.


8) Dye a Jute Basket

Jute baskets are a great way to store items, and they can be dyed in any color, so you don’t need to buy a new one. You have to soak the jute basket in hot water with some clothes dye for about an hour or until the desired color is achieved. It also makes it a unique piece that won’t get mixed up with other baskets. A dyed basket is used for an outdoor space as well.


9) Paint an Old Dresser

Paint an old dresser in a new color and add some knobs. This is also a way to liven up the room without buying something brand-new. Paint it with your favorite colors or paint different parts of the dresser different shades for maximum effect! A colored dresser creates a vintage retro vibe in your home. It is also the best pick for the entrance.


10) Painting faux Flowers

Faux flowers are a quick and easy way to spruce up your home! Painting faux flowers is an excellent way to create a new flower arrangement. You can also paint the leaves in different shades of green for added effect. It will completely change the vibe of your home.


11) Decorate with Gold or Silver Candles

Have some fun by adding gold or silver candles into your home decorating scheme! You can make your custom candles by coloring plain white with metallic paint in silver or golden tones. Or you can buy some gold or silver candles from a store and add them to your home decorating scheme!


12) Change the Handle on Your Door

Change your door handle to match your colored dresser! This will give off an even more retro vibe in your home, which is great for vintage lovers out there. The different colors of doors can also make it easy to identify where each room leads as well!


Wrapping Up

With different colors adding new life to your home, you’ll be able to transform it from drab and dull into a cheerful space. It doesn’t take much work either! Add color to your home with throw pillows on the couch or chairs in certain rooms, paint one wall a bold shade before painting the rest white, or buy rugs for each room at RugKnots. Take some time today and think about how changing up your home’s vibe will make you feel so happy when you walk through the door after a long day outside. What do you envision?

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