Best Of Summer Linen Shirts To Make Your Dressing Style Soar

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Are you someone who loves playing dress-up? And donning an elegant look? Sadly, summer is the time when all your fashion glory is tossed out of the window. Indeed the struggle is real and daunting! From crop tops to spaghettis, girls genuinely tend to have it a lot better!

So guys, if you are someone who is struggling in the heat too, we feel you!
As far as Linen is concerned, we tend to imagine a spotless, crisp, and typical fabric that permits the clothes to turn porous, washable, and mesmeric. To go for linen confidently is to adopt its relaxed rumpledness. And honestly, the easiest way of doing so is by wearing a linen shirt or blazer, but perhaps not all at once!

Easier to iron when damp, it retains great resistance to heat degradation and tends to get less affected by sunlight than other fabrics. Linen Club’s linen apparels are woven to stand the test of time and possess rigidity that helps with total abrasion. Being resistant to staining and dirt, it doesn’t easily wear down and could last a lifetime if properly cared for.

With the launch of our novel range, we wish to bring you a gist of the history of this timeless and alluring fabric. Read on to catch hold of some much-needed tricks up your sleeves (pun intended) to help you dress smart this summer!

But first, let’s dig into the history of linen. When did it even come into existence? And why is it called the ‘magical fabric’? Read on to find out.


Did you know? Linen is known to be one of the first crops to be cultivated. The Babylonians were the ones that went on with the weaving of flax and, then further credited the same with the onset of the linen trade. The Egyptians unveiled it to the whole world.

Linen is such a fabric that is known to let in ample air. Plus, it is the structure that honestly suffices that sweat stays away from your skin and lets in more air. This fabric will certainly cling to your skin; and when it billows away, it cools down gradually in a way that it is being touched by a cooling surface. The linen shirts for men possess an air permeability that lets in the air through the fabric, rendering ample room for breathing.

A Day’s March
What do you think makes up a great linen shirt? Honestly, quality, looks, and comfort, tend to rise quite high up in the list of the brands that check all the above boxes. A Day’s March is one such brand. From checkered patterns to plain white linen shirts, A Day’s March is a brand that is home to countless linen shirts, which means you can certainly catch hold of a great-looking, high-quality garment at a much lesser price tag! Woop!

Hawes and Curtis
Committed to crafting the garments that matter, this Swedish shirt brand believes in doing so too with the highest bet. Plus, it’s all direct to the consumer, which means you get hold of a great-looking, high-quality garment!

Want to get hold of an eye-catching look while doing good, Everlane certainly has you covered. This eco-friendly brand is used only for the most ethical of factors, and hence they are most revered among the men who tend to go for classier picks while being conscious of what they wear.

This brand of linen shirts for men, lives by the motto of “The Pursuit of less”. Asket is perhaps the only existing brand that genuinely wants you to buy less but better. Asket tends to know the magic of minimalism the best. You might think of them as the building blocks of your capsule wardrobe. Well, to hit the nail on the coffin, this label is known to make just one linen shirt, woven with 100% pure linen, featuring a well-tailored weave that is ideal for the warm weather.

Best known for its pocket-friendly take on luxury, this New York-based Club Monaco has managed to gain a cult of linen lovers, all thanks to its modern take on classic pieces. It features shirts that have slim fits with attention to minute detail and prices that won’t leave a burning hole in your wallet.

Linen Club
Revered for its quality to remain crisp yet porous, Linen Club’s plethora of linen apparels are sleek, stylish, and woven to be the showstopper.
With comfort and durability as its fundamentals, the linen club apparel is going to stick by your side for decades to come. The best part? It won’t cost you a fortune!

Linen fabrics tend to already possess a much looser fit. Hence, you should be careful while picking your sizes appropriately. Also, since it tends to get creased easily, taking care of the fabric is very important. If you are conscious of your looks, then do not forget to get proper steam ironing before every usage to maintain a much-needed polished look.

While you might want to pair your linen garments with contrasting and impeccably eye-grabbing contrasting shirts, simple plain linen shirts for men paired with white chinos are the way to go! Yet another classic pairing could be linen drawstring trousers paired with a simple cotton linen shirt for an elegant weekend!

This is why a white linen blazer, paired with a white linen shirt underneath, rules the look of a weekend getaway.

Being curated from a breathable material with impeccable absorption qualities, it honestly is an overtly versatile and staple fabric that doesn’t lag be terms of putting on sultry soft looks.

If you are a linen shirt fanatic too, then you can browse through our other picks served for you at the official website of Linen Club. Because you call it Unbelievable. We call it Uncrushable.

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