Best Conversational AI Platforms You Need to Try 2021

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Conversational AI is the skill that initiates automatic conversations between a business and its customers. These conversations can be text or audio-based and can run on any voice or messaging platform.

Conversational AI is the technology behind chatbots and voice assistants, but it’s not synonymous with either. Then you can use a messaging service, website chatbot, voice assistant, etc. and use conversational AI to automate conversations about it.

AI technology can mimic human conversations with accuracy. They apply natural language processing to fuel these human-like conversations. It helps them understand speech, text, decipher different languages ​​and respond as a human would.

Almost all companies try to implement AI in their processes and products. Therefore, learning AI can open up a world of opportunity for anyone. A combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning can pave the way for many career prospects. Learning artificial intelligence has become very accessible now as many courses and training are available online. These are trained by top educators, researchers, and artificial intelligence experts and often charge less than a typical university course. Some of these classes are very comprehensive and include an equivalent undergraduate curriculum. Some of these are free and are perfect for taking a peek into the world of AI.

IBM Applied AI Professional Certification course aims at those who want to acquire the skills to work as artificial intelligence developers. It is a beginner-level AI certification that consists of 6 courses and gets done by students with technical and non-technical backgrounds. It conveys a solid understanding of AI, its applications and use cases. It introduces students to concepts and tools such as machine learning, data science, natural language processing, image classification, image processing, IBM Watson AI services, OpenCV, and API. Students also learn how to get started with pre-built AI without building AI models and backends from scratch.

Machine learning course at Stanford University allows students to learn the fundamental ideas of machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition. It provides them with a good foundation in the mathematical, statistical, and computer science foundations that form the foundation of machine learning machines. 

Some conversational AI technologies are enough to recognize the context and personalize conversations. The primary purpose of conversational AI is to automate conversations and interactions with customers to provide accurate 24/7 support. However, this is not the only use of this AI technology. Conversational AI has numerous business applications like customer acquisition and retention. It can help you provide a better experience for your customers and solve their problems quickly and efficiently. You can also use this technology to create easy-to-use chatbots that produce leads and more sales.

Here are some of the best conversational AI platforms. Read about its features, pricing, pros and cons to decide which of these chatbots are most suitable for your needs.


This conversational AI platform understands business needs. With this platform, companies can design, test, create and implement AI-enabled wizards. The platform offers features to enhance the overall employee experience, customer experience, and agent experience. From media and entertainment to the trade industry, it has use cases for all types of businesses.

The main features of the platform are:

  1. It comes with a multi-tip NLP engine.
  2. It supports more than 30 methods.
  3. Flexible implementation model
  4. Easy integration with custom ML models and custom channels
  5. Detailed analysis


  • You can customize it easily.
  • It comes with domain-trained use cases.
  • It can humanize bot interactions.


  • It may not be useful for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • SAP Conversational AI

SAP is a powerful conversational AI platform from software giant SAP. You can use their technology to integrate your AI-powered chatbots into your business. 

These chatbots are built-in with Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. It means they can talk to a user like a human would, rather than providing cold, robotic responses as most chatbots do. It can improve your customer experience and should result in better quality conversations between your brand and customers.

It has NLP technology available in many languages. So no matter what language your customers speak, this conversational AI platform can talk easily.

Some of its main features are:

  1. Developed with PNL technology
  2. Fast time to market
  3. It comes with a heavy analytics panel.
  4. It can support multiple languages.
  5. It gets activated by voice.

Its use is free. It is a community-driven product where developers can create as many chatbots as they want.


  • It’s an open-source platform.
  • It supports all languages.
  • NLP capacity


  • You require some practical knowledge to build up a chatbot using this platform.


  • KAI

It is a conversational artificial intelligence platform from Kasisto that specializes in the financial and banking sector. You can provide your customers with answers to all their questions and solve their challenges in no time.

There is no need to train this conversational AI platform as it includes financial knowledge and skills. It’s more than conversational AI. It is a complete virtual assistant to help all your customers.

KAI offers three different business solutions:

  • KAI Consumer Banking
  • KAI Business Banking
  • KAI investment management

It also has natural language processing capabilities that allow you to converse with your customers like a human. Not only does he answer questions, but he can ask follow-up questions. You can use machine learning to get smarter with every conversation. It does not get bounded by any rules-based system and is a self-learning conversational AI platform.


  • AI-powered self-learning platform that gets smarter over time
  • NLP capacity


  • It is for banking and financial companies only.

  • MindMeld

MindMeld is another powerful conversational AI platform with natural language processing capabilities. It gets used for both voice interfaces and text-based chatbots. And unlike the old platform, this one isn’t limited to any industry.


  • Open source and free platform
  • NLP capacity


  • It requires technical knowledge to develop a chatbot using this platform.


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