Attendance 6 pod systems worth buying 2021

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As you know, on the market today there are many types of pod systems with different functions. If you are unfamiliar with the pod system or are wondering about this product, then in this article, Electronic Pipe will give you all the information you need to know. Based on the criteria “Cheap-Durable-Nice”, let’s take a look at the best types of vape pod systems to choose the right device for yourself!

Top 6 best pod systems

1. Juul


Juul comes first when it comes to vape pod systems. Although first on the market, but Juul has launched the device vape pod system suitable for most of everyone’s needs. The usage that Juul offers is unbelievably simple. Therefore Juul is very popular everywhere, especially in America.


  • Compact design.
  • Large battery capacity.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Feeling of use like smoking (being one of the tobacco substitutes).


  • The price is quite high compared to other products.
  • Juul pod is not really durable, even if refill (refill the oil) is only 2-3 times.
  • There is little choice of nicotine concentration (5% or 50 mg as the only concentration).

Overview: 8/10


2. Vladdin RE


The arrival of Vladdin RE is a perfect replacement for the previous version of Vladdin. The company seems to have overcome the previous version’s errors very well such as leaking, the body does not accept the pod and the sensor error. Aladdin’s vape pod is now easy to refill and most notably, the pod is made of porcelain that significantly increases the life of the pod. With a smooth, compact, and easy-to-use design, the Vladdin RE vape pod system becomes extremely convenient when traveling or traveling.


  • Stable operation.
  • Do not burn or run out of oil.
  • It feels like smoking like a real cigarette.
  • Compact design.
  • Micro USB charging (charging and suction function).
  • 1.5ml pod capacity is comfortable to use.
  • Very good taste.


  • There is no battery status indicator function.
  • The battery capacity is not enough for an all-day vape.
  • The oil refill is a bit difficult.

Overview: 9.5 / 10

3. Vaporesso Renova Zero


This is a new product available on the market, but quickly satisfied the most demanding vapers, even novices. Zero’s design is not really compact, but it feels very solid to hold. Zero’s creativity comes from different powerful and softly adjustable combustion modes, so whether it’s a “light dollar” or “heavy” vape, it’s comfortable to use.


  • Works perfectly.
  • Ceramic coil (ceramic) should be damaged and burned.
  • Very little oil flow (barely visible).
  • Large battery capacity (650mah).
  • Fast charging (full 40p battery).
  • Large pod capacity up to 2ml.
  • Taste up very well.


  • The filling point is difficult, easily overflows if done incorrectly, or even breaks the filling hose if you press too hard on your hand.
  • Pod used for 1 time will have the situation of slightly shot oil.

Overview: 9/10

4. Lost Vape Orion Quest (Orion Q)


It has been on the market for a while, but Orion with the new updated version Orion Quest (Orion Q) is the perfect choice for those who like a luxury but still compact. The Orion Q’s battery capacity has been upgraded to 950 mAh, the standard set capacity is only 17 watts, not adjustable.

From the outside, the Orion Q is no different from the previous version, but the significant plus is that its price is only half that of its brother.


  • Exquisitely produced.
  • Battery life is great.
  • Easy to add oil.
  • The pod release switch is really convenient.
  • Adjustable air hole.
  • Smoke and taste very thick.


  • The 1.0 ohm Orion Vape pod is not the perfect choice for those who prefer tight gasps (MTL).
  • Some pods are of uneven quality.
  • Long charging time.
  • Using kanthal and cotton coils in the pod, the Orion Q pod’s lifespan is not high (only about 1 week more).

Overview: 8.5 / 10

5. Suorin Air


Although it has been on the market for a long time, Suorin Air still deserves to be at the top of the best vape pod systems available today. This pod is designed in a compact card shape, only 3/4 of ATM cards or CCDs. What is important to its name is its ability to burn and taste great. The air inlet is reasonably designed for its power, whether vape in the front mouth (MTL) or straight vape (STL) is fine. Thus, this device can utilize all types of juice from regular nicotine to nicotine salt.


  • Ultra-thin design, easy to put in all kinds of pockets and clothes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Products with high perfection.
  • Simple toggle switch.
  • Different colored lights indicate problems with the machine.
  • Easy essential oil refilling.
  • Smoke and taste great.


  • Battery capacity is slightly less than default capacity.
  • Some pods leak occurs.
  • Short pod life.

Overview: 8.5 / 10

6. Justfog Minifit


Lastly is Justfog Minifit. Do you have any questions why? According to the criteria of Cheap-Durable-Nice, this device must be ranked 1 already. Although it is only half the price of other types on the market, it does extremely well in all aspects. The design can be said to be the smallest of the products in this chart, but its ability to produce smoke and taste is not inferior. The minus point for this product is low battery capacity, but in return only needs 15p charging to fully charge the battery. Minifit pod holds up to 1.5ml enough for you to vape all day.


  • Extremely compact design.
  • The ability to smoke and taste very good.
  • Low price.
  • The large pod is easy to refuel.
  • Pod lifespan is quite durable compared to products in its class.
  • Led light shows battery capacity.


  • Just press the button to burn.
  • Easy to press buttons if you forget to turn off the device.
  • Battery capacity is low.

Overview: 8/10

Where to buy pod systems?

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