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Akshardham Jaipur – The Beloved Place Of Jaipur

Akshardham Mandir is the best temple in Jaipur for tourists. Akshardham structure is beautiful




Akshardham Jaipur - The Beloved Place Of Jaipur
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Akshardham Jaipur – The Beloved Place Of Jaipur 

It is believed that Akshardham helped in getting hold of the moon and sun. On this auspicious day, Akshardham Jana rituals are conducted at the Akshardham temple. The Akshardham temple is a small temple built inside a ghat. It is decorated with a lot of flowers and other decorative items. The Akshardham temple has a special gate for the lord; a staircase to take the devotee to the deity; a hall for conducting aarti; a guest house and a parking space.

The Akshardham temple ceremony is a very sacred ritual that starts off with a puja and a pre-dinner address from Akshardham. The Akshardham then goes to the area of the thirteenth Ganga where the lord is believed to be seated by a pond. The Akshardham then holds a puja for the lord and performs all types of Akshardham activities such as dancing and playing footvolley. The Akshardham then gives a garland to the Lord and leaves. The Akshardham then enters the thirteenth Ganga and performs pubs all over the Ganges with his devotees.

Other Temples in Akshardham – 

There are many Hindu temples in Akshardham Jaipur that attract thousands of devotees and tourists every day. Some of the most famous ones are H. D. Nayyar Ka Jhumrana Hindu Temple, Ekadash Rudra Hindu Temple, Manjishtha Temple, etc. The H. D. Nayyar Ka Jhumrana Hindu Temple is a significant monument in the history of Akshardham, as it is located near the cremation place of Hindu Lord Krishna. In fact, this temple is one of the eight holy places of India that have significance for every Hindu.

The other important temples in Akshardham Jaipur are Shri Mahalaxmi Temple, Shri Ram Niwas Palace, Shri Pushkar Temples, Shri Birla Temple, etc. Shri Mahalaxmi is a small but renowned temple in Akshardham, dedicated to lord swami on whose birthday the city of Jaipur is named. r. The temple is surrounded by a lotus blossom and a golden temple door. In the background, a cow is seen playing polo.

In addition to the Akshardham temple, a new Akshardham Jaipur temple has been built nearby. It is Shri Mahalaxmi Akash and Shri Ram Niwas. They are both dedicated to lord swamis. The new Akshardham temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. There are also a lotus flower embellished temple structures to the four Vedas: Jyotisa (Bhagavatam), Patanjali (Patliputra), Sahasrara (Sutras).

Shopping Market in Akshardham Temple

On a sunny day in a month packed with a number of tourists, shopping is a big hit here. You can head to the markets in both the posh Jauhari area and the outskirts of the city. Akshardham Market is a hub of hawkers selling a variety of products, vegetables, handicrafts, Jewellery, textiles, leather goods, shoes, native art, toys, hand-woven garments, spices, and a lot more. If you head a little deeper, you can find a few authentic Rajasthani products like Akshardham (a local craft-made fabric), embroidery, and jewelry at a truly reasonable price. An ideal time to buy from Akshardham is during the season of October-January, as this is when most craftsmen work on their fabrics for the season.

A popular activity that can be enjoyed while on a holiday in Akshardham Jaipur is shopping. The markets of Jaipur offer a wide array of local and international designer wear at a good price. But if you are looking to buy a unique souvenir or goody, then you should visit the Shilparamam or Tala Bahadur temples located at a distance of 15 km from the city center. These temples are dedicated to the lord Swamis and they offer a place to worship and a platform to display their art. These temples are a must-visit while on a Jaipur tour.

Akshardham Janmashtami

Akshardham Janmashtami is a major Hindu festival and celebrated with much vigor all over India. The day when Lord Shiva, the God of Ayurveda, performed a miracle and gained a boon from the then king of Gods, Brahma, was celebrated with a lot of fanfare and joy. In fact, Akshardham is one of the oldest rituals that have its roots in this era. According to a myth, Brahma, the god of the rains, saw a swan flying towards the earth. He wished to see the bird, but thick fog prevented him from seeing. But a sage by the name of Akshardham, who was a teacher of the Vedas, came to the aid of Brahma and got a bird to fly in the.

On a normal day, Akshardham visits a lot of places. However, on Akshardham Janmashtami, Akshardham only performs a few Akshardham activities like dancing and playing footvolley. This is because of the presence of a large number of devotees who make it a point to visit the Akshardham temple during an Akshardham Jataka. The Akshardham also give a dedicating speech to the lord. During a devotee’s visit, a lot of decorative clothes are offered to the lord.

A huge idol of the lord made out of wood called “Ghotak” is built at a place near Mathura. It is said that a snake named Ghotai came to live at this place along with a consort named Subhadra. Ghotai was the chief minister in the household of the lord. A gigantic statue of Ghotai in a specially built temple is a big attraction on an Akshardham Jataka. People also pay a lot of money to have a look at a sculpture of a Ghotai. This is a part of the legend regarding the birth of the lord.

There are a lot of who perform pujas to worship the Lord. The Akshardham also do a lot of dancing and music all around the lord Krishna. This is a ritual performed to celebrate the victory of good over evil. In the Hindu religion, Akshardham is a very important ceremony performed a few days before Diwali.

A special occasion is a very crucial time of the year for Hindus. On this day the entire family, friends, colleagues, and relatives come together to pay their tributes at the cremation ground of the lord. The Akshardham perform a very special ritual of walking around the cremation stones collecting sparks or candles. This is a very interesting ceremony and a lot of fun too. Most of the Akshardham take a dip in the holy water offered by the priest in a ritualistic manner.

During Akshardham festivities, a Rattan tree is cut, which is kept as a symbol of Lord Krishna. The cremation of the lord Krishna is a very auspicious ceremony and a big feast is thrown to his supporters. There are a number of places all over India where Akshardham takes place. In fact, they are a compulsory tradition now for every Hindu house.

Akshardham Jaipur Timings – 


In Morning – 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 

In Evening – 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

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Digital Document Verification To Uncover Fake COVID-19 Results




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As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our lives, people are feeling the urge to spend time outside their homes. Fortunately, technology resumed some parts of our lives back to normal. This, however, prepared people to start taking flights to their new travel destinations. 


Due to new rules and regulations, travellers around the globe are required to show their COVID-19 test results before catching a flight. But passengers eager to fly across the border are using falsified coronavirus test results to bypass manual methods of test verification. Although, as news of fake COVID-19 tests are cropping up around the world, a sharp rise in recent arrests is suggesting significant possibility or error and human negligence, and that is the problem which currently needs to be addressed.


However, an industry-proven digital document verification solution can help airlines, airports, governments, and even passengers with safe and secure travel amidst COVID-19. The key benefit of document authentication methods provides the ability to ease up the process of validating documents by aviation authorities. It could ultimately help governments to cut massive time and cost with manual work. Through automation of passport verification and COVID-19 test results, passengers could not only experience ease in operations but also avoid standing in long queues. 


Moreover, the document verification solution would enable authorities to make informed decisions on whether a traveller can move further from a point of check-in. Although passengers without appropriate documents that might include a passport or real COVID-19 tests could be considered a high-risk. The document verification would ensure that fraudsters don’t make it through the airports. 


Moreover, the verification accuracy differs with each verification service provider.   


Experience Safe Travel  Through Digital Document Verification 


By incorporating digital document verification into existing security systems, authorities could minimize operational and technical expenses. This would ensure a contactless passenger journey and instil confidence in all stakeholders to start travelling again. Further, it would help authorities to verify the documents at the time of departure and arrival.   


Eliminate Risk of Onboarding Passengers With Fake Credentials 


Document verification is an intelligent feature that allows passengers to upload their required documents including COVID-19 test results. The AI-enabled feature analyses the document in real-time and provides verification status within a few seconds to determine the travel eligibility. 


OCR-engine integrated within the document verification quickly scans the entire document to ensure a high level of verification assurance. When the process ends, the document is either rejected or approved automatically to let passengers through the check-in counter. 


The end-user will only have to upload their COVID-19 test results and passport for verification. The verification results are sent to the client after the entire process is complete that helps them with the pre-completion of sign-up forms. 


Technology acts swiftly to accurately extract information from various document types and languages with complex characters. 


It ensures that only authorized people gain access while ensuring the information provided matches the test results and other required documents. 


Role of Facial Recognition Technology Coupled With Document Verification 


During the document verification process, AI-powered facial recognition also helps with identity verification and fraud detection in fake Covid-19 documents. Liveness detection integrated into facial recognition technology helps to ensure that a fraudster isn’t impersonating a real person. The verification checks incorporated within the technology also helps take down spoofing attacks. 


Validating Documents as Either Real OR Fake 


The software helps to differentiate any sort of fake, illegitimate or counterfeit documents. It’s proven to work more effectively than manual document verification. It can enable the travel authorities to reduce unnecessary efforts when customers try to onboard a flight. The software automatically requests to submit their COVID-related documents that are later analysed to grant passengers an access. 


Therefore, the software can effectively handle the rejection and approval of documents within seconds. Here are some document types that fraudsters use to bypass security measures; 


  • Illegitimate Document: These document types are almost fake, as most commonly they miss few characteristics such as missing holograms. However, such elements are essential to provide legitimacy to a document. 
  • False Document: This type of document belongs to someone else and bad actors might attempt to authenticate themselves. 
  • Modified Document: This is usually when the fraudster intentionally photoshops or introduces alternations in the document to bypass the system. 


Document authentication could save the travel industry and authorities operating in each country to reduce cost and increase efficiency.


Compliance With New Restrictions Amidst COVID-19


With new restrictions in place, authorities could face hefty fines or penalties if they are unsuccessful in catching people with fake COVID-19 test results. To avoid such fines, airport authorities are calling for strict measures to avoid loopholes during manual screening of passengers during airport check-ins. Real-time identity and document verification could be a valuable asset for countries to take malicious actors out of their system. 


To sum up, the document verification could essentially minimize the risk of fake credentials during passenger onboarding. Moreover, the control on COVID-19 pandemic is necessary and mandatory to return life to normal. As people are returning to their usual routine, AI-powered document verification solutions will leave no opportunity for imposters to fly over borders with submitting fake COVID-19 test results. Because authorities need to comply with regulations and passengers need a simple and easy onboarding experience. 


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Here Are the Best Bikes for Long Rides That You Should Buy in 2021

Bikes journeys are one of a kind especially when the route is long and traffic-free. Long rides let riders test out the limits of their bikes and really use the machines how they are meant to be used. That exhilarating feeling of having the wind push back at you while you continue to scale kilometre after kilometre is something every bike fanatic is very familiar with.




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Bikes journeys are one of a kind especially when the route is long and traffic-free. Long rides let riders test out the limits of their bikes and really use the machines how they are meant to be used. That exhilarating feeling of having the wind push back at you while you continue to scale kilometer after kilometer is something every bike fanatic is very familiar with. Bikes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This implies that all bikes are not designed to provide a satisfying experience while touring. Larger wheelbases, higher weight, and a well-designed engine are only a few desirable characteristics that the best bikes have. Here are some of the best options for long rides on Indian highways:

KTM Duke 390

It’s rare to see a naked motorbike amongst the best bikes for long-distance travel. The KTM Duke 390 has earned its spot in this list due to the perfect balance between performance and handling that it provides to its users. The massive TFT display makes it easy for riders to look at important statistics at any time of the day. It also provides an upright seating position for riders that prefer to be seated more comfortably during their journey. The smart console can also be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you access to more details and stats about your bike including the mileage, fuel remaining and need for service. Duke 390 is also equipped with strong LED headlamps ensuring that you have maximum visibility during the night. The Duke 390 is an absolute pleasure to ride.

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

The laid-back style of this motorcycle gives it a unique personality. The Avenger is the perfect cruiser for long roads. Powered by a single-cylinder 220cc engine, this bike is well equipped for long journeys. The tall windshield and low seat make your ride extremely comfortable. Wide handlebars and angled leg shifters give you the ultimate luxury experience. The Bajaj  Avenger Cruiser 220 also sports the ABS braking system ensuring that you are always safe. 

Jawa Perak

The Jawa brand is gaining a lot of attention lately. This is due to their rugged bikes that provide a grounded and comfortable riding experience. The Perak is a bobber bike sporting a laid-back riding position that is paired with upright handlebars. It exudes a powerful persona and gives riders a royal feeling. Jawa Perak’s single-cylinder 343cc engine is liquid-cooled and can deliver 30bhp and unto 31Nm torque. Equipped with the ideal dual-channel ABS, riders have nothing to worry about when they are on this bike. 

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 

This bike is the gold standard for long-distance touring. The Enfield brand is well-known for its powerful motorbikes and loud, peppy engines. The Interceptor 650 sports a whopping 650cc engine that is cooled both by oil and air. With the machine being able to clock 47bhp and 52NM of torque, long route travel is guaranteed to be smooth and pleasurable. The Interceptor 650 is also equipped with other best in class features like the slipper-assist clutch and dual-channel ABS. The simple yet classy design is sure to turn heads on Indian roads!

Bajaj Dominar 400

Bajaj bikes are widely recognized for their sturdy feel and longevity. The Bajaj Dominar is offered by the brand solely to tour. It is loaded with all the features that are necessary so that riders can confidently go about their travels. The bright LED headlights and tail lamps ensure that you can be seen from a distance by other drivers on the road while ensuring that you never lose sight of the road. The wider seats and wheelbase are designed to help you feel comfortable even after hours of continuous riding. The liquid-cooled, 373.33cc engine can produce 39.5 bhp and 35Nm of torque. This bike is an absolute beast and delivers on all the promises that it makes to its customers. 

Basic research can help you find the best bike for your touring needs. Always remember that depending on your requirements, you may need different types of bikes. Not all bikes that are great for touring can translate the same performance on city roads. If you are someone who frequents highway trips to far-off places, any bike from this list of long ride bikes will be a great option for you!


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How Adventure Seeker People Find Opportunity to Book Cruise from Travel Sites?

Anjali Sharma



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That’s why we brought the largest one-stop-shop Travel Sites for thrill-seeker people. They can find every kind of details from here related to travelling. Travel sites will help thrill-seeker people in travel planning. For example, if they want the best cruises deal. We will give them the best cruises sites to easily choose the best Cruise for their Adventure. Travel Sites became very popular among the Thrill Seekers People.

Today we brought the big list of Best Cruises Sites. This will help a lot to the people to choose the best cruise site for their Adventure. We will tell you how we include cruises sites in our list. First, we check Sites must be

  • User Friendly
  • intuitive site design
  • Rewards
  • Customer Service
  • Affordable cruises ticket
  • Travel Resources
  • straightforward policies

Cruises have become among the Very popular forms of Adventure and transportation for millions of people each year. We understand the appeal. Since the first Cruise set sail over a hundred years ago, we have seen a lot of progress in the experiences they offer.

You may automatically think of the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Mexico when you think of a cruise vacation. Tropical locations are indeed a favourite on cruise ships, but there are so many different places that you can navigate. Store it in the United States and explore Alaska or venture north to New England and Canada.

Travel to Europe without the problem of a long, narrow flight and discover Norway’s fjords and the canals of Venice. Experience an African safari and see the pyramids of Cairo. There are so various spots you can visit on a voyage; we can’t show them all here.

Advantages of taking Cruises

Cruises are an excellent option for anyone who likes to travel but hates long and tedious flights, booking hotels, and planning how to get from one place to another in an unfamiliar city. You can enjoy shopping, dining, swimming, theatre, clubs, and more while heading to your destinations.

There are numerous favorable advantages to taking a cruise vacation. A cruise vacation allows you to eliminate the stress of worrying about moving to a new city, sailing three meals a day in a different country, or discovering fun things that interest everybody in your gathering. On a cruise, you have endless possibilities for dining and enjoyment, just steps from your cabin door.

Another fabulous advantage of taking a journey is that there is something for each kind of individual. Regardless of whether you’re on your special first night, traveling with a huge gathering of companions, spending quality time with the whole family, or even taking a relaxing solo trip, a cruise will satisfy all travelers.

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