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A big step towards “a future in which machines discover human potential”

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A big step towards "a future in which machines discover human potential"
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which machines discover human potential

Omron’s goal is for the future image of man and machine to be “the fusion of man and machine”, which maximizes human skills and creativity.

Omron’s condensed core technology “Sensing & Control + Think”, embodying the world’s table tennis robot “Forfeus” born in 2013. We continue to develop a concept for each generation and by 2020 we are reaching the sixth generation.

In the sixth generation of Forfeus, in addition to the personal training function installed in the fifth generation to improve the player’s skill level, we also challenge the development of “AI that improves player motivation”.

By cooperating with companies from different industries, we are committed to creating machines that “attract humans to develop further.”

Challenge technology to accelerate player growth
Satoshi Yase, the technology and intellectual property headquarters of the project leader for the second consecutive year since the fifth generation, is committed to “enhancing the growth momentum of people” in the development of the sixth generation. He said he focused on the interactions that promoted his growth.

In the fifth generation, we have thoroughly improved the hardware and algorithms, and have obtained high-level table tennis skills, which can be used for high-speed meetings with experienced table tennis players.

In addition, we have developed to the point where we can create a “personal trainer” to encourage skill improvement by returning the ball and giving advice based on the opponent’s skill. In the sixth generation, we mentally challenge to accelerate the growth of the players.

Meta AI generates a “meeting plan” to infer excitement, motivation and maintenance
Motivation and maintenance are the keys to accelerating human growth.

In sports psychology, the state of being completely attracted to the game is called “fluid” and the state of extreme concentration is called “area”, athletes who reach this state of mind will exercise their greatest capacity. To get to this process and area, high motivation is required.

To motivate people, you need to understand the player’s state of mind in real time and formulate a rally plan accordingly.

For example, players who are too difficult to challenge and are confused will be asked to return an easy ball, while players who are too easy and boring will be asked to return a hard ball. In other words, you must read the player’s emotions and make the most appropriate return at the right time.

That’s why we focus on the “Meta AI” from gaming company Square Enix. Meta AI monitors the entire game while guessing the player’s psychology and triggering events at the appropriate time. For example, instruct the enemy character to deliberately leave a gap, intelligently avoid attacks, or launch powerful attacks.

By constantly adjusting the balance of the game, players will become more addicted to the game and become the so-called “addiction”.

In this way, Square Enix and Omron jointly developed the sixth generation Forfeus. The two companies repeatedly discussed the characteristics of table tennis games and how to use meta AI to process them.

As a joint study, while playing table tennis, we also performed hypothesis testing and confirmation of actual emotional changes.

Yes, Omron uses its unique human body measurement technology to detect important data such as human facial expressions, eyes and heartbeats through the camera, in order to assess the player’s abilities and emotions in real time and master the state.

Based on the results, Meta AI analyzed how to move the player’s emotions to increase motivation and turn it into a rally plan. Then according to the rally plan, repeat the process of changing the route, ball type and speed and accurately returning the ball.

This is the first sixth generation Forufeusu that achieves interaction to increase people’s motivation. It is the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show “debut at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020” held in January and May 2020.

The arrival of the future of man and machine

Project leader Arthur said: “The” AI that enhances human power “that is cultivated here allows machines to function in accordance with human mental states. This can be applied to various situations in society, for example, in areas such as manufacturing sites in factories Provide technical education and job support, and encourage the elderly to decline their physical function and physical strength in the medical / nursing field.

Forfeus will continue to evolve toward the realization of a “future in which machines and people continue to grow together.”


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Where can I get best 48V lithium chargers in Australia for my solar charging and how long will it last? Does it require a specific charger or can I use any lithium chargers?




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Regardless of whether you need a battery for lighting, sun-based capacity, electric vehicle, or you have an inverter as a reinforcement if there should arise an occurrence of a force cut out, 48v lithium-particle battery is the most ideal choice to introduce in these applications. There are many benefits of utilizing 48V lithium chargers over a conventional lead-corrosive battery. 48v lithium battery pack is sans upkeep and doesn’t radiate gasses as a component of their activity saving nature just as they needn’t bother with any ventilation like overwhelmed lead-corrosive batteries.

Profound Cycle Systems, quite possibly the most confided in organizations in Australia, offers dependable and enduring 48v lithium sun-based battery at a reasonable cost. Being the most confided-in organization on the lookout, we realize it is our obligation to give the best to our clients and we endeavor to do that for our demographic. The vast majority of our business is from verbal proposals, and it stands as a demonstration of the nature of our items. At deep cycle systems, we likewise give a dependable 48v lithium-particle battery charger that too at a moderate cost. The 48v lithium battery charger we give won’t just screen your battery however will astute battery the board, it will likewise upgrade its life.

Distinct charger and lifelong:

All lithium batteries ought to be charged utilizing a LiFePO4 viable charger like any in this assortment. SLA or lead corrosive chargers will decrease the exhibition and life expectancy of the battery. Explicitly lead battery chargers utilize a lower voltage that will just fill 80% of a lithium battery, while likewise focusing on the lithium science.

48V lithium chargers charge at a higher voltage and are customized to advance the lithium science for more extended life. Lithium chargers additionally take into consideration a charging time that is 5X quicker than lead corrosive, as quick as a 1 hour charge time. While picking a lithium charger search for one that is a similar voltage as your battery and choose how quickly you need to charge your battery.

The higher the amp rating (A) of the charger, the quicker your battery will charge. To decide the charge time partition the amp-hour (Ah) rating of the battery by the amp (A) rating of the charger. The ordinary assessed life of a Lithium-Ion battery is around a few years or 300 to 500 charge cycles, whichever happens first. One charge cycle is a time of utilization from completely energized, to completely released, and completely re-energized once more.


Try not to utilize a normal (lead corrosive) battery charger to charge lithium-type batteries. They work totally in an unexpected way. There are a few sciences of lithium batteries and some are more basic than others yet they all need unique chargers.

Some lithium battery packs have inner security controls worked in however some don’t. What’s more, a large portion of these controls simply opens the circuit to forestall overcharging or exorbitant force draw. They are not actually controlled as in they control the voltage and pace of charge required.

Another factor to consider is some lithium-type batteries will fall to pieces in case they are not charged accurately or on the other hand in case they are depleted under a specific voltage. So 48V lithium chargers are specifically required to charge a solar battery.



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How to choose a home security system?

Bilal Subhani



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The home security providers in Brooklyn NY provide a network of connected devices to ensure the safety of your home or premises from any unwanted intrusion. This is a general idea of the job of home security services.

The reality is that every household or property has its own set of unique demands and needs for a security system. To help you select the one suiting your needs, we have compiled a comprehensive step-by-step guide that will help you select a reliable security system for your home.

Without any further delay, let’s get started. Follow these simple five steps.

1) Identify your exact underlying purpose for a security system

The first step towards selecting a security system is to ask questions. What sort of need do you want your security system to fulfill for you? There are multiple kinds of security systems that are generally available in the market, the top three are:

  • Home Automation,
  • Intruder Protection,
  • Environmental Monitoring.

Home automation security systems are the most technologically advanced and well-developed. They comprise multiple interconnected devices that operate through the internet. The homeowner can control these devices via their handheld device or voice commands. Cool, no?

The intruder protection systems keep your premises safe from intruders. They comprise sensor alarms and window films to detect unwanted trespassing on your surroundings. The alarms would go off as soon as an intrusion is detected on the property alerting the local law enforcement authorities.

2) Select a suitable set of components

There are multiple options available for home security packages for all kinds of homes. You can mix and match many options to come up with one that serves your needs. But before selecting the package, you need to identify the type of components you require for your home security system. Of course, you will not need all of them, or would you?

If you opt for a smart doorbell, it will help you verify the identity of individuals before you allow them to enter your premises. But you can connect these smart doorbells with sensors that can switch on the camera above your main door, notifying you if someone opens or rings your doorbell.

The doorbells are in fact a crucial component of all types of home security systems and are generally a part of almost all home security packages.

So, all in all, the few important components of any home security system should include a doorbell, motion sensors, cameras, intruder alarms, smart LED lights, and sensors on the windows. You may also want smoke alarms and fire detectors if you live in a conventional-style home.

3) Select a suitable monitoring system for your home

If you can afford to spare a few bucks, you can take advantage by connecting to the central monitoring system for your premises in case of any suspicious intrusion.

If the central system identifies strange activity on your property, they will set in motion a protocol for emergency assistance so that any danger can be averted. This is also known as professional monitoring.

But, you can always go for a do it yourself monitoring if you own a small-sized property or a house that does not hold any expensive items such as cash or jewelry.

This will also depend on the kind of job or business you do. If you are not that busy throughout the day and can spare time to keep a track of the activity on your grounds, you can select to get notifications on your phone whenever a motion sensor detects suspicious activity through the cameras installed on your main door.

4) Select a network that is operational

As already mentioned above, every home security system needs a set of interconnected devices to perform its job. It is imperative to select the right set of devices that operate over reliable networks so that your security systems do not give up on you easily especially during times of emergency.

Usually, there are two kinds of interconnected networks that are installed on a property:

  • The Wired Systems
  • The Wireless Systems

The wired network systems are usually considered to be more reliable and credible especially in areas where there is no access to the internet or the internet is unreliable. But, you need a landline connection to deliver data.

Hence, prior to installing the home security network, you need to invest in a special landline that operates over radiofrequency. This all requires the help of a professional or a registered company.

On the other hand, wireless networks are becoming famous day by day due to the accessibility of the internet. They require a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile data connection, and voila, the job is done.

You can order them as pre-assembled systems that will reach your house. They do not need a professional for its installation or set-up, you can easily do it on your own by reading the guide provided.

You will be asked to install a special app on your phone and configure it with the available devices.

5) The last step is to select a method for installation

There are two ways to install your security system, you can either do this by yourself or hire a professional and licensed company that can send trained experts.

Generally, a professional hand is considered more reliable especially on large-sized properties that require extensive home security networks. The drawback is that you will need to pay a handsome amount for the job. These are wired systems and need professional assistance for installation and monitoring both.

On the other hand, homeowners can install and configure DIY networks using their smartphones or handheld devices. You can use the guide or installation manual that comes with the system to configure the settings on your own.

The latter is usually the wireless systems that come pre-programmed and do not need any manual labor for installation. However, to be able to enjoy and reap off the benefits from all their functions, you need a stable and reliable internet connection.

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