Fit Fast: 9 Fitness Training to Change Your Body by Burning Fat

Fit Fast: 9 Fitness Training to Change Your Body by Burning Fat
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Fit Fast: 9 Fitness Training to Change Your Body by Burning Fat

The World Health Organization has updated its physical activity guidelines in the context of ensuring that the world’s population is more active and the body can avoid up to 5 million deaths per year.

In its new recommendations, WHO recommends that all adults, including people with chronic conditions or disabilities, complete at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate or intense aerobic exercise per week, and that children and young adults complete an average of 60 minutes per day. Are advocating. .

In addition to exercise, strength training in these new parameters, including work, play, activities during travel, housework, and recreational activities, has a special relevance after anabolic work at least two days a week. How to exercise large muscle groups.

Over the years, the importance of fitness training has been compromised by linking muscle development with the aesthetic domain.

The appearance is clearly improved, but the strength-enhancing benefits far exceed narcissism. In other words, muscle mass slows down aging and prolongs our lifespan.

Intense strength routine

For all of these reasons, strong full body strength training is conducted in the courtesy of the fitness expert and personal trainer RubénGarcía.

This will burn calories and fat in addition to all muscle groups and get closer to your goal. Lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

• Squat + Hammer Curl
• Close grip press
• Tri Hoceps Expansion
• Thickening supine knife
• Hippus Last
• Send the car
• One assist deadlift
• Inkura Impress
• Dumbbell opening

How to do the routine

• Warm up before starting training
• Simple series (approximately 3-4 times per workout) or can be completed in 3-4 weeks on the circuit
• 12 to 15 reps per exercise
• Rest 20 to 30 seconds between workouts
• 1 to 2 minutes break between laps
• Find progress and adapt dynamics and time to the situation

As you can see, with weights and matching balls, you can complete a variety of workouts, but not only the strength of the different versions (kettlebells, dumbbells, bars), it’s not the only way. Weighted bracelets, anklets, can be used best. Various lengths and tension resistance bands (elastic). Or exercise that uses one’s own weight (body weight) to create resistance to gravity.

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