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7 Ways to Improve Your Travel & Tourism Website to Get More Bookings




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As a travel and tourism business, your official website is your valuable asset. Your website operates 24/7 and should be developed perfectly to drive more bookings and traffic. But what if your travel & tourism web design website isn’t doing its job? Optimising your website to get more travel bookings is necessary. In this blog, we are breaking down 7 ways to enhance your travel and tourism website to get more bookings and leverage your website. 

Uncover 7 Ways to Enhance Your Travel and Tourism Website to Drive More Bookings

Below are 7 ways to improve your travel and tourism website with more bookings and clients from across the globe. Implement the below-mentioned ways to get more potential customers and boost your client base and leads:

  • Place Yourself as an Expert 

If you do a quick research online for finding travel agents, you will surely get bombarded with plenty of websites and suggestions, so you must place yourself and your website providing distinct services so that your website stands out among your competitors. Select a niche market to concentrate on and advertise yourself as an expert in the area and industry. That way, you can help your travel business.

  • Make Your Travel Website Search Hassle-Free 

The search function on a website is a core attribute for travel and tourism websites as opposed to the other sectors. Potential audience in this domain functions in the ‘Navigating and Finding’ option. Your clients reach your website’s homepage via several different channels such as social media, search engines, forums, online ads, and more. Only when a client selects a location, price, activities, date and more, will they find relevant outcomes to make a smart decision. You can check your website for auto-completion options and predictive searches to make it more captivating.

  • Allow Visitors Select

Most of the time, the outcome page of search engines is filled with flights, hotels and more and in some scenarios, if a person is planning a vacation, which many clients have not used before, it will be challenging for them to select from countless options. This is where you should allow your visitors to choose the best deal. You can help your visitors to select from endless options to make the process seamless and easier.

  • Be Active on Social Media Platforms

Social media is a priceless medium to generate more leads. What makes it impactful is that it is used by billions of people every single day! The best way of utilising all social media channels to their full prospect is to stay updated, relevant and active. If you are not active and not interacting for a while, then your engagement will drop and your previous efforts will be in vain. You do not have to assign plenty of hours every day to stay active on social media, just a few minutes a day will be enough! So stay active to see the best outcomes and drive more engagement, leads, conversions, ROI, conversions and profit.

  • Enrol Assistance in Lead Generation

It’s quite possible to get the best sales pitch and do everything to display your value and still be short in acquiring leads. Do not be disappointed and take assistance from an expert to generate leads. You can get access to countless benefits by taking help from a specialist to generate leads and boost your conversions, ROI, bookings and revenue.

  • Captivating Visual Content

You must have seen that many channels of social media networks are filled with a wide range of visual content. People from all over the world enjoy watching visual content as it conveys a straightforward message. A cautiously developed travel and tourism website with engaging visual content will drive more sales, bookings and traffic. Ensure that your tour and travel website has appropriate visual content to get more revenue, conversions, leads and bookings.

  • Have Consistency Across All Channels

You should not come across as an inexperienced travel and tourism agent, even if you have just ventured into the industry. Think about how you want to display your business image and keep the message clear and precise on all channels such as:

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Advertising

If you have a specific niche, you can focus on driving the target audience. You must be a professional on all channels and keep the content updated.

Getting more clients for your travel and tourism website is not challenging, but executing the adobe 7 insightful ways is a smart and wise decision to put your travel business on the right track. Connect with Tourism Tiger to develop a travel website comprising advanced features for tour and travel activities. Drive more organic traffic and booking as their team of experts develops a tourism website that sells more bookings and revenue. 

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How Can I Become an AWS Developer?




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AWS is the world’s most broadly adopted and used cloud computing platform that provides various products that a business need. It offers various on cloud products like analytics, storage, networking, security and many more and you can use them on a pay as you go model. In this model, you only have to pay for what you use and how much you use.

Significant Features of AWS

AWS comes with various features and benefits to help a business in its day-to-day tasks. This platform allows a company to cost effectively deploy, manage and scale applications in cloud. In addition, it offers various computing capabilities and provides different storage options. Along with it, AWS also provides databases services that allows a business to efficiently and cost effectively handle data storage. Apart from these, given below are some of the significant features of AWS.

  • Networking- Its VPC feature facilitates networking isolation and management and ensures dedicated network connections.
  • Security- This tool offers various security features that facilitates safe data encryption and storage.
  • Analytics- One of AWS services is strong data analytical capabilities for evaluating and processing large datasets.
  • Machine Learning- This platform even offers tools to build and deploy various kinds of Machine Learning models.
  • Developer Tools- It provides various developer tools that facilitate continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • Serverless Computing- This platform facilitates serverless computing and allows users to operate code according to the events.

Career Opportunities in AWS

AWS is a very popular and leading cloud computing platform and learning it can offer you numerous high paying job opportunities. Skilled professionals in AWS are in high demand as more and more companies are gradually adopting the AWS platform. This skill makes you employable all around the world and offers you good salary hike. Here are some leading careers you can explore after learning AWS.

  • Cloud Architect
  • AWS Developer Associate
  • DevOps Engineer
  • SysOps Administrator
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Solution Architect
  • Cloud Business Development
  • Cloud Consultants

How to Become an AWS Developer?

AWS is a leading cloud computing platform that has gained huge popularity in the few years. This platform is greatly being adopted by numerous companies all over the world. The demand for AWS developers has skyrocketed in recent years due to the increasing popularity of these professionals. In addition, the primary responsibility of AWS developers is to maintain and evolve the cloud infrastructure of web applications. AWS developers need to be highly skilled in programming languages such as Python, Java, C# or PHP. To start a career as an AWS developer, one needs to at least have a degree as a Bachelor’s degree. Its highly advisable to get a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience. The next thing you need to do is gain a strong understanding of the core AWS services by enrolling in AWS Developer Associate training. Furthermore, they need to gain some working experience in building cloud-native applications. The last thing you need to do is get AWS certified by clearing some developer certification exam.

Benefits of Getting an AWS Certification?

Gaining an AWS certification proves to be highly beneficial for your career in this domain. In addition, it ensures that you are well qualified and capable of building a robust AWS infrastructure. The AWS certification also adds value to your profession life along with weightage to your resume. Furthermore, it enhances your employability and helps you grasp your dream job. Learning AWS and gaining its certification makes you capable of choosing the best AWS service for your task. It ensures that you are capable of writing code using the AWS security best practices. A certification in AWS makes you better than other non-certified candidates and improves your employability chances. AWS Certification Cost Delhi is 10,700 INR and it consists of clearing a solutions Architect Associate exam of 130 minutes. However, AWS certification training in Delhi can range between 20,000- 30,000 INR.


AWS provides a wide range of pay-as-you-go cloud goods, including analytics, storage, networking, security, and many others. You only have to pay for what you use and how much you use under this arrangement. AWS has a number of features and advantages that might aid a business in its daily operations. With the help of this platform, a business may scale, manage, and deploy cloud applications affordably. Numerous security measures provided by this program enable secure data encryption and storage. Strong data analytical skills for analyzing and processing huge data quantities are one of AWS’s services. Even tools for creating and deploying different sorts of machine learning models are available on this platform. Finally, obtaining an AWS certification demonstrates. In conclusion, having an AWS certification opens doors to many career opportunities for you.

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Which is better for Real Estate: SEO or PPC Ads?




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Real estate agents and brokers are always looking for the most effective digital marketing agencies to attract potential home buyers and sellers. Two of the most common options utilized are search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. However, the question remains – which is a better investment for real estate companies, SEO or PPC ads? In this article, we will explore the key differences between SEO and PPC and how each can benefit real estate marketing efforts.

SEO vs PPC: The Basics

Let’s start with defining SEO and PPC. SEO refers to the process of optimizing web pages and content to rank higher in organic (non-paid) search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal is to attract free traffic from search engines like Google through relevant, high-quality content and technical optimizations. PPC advertising, on the other hand, focuses on paying to display ads in search results or on other sites through ad networks like Google Ads. With PPC, advertisers only pay when a user clicks on their ad.

SEO is a long-term strategy that takes time to see results, as search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. PPC provides more immediate access to traffic but requires an ongoing advertising budget. SEO helps build brand awareness and authority over time through free exposure, while PPC focuses only on clicks and conversions without building brand equity.

Benefits of SEO for Real Estate

For real estate companies and agents, SEO offers several advantages compared to PPC:

  • Lower Costs – SEO is a one-time cost of optimizing content while PPC has continuous advertising fees. SEO saves money in the long run.
  • Targeted Traffic – SEO targets specific geographic areas and property types more effectively since search habits vary locally. PPC reaches broader audiences.
  • Trust and Authority – High organic rankings signal credibility and build trust with customers over time versus paid ads. This is important in real estate.
  • Extended Exposure – SEO content remains live indefinitely versus temporary PPC campaign durations, providing ongoing leads.
  • Synergistic Content – SEO content like guides, and neighborhood pages strengthen branding while PPC is generally just click-based ads.
  • Data and Insights – SEO affords to analyze search terms and page analytics to optimize. PPC provides less proprietary data and insights.

Benefits of PPC for Real Estate

However, PPC also has its advantages for certain real estate marketing goals:

  • Immediate Traffic – PPC delivers traffic right away without the months-long SEO ramp-up period. Good for time-sensitive listings.
  • Targeted Audiences – PPC allows ultra-targeting demographics, property interests, locations, etc. SEO targeting is broader.
  • Tracking and Optimization – PPC provides granular tracking of campaign, ad, keyword, and device performance for constant A/B testing and optimization.
  • New Listings and Inventory – PPC is ideal for promoting fresh listings and keeping inventory top-of-mind versus the patience required with SEO.
  • Lead Volume – When budget allows, PPC often outperforms SEO initially in raw lead generation and appointments booked.
  • Seasonal Campaigns – PPC facilitates focusing resources around busy seasons like spring/summer versus set-it-and-forget-it SEO.

So in summary, SEO is well-suited for sustained brand awareness, market position, and steady organic leads. PPC delivers prompt traffic but ongoing investment is required. A balanced approach using both is often most effective for real estate goals.


Q: Which will get me more leads as a real estate agent – SEO or PPC?

A: In the long run, a successful SEO strategy will generate a larger volume of high-quality leads. But PPC can outperform SEO initially in raw lead numbers if the budget is high enough. Both should be used together for maximum lead generation.

Q: How long does it take to see results from SEO?

A: Most SEO experts estimate it takes a minimum of 3-6 months to begin seeing some results from SEO efforts, as Google’s algorithms are complex. Significant improvements may take 9-12 months. Results also depend on industry, competition level, and optimization thoroughness.

Q: Is SEO or PPC better for selling new listings?

A: PPC is generally a faster route to promoting new listings and inventory due to its immediate traffic. However, SEO content-supporting listings can still help over the long haul. An ideal strategy uses PPC initially and then transitions to SEO as the listing seasons.


In conclusion, both SEO and PPC advertising have clear benefits for real estate companies, but which is “better” depends entirely on marketing goals and budget. A truly optimized strategy leverages the strengths of both – using SEO for ongoing brand equity and organic lead generation supplemented by tactical PPC campaigns for short-term inventory goals, seasonal periods, and new developments requiring prompt attention. The most successful real estate marketing programs incorporate SEO and PPC advertising together rather than considering them an either/or choice. With data-driven optimization, real estate professionals can maximize traffic and leads from digital channels.

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