7 Popular Personal Finance Podcasts in the UK

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With digital advancement, nowadays, people find different mediums to entertain or gather knowledge of their own choice. Among several available media, the podcast is also earning popularity day by day. During the past few years, this particular media has evolved extensively. A recent study reported that the number of podcasts on the various topics had reached almost 1.8 billion by December 2020.

Whether you want to hear an exclusive interview or get some expert advice on finance, everything is covered. Are you are a budding investor and unable to understand where to invest? Are you thinking about whether it will be the right decision to take out car finance for unemployed? All your queries can be answered within few minutes if you follow these popular finance podcasts.

Top 7 popular personal finance podcasts in the UK

  • Money Box:

Started in November 2016, ‘Money Box’ is one of the most popular podcasts that can update a listener with current financial affairs worldwide. Along with financial updates, the host will also provide necessary advice to investors looking for a good return. This show is regular, with a new episode every day. Each episode will run for 30 minutes, and all are available in UK Financial News Podcasts.

  • In Her Financial Shoes:

Although this particular personal finance show is not much older and began its journey in January 2019, it earned immense popularity among women. With the title ‘In Her Financial Shoes,’ you may easily understand that this show is mainly designed for women. Women are believed to be the best in planning expense and saving money. However, even after being a woman, if you cannot manage the cost or want to open your start-ups, this show is just perfect for you.

The host will call an expert who may be an entrepreneur or a successful businesswoman, or a successful seller at every episode. Apart from worthy advice, one can get the chance to hear hands experiences of those women. Talking about the frequency, each new episode is uploaded to the OTT platform once a week with duration of 40 minutes. You can watch the episodes at libsyn.com.

  • The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast:

Finance is an integral part of our everyday life. Therefore, any decision related to finance is very crucial. Podcast hosts are generally expert, and when you are getting tips from a host like Pete Matthew, it will be worthy enough. At The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast, one listener can get expert advice in terms of investment, insurance policy, superannuation fund allocation, and management of personal finance.

With a simple explaining method and easy tips, and appropriate segregated topics, you can quickly become a knowledgeable investor in no time. Each new episode is published once a week with duration of 25 minutes. The episodes are easily accessible on mmpodcast.tv.

  • Maven Money:

How can we skip the most popular Maven Money Podcast show while we are talking about personal finance? It is considered as UK’s one of the most prime talk show in finance genre. If you just give it a listen for once, I bet you will no need to expense extra in hiring a financial planner. The host of this show will guide you through planning the fund so that your goals can be easily fulfilled.

Besides, whenever you become a regular follower of this shows, the complex terms of the financial subject become easy. From good investment strategy to savings, the popular host Andy Hart discusses all. However, the episodes are quite delayed, i.e. 4 episodes every month on average with a duration of 30 minutes. One can watch all the episodes on mavenadviser.com, which is his own website.

  • Money Hat-Tip:

Sometimes, hearing about a financial topic for a long time seems boring. Therefore, for people who would like to be entertained and learning financial planning strategies for them, this show is just perfect. This show is hosted by Nick Lincoln, a financial mentor and established a large financial planning company.

Undoubtedly, there are lots of followers of Lincoln, and the show has too. Sharing the first-hand experience and citing instances of his clients, Lincoln make his listeners learn how to manage finance so that it can always be your friend and not put you in crisis. The frequency of episode is twice a month with a length of only 15 minutes. This is available in v2vfp.co.uk for everyone.

  • Informed Choice Radio:

Martin Bamford, the host of this podcast, is an experienced financial mentor and author who completed his fellowship from Personal Finance Society. He is an expert in financial planning, and his friendly approach towards the listeners made the show really listen-worthy. Based upon the financial need, a goal is to be set. Now, this set of goal depends upon the tenure.

 If you hear this podcast, you can quickly identify your need and gradually design necessary long, short, and medium-term goals. At least one episode is uploaded in a week with 30 minutes duration. Moreover, the suggestions are trustworthy and can make you a financial planner. The episodes are available at icardio.co.uk.

  • AJ Bell Money & Markets:

By the term ‘market’, you can understand that the host will make you knowledgeable over share markets apart from personal financial guidelines. Share market, stock exchanges and money market are few attractive parts of investment for aggressive investors. For them, this podcast is just perfect. It is a place where they can hear about the latest news of the share market and a brief analysis of every possible prediction about market price.

Besides, the host will also provide advice on managing a vast portfolio to bring one profit. For this reason, not only commoners but budding financial planners are also regular listener of this show. Talking about the episodes, every month, at least 4 new podcasts are available on the website for 45 minutes. They are all available in youinvest.con.uk.