7 important facts that can increase the quality of carton boxes

7 important facts that can increase the quality of carton boxes
7 important facts that can increase the quality of carton boxes
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Over the past one and a half centuries, cardboard boxes play a key role in the success of all sorts of companies and brands. Nearly every industry uses these boxes for various purposes, particularly for retailing, storing, and shipping goods. Cardboard is the sturdiest natural packaging material. It has no harmful environmental health effects, unlike other materials used in the packaging industry. This packaging approach revolutionized the packaging industry. Seven fascinating pieces of information about these packages can make you understand what people think about them. These facts will help you learn how to improve these boxes to make your items stand out.

Less ceramic materials

One of the fascinating things about cardboard packaging is that it consists of less germ content. To make cartons, paper layers are bonded and formed at temperatures above 200°F. And, at such high temperatures, most pathogens couldn’t survive. This feature makes cardboard the best food and medical packaging material. Holding your products in a germ-free atmosphere will minimize pathogens germination. This will increase their effectiveness.


Give fancy look

According to a recent survey, about 69 percent of consumers believe paper and cardboard packaging makes goods fancy and look lavish compared to other packaging solutions. It means giving a custom box an enticing style and design, along with excellent printing, will help you capture the attention of a maximum number of customers. It will also offer the goods a lavish look and shift consumer opinions on them. Customers have often assessed the packaged goods from their packaging consistency. Using cardboard attributes, you can improve the consistency of your packaging solutions. It’ll help make the goods more enticing and lavish.


Influence buying decisions

Another reality that can make you enjoy cardboard packaging is its acceptance and ability to influence purchasing decisions. Every 7 out of 10 people think they buy items because of their packaging designs and materials, and about 67% still prefer goods packaged in cardboard solutions. It’s a chance for you to catch and highlight your goods. By enhancing your packaging boxes’ aesthetic and print consistency, you will improve your business’ profitability. To keep ahead of your rivals, using custom box printing, is important to make your boxes unbeatable in any way. This is critical to take advantage of customer love for paperboard packaging solutions.


Trusted shipping tool

Over the years, cardboard packaging has been a trusted and effective shipping solution. The lightweight, sturdy and cost-effective features of these packages make brands and retailers love them when it comes to shipping their luxurious and delicate goods. Around 67 percent of brands and companies prefer these shipping boxes over long distances due to their defensive capabilities. In other words, they play a back boon role in the success of e-commerce brands. So, as one of the rational box manufacturers, you can use these boxes to stand out from the rest of the industry. Simply boost their defensive capabilities by increasing add-ons and better laminations that can make them more shipping-efficient.


Maximum recycling

Another important fact about cardboard boxes that can also inspire you to boost quality is their optimum recycling and reusability. Nearly 70 to 80 percent of paper and cardboard boxes are recycled, which is a far higher proportion than all other packaging products. Another factor that also makes them industry-leading is their reusability, and that’s what makes consumers love goods packed in those boxes. That’s why; about 63 percent of American customers enjoy buying items in these boxes as they can reuse them according to their needs.


Packaging Solution Adaptable

Unlike other packaging products, cardboard boxes are adaptable and can be personalized in any form. Also, they’re also easy to print. This is what makes them the most preferred packaging solution for all sorts of products, from food to jewelry and heavy mechanical and electrical manufacturers. Their customizability helps packaging manufacturers to improve their functionality and offer their customer brands and companies more convenience in helping them stand out from the competition with innovative and outstanding solutions in the form of these products.


Get affordable

Another surprising thing about these boxes is their affordability. They come cheap despite their wide-ranging benefits for business promotions and development. The main explanation behind this is the recyclability of cardboard materials, as it is known that about 70 percent to 80 percent of these boxes are recycled, meaning that producers do not have to consume more raw materials that require more effort and manufacturing costs.

These 7 stunning facts about cardboard boxes will help you boost packaging quality and make the most of them. These components will help you appreciate why people around the world enjoy these boxes more than any other packaging solutions on the market.

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