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6 reasons why a man falls in love with you

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6 reasons why a man falls in love with you
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Maybe it was your smile, or your voice. Or the shine of the moon on your hair. Maybe it was spontaneity, or your way of being. Something captivated him so much that he fell in love with you. And maybe he doesn’t even know how to explain it himself, but when a man falls in love, he does it with all his being, seeking that the woman he loves is truly happy.

Men and women fall in love differently. The brains of both are different and experts have been studying for decades the behavior of neural functions in terms of love and the differences that exist in both genders.

Love is in the brain

According to Dr. Eduardo Calixto González, Doctor in Neurophysiology and Brain Physiology at the University of Pittsburgh, it is brain activity that intervenes in the process of falling in love and that determines that men and women fall in love differently.

According to the expert, in falling in love chemical substances such as dopamine come into play, which generate reactions in neurons. This substance causes that, when released in the brain, an activation occurs in the prefrontal cortex related to reasoning, that is why during this process the negative aspects of the person we like are erased.

Men and women fall in love in different ways. While they are governed in the first instance much more by the visual, we seek to see the whole. The specialist assures that women carry out biological, physical and psychological evaluations to find a partner, while their brain tells them that the physical issue is very important, because at the biological level it ensures the perpetuation of the species.

But it is not just a question of good physique

Although science says that men look first to the woman’s physique, and we cannot change this, we also know that they eventually fall in love with other issues.

You know that a man is in love with you when he feels that he can take care of you, that he can make you happy. A man in love is seen from miles away, and we know very well that this infatuation has nothing to do with the beauty standards set by culture and society.

They fall in love faster

Although over time, movies and romantic novels have tried to convince us that it is women who fall in love more quickly, science explains that the opposite happens.

According to a study published in the Journal of Social Psychology, men fall in love more quickly than women. Which throws away the idea that women are weak and men resistant to love.

Factors that make them fall in love with a woman

1 The whole set

According to Doctor Eduardo Calixto González, it takes a man from 8 seconds to 12 minutes to evaluate a woman so that her brain processes that selection. In that time, although dopamine does its thing and evaluates the physical question in the first instance, it will also take into account other general aspects.

Thus, your way of being, your voice, your attitude to certain circumstances, can leave him fascinated, or drive him away forever.

2 Your way of seeing life

Men are attracted to those types of women whose thoughts about life coincide with his, or simply that it is so opposite that it opens a new world before their eyes.

So he can be captivated by your ideals, or by your conversations about politics, or about your life story. Men are attracted to those women who can make him see life differently.

3 The desire to protect yourself

Men are protectors by nature. And although we know that we are strong and free and do not need protection from the male, we cannot deny that there is something pristine and internal that makes us feel safe and confident when a man wants to take care of us.

When a man wants to protect you, he is falling in love. Something tells him that he wants to take care of you, and that you are his treasure. If he feels that desire, he will not be able to deny that he has fallen into the nets of love.

4 Feel that you can contribute something to your life

A man falls in love with a woman when he feels that she is happy with him. Men like to please by nature. That is why there is nothing more gratifying for them than to see the woman they love happy, because they feel like they are victors.

When you are happy, enjoy his company, and are interested in him, this will be a major factor in his brain telling him “Hey, this is the girl!”

5 The way he feels next to you

He may not be able to explain it, but when he feels that being by your side radiates peace, or feelings of joy, passion and excitement, he probably begins to fall in love (or already is, madly).

When you value his attitudes, you tell him how much you like him about him, when you validate his feelings and accompany him, he will not be able to let you go, because he will feel that you are a diamond in the rough. They value feeling accepted and loved, so this will be a key point for the love to deepen.

6 you are authentic

Finally, there is nothing that makes a man fall in love more than a woman who is authentic and sure of her ideals. When you do not seek all the time to be like another, or do what another woman does, and instead only follow your convictions, you are showing that you are a confident woman of what you want in life.

Men like forward-looking women who are authentic in their actions. This makes them feel more secure and confident. And they will fall madly in love with that freedom you have to be who you are.

There is no exact formula that makes a man fall in love, since each one falls in love differently, although many share several of the points mentioned.  The important thing is to be yourself and let a man fall in love with you for who you are . The rest will flow freely. And if it’s love, it will stay forever.

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