6 Myths about Kybella You Should Never Believe In

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When it comes to facial aesthetics, there are hundreds of myths that can surround each treatment involving dermal fillers and injectables. So, Kybella is no different either. Kybella is an FDA-approved procedure that can help you get rid of your submental fullness below your chin or what is popularly known as a double chin.

When you are looking for Kybella double chin treatment in Charlotte, Cornelius, Huntersville, Mooresville and Statesville, you are surely on the right track. No matter your double chin is because of your obesity or your family heredity, you can get rid of it easily. However, people often believe in many myths that can affect the treatment procedure. Take a look at the following points and steer clear of the myths regarding Kybella.

Myth 1: It is an Expensive Procedure

Not really. In fact, on the contrary to what you might believe, Kybella is a cost-effective option rather than traditional double chin surgery. So, if you are trying to lose the chin fat, you should go for Kybella. When you are opting for surgery, it will involve the cost of the surgery, the medicine and the recovery. But with Kybella, you don’t have to spend dollars for these steps.

Myth2: You will Need Many Injections Before You See the Results

How many injections you will need will depend on the amount of chin fat that you have. The number of injections can vary from one person to another. While you might need just 3-4 to see the result, someone else might need 6 injections to get the desired outcome. If you are wondering when you will see the result, it will generally happen after two injections.

Myth 3: The Process will Hurt

Each person can have a different pain threshold. So, how much it will hurt you will depend on that. However, in general, Kybella injections are not supposed to hurt more than a small burning sensation. In fact, when you are getting Kybella, before the procedure, the place where the injectable will be administered will be numbed so that you don’t feel any pain.

Myth 4: Kybella Procedure is Unsafe

Never believe in this. Kybella injections are made of naturally occurring substances that can be found in the human gallbladder too. So, if you are worried about this being unsafe, then you can leave your fear behind. The injectable will be completely natural for your skin and won’t create any problem for you.

Myth 5: You can Lose Double Chin by Losing Wight

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Even though obese people are mostly seen with double chin, there are many people who are not on the heavier scale and yet they have a double chin. Hence, losing weight might not solve the issue of a double chin.

Myth 6: Even after Kybella, the Double Chin will Return

No, it won’t. Kybella is designed to destroy the fat cells beneath your chin. So, when you are getting the treatment, it will make it impossible for accumulating fat under your chin. So, don’t worry about double chin anymore.

So, now as you know about myths the myths that you must not believe in while getting Kybella, what are you waiting for? Find the best oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Charlotte, Davidson, Kenansville and Concord in North Carolina and get an appointment. These are the right people who can offer dermal fillers along with broken jaw surgery and other procedures.


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