50 fun questions to surprise someone with

50 fun questions to surprise someone with
50 fun questions to surprise someone with
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If you want a conversation to take a relaxed look, here are more than 40 ideas.

Sometimes finding a topic of conversation with someone can be difficult, especially if we want to get away from common topics such as time, the workplace or hobbies.

Sometimes it is better to try to surprise someone with unexpected questions that can help you understand the person better and establish a slightly less conventional and somewhat more fun conversation .

Questions to surprise and bring up conversation topics

That is why throughout this article funny questions are posed with which to surprise someone .

1. Why do you think they named you after you?

All proper names have a meaning or are derived from words referring to different elements . Many people know or can research its meaning. However, it is not so frequent that an attempt is made to link this meaning with the thoughts, expectations and beliefs of the people who chose it.

2. If you were a product, what would your slogan be?

Although in the world in which we live, personal image is important and on many occasions we can try to show our virtues or “sell” ourselves in jobs or in front of potential partners, we do not usually think of ourselves as if we were a teleshopping product . That is why thinking about what slogan you would have if you left can be fun, trying to synthesize our virtues so that we are as attractive as possible without being truthful.

3. If you directed a movie, what genre would it belong to?

This question can give us information about the way of seeing the life of the person who answers, or about how they would like to see it.

4. What did you want to be as an adult as a child?

Remembering our childhood can be something pleasant and melancholic for many as long as it has been happy. Childhood dreams and ways of thinking can be fun to remember, including those about our dream occupation.

5. What would you ask your self in twenty years?

Uncertainty about how we will be and what we will live over the years is something very common to find in the western population. Imagining yourself talking with a more vivid self about how you got where you are or that we will come to think or experiment over time can generate a lot of questions and aspects that we want to know about our future.

6. If you could travel in time, would you travel to the past or the future?

Time travel is a topic in asking questions when trying to surprise others. However, these types of questions help to show if the person is more focused on determining how things have come to be the way they are (or on thinking about how the past would change) or if they are curious about where we will get.

7. If you were able to change something in the world … what would you change?

The world is not necessarily fair . There are a lot of things that we wish weren’t the way they are, from momentous matters to minor details.

8. If you were told that you are immortal and that none of your actions will be punished, what would be the first thing you would do?

Many times we restrict our desires and impulses out of fear of consequences and social judgment. If our actions had no consequences, what would we want to do?

9. How would you try to seduce me?

While it may be uncomfortable for some people, this question can be fun for both the questioner and the questioned as it is unexpected . It can also lead to facilitate a representation of said attempt, making it easier to break the ice in the event that there is a real interest.

10. If you could have dinner with any historical person, who would you choose?

Knowing a person who is a reference or that causes us interest would give us the opportunity to know how they have been, what they have thought, what they have done or what they have felt throughout their lives. Likewise, it allows you to see the areas that cause concern and curiosity to the person being asked .

11. Without which of the five senses could you live?

The human being has different senses with which he is able to perceive the stimuli that surround him and adapt to the environment. Losing one of them can pose severe difficulties. This question allows us to assess what vital aspects we consider most necessary to perceive .

12. If eating and drinking whatever you wanted had no consequences, what would you eat more often?

Nowadays we know that in order to maintain our state of health and our physical form it is necessary to eat in a controlled and balanced way, avoiding as much as possible the great excesses .. But if the latter were not a problem, we could consume our favorite dishes and drinks much more frequently. This question allows us to know the preferences and culinary tastes of our interlocutor , being a topic of conversation that can give a lot of play.

13. If you had ten seconds for a wish, what would you ask for?

Knowing what you want is sometimes not easy, especially if you ask it to be formulated immediately and without time to reflect. Through this question, the subject is encouraged to think quickly and answer in the most instinctive and least censored way possible.

14. What superpower would you like to have?

Having the ability to perform great feats or possess incredible abilities is something that many children and young people (and not so young) have ever dreamed of. Asking what kind of special skills they would like to have can help you see what they would like to be able to do and what they would use those skills for.

15. How would you check if it was the chicken or the egg before?

It is about making the interlocutor think about how they would be able to solve this paradox , trying to make use of logic or intuition.

16. In what era would you have liked to live?

The history of humanity is extensive and has gone through very different periods with the passage of time . Many people would be enthusiastic about the idea of ​​being born in another time to see what life was like at that time, or to consider that the situation was or will be better than the current one in some aspects.

17. What has been the strangest dream you have ever had?

Our dreams and desires are elements that are beyond our conscious control and that reflect aspects of our personality and psyche of which we are sometimes not aware.

18. An unspeakable fantasy?

Sometimes we have wishes and fantasies that we are ashamed to tell, either because of their strength or because of their content . However, expressing it is a liberating element that at the same time increases the level of trust with the person to whom it is told.

19. Imagine that you were mistaken for a famous actor / actress. Who would it be with?

The type of life, the way of being or even the role or role that he exercises, whether in real life or on stage, makes many famous people and celebrities the object of admiration and even envy. Commenting with who we would like to be confused with allows us to see what values ​​we respect of the other while allowing us to share common and divergent points between the admired and the admirer.

20. What would you do if a stranger kissed you in the middle of the street?

Exposure to controlled situations makes people capable of putting into practice strategies and behaviors that we have previously rehearsed, knowing in many cases how to respond. However, such strategies may not take into account some unexpected situations, such as the proposal.

21. If you could lock someone up for life, who would it be?

An interesting question in which the person asked can reflect their feelings for someone in particular, as well as why.

22. If a bear attacked you, what would you do to survive?

Imagining one’s own performance in an extreme situation may not seem like something fun, but it stimulates creativity and depending on the context and imagination of each one can lead to an interesting and even surprising conversation.

23. What is the craziest thing you’ve done for love?

When we fall in love we are capable of the greatest follies, many of which we are quite happy to carry out. Remembering what we are capable of doing can fill us with melancholy or smile at what we have been able to do.

24. What part of your body do you like the most and why?

Although this question may seem narcissistic, it helps to focus attention on an aspect of oneself that the person asked considers positive , and can serve to increase self-esteem and be aware of one’s own beauty.

25. How would you make someone laugh?

Making someone laugh is usually a small pleasure, leaving a feeling of well-being when such laughter is intentionally elicited or produces well-being not derived from humiliation or humiliation. Imagine how to make someone laugh too, especially if it is someone you love.

26. If you could exchange your life with someone, who would it be?

This question helps to see what things and aspects of his life the person being asked would change , as well as who he admires and what elements of that person make him deserving of respect.

27. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Money is an element that, although it does not bring happiness, contributes to having a quiet life in which you do not have to worry about basic needs. Although this is a very typical question, it can make us think about what we like and would be happy to achieve if we were not limited by aspects such as economics.

28. What animal would you like to be and why?

The fauna and flora of our planet has interested us since the beginning of time , observing the different species and their characteristics. Over the centuries we have symbolized certain values, virtues and defects in these animals. Knowing what animal we would like to be can serve to observe the values ​​and / or characteristics that a person would like to have or the type of life that they consider they would like to lead.

29. If you had to give yourself a name, what would it be?

Each of us has a name that we have received from our parents, relatives or guardians. This name is generally not chosen by the individual himself. This is something we don’t usually worry about. But what if we had to name ourselves? What would we choose and based on what would we do it?

30. What type of publication would you cover?

Our ideal self, our desires and tastes, who we would like to be, in what we would like to stand out … these aspects are not usually communicated on a regular basis. Imagining being the cover of something can help us see what you want or what aspects of yourself you consider or want to be recognized.

31. Who would you want to see naked and who would you hate to see like this?

Imagining the nudity of someone to whom we are attracted to someone or imagining someone who does not attract us as he came into the world can lead to prolonged more or less pleasant conversations. A question that can be uncomfortable, but whose answer can be fun to listen to .

32. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve been caught doing?

We all have little secrets or things that we would be embarrassed if others saw us do , and that on occasion we have been caught doing. While it can be embarrassing to confess, it helps you get to know the person more while also being a fun and engaging conversation piece.

33. What would you do if you had a fit of laughter in an inappropriate situation or in the place of which you cannot get out?

Sometimes we get a little fit of laughter at the most inopportune moments . In tense situations, or at times when it is not appropriate and from which we cannot easily get out (a class, a work meeting). Imagining the scene and thinking and feeling what we would do in such a situation can be fun.

34. What song do you hate but still know yourself by heart?

It is common for most people to have some song or musical genre that they hate or that they find heavy or tiresome. However, it is sometimes possible to catch yourself humming such songs .

35. What is the moment in which you have felt sexiest throughout your life?

Feeling admired and desired by someone who attracts us is something that most people like . Knowing when this feeling has been had can bring to mind pleasant and funny memories for those who are asked.

36. What makes you the most nervous?

The things that irritate or make everyone nervous can be many and varied . Explaining them and contrasting the differences between people can be entertaining and surprising as well as helping to better understand the other person.

37. If you were a ghost that inhabits a haunted house, how would you attract people inside?

A lot of horror movies take place in mansions and haunted houses where a group (usually families or groups of friends) decide to spend the night. In general, these mansions are usually unoccupied and almost empty except for the presence of spirits that usually cannot leave the place. If those who inhabited it were alive they could probably feel bored and alone. The question is to think what a person would do if he were the ghost in order to attract company and have fun.

38. If you could only know one thing about the future, what would you ask?

Knowing what the future holds is something quite common. But those who want to know what the future of the world will be like usually want to know a lot of things. Choosing a single thing is complicated, having to reflect on which element causes us the most curiosity.

39. What would a perfect day be like for you?

We all have things that make our day better or worse. Expressing what would make us happy can cause us to smile when we imagine it.

40. If they played a practical joke on you, how would you get revenge?

Being played certain pranks on us can provoke anger and rage, as well as the desire for revenge **. Thinking about how we would return certain kinds of jokes ** and coming up with a little plan can give us some wicked pleasure.

41. What is the strangest thing you have done to eat something you wanted?

With the stomach you do not reason, and that is why there are times when cravings make us perform strange actions, inappropriate for ourselves. Commenting on these types of anecdotes can serve both to learn more about the other’s personality and to laugh.

42. What is the subject about which you are ashamed to know so little?

We are all ignorant of many aspects of life , and that is why our level of knowledge often has striking gaps that we can be embarrassed to uncover. Anyway, recognizing it is the first step to solve it, and if it also helps us to have a fun time, the better.

43. What has been the funniest fall you have had?

Bumps and falls, if they do not leave sequelae and the damage is slight, can be something very funny; you just have to see that they have their own audiovisual genre, the slapstick. So reminiscing about those little accidents can spark laughter.

44. What kinds of people scare you the most?

What we are afraid of defines us, and if we apply this to personal relationships, it can be as entertaining as it is meaningful.

45. In which city you have not been in would you like to spend a million euros?

Imagining situations in which you have more power than usual can give a lot of play, especially if we add a small hidden test to the question to find out to what extent you know the places you haven’t been.

46. ​​What is the strangest pub or nightclub you’ve ever been to?

To remember an epic night in a filthy place or with some unique characteristic.

47. Do you love your dog (or cat) more than any other member of your family?

Some pets are like relatives.

48. Have you been attracted to a sister (or brother) of a friend?

We all have a friend who has a really attractive brother or sister.

49. What has been your worst drunk?

Almost all of us have had a night when we have lost even our dignity.

50. Have you ever downloaded a dating app?

Typical funny question that few people want to answer.

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