5 ways to show love to long distance partners and maintain a strong friendship

5 ways to show love to long distance partners
5 ways to show love to long distance partners
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Trust me, I’m four to seven hours away from all my best friends.

When leaving home, especially when you go to college, it can be difficult to maintain all the friendships from your hometown. No matter where they go with you, stay at home or move to other destinations or university cities, you want to continue the deep friendship that you have known in your family for many years.

However, sometimes in a new environment, meeting new friends, and changing lifestyles, your new duties will play the best role and put significant pressure on old friends. Over the years, I have maintained some of the most important friendships in the hometown and recently rekindled friendships. So here are my top five tips on how to keep friendship fun and fresh over long distances:

1. FaceTime, often

For me, this is FaceTime multiple times a day.
My best friend and I FaceTime at least once a day, if not more. The starting line of every video call? “I miss you so much!” Even if the call is a few hours apart, even if they are truly close friends, they will find that they have something to say to each other.

2. Send things that remind you of others

The sincerest form of compliment is to have one of your close friends send you something to remind you of. Whether it’s a cute text with a phrase you want to say or a masterpiece that you want to do together the next time you get together, or even a picture/meme that you know will make them laugh, it’s just a little thing that can remind you that you should. let them know that you are thinking about them.

You can even do it yourself! ! Organize the things you know your loved ones will like, or the things you want to share with them, and send them his way. You can do something so sweet, special, and emotional for your family and friends to keep this friendship alive and flourishing!

3. Organize a virtual friendship date

In today’s global climate, there are many options. You can join Netflix parties, virtual escape rooms, virtual fitness classes, wine nights and food cooked on FaceTime, access to art and paintings through video chat … the possibilities are endless! Be sure to record these dates on your calendar and plan ahead to ensure you have time to spend with friends.

4. make random calls

Random calls to your long-distance partners are one of the best ways to show them that you are considering. Sometimes they can’t answer, they can’t sit still, they can’t speak, but this is the most important idea!

Also, the best way is that when they can actually talk, think it might take five minutes to catch up to drive home, and it turns into a full phone version of a parked car call.

5. Organize the trip to meet

Obviously, this is not always an easy task, nor is it entirely feasible, but as far as possible. I’m lucky to be able to be close to my closest friends even when I’m driving for a long time, so I try to plan a trip at the beginning of the semester to make sure I can get to know everyone and plan so I’m not too busy.

Make sure when planning these itineraries both parties are free to move around and put them on your calendar immediately. So there is no excuse to rescue us at the last minute.

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