5 Types Of Custom Packaging Laminations And Its Benefits

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Customization of product presentation is a necessary thing to do. You need to make your exhibition distinct from other to get the better sale and market growth. Customers always follow the track of unique presentations. For this purpose, brands adopt different customization and personalization techniques for their custom packaging. Applying finishing technologies is one of the most functional and effective personalization options. There are different types of these technologies. All of those laminations are unique in their own ways. You decide which one you are going to utilize for your product boxes. Take a look at some of their types in the given section.


Matte finishing is very common in almost every kind of industry. These days you can even see it on the back of cell phones and laptops. Product manufacturers are utilizing it to enhance their product packaging. It has numerous characteristics that make it special and unique. For instance, printing is a necessary thing that you must utilize for the surface of your boxes. This lamination can enhance those printed materials and make them worthy enough to be considerable. It has the ability to reduce color impacts and light exposure. For example, if you are utilizing high-resolution and high-saturation color schemes, this coating can increase their impact. In this way, you will be able to reduce the audience impact without even going with different color schemes or illustrations.


The custom packaging allows the user to become creative. Because of its flexibility, it gives numerous options for customization and personalization. Some brands always go with high-resolution printed materials and detail printing. However, these days customizations are available that can promote your items perfectly from the boxes. Laminations are one of those solutions. Velvet lamination is providing its capabilities to make your product packaging appealing to the audience. In this coating, a soft and velvety layer of the sheet comes around the surface of the box. You can enhance this sheet with a unique texture and printed materials. It comes in both a colorful and transparent appearance. In short, it allows the audience to see beautiful surfaces of packaging. It can make your box more functional and can increase its aesthetic value at the same time.


The utilization of packaging laminations can be different according to the category of product. There are numerous products that you must send out in premium presentations if you want to get more audience. For instance, if you are selling serious nature products, and you have printed technical details on the surface of its box, you have to visualize those details cleanly. Gloss lamination in this regard is a perfect kind of finishing technology. It allows the printed details of the boxes to become shiny and cleaner. There are many products that can get disturbance into their quality from the direct exposure of light. It is one of the abilities of this lamination that it can take reflection of light on itself and save the inside product from getting any exposure.

Spot UV:

There are many brands that often print their packaging lamination for reasonable purposes. Some lamination technologies do not show effectiveness regarding this printing. It is hard to stick printed elements on their sheets. However, spot UV lamination is the option that you must utilize for the enhancement of your packaging. Implementation of this lamination requires a thermal printer. From that printer, you can make printed materials visible on the surface of the coating sheet by utilizing light rays. It also reduces the risk of contamination if you are packaging a food item inside the box. Similarly, it also increases the worth of your presentation by making it luxurious for the eyes of customers. This coating is also effective for printed methods like embossing or debossing. This sheet is effective enough to hold even imprinted product images.


Suppose that you go into a store and take a look at an expensive product. Will you buy that product if its packaging is dirty and showing carelessness? No one is going to buy that product because everyone put it into their preference to go for better presentations. Fingerprints, stains, grease, oil stains, and even dust particles can make packages very dirty. Product manufacturers have to clean up their box whenever they show it to a customer. In this regard, no-smudge lamination is the perfect solution for your packaging. It eliminates fingerprint stains because of its fingerprint-proof nature. It also resists all kinds of stains regarding ink and grease to make your printed materials look appealing to the audience. In short, you can get rid of dusting your packages every single day to make them look good.

You can pick any of the above-mentioned laminations for your custom boxes. Their specific qualities and capabilities make all of them functional and worthy. The best thing to find the one that you need is to compare the qualities of all of them. Find out what kind of uniqueness you can get for your packages from each and every one of them. Utilizing them is an easy way to improve the credibility of your packaging. No wonder why businesses are after them. It is only because of the qualities that they possess.

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