5 Reasons You Should Not Buy a Touch Screen Laptop

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If you are thinking of purchasing a new laptop then there may be a lot of different questions in your mind regarding the laptops. Is the laptop fitted with the most up-to-date hardware? Will it be able to manage my workloads? How much RAM or storage does it feature? Does the laptop have a touch screen?

There is an ongoing discussion on whether touch screen laptops are worth buying. On handsets, tablets, and 2-in-1 hybrids that convert from notebooks to slates, touch screens are preferred. They also offer several advantages on large-screen all-in-one PCs in your home. A typical laptop with a touch screen, however, is a horrendous idea and a bad purchase, no matter how hard vendors try to sell you one.

The following are some reasons why you shouldn’t buy a touch screen laptop:

1- Terrible Battery Life

Touchscreen functionality adds a whole new set of computing tasks to your PC’s hardware, owing to the touch panel’s frequent checks to see whether any of your fingers are kissing the screen. The deviation in battery life can be important, with hours of life being lost in some cases.

Regardless of whether you use it or not, the touch system remains on and consumes considerably more power, resulting in a 15 to 25% drop in battery life. To be honest, the Notebook with a touch screen has a larger, 4K resolution, which consumes more battery than the non-touch full-HD resolution variants.

Laptops are built to be used on the go, so if you intend on using yours a lot while traveling, commuting, or working in the field, stay away from touch screens. You don’t even know whenever an additional couple of minutes of battery life could come in handy.

2- More Expensive than Others

Well If you are getting an additional touch screen functionality in your laptop, definitely you need to pay more than when you are buying a non-touch laptop. Many manufacturers would even sell higher-resolution touchscreen laptops, which would raise the price even further.

Although some laptops come with a touch screen as standard, others charge extra for it when you customize your device. For example, a ThinkPad T460s with a touch screen costs $75 more than the same model with no touch screen. Dell’s XPS 13 with touch costs $350 more than the non-touch version, despite the fact that the resolution is increased from 1080p to 3200 x 1800.

Avoiding a touchscreen will save you a few hundred dollars if you’re looking for the best laptop for a cheap price.

3- Touch Screen Makes Them Heavier

You should be prepared to bear the weight of your fault with you everywhere you go after buying a touch screen laptop. Touch normally adds 0.2 to 0.4 pounds to the weight of a laptop.

The extra technology built into the screen requires more space and, in most cases, adds weight to the laptop. While the difference in weight is always calculated in milligrams, the lightness of a laptop is part of its elegance.

The EliteBook Folio G1 with no touch screen, for example, weighs 2.14 pounds, but the touch-screen edition weighs 2.26 pounds. The difference in the weight between the touch and non-touch Dell XPS 13 is 0.2 pounds.

4- Harder to See in Direct Light

Using a touch screen in the dark or in a dimly lit room won’t lead to many issues, but have you attempted using it in bright sunlight? Fingerprints, stains, and grime show up in a big way on most touchscreens because they have a glossy surface.

Laptops are designed to be used in areas also other than a table, so you’ll almost certainly be exposed to sunlight or direct light. Consider if you want to be wiping another display whether you already have a dirty phone screen or smudged eyewear.

5- Viewing Angles Aren’t As Good

You need to have a touch screen laptop if you really want your device to double as a mirror. The majority of touch screens are produced of glossy stuff that restricts viewing angles and reflects light. Consider giving a presentation or watching a movie with two people clustered around your laptop. Since you’re staring at the show straight on, you can see the photos perfectly. But your mates who are 45 degrees or more off-center see washed-out objects blurred by their own faces.

We’ve seen several business laptops with non-reflective touch displays, including Lenovo’s ThinkPad T460s and T460, however, most machines, even those with anti-glare panels, are quite glossy.


Are touch screen laptops worth it?

Touchscreens have a few advantages, but they are more costly and have shorter battery life. If you’re searching for an all-in-one setup and don’t mind using Windows shortcuts, desktops with touchscreen functionality are obviously not worth the extra money.

Should I get a touch screen laptop for college?

Touch screens are incredibly simple and convenient to use for any online college student. They have most screen operations much quicker than their keyboard equivalents. When taking time-consuming online classes, the time saved by using a touch screen over a regular laptop can be extremely beneficial.

Can you turn off the touchscreen on a laptop?

Follow these instructions to turn off the touch screen on your laptop. In Windows, go to the Device Manager. Locate and right-click on the HID-compliant touch screen device in the list.. In the pop-up menu, select the Disable device option. That’s all, you have successfully turned off the touch screen functionality.

Final Thoughts

You can purchase a laptop with a touch screen If you want to transform your 2-in-1 device into a tablet or smartphone. A touch screen on a clamshell-only laptop costs more for less — less battery life, functionality, and less usability.

Unfortunately, PC manufacturers continue to produce touch-screen laptops in the hope that adding this needless feature would help them sell more devices. Perhaps, in the future, the disparity between touch and non-touch displays in terms of battery life, viewability, and weight will be so slight that no one will note. However, there is still a significant difference today.

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