5 Reasons to Use Custom Size Shipping Boxes & Packaging Every Time

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Every single package that leaves your business will invariably use some sort of shipping box or packaging to protect its contents. All too often, businesses rely on the same standard sized generic boxes for all their shipments. While this is certainly the most convenient way to go about things (and it’s free if you’re using excess stock), it can also severely hamper your efforts when trying to stand out from your competition.

Customized Shipping Boxes & Packaging

Custom size shipping boxes and custom packaging add a personal touch to every shipment. Not only does it add a professional image to your business, but customized boxes set you apart from the others in a very positive manner. Here are just five reasons why you should have custom shipping boxes made every time:


  1. Aesthetics

Custom sized shipping boxes and packaging will allow you to display your logo in all its full-color glory. You can also add images, text, or any other promotional material to the custom packaging (though logos are almost always preferred). Any information that you want your customer base to know should be displayed on your custom boxes; if you’re looking to appeal to children, for example, why not include a picture of an animal? Or maybe even your product itself?

  1. Branding

Custom Boxes

Remember that one time when you spent hours trying to find where the post office was? Of course you do; everyone who has ever sent out anything has had this problem at least once. If you send out only packages in generic boxes, then people will not know who your business is and they’ll be less likely to remember you next time around. But if you make it a point to use custom shipping boxes with your logo on them every time, then customers will see your name almost as much as their own.

  1. Easier Shipping

You know how we said that standard boxes were free? Well, they’re also really big and bulky; try trying to store ten of them somewhere in the back of your closet (without creating an avalanche). Custom boxes are much easier to haul around because their size has been adjusted for maximum efficiency; that also means that they’re easier to ship! Easy shipping equals more profit for you!

  1. Maximum Protection

Custom Packaging Boxes

Standard box sizes were designed for maximum protection, but they’re also too large to be effective. If you want your package to arrive in one piece, then use the packaging base to improve your custom boxes that perfectly fit the item that is being shipped. If you don’t, then it’ll just bounce around inside that big box and inevitably get damaged before it gets there. Custom sized boxes will make sure that nothing happens to your item during shipping!

  1. Convenience

Let’s face it: nobody uses a standard size box anymore. The last time anyone even saw a standard sized box was probably when they were moving their stuff out of storage (and if not, then soon enough). Standard sizes are way too outdated for any business’ promotional needs today; every single business has an online presence and most of them have a website. If you want to appeal to those businesses then you’ll need custom boxes that are tailored for their needs.

Convinced yet? Custom shipping boxes can make a big difference in your promotional efforts, but only if they’re used correctly every single time! Make sure you make the extra effort today by having your custom boxes tailored for maximum potential!


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